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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Imagination Fun

This WordArt request is from Ginger. I thought it turned out pretty good! Hope you like it, girl! Click on the image below to go to my 4shared account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work.

Imagination - Rambler Script JF
Fun - Elise

Announcing : My First CT!!!

Wow, you guys! You are all FANTASTIC scrappers! Why'd you have to make it SO hard for me to choose!! I spent all my free time today going over your layouts, and your galleries, and trying to make a decision. I finally narrowed it down to these 13 WONDERFULLY talented girls!

Andrea (chia)

Diana Dang -----------------Anja ------------------------- Crystal Longblake

Katherine (flutterexpressions) --- Kim (kimmerbean)----------- Jaimee Voigt

Minna Ruger ------------------Mirjam (schneeflocke)----------------------------Netty

Trina Jones ------------------ Ulla-May------------------- Wendy (Neverland Scraps)

Thanks to everyone who sent in applications - really, I was very impressed. I SO wish I could have just kept you all on my CT!!! I hated having to turn people away. It didn't help that my 11 year old son, Jacob, pointed out to me that I was ruining people's mornings by telling them they didn't make my CT. Thanks, Jacob. That really helped :) hehehehe.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Love Deeply

CT CALL IS NOW CLOSED :) I'll post later today with my FANTASTIC CT!!!

Thought you might like to see a few pics from Jimmy's B-day party. Here's him opening his gifts. Well, more like assigning people to open his gifts for him. For some reason, he didn't want to rip them open. He was fine with having the other kids do it for him, then playing with the toys. So funny!

And here he is blowing out his candles. Cute cupcakes, eh? Chocolate cake, with frosting (tub of cool whip mixed with large tub of frosting), with coconut (dyed green), and a car on top. He thought they were really fun.

This little guy is my cousin's son, Austin. Isn't he PRECIOUS!!! So cute!! He's 6 months old, and just got his first tooth today :) Hehehe, my face looks, um, happy - LMBO!

Here's a football pic of Jacob - Isn't he, um, fierce! I added a WordArt from my latest WordArt pack, Seasons Cluster WordArt.

You know, now that I post this WordArt, it looks familiar. Hehehe. I just made it, but did I ever make one like it? Hmmmm. If I did, I must have liked the design well enough to make it twice - LOL! Click on the image below to go to my 4shared account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!

Love - Stephanie Marie JF
Deeply - Kon Tiki Aloha JF

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Live Each Day

First off, I have to say "Happy Birthday" to my youngest son, JIMMY!!! He's 3 today, and such a darling little boy!!! I love you, Jimmy!!!

It was another long day yesterday :) Got the kids off to school (no headache, thank goodness!), spent the morning designing my 3 new WordArt packs, lunch with my mom and her friend, Luell, at Taco Bell, playing with Jimmy, kids off the bus at 3:45 pm, homework, football practice, Boy Scouts, more homework, bedtime, and meltdowns. Meltdowns, you ask? My poor big boys had rough days.

My 8 year old was in tears doing homework last night, at the table doing homework. He was supposed to think of times in the past that were fun. Well, he burst into tears and said that all of the fun times were with his Dad, and that he didn't realize how much he was going to miss him when he went away. Poor Tom. I just let him talk about it, and get his tears out.

Then, Jacob was really upset about his lack of free time. He came home, did homework, went to practice, went to scouts, did more homework, then was off to bed. He got sad, then angry, then sad again when he realized that it was past bedtime. He had a TON more free time last year in homeschool, and that's not the case this year with public school. More tears, more listening. He misses his Dad, too.

'm getting much better at just listening, and being empathetic with my kids. They don't need me to offer suggestions, or tell them not to feel that way, or judge them in any way. They just need to talk about what's bugging them, and to know that it's OK to feel that way, and that it's OK to cry and be sad. Usually, after the cry, they feel much better. Hopefully they both feel better tomorrow. Poor kids!

OK, on to something more fun and uplifting!!! It's time for new WordArts!!! There a little different than my normal WordArts, but aren't they FUN!!! The spirals are so cool, and the clusters - those were a lot of fun to make. I hope you guys like them! I'm excited to see your layouts with my "Season Cluster WordArt". I have one in mind for the "fall" WordArt, with my oldest and his football uniform. I can see it now!

Allright, girls! Remember, on Tuesday, when I said that I had MORE fun WordArts for you from Teri Hanson and Jean Daugherty of Digizinesdzines.com! This kit, Grandma's Quilt, was made by Jean, and is WONDERFUL!! I made 2 WordArts, one for Jean, and one for me. I think Jean is going to make a QP for you guy, which you can find on their blog, HERE.

