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Saturday, May 28, 2011


Hola, peeps! Not quite the day I had planned, but it was good :) Stared off at 6:45am, getting kids up and ready for school. Everyone was feeling better, so they all were going to school. I think I'd found Eme's nasty cough, so I dosed myself with meds, and tried to go back to sleep. Jim begged me not to make him go to childcare (hehe), so I called and canceled the appointment. Sleeping in sounded SO much better than taking him in anyway.

Jake left at 7am, and Tom and Eme and Joe at 7:30am. And I tried to sleep. And then the phone rang at 8am, and it was Eme. She had a field trip to the UTEP Art Museum today. And didn't have a signed permission slip, because she'd been sick. And if I came up RIGHT now, she could still go. Sigh. So I threw on some clothes, and headed up to the school.

Jim and I went inside, signed her paper, and headed back to post. And you know what? I felt good, and was awake. So I started cleaning. I put on my Glee soundtrack, and my apron, and sang and danced and cleaned. I got the dishes one, and the counters cleared, and the kitchen floor swept and picked up. Then the living room swept, and the stuff picked up, and then I started re-arranging furniture.

I decided to move the big TV back out to the living room. Poor Boxer has been feeling neglected, because everyone hangs out in my room, and he can't. He's not allowed in here. So if I move the "party pad" back to the living room, then we'll be all set.

After I got it all rearranged and looking fun and nice out in the living room, I realized that it left a gaping hole in my room. No TV. And I'd kinda gotten used to watching shows in the evening on my couch in my room and blogging at the same time. Which left me needing a TV and a tiny computer to watch TV on.... If only someone hadn't smashed all the electronics in the house.... that was an EXPENSIVE temper tantrum....

I got Jim to the bus, and Skyped with Captain America for about an hour. It was good to catch up, and chat. Sure do miss that boy :) He sounded in good spirits :)

After our chat, Terra came and got me, and we headed to the Montana Walmart. I have fun making fun of Terra for being irritable on the phone with the Doctors office. hehe. Yeah, that would come back to get me later...

I'd decided to lock all of the Living room electronic components in a trunk under the coffee table, so I needed a keyed lock. First stop at Walmart, keyed locks. And I found one for only $4. Not too bad :)

Then to the electronics. And I found a netbook (in black), and a 32 inch TV that I liked. And it said that it would hook up with the VGB component. Sounded good. So I grabbed a cable cord too. Expensive little buggers those were. There was also a computer there for $100 more, that had HDMI hookups, but I didn't really need that much computer. So I went with the netbook.

I paid for those items back in the electronics, then met back up with Terra. We decided, in the grocery section, to have a cookout tonight! With hamburgers, and corn, and chips, and s'mores. Yeah! We grabbed all the stuff we needed for it, paid, and headed out.

And went to the CDC to pick up the twins, then She dropped me off at home. I had enough time to set the TV up before Jim got off the bus. And realized that it did NOT have the VGB connections... I KNOW that sign said it did....

Now what? The laptop and the TV were not compatible. At all. No fixes for that one. So, I decided to take the unopened laptop back to walmart, and grab the one that was $100 more. I could turn back in the cords, too, and it wouldn't be a full $100 more... OK, this was do-able...

I grabbed the receipts, and the cords, and the laptop, and grabbed Jim from the bus, and we headed to the "Jaurez" Walmart (not really in Jaurez). And I was TOTALLY Amazed that there wasn't a line at the return counter. That's a first! I even put it as my facebook status. Boy, did I jinx myself BIG time.

After the woman being helped left, it was my turn, and the kid who made the return said that his drawer was out of cash. So I'd have to wait for about 5 minutes until he could get some cash. Just me, yeah, that wouldn't have been a problem. Me AND Jim, not so much. He was FASCINATED with the change counter machines, and was totally in other peoples business trying to see what they were doing... And laying on the floor, using himself as a broom. And pushing other peoples carts around. Sigh. That kids does NOT like to wait... Impatient little turd...

FINALLY, I got my cash, and headed back to Electronics. And guess what? No laptop at this Walmart for $100 more. I found a worker, and explained to him the situation, and he said that they sold out of that good deal laptop. Sigh. He said that to get one with a HMDI port, it would cost 200-300 more. Seriously? Crap. I didn't wanna pay that much. I wondered if I drove clear across town to the Montana one, if it'd still be there.

The dude asked what kind of TV I'd bought, and I went and showed him. And he said that it said on the sign that it had a PC port. Yeah, the sign SAID that, but I assured him it didn't. So he an another dude pulled the TV down from the wall, to show me that it had one. And they looked, and looked, and looked, and guess what? It didn't... Really? Surprise there...

