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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sick and Tired

Wow......sick.......puking........sleepy........achey........tired.......puking some more..........don't know HOW I found the enegry to design this, yet here it is :) See, I like you lots! Luckily, it's just me that's sick. Well, lucky for everyone else. The kids and Captain America did a wonderful job taking care of me. Captain America brought me home gatoraide and slim fast shakes, so I'd have some food and liquids in my system. Unfortunately, nothing stayed down. I take that back. The slim fast shake stayed down. Just the gatoraide came back up.

Sigh........I'm hoping I'm feeling better today :(

Friday, May 29, 2009

Fun in the Sun

Hey girls! How was your week? Are you SO excited that it's Friday? We sure are :) Only today and 4 more days of school until SUMMER VACATION!!! Woohoo for summer vacation :) I'm looking forward to sleeping in. Or at least not getting up and rushing around.

We had a new girl join us for walking yesterday. She has 3 little kids, and only a double stroller. So, I pushed one of her kids in my jogging stroller, and Laurie pushed Jimmy and her son in my double stroller. Everyone fit! We were quite the caravan. 7 moms with kids pushing strollers - LOL! We all had fun, though.

I stayed at Andreas house after the walk and hung out. Her kids were sick (puking), so she didn't get to walk. Poor thing needed some company :) We went home at lunch time. Captain America needed to check in at the Battery at 1pm, and I wanted him to come and run some school errands with me afterwords. So, Jimmy and I went with him to check in, then we all headed to the school.

This school makes you re-register EACH year. There's such a problem with move ins/move outs, that they just make you re-register. What a pain. Oh well. We also got some information about the GT program. That's Gifted/Talented. We called it TAG back in Oregon. Talented and Gifted. We got the paperwork to go to the district office to get the kids tested. We'll see if they're GT, or just smart kids :) Our appointment is sometime in June.

The counselor lady we talked to was really friendly. We also met the military liaison. She seemed nice too. We saw the Vice Principal in the hall, and he said that he recognized our last name, but couldn't remember where. After thinking about it for a while, he realized that it was from Thomas (3rd grade). Tom, apparently, is getting a trophy for his grades at the awards ceremony next week. Woohoo for Tom! The VP remembered the name from making the nameplates. How cool is that! I'll be sure to come to the ceremony :)

Jacob's school (6th grade) was having an end of the year party today. They were told that they could bring Water Balloons and Shaving Cream for a GIANT war last period. We dropped off the shaving cream to Jakes school before we went to the elementary school. On the way back to the truck, we saw the mahaym going on next door at the middle school. It was craziness. Kids and shaving cream and water balloons. But they looked like they were having fun. Someone was there with a hose, hosing them off - LOL!

The middle school party's theme was Luau. They could wear Hawaiian shirts in leiu of School Uniforms for the day. Captain America and I had gone out to Wal-Mart the day before at 11pm to get him one. Aren't we good parent - LOL! He looked pretty sharp :) I should have got a picture! What was I thinking???

We got back home, and relaxed for a bit. About 45 minutes later, I sent Captain America to school to pick up the kids. I usually make them walk, but Jacob's school was paying for them to go to the movies at 4pm, and he woudln't have time to walk home, AND make it on time. They were SO excited to see their dad and the truck. Happy children!

Captain America dropped off Jake at the movie theater (night at the museum II), and stopped by the gun store on the way home. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to get ammuniation these days. He was SUPER excited to find a box of ammo at the store. He wanted to buy both boxes, but they'd only let him get one. He was there for 20 minutes, and someone else had bought the 2nd box before he left. Dang! Kinda scary when there's a "run" on bullets.

Meanwhile, back that the ranch, um, er, back at home, the kids wanted to go and run in the sprinklers in the big grassy field near our house. I went and sat on the curb and "supervised". It was my 4, and my neighbors 2, the other neighbors 2, and 2 other neighbor kids. Neighborhood sprinkler party - LOL! They had a lot of fun.

About 30 minutes later, it started POURING. Who would have ever guessed that that would have happened. It was a BEAUTIFUL clear day ALL DAY LONG, until then. Crazy weather here. It rained for about 2 hours. Not hard, but rain, none the less.

At 7pm I had a Primary Presidency Meeting (church - childrens leaders). I think it was the fastest Primary prez. meeting I've ever had. It only lasted about 35 minutes. So, I was home before the kids went to bed. Captain America was just getting them ready.