Here's the one I made for you guys! I just LOVED it! Those red flowers are wonderful :) Hope you guys enjoy! Click HERE to get the PNG file :) And, as always, leave some love if you like my work.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Playing and Pretending

Well, it was another long day yesterday :) I woke up with yet another headache. This one wasn't quite as bad as the day before, but still not fun. My oldest, Jacob, came in from his tent smelling like moldy mattress. He didn't really have time for a shower, but coudln't go to school smelling, so took one anyway. And yep, he missed the bus. Luckily, my mom took him on the way to work.

Jim and Joe and I went to some friends home for "home preschool"at 9am. It was a lot of fun. It was really just a very organized playgroup. We had playtime, story time, a bit of arts and crafts, outside time, and learned a bit of science. My kids really did have fun. My head was even starting to feel much better when I got home.

We got 2 boxes of pears from our church today. I went up to the church at 1pm to pay for them and take them home. Yummy!!! Too bad their not on my diet - LOL! Apparently, this farm down in Medford supplies all of the pears to our churchs cannery. They need something like 1 million lbs of pears a year. Well, the orchard made 1 million and some change, so decided to sell the excess to it's members. Yeah for us! We got 2 big boxes of pears for $30.00. Great price, eh?

While there, I saw a new friend I'd made, and invited her back to my house to hang out for a while. She's a very nice girl, and I enjoy her :) She came over, and we hung out until she had to go and pick up her son from school. Her hubby is in the Coast Guard, and she's close to my age. Her son, Clay, is in the same grade as my son, Jacob. We got along nicely. Yeah! I made a friend! Aren't you proud of me! Shy, ole me! Who would have though! hehehe.

Kids came home, and we had a whirlwind of cleaning, homework, and heading off to football practice. 1 1/2 hours later, we were dropping off friends at their homes, headed home ourselves, eating dinner, homework, bedtime routine, designing, and off to bed again! Wow, the days are full. But, I'm SO glad for the fullness of it all! The opposite isn't too fun to think about :)

Here's the latest WordArt Wednesday, just for you! I thought it would be fun for SO many layouts! Click HERE to go to the Scraporchard gallery to download the zip file. And, remember, you have to be logged into the Orchard's gallery in order to download the Wordart :) Thanks!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Joyful Love

Wow, you guys! All of you who have applied so far for my CT are so GOOD!!! I'm gonna have a hard time choosing :) Remember, you have until September 11th to get your application in. Some of you have asked what my requirements are. Hmmmm, good question - LOL! I think 2 layouts a month, posted at DST, Scraporchard, and one other place would be good. And, since all I do is WordArt, you just need to use one of my WordArt on a layout (how easy is that!) You could easily be on someone else's CT and mine, and count a single layout for both. Tricky, eh? hehehehe. Anyway, just a thought.

So, I woke up yesterday morning with a lovely migrane. I was in the bathroom puking within the first hour. I managed to get the kids dressed, fed, and out the door to the bus (thanks, Mom, for helping with that!), and took the 2 little boys in the Family Room to watch some quite cartoon while I tried to wait until my ibprofrin kicked in. Luckily, it was under control in an hour or so. I hate headaches. They SO cramp my style - hehehe.

It was a WONDERFULLY beautiful day on the coast. Blue sky, warm, AWESOME! My dad got off early from work, and he and I took down the 2 broken tents in the back yard (the ones the big boys were sleeping in), and put up 1 new one, and 1 different one. They fit much nicer, and the zippers worked much better. If my kids are gonna have tents as bedroom, the least I could do is make sure they zip and stay dry - hehehe.

It was fun hanging out with my dad. He's a great guy! After that, he worked on putting training wheels on Emeline's bike (she learned how to ride her bike when we lived in Joliet a year or so ago, but we haven't had the bike out since then, so she forgot). I got to sit in the warm sunshine and read my book and hang out. It was a great afternoon.

At about 6pm, the wind had started to blow hard, and it was FREEZING again. Goodness. Good thing I'd bought a new coat from Ross when we went to Coos Bay!

I have another treat for you all!!! I was approached by Teri Hanson and Jean Daugherty of Digizinesdzines.com, who wanted to know if I would like to be part of their store. I was very flattered by the offer, but explained that I am exclusive with Scraporchard. But, I told them that I would be more than happy to some collaboration pieces with their kits. Yippeee! I just LOVE working with designers kits!!! We're going to be doing this each month with their "Duet kit biggies". Sound like fun?

These 2 WordArts are made using their kit called Golden Age. The other kit's WordArt, Grandma's Quilt, is almost ready for you. It may be a day or two until I post it, though. Keep looking!

