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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bad Side

After my somewhat late night on Thursday night, I was up and going at 7:45am on Friday. Jake had a vision appointment at 9am, so I had to get up and get moving. We made it there just in time, and the eye doctor said that his contacts fit very nicely. He gave us the prescription, and now we're good to order contacts. Just need to find the $$$.

After the eye doctor, we swung by the Commissary, bought gum (I'd forgotten mine at home) and popcicles, and headed out for the West side mall.

I just HAVE to tell you all about the FABULOUS find I found at Old Navy. My friend, Andrea, was there on Thursday, and told me about the $0.97 rack. Well, when we were there today, I found Jeans for Emeline. Can't pass up that price, either! I ended up getting her 4 pairs that fit her snuggly (we're gonna make most of them into shorts), and the rest a size of 2 bigger. PERFECT for school! Great find, eh?

Then I got flannel jammie pants for Joe and Jim, same price. Jimmy got blue/black plaid, and Joe got green/black plaid. They were SO excited about it.

Eme also got a pair of blue slip on shoes for 97 cents, and Jake got a ball cap for the same price. All in all, I got 9 pairs of Jeans, a ball cap, a pair of shoes, and 2 jammie pants for $13.11. Am I good or what?? hehehe.

It was a good time at Old Navy. And this particular one had a little kids area set up. Toys, and seating, and a movie. Fabulous! The kids played/watched movies the whole time. It sure made shopping more enjoyable when I didn't have to worry about kids :)

We got home the exact same time Captain America came home for lunch. Perfect timing! We all had lunch together, then settled in for a long afternoon of nothing. It was SO nice :) I laid down and tried to get a little nap, but only ended up sleeping for about 30 minutes. I sat down with my budget, and made sure that we still had all the money I thought we had. We did. Good thing, too - LOL! Plus, I found eoungh money to buy contacts/glasses for Tom, Jake and I. Woohoo!!! I was a little worried about it before I actually sat down and looked.

Captain America was home at 4ish, and we got the kids all ready to be home, and left for our date at 4:45pm. We had enough left overs from the last few days that I didn't have to cook for them. Jake was left in charge (he's a GREAT babysitter), and we headed out to Applebees. LOVE it :) We decided to do their 2 for $20 deal. We got Spinach and Artichoke dip for our appitizer - OMGosh was it yummy! (just the green stuff in the middle and the chips - couldn't find a single pic of it - just use your imagination - LOL)

I had the grilled shrimp something salad. Dang, can't remember what it was called. But it was fabulous! It had lettuce, cherry tomatoes, avacado (yucky! Gave it to Captain America), olives, and shrimp with dressing on the side. You do know the trick with dressing on the side, right? Lightly dip your fork in the salad dressing before forking a bite of salad, and you get the flavor of the dressing with using only a fraction of it. Saves on calories. Tricky, eh? It was big and yummy!

Captain America got the 7oz sirloin steak and added Shrimp and Parmesan to the top. Divine! We traded bites, and his was WONDERFUL. He got steamed veggies, and a side salad with it (balsamic vinegar for the dressing)

We decided to forgo dessert, and headed straight to the movies. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. The movie started at 6:05, so we had to hustle. No need, it turned out, because there were 30 minutes of previews - lol! I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. It was pretty long, though, and I was kinda cold. They crank the AC here in El Paso. I think I need to keep a jacket in the car at all times. i thought I was gonna FREEZE at dinner. Serioulsy, I had goose bumps the whole time - hehehe.

After the movie, which was in the mall, we walked around for a bit. There was a Target Greatland right there in the mall, so we decided to go and walk around. I hadn't been in a Target for a while. It was kinda fun. I ended up getting some Fingernail polish remover, a clear coat, and a very light pink coat. Only $3 something out of my money. I'd spent the whole movie picking the nail polish off of my nails (I know, I know, not so good!), so I needed something to fix it.