So the guys convinced me that what I needed to do, was to return the TV that I'd bought, and get the one that was the same size, but $20 cheaper, that DID have a VGB port. But not I had to re-buy the laptop and the cords. Seriously???

I asked if they could have the laptop sent back to the electronics, but the dudes said no, that I had to go to the front to pay. So they were gonna get someone to bring the TV to customer service.

So Jim and I headed back to the front. And he was SUPER bored again. I waited in line, and by the time I got to the front, still no TV. So I let the woman behind me go. And then the TV came. Still, only one lady ahead of me. I swear, she had 80 returns. OK, maybe more like 20. Little girls shorts and shirt sets, and they couldn't figure out which tops went to which outfit, and it just went on and on and on.

Finally, it was my turn, and I said that I wanted to re-buy the laptop that I'd just returned. Laptop? What laptop. Come on, people! Someone else said that it had just gotten re-stocked. Are you kidding me? OK, so maybe me making fun of Terra earlier for being irritable was coming back to haunt me. I'm sorry!

They sent someone to the back to grab the laptop. And I waited. And waited. And waited. And got a call from Operation Purple camp, that I had another form to fill out for Tom and Eme, and that she'd email it to me if I could PLEASE have it turned in by Tuesday. I gave her the email, and she sent it.

And I swore that if that laptop wasn't there before I was done with the phone call, that I was just taking my money and walking out. This was getting ridiculous. It'd been 15 minutes. The kids were now home, and Terra was at my house for the BBQ. Big sigh.

FINALLY, when I hung up, the computer got there. I waited for the person in front of me to be done, and then it was my turn. I gave the lady back the same change that she'd given me earlier for the laptop and the cords, and then paid for the TV. And they assured me that I could bring back the other TV. And if they give me any grief at all, I'm totally throwing a fit. Maybe I should bring Terra. She'd give them a piece of her mind. I just end up crying and blubbering on about things....

Anyway, I took my computer and cords and TV, and headed home with Jim. And yeah, I was SO irritable. I turned on the Glee Soundtrack and sang as loud as I could, to try and snap out of my funk. And it mostly worked.

We got home, and Terra was there with the girls. And one of them was scared of Boxer. hehe. He is pretty big compared to them :)

We filled up the pool, and the little girls and Jim played. I got the grill going, and put the corn on. And cleaned up a little in the kitchen, and pulled out the BBQ stuff. And tried to use the Mandoline to cut the tomatoes, but it still didn't work. I wonder if I got a defective one....

I made a fruit salad, then it was time to put the burgers on the grill. Soon, it was time to eat. We pulled the kids out of the backyard, and got them all dried. I put Boxer in his kennel so that he wouldn't be tempted to eat the kids' food. ha! They were sitting in the living room on the floor watching Gnomio and Juliet. Too tempting for the poor dog, I'm sure :)

Terra and the girls packed up after dinner, and headed home. And I got the first TV packaged back up, and the new TV set up, and the laptop connected, and all was good to go. We cleaned up a little, and I started to watch a show. And Joe started Freaking out. He and Tom were fighting. I can't even remember about what now.

But Joe totally lost his temper. And started kicking things across the room, and yelling at me. He's only 59 lbs, so still "manhandleable". So I grabbed him up, kicking and screaming, and sat with him on the couch for about 20 minutes until he calmed down. He tried to get away the whole time, and it wasn't very relaxing for either one of us.

Finally, my patience had worn out, and I carried him upstairs, and deposited him on his bed, and informed him that he had to clean the WHOLE room before he got any privileges. Yea, you should have seen the room. You couldn't even see the floor. Not a realistic expectation for a little person. But I was mad by that point. I left him there on his bed.

And went downstairs, and calmed down. I watched a part of my show, and got calm. The other kids were all cleaning their room. And Jim asked me if I'd help him clean his room so he could have electronics in the morning. Sigh.

So, I paused my show, and headed upstairs with trash bags, intent on throwing everything away. But after a few minutes, I was calm again, and sorted instead of throwing. All the trash went away, though. Why in the world would there have been 2 garbage sacks full of trash up there? Anyone? Freakin' kids. hehe.

It was actually pretty nice to sit up there and sort stuff out with the boys. They helped me out, putting things in like piles, sorting the good from the bad, the keep from the toss. We put up all the winter hats and gloves and scarfs (it was 100 today), and fixed the mattresses. The bottom one was a bit wanky (that's JUST for you, Terra) And the room looked 100% better when we were done.

The hall and stairs were still messy, and I told Joe that he had to get that cleaned tomorrow instead of his room. He was calm and happy and feeling good, so he agreed. And thanked me for helping him clean his room. Sometimes, work does better things than talking...