I think that they're gonna be giving you this WordArt below, at some point. Maybe even today - LOL! Don't you just LOVE how exact I am! Ha! But, check out their blog HERE.

Wonderful - Al Sandra
Love - An Unfortunate Event DeWarped

And, here's the one that I made just for you! I hope you like it :) I thought it was SO pretty!
Click HERE to get it!!
Joyful - Stephanie Marie JF
Love - Ummm, I'll have to get back to you on this one - hehehe

Monday, September 8, 2008


Here's a few pictures from our Sunday afternoon. My brothers daughter got to come over and play with my kids for a few hours, and they had a lot of fun. And, I got a new calling at church. I'm the Primary Chorister.....again! Hehehe. It's the 4th time I've done this calling - maybe I'm not learning what I'm supposed to be learning - LMBO! It should be fun. My older boys were excited that I get to teach them music :)

So, what do you think of my new brown dress? The fabric is slightly shiny, so it looks a little off in this pic. But you get the idea :)

Here's Eme, and Taylor, and Joe, making funny faces :)

And Jim, and Taylor, and Eme, making more funny faces :)

And Eme, and I, and Taylor, painting toenails and fingernails. We're in the garage, so it didn't stink up the house (see, I'm so considerate - ha!). The girls had fun, I think. Jimmy and Joe REALLY wanted theirs done too, but I was a mean mom and told them it was just for girls - LOL!
I'm not sure why Eme is scrowling in this picture. What a frown!

This WordArt request is from Keri, who informed me that yesterday was Grandparents day. So, all of you who took pics of your Grandmas, here's a NEW WordArt to scrap a layout with! Enjoy :) Click on the image below to go to my 4shared account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work :)


Grandmas - Kwekel

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Party Time

Wow, you guys! Taking a Motion Sickness pill at 148 lbs is a MUCH different experience than taking a Motion Sickness pill at 185 lbs. Goodness! I'll DEFINITELY have to remember that - LMBO!!!

We had a TON of fun on our "morning" out - hehehe. We left town around 9:30, and got to K-Mart at 10:30. The kids were fighting SO bad right before we got in the car, I thought it was gonna be a bad trip. But, we let Jake play the gameboy, and listen to him MP3 player, I let Eme listen to my MP3, and my dad let Tom listen to his. Let me tell you, girls, the noise level in that truck dropped 100%! Genius! Ha!

Anyway, we didn't leave K-Mart until 12:30 - I KNOW! We were in there forever - LOL! I've lost so much weight on my diet, that even my extra skinny clothes don't fit anymore. So, it was time to get a few new things. They were having a HUGE sale, which helped! I got 2 new pairs of jean, 2 new bras, a new black blazer, and about 6 new blouses, all for $75.

We went to the mexican restraunt for lunch, and the kids absolutely loved it! They had chips and salsa and bean dip until their entree came out. I LOVE it when restraunts do that! Keeps the kids entertained. Jimmy loved dipping his chips in his water, and making a big mess - LOL! Oh well, that's just what 2 year olds do. They had MASSIVE burritos, and the big kids loved it! The little ones split one between the 3 of them.

I ordered a taco salad, with just the shredded beef, the lettuce, and the tomatoes. It came with rice and beans, and I of course had to scoop it off and give it away. Wow, that took some will power (hehehe). It was a really tasty salad! Probably more meat than I should have had, but I wasn't that far off :)

Next, we headed off to Wal-Mart. I found some $1.00 tees for myself, and a Long Sleeve Tee for my son Tom, to wear under his button up shirts. I also found some $2.00 Tee's for my little boys, and some $3.00 button up shirts for the big boys. It was really quite fun going sale shopping! We bought some groceries while we were there, too. Gotta love Wal-Mart.

Next, it was off to Ross. I found a nice winter-ish coat, since I've been FREEZING. Hehehe. It's pretty cute. And, my mom got me a new brown dress. I'll have someone take a pic of me tomorrow so I can show it off. It's SO cute! I like it :)

We didn't get home until 6:30, so it was a really long day. I rode in the middle seat with the 2 big kids on the way home, and, since I get car sick if I sit in the back, I took some Motion Sickness medicine. Yeah, not car sick! Not awake and alert either, but definitely not car sick! LOL! I wonder how long it will last? I'm bearly staying awake here - hehehe.

Here's a very EASY WordArt I made tonight, in the heart of my drowziness - hopefully you can use it on something - I thought it was cute. But then again, that could just be the drugs talking - LMBO! Click on the image below to go to my 4shared account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work.

Party - Horeshoes and Lemonade
Time - Inkburrow