We decided to stop at Wendy's and each get a small frosty on the way home. Not on the diet, but SO much better than the desserts at Applebees, calorie wise. I hadn't had ice cream in a long time, so I was in heaven. Back on the diet today! I guess I don't really look at my date night as off of the diet, so there's no getting back on. Just continuing on with it. I'm down to 149, so that's not too bad :) 9 more lbs to go!

We got home at 10 to 10pm, and only Jake and Tom were awake. Jake said that he put the little kids to sleep at 7am, so I told him that when they came to wake me up at 6am, I was sending them upstairs to play with him. I'd told him to put them to bed at 8pm. He knew that he couldn't play computer until they were in bed, so he decided to put them to bed early. I must say, he's not a dumb kid - LOL! He'll just be playing with them in the morning, that's all - Ha!

So I'm designing after 11pm, and I decided to go with a fun, easy saying. No requests tonight :) I found this one, and thought it was HILARIOUS! I have a TON of goofy pics of my kids/family/friend/self, and thought it would be GREAT on pics of them/us!

Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. thanks!


OK, I just wanted to show you guys that you can use this. See, just put it on any silly, goofy pic. You don't have to be on medication to use it - ROFL!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Having Fun Mask

Woohooo for Fridays!!! And, here's my new products for the week! Hope you like them :) Click HERE to go to my store, and remember, it's on sale for $2.00 a pack this week - or 20% my new products :) Happy shopping!

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Girls night Wednesday is starting to become a tradition :) hehehe. Andrea had just got back from 2 weeks in Idaho, Adela is leaving on Friday for 2 weeks in San Antonio, and Laurie was leaving in the morning for, um, somewhere, on vacation. This was THE night to have a girls night! Here we are, all posing for the picture!

Um, Laurie, you're supposed to smile! hehehe

OK, everyone try and lick Laurie - ROFL!

Here's Emily (Katy's daughter) and I - arent' we cute!

Adela and her YUMMY velveta/hamburger dip - OMGosh it was good :) And yes, you did detect a hint that I cheated. It was Katy's first time seeing me eat real food, and I thought they were all gonna pass out. Katy was like, "I have a weird feeling in my heart watching you eat" ROFL! I made myself up a plate of food (chips and meat/cheese dip, chips and cream cheese, and 1 brownie) and just ate what was on the plate. Self control! Where did that come from?? But I'm glad it was there! The girls took a pic of me eating the food, and them all being uber-surprised in the background, but it's on Katy's computer.

Laurie and I

Andrea and I

Um, dont know what Katy was doing, but I sure thought it was funny - look at me giggling at her.

Adela and I

And then Katy brought out her bras for Andrea to see - why was that??? Let me think. Oh yea! Andrea had this padded bra, and washed it, and it got a little deformed. Have a little dent in it. Somehow the conversation shifted to "What padded bras do you own", and Katy brought out her. WELL, Andrea couldn't let an opportunity to try on a bra, OVER her clothes, pass her by, so here she is, sporting a lovely padded bra :)

And a few days ago, Adnrea mentioned that she needed us to teach her how to put on make-up. So, Katy and I busted out all of our make-up, and went to town. Obviously, us being white girls (and in Katy's case, EXTREMELY white girl - LOL!), foundation was out of the picture. We both took an eye, and made her look fabulous. Mine was in greens, and Katy's was in blues/grays. Gorgeous!

See, isn't she cute!

Then, at about 11:10, we all loaded up in Katy's van, and headed to the airport to pick up Jennica (a girl from church). She'd been in Oregon visiting her family for the week, and her ride had fallen through, so she'd asked Andrea to do it. We turned it into a fun Girls Night adventure - LOL!

When we got back, Katy was looking at my hair gel (well, glue), and tried it out. ROFL!!!

And, another one of me - LOL! I'm looking kinda sleepy :)

Andrea gave us the YUMMIEST smelling bath shower gel before she went home. Awe, thanks girl! Laurie had gone home about an hour before that.

So, the 3 remaining die-hard Girls Night-ers decided to do facials. Somehow we missed the pedicures. We'll have to do it again sometime soon! But, here we are with our facial peels on. TOO funny - look how sweaty we appear.