I put Joe and Jim and Eme to bed, and made sure that Tom and Jake were still cleaning, and sat down to blog. And design a freebie. And watch a show.

Jake and Tom eventually came in to stay they were done (Jake) and going to bed (Tom). Jake is now watching a movie on the couch with Boxer, and I'm gonna go watch another episode of In Plain Sight. That show has totally grown on me. Didn't really care for it that much at first.

It's 10:23pm, and I'm gonna try and sleep in tomorrow. Hopefully the kids cooperate. Not sure on plans for the weekend yet. I'll probably end up going somewhere with Terra and the twins and a few of my kids. Tom can babysit the rest. Terra's teen, Eryn, is having a sleepover, so Terra is gonna be "helper-less". I hate it when that happens! hehe. Heaven help me when Tom is gone for a week at camp, then to day camp for 2 weeks. hehe.

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It's totally not Sharon's fault that there's no layout. I didn't design it until just now.... I'll try harder, my friend!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Kickin' Back

New stuff!!! Happy day, happy day! hehe :) Click HERE to go to my store :)

We woke up this morning, and I found a sick Emeline. Poor thing :( But Joe was looking much better. Jake got on the bus at 7am, and I asked Joe about how he was feeling, and reminded him that IF he stayed home, then he wouldn't be able to play in his baseball game tonight. All of a sudden, he was right as rain. LOL!

Joe and Tom left to go to the bus, and came back 2 minutes later. Boxer had gone out the back door, jumped the fence, and followed them. Sigh. So they brought him back. And they left again. And came back in 2 minutes because Boxer had jumped the fence and had followed them. So I brought him inside, and shut the door. No more free access to the back yard, my friend!

Eme and I and Jim hung out in my room all morning long, and watched some TV. Finally, at 9:30am, I started getting ready. So I looked as good as I could get in 15 minutes. LOL! Terra came to get us, and we were out the door by 9:50am.

We dropped Jim off at Maggie's house, and picked up Kari, and headed to the Autism Support Group. I really like going there. It makes me feel a little more sane, and good to know that I'm not alone in what I'm going through.

I think that Kari and Terra enjoyed it too! After the meeting, we picked up Terra's twins and Eme from the on-site daycare, and dropped Kari off at home, and I skipped my next meeting. And Terra and I went to lunch at El Taco Tote. And I ate less than normal, which is good for me :)

I had the brochetta plate instead of the platter for 2. And I shared with Eme. But she wasn't hungry. She did get some lemonade and a few chips. Mostly she didn't feel good. After lunch, we headed to Target. I wanted new Sally Hansen nails. I'd picked them off this morning when I was watching TV. Or last night. Can't remember when. Maybe it was last night.

We had fun walking around Target.
When I first saw this, I was like, DANG, those are some expensive pants. hehe.
One Twin LOVED the ride on machines in the mall, and the other one was scared to DEATH by it. hehe.

Nice, didn't notice the background while I was getting my pic taken...
I got my Eyebrows threaded by the lady in the mall, and we loaded up and headed home. She dropped Eme and I off at our house, and she and I had about 30 minutes before Jim got off the bus. I gave Eme some more meds, and she slept for a LONG time.

Jim got off the bus, and eventually Tom and Joe. And Eme and I worked on putting on our nails! I got Zebra for my fingernails, and gold glitery stuff for my toenails and Eme's fingernails. Dang, that glitery stuff is hard to work with! But we eventually got it.

I must say, so far, the zebra print isn't holding up as long. That checked pattern was fabulous, but this is kinda chippy. Not sure why. And the glittery stuff is difficult to apply. But it'll be cool for a bit, right?

At 5pm, we all loaded up in the truck, and headed out to the games. A neighbor was keeping an eye on Eme. Poor little thing. We dropped Jim off at Nicole's house, because her son, Christian, plays on the same team as Jim, and both Jim and Joe had games at EXACTLY the same time, but different fields. So she said she'd take him, then drop him off at Joe's field. OMHeavens, THANK YOU Nicole!!!

We dropped him off, then picked up Jake from the youth center. And a lady there said that she was gonna have an Airbrush class over the summer. Jake should TOTALLY do that. He's all into art.

We dropped Joe off at his game, and Jake and Tom and I continued on to LIttler Cesars to pick up some pizzas for dinner. Yeah, I know. Pizza again. I need to plan these things better, I guess.

And we headed back to Joe's field for dinner.

Joe's 1st grade teacher, Ms McCabe, came to his game!!! What a fabulously wonderful teacher! He was pretty excited to see her there. SO sweet :)

Joe's game got over, and Nicole dropped Jim off at the field, and we all loaded up in the truck, and headed to Tom's field. We dropped him off there a little before 7pm. And then Jake and Joe and Jim and I headed to Walmart. Yeah, maybe not the best choice. hehe.