Jimmy wanted me to snuggle with him for a few minutes, and I coudln't turn him down. He's so snuggable. He was out in 5 minutes. Very tired boy :) Joe's decided that it's good to sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag, so after Jimmy fell asleep, I moved down to lay by him for a minute. Literally. He was sound asleep in 1 minute.

All in all, it was a good day. I think I got a little bit sun burned again. I need to remember to put on sunblock. I have it. My friends have it. I just forget to use it. I'll do better on my walk today :)

Well, it's Friday again, and I have a bunch of new stuff in my store. Since Father's Day is right around the corner, I have 2 Father/Dad packs for sale. Also, I thought the shoe ones were funny :) And Graduation. Although that was last week, right? LOL!

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Thursday, May 28, 2009


Another busy day yesterday. I see a pattern developing :) I met up with my walking girls at 8:15 am, and we walked for about an hour. I hurried home and got changed and headed off with my hubby and my 3 year old to the bankruptcy court. Sigh. Yep, that was yesterday.

We waited in a room with about 20 other people, waiting for the to call our name. It wasn't what I expected the room to look like. It was just a room in the basement of an office building. The guy was officiating from a folding table. LOL! We were sitting on padded folding chairs. But, it worked for me.

We were called up 3rd, and were sworn in. He asked us for ID, then asked if we were familiar with the case, if there were any changes needed to be made, if we'd covered everything. He asked if anyone was there representing the creditors (there weren't), then said that it was all good, and to wait for final notification in the mail.

20 minutes, and we were done. Sigh. I really HATE to do it, but because that house didn't sell, we had no other choice. We could have handled the credit cards by ourselves, but the house was a losing battle. BUT, at least it's all done. No more worring about it. No more thinking about it. It's done and over. OK stress, you can go away now :)

After the court, we went to the Scout office and got the numbers for our Scout shirts. We're Pack 8/Troop 8, apparently. Also, we saw that the council is doing a Scout Night at the Baseball Team (Diablos, maybe). They're having a game, then camping on the field. We did that in Chillicothe, OH last year, and had a BLAST. I think we may go this weekend. Sounds like a fun time. If your boys are in Scouts, and the opportunity arrises, I'd DEFINITLY recommend it :)

After that, we stopped by Captain America's batillion office so he could sign in, then headed to the Commissary. We were having lunch group again, and I needed to bring a "Brunch" item. I'd have LOVEd to cook something, but simply didn't have time. I bought bagels and cream cheese, and cinnamon rolls. Yummy! Bagels and cream cheese are my very favorite.

We got home in enough time for me to arrange my food, and walk down the street to my friends house. Jimmy and I had a TON of fun eating, playing, and chatting. Friends are a GOOD thing.

We got home at about 3:30, and the kids came home from school shortly after that. Joe managed to slam his fingers in the door from the garage, squishing them pretty good. Poor thing. We put ice on them, which he carried around for hours. I put Captain America in charge of the kids, and went to the bedroom for an hour to design. After about 20 minutes, my friend Andrea called me, and asked me to come and hang out with her at the park. I hurried and finished up the pack I was working on, and headed out to the park.

The kdis all had fun playing with their friends, and the sun felt really good. I'm LOVING the weather in El Paso. Pretty much, every day is a sunny day :)

Scouts was tonight at 7pm. It was Pack Meeting. Our CubMaster did a GREAT job! There were games, and songs, and awards, and flag ceremonies, and cookies. It was a great time :)

Back home, kids to bed, and more designing. I really need to design some other time than Wednesday. Between Scouts and Lunch, it's not a good designing day :) You know, I think I made a plan NOT to design on Wednesday last week. Hmmmm, maybe next week will work out better for me - LOL!

Since I'm coming out with some Dad and Father WordArt on Friday, I thought I'd give you guys a freebee, keeping with the same vein :) Maybe you can make a NICE Father's Day card, or gift, with this WordArt. And if you think of something REALLY clever, PLEASE post here and let us all know. It's not nice to keep these things to yourself, you know :)

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happiness Inside

Hey girls! What's up?

I woke up yesterday with an ouchy head. Not quite a migraine, but it felt like it could go that way. Luckily, I woke up at 5:30am when Captain America did, so I was able to take a pill and go back to sleep.

When I finally woke up to get the kids to school, the headache was gone, but nauseousness had replaced it. Sigh. I got the kids ready enough for school, and out the door, took a few bits of breakfast, and headed back to bed. Jimmy watched a few minutes of cartoons, and I slept. I woke up about 15 minutes before my walk time, and felt ok. Not great, but not like I was gonna be running to the toilet either.