It was hard to make facial expressions when it was so stiff on your face - Katy is a riot! Look how her skin is pulling away from her face towards her finger - LOL!

And Adela being funny too!

My face felt like it was getting pulled off- hehe. My lips were curling up too - I just LOVE facials. Picking them is the BEST part - hehehe

We sat around picking off our facials, and taking those funny morphing pictures of ourselves on Katy's computer until about 2:45am. We're such dorks, but we're happy dorks!

I was asleep by 3am, and up again at 8:45am. Durn kids. One of these years, they'll like to sleep in too. Oh well. I was cleaning by 9am, cause the repair guys were coming in the afternoon. We cleaned the kitchen, the living room, spot mopped the kitchen, washed down the counters, did the dishes, cleaned Joe/Jim's room, and made my bed. I was gonna put away my clothes, but decided to just hide them in the closet. I know, real mature of me. Oh yea, I cleaned my bathroom too.

Katy came to pick us up at 11:10am, and we were on our way to the pool!

Here's a funny pic of Joe with the goggles on. Too funny!

So, the kids have been trying to get us Mom's to go down the water slide since we started pooling. Well, first off, I'm afraid of heights. Second off, I don't like to go underwater. It gets in my ears, and I have to plug my nose. So, slide and me, not so much. Then, the slide had been broke for 2 weeks or so. Thank goodness. Well, Monday it was open, but we'd forgotten our cameras. We weren't gonna do it if we didn't have proof - LOL! Well, today it was working, AND I had my camera, so we had to do it.

And guess what??? I LOVED it! The first time, I screamed the whole way down, then hid my face. Got water all up in my nose. I hurried back up the stairs, and did it again, this time only screaming 1/2 the time, and plugging my nose. Much better :) Aren't I silly!

And here's Katy - woohoo!!! We gave her Jake's old UnderArmor to wear as a swim shirt. She gets burnt WAY too easily, and her dermatologist recommended getting something like that. I'm just glad that we had an extra one arond that didn't currently fit anyone!

We had a TON of fun at the pool today. The little kids played in the baby pool for quite some time, and Katy and I and the bigger kids played in the big pool. We had races (well, we were trying for a little bit of exercise) going from one side of the pool to the other in crazy ways. It was fun.

Later, the little kids joined us for a while, and we played tag. That was fun. Then, all the daycare/youth center people started showing up, and it got really crowded. And it starte to smell like wet dog. Nasty. Not sure what that was all about, but it wasn't plesant. hehehe.

Here's a pic of Emeline - isn't she cute!

And me, probably the only person who goes swimming with a bandana on - LOL! Boy was it sunny - that's why I look so funny in this picture. And NO, that's not my normal face - hehehe.

So we were home from the pool by 2:30pm, and everyone was a bit tired. Jake and Tom went upstairs and played GameCube. Eme and Joe played on the laptop. I put a movie on for Jimmy in my bed. I sat down on the couch, and download my pics from girls night, and edited them. After I was all done, I went in with Jimmy, and laid down for a nap. I got about an hour or so worth of sleep. It sure felt good :)

Captain America came home at 5:30ish, and I started dinner for the kids. I had made WAY too much casserole last week, so took 1/2 and froze it. I just love foods that you can pop directly into the oven, heat, and serve. That's awesome for a day when you're tired.

At about 6:30pm-ish, Captain America and I drove over to the automotive place to pick up our truck. It was done being fixed. And the bill was $20 less than I'd anticipated! Woohoo!! It's nice to have my truck back. I sure do love that old truck :) Please don't die again!

Captain America was looking really tired, so I forced him to go to bed, turned on his favorite movie, got him all tucked in, and left for Katy's house - LOL! Gettysburg is a great movie and all, but there's only so much of that that a girl can take - ROFL! He seemed pleased that I was taking such good care of him. And he knew that he'd be asleep shortly, so he didn't seem to mind that I was ditching him - hehehe.

I got to Katy's house at 8:45pm, and Andrea and Adela showed up shortly after that. We did our nails, and watched Knowing. I should have liked it more than I did, but the weirdness of the end kinda ruined it for me. Oh well. I did like the "horrific disaster" scenes. I know - I'm so weird. hehehe.

My toe nails are a lovely shade of dark red, and my finger nails are a dark pink. I even have decals on them. I know, SO girly for me :) I don't typically like finger nail polish on my fingers (just on my toes), but I'm giving it a try. It's kinda distracting me as I type this - LOL!

It's only 12:47am, so I think, when I hit the Publish Post button, I'm gonna read for a few minutes, then go to bed at 1am. SO early for me, compared to how late I've been going to bed - who would have thought! I'm turning into such a night owl.

Well, this WordArt mask is for you, in honor of my WordArt masks that came out this week. I hope you like it! Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kindness Love

Howdy girls!!! Another day checked off this week. Boy does the time fly by when you're busy having fun! I was up yesterday at 7:45am, ready for the day. It's amazing how good you feel when you're asleep by midnight. I would have been to bed earlier, but I'd found a new Twilight Fan Fic. I know, I know, I should read something real. LOL! I just LOVE them, though. And they're SO much shorter than reading a real book. Pathetic, yes. But I don't care! Here's the link to the newest one. I don't know if it gets raunchy or potty mouth yet. I'm only on chapter 8 or 9. Read at your own risk. You were warned ;)

Oh yeah, here's a few pics of us from the other day. Captain America had to try on his Dress Greens (pickle suit) to see if it still fit, and since I was taking a pic of him, I decided that I needed one of myself too - LOL!

We were going to go to the sprinkler park today, but since it was SO freakin' hot outside, we opted for an Air Conditioned event - LOL! We all brought food to Andrea's, and had lunch there. I'd made a pizza on Tuesday night (from scratch), and froze it. Don't know why I did, but it worked out PERFECTLY for lunch. I also made Peanut Butter & Jelly/Peanut Butter & Butter sandwiches (I have 2 kids who don't like Jelly - Odd, I know), and Lemon Bars. Fabulous! They actually turned out well. Katy made a broccoli/chicken casserole (YUMMMMMMY!!!), and Adela made tuna. It's days like these that make me wish I ate - ROFL!

Here's Katy's casserole

My lemon bars

And my pizza

So after eating, we decided to go outside and sit on the patio for a little while. I just LOVE Andrea's patio set. Isn't it wonderful???

Here's Emily - Such a cutie!

And us girls! 2 brown and 2 white - ROFL!

And, more self portriats of me - I just can't stop with the camera - hehehehe. No wonder my kids run from me when they see the camera in my hand :)

Joe, Ben, and Jim spent the entire 4 hours outside with the hose on. Dang, eh? They had a TON of fun filling up the little pools, and making mud. Silly boys! Here's Joe hosing off Jimmy.

And the 3 little boys wallowing in the mud

Ben came up and said "I had explosive diarreah" I thought I was gonna pee I laughed so hard - LOL!

Joe kept running away from me, so this is the best photo I got of him :)

And, back inside. The girls being silly :)

We walked home at 4pm (yeah, was wishing for the truck - it's only 1 block away, but it's SO hot outside), and cleaned up the house, and made dinner, and such. I had to design and get products loaded in my store, so I spent a few hours doing that. Captain America was home when I got home, and set up with his brothers to play Battlefield later in the evening.

The girls and I had a girls night planned for 9pm. SO exciting!!! We're doing pedicures and make-0vers! I'm SO bringing my camera - hehehe. I made diet jello for myself (so I'll have something to eat). We oughta all be tired on Thursday for pool day. Girls nights usually last WAY into the night. hehehe. Look for pictures tomorrow :)

This Wordart request is from Rose, back from January. Sorry, girl! I know it's taken forever! But, here ya go! The quote is from the movie House Bunny. I couldn't make it look good with the movie quoted, so I just left it off - artistic license, I guess - LOL! Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!

Kindness - Rage Italic
LOVE - Pharmacy