I decided to go on the walk. I kinda slowed us down, but I made it. Sure, I had to make Laurie push the stroller the whole way (LOL!), but I got my walk in. And I did feel better when I got back home. I was able to finish my breakfast, and get a little designing in :) I'm gald I went on the walk. I did make me feel better :)

I contemplated going to Playgroup, which was at Carls Jr. Playland, but passed. I, instead, made Captain America take me to lunch - LOL! We found a little Mexican place, and it was pretty good :) I just LOVE taco salad. Yummy! I snapped a few pictures of us when we were home from lunch.

Captain America dropped us off at home before running off to "work". He just needed to check in at 1300 (that's 1pm for all of you non-army folk - LOL!) He was home shortly after that. Jimmy played in the backyard on the slip and slide and pool for a while, and I cleaned (just a very little - LOL!)

When the kids got home, they and Captain America washed the vehicles. I, convienentally, went to cook dinner. LOL! Washing the truck is NOT fun to do :) hehehe. After we put the little kids to bed, the big kids and Captain America and I played Uno. Batman Uno. I won. Woohoo for me! I didn't really want to play, but I know that the kids just LOVE playing, so I played. Actually, I don't know why they like it. Someone always ends up crying. It's just a game. We have such sensitive kids - hehehe.

I moved a shelf in my bedroom, and guess what? I get better TV reception. Woohoo! Captain America is off the hook for Antenna booster duty - LOL! And thanks for all of the WONDERFUL book suggestions. Great ideas, ladies!

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AND, in my rush to get this done, I forgot to include the Wordart in the zip file. OMGosh! Sorry girls :) So, if you downloaded this BEFRE 7:00 am MST on Wednesday, May 27th, um, you might wanna go and do it again. I'm so sorry :). But, the good news is that it's all fixed and ready to go now. WITH the WordArt in the zip file :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A World Of Adventure

So how was your weekend??? Did you guys have a nice Memorial Day? Did you go to the cemetary? I know that Memorial day isn't all about honoring everyone who died, or even about honoring soldiers in general. It's about honoring those who died in the service of our country. But Memorial day HAS become a holiday to remember those who have passed on. I know that my parents went to the local cemetary and "visited" those loved ones and friends who have passed on.

I got a new calling at church on Sunday :) At our church, it's all volunteer service. The members "hold callings" and teach all the classes and such. Well, I'm now the 2nd counselor in the Primary orginazation. hehehe. That's the same calling I had in the last ward :) I REALLY enjoyed it, so I'm looking forward to doing it again. AND, it's the counselor over Cub Scouting, so I'm excited about getting Cub Scouts all straightened out too :) We need a Wolf leader and an 11 year old Scout leader. Hmmmmm, I think I know JUST the man for the job (of 11 year old leader).....oh Captain America..... :)

After church, our back yard neighbors invited us over to a BBQ. It was a lot of fun. It's the same group of neighbors we BBQ'ed with a week or so ago. But this time, Captain America got to come with us. The kids had a BLAST, and the food was very tasty.

It started raining while we were there ( I KNOW, it's not supposed to rain here, but since Captain America go back, the weather has been CRAZY), so the kids RAN to the picnic table and hid under the umbrella. It was TOO funny :)

I got to go walking on Monday morning WITHOUT children :) That was a change. The other 2 girls had their hubby's home too, so it was just the 3 of us. Let me tell ya, we can walk faster without children - LOL! It was a good time :)

Captain America, the kids, and I made a quick trip to Wal-Mart today. I needed new "summer" make-up, and we just wanted to get out of the house for a little while. They're remodeling our Wal-Mart, so it was a mess there. But, I think it's gonna look very nice when they're all done :)

We spent a lazy day at home for the rest of the day. The kids played in the slip-n-slide with their friends, and Captain America and I just relaxed. Here's a pic of Joe and the 3 little neighbor boys. The one in the blue shirt is the same age as Emeline, and the 2 little ones are twins that are the same age as Joe. It was their house that we went to the BBQ on Sunday night.

And here's the big kids playing on the slip-n-slide. OK, I know this is supposed to be fun, but running full steam, then flopping oneself onto a piece of wet plastic and sliding the length of the yard does not appeal to me. Like a sea lion sliding down the ice. Um, no thanks. And doesn't it hurt? When you flop? Ouch. I'd rather just sit under the sprinkler. Or better yet, stay in my nice air conditioned house - ROFL!

So after taking a few pics of the kids outside, I turned the camera on myself - LOL! Captain America was in the kitchen doing something, and grabbed him and got a quick pic of the two of us. Sorry about the no eye make-up - LOL! Some days are like that :) But see, my face isn't pastey. The new foundation did it's job. One of these days I should take a before/after picture of myself with make-up - THAT would be scary :)

And, I had to get a pic of Jim. Here he is getting a refil of Frozen Peas. Are we SURE he's my child? ROFL!!! I can't stand peas, but this kid thinks it's a TREAT to grab a cup of frozen peas to much on. Good for you, Jim!

I must say, I was VERY frustrated with my TV last night. I found that if I positioned the antenna just so, and had Captain America stand by the door with his arms raised in the air, I could watch Medium on NBC. But, he refused to stand that way. I seriously almost burst into tears. ROFL! I guess I'll just have to watch it later online. I mean, come on. How hard is it to stand with your arms in the air for an hour. It's not like I wouldn't have given him a break during the commercials. I guess to his benefit, he DID give me a hug and pat me on the back. I GUESS that makes up for it - LOL!

I've been feeling the pull to go back and read Twilight again. Sigh. I really don't have the time, but I'd SO like to read it again. OR, do you girls know of any other good series that I could get into?

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Bad Example

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Little House

OMGosh!!!!! Captain America came home early and surprised me!!!!! Seriously :) I was sitting at home, playing online on Friday night, and he called to check in for the evening. He does that when he travels. Well, it was about 10pm, and I asked him where he'd stopped for the night. He was like "Well, there's a flag out front, and the street numbers are X X X X Waters St." That's our address. I was like "NO WAY!"

I threw the phone on the couch, and ran outside. There he was! I was SO excited. He'd tricked me, and driven like a madman to get home. Awe, what a sweet guy!!! I was SO not looking forward to the weekend, waiting around all Friday and Saturday, wondering when he'd finally get home. While all my friends' hubbys had the days off (4 days weekend), and I was stuck at home, by myself. Woohoo for Captain America! He saved me :)

On Saturday, we woke up early to go to the National Cemetary here on post, and put flags on the graves. Jimmy was so cute. He saw the grave stones, and said "Look out, mom. Those are Skeleton Rocks". So funny :) The things that 3 year olds come up with - LOL!

All of the scouts in town had met there to put out the flags on the graves. They had these really cool metal holders that slid on the grave stones, so that the flags wouldn't poke holes in the ground. All the scouts and grown ups 13 and over could put out the metal holders, and the little kids and younger scouts went along behind them and put out flags.

Here's the group, when we were finished with the flags. Jacob wasn't a happy camper. He's so moody these days. I think he was PMS'y. LMBO! Do 11 year old boys get PMS? No? Are you sure? I could have sworn that was what it was. Could have fooled me :)

I just LOVE this picture of Tom. He looks very Pacific Northwestern in this picture - LOL!

After we were done with the flags, we caught up with our friends, the Reays, from down the street. You know, my buddy Andrea and her family. Here's a pic of Andrea and I. Aren't we cute!

The scouts provided hot dogs, cookies, Dairy Queen popsicles, and punch for everyone. It was great! We sat around and ate and chatted. The kids ran around, and ate some more. Ben, Joe, and Jim had popsicle ALL over them by the time we were done :) Too funny. Jacob refused to eat, and just sat and poutted. Finally, about 5 minutes before we left, he went through the line and got some food. And he magically snapped out of his foul mood. Again, it sounds like PMS, doesn't it :) hehehe.

We got home at 10:30 am, and just hung out for most of the rest of the day.Captain America ended up taking a HUGE nap, since he'd driven the majority of the previous 2 days. Poor guy. The kids played computer, played outside, and played in their rooms. I was finally able to get Farm Town to work( Facebook Game). Apparently, Florida and Texas residents who use Time Warner cable for their internet couldn't get on Farm Town. That was me. How random is that??? But, the problem appears to be fixed now. As I'm writing this, I'm remembering that I planted grapes, and I bet they went bad. Sigh. If you farm, don't plant grapes - ROFL!

After a very light dinner, Captain America Jimmy, and I went grocery shopping. Because Captain America had spent a WHOLE lot less on his trip than I expected, we had money left over for groceries - score! We're set for the week now :)

We went to the commissary, and got our groceries. Then we headed over to the PX so Captain America could return something. We picked up some Taco Bell at the PX for the kids, and headed to the Shoppettee (gas station) to rent a movie. Captain America wanted to see "Taken". We watched it after the kids went to bed. It was pretty good. Kind of a rough subject matter. It was funny watching it with Captain America, though. He kept critiquing the bad guys for how bad they were at "clearing rooms". I guess that's how soldiers think - LOL!

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