We walked around there FOREVER. I let Jake go off on his own, since I was about at my fill of the inappropriate social behavior comments... Sigh. We looked at food, and clothes, and toys, and whatever stuff we happened to walk by. And paid, and headed back to the ballpark. We got there about 5 to 8pm. So we decided to leave the truck running, and wait out the last 5 minutes.

And then I realized that the game didn't get over until 8:30pm. Crap. So I let Joe and Jim out to play with the other kids. And Jake was SO bored. So he started being annoying. And eventually the conversation came around to how I was SUCH a bad parent. And that I never did anything with the kids. How I just sat around on the computer all day, and watched TV and sat on the couch. How I never cooked food for my kids, and how I never played with them. He was baiting me... Sigh.

I finally told him to stop talking to me, and that I didn't wanna hear it anymore. And I ignored him the rest of the time. Jim and Joe were fighting horribly, since it was past bed time. And eventually, Tom's game got over. But not before I almost lost my sanity...

We headed home, I gave Eme some more meds, and I sent all the kids to bed. Jake took Boxer on a walk, and left the back door propped open, and Boxer on the couch, and he went to his room. I went out to turn out some lights, and realized that the dog wasn't in the house. So I called in the backyard, and he wasn't there either. Crap.

I told Jake to go outside and walk around and call for him. And after 3 minutes, he came back. Um, yeah, I don't think he looked very hard. At the time, I was loading my store. I had to have it done by 10pm ish. And it was getting to be that time.

He asked me to drive him around, and I told him that I had to load the store first. He wasn't too happy. Eventually, I was done, and we loaded up in the truck, and drove, super slowly around the neighborhood, windows down, calling for Boxer.

After 3 blocks, we saw him running across the street and to the park. Poor thing got lost, and didn't know which house was his. He came BARRELING across the street, and to the truck. I opened the door for him, and he jumped right in.

And apparently now I'm the BEST mom in the whole world, the best mom EVER for taking him to look for his dog....

We headed home, and I left Jake snuggle on the couch with him for a while. I guess we can't leave the back door propped open anymore. Because he's a fence jumper again.... I made sure to leave him in the Kennel when we left, but didn't think about when we were still home. Come on, Boxer, work WITH me here, not against me....

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I need some more kickin' back in my life - hehe :) Great one, Sharon :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Out of It

Just to warn you, I took some benadryl and a decongestant, and I don't know how long I'm gonna be conscious. hehe. I'll blog fast. ha!

I woke up today with kids that were still sick. So I got Jake out the door at 7am, and Tom out the door at 7:30am, and the rest of us relaxed and slept until around 9am. I'd taken a migraine pill and some benadryl and a decongestant. So I was out of it for a bit. ha! The kids and I loaded up in the Saturn, and headed to the commissary. I needed a few things for the party.

And I saw my friend Julie there! Apparently she'd seen me earlier, but I was talking on the phone with my mom, and was so absorbed in my conversation, that I didn't see her. Oops. Totally wasn't blowing you off, girl :) We chatted until Jimmy wouldn't be good any longer, and I headed to the checkout to pay.

I got home in time to make these YUMMY strawberry cheesecake bites. They were DIVINE! Take a strawberry, slice the green part off, and make a hole in it with a parring knife. I combined 1 softened package of cream cheese, 1/3 cup powdered sugar, and 2 tsp lemon juice, then pipped it into the strawberry. And I crushed up some graham crackers in a separate bowl, then dipped the cheesecakey part of the strawberry into the crumbs. SO yummy!

We headed to the bus, and brought a strawberry each for the bus drive and the monitor :)

I got back home, and had JUST enough time to assemble these wraps. I bought the spinach herb tortillas, and spread cream cheese that I'd mixed with ranch powder and milk (in a separate bowl until creamy), then layered tomatoes, and spinach, and ham, and turkey. And rolled it, and sliced it. They were pretty tasty :)

Oh yeah, side note. Anyone know a trick for the Pampered Chef Mandoline? I can't get mine to work the way that the product was demo-ed at the party. It just made mush out of my tomatoes, and my cucumbers looked thin and nasty too. I'm sure there's just something that I'm missing....
I got to Terra's a little before 11:30, when the party started. And found out that the Stephanie girl that we were throwing the "welcome to the group" party for wasn't gonna be able to make it. hehe. So we decided to throw it for Margot instead. lol :)

Here's me with my Shoppette fill up of Diet Coke. And the clerk informed me that they didn't do refills at the Shoppettes. Oops. Better to beg forgiveness than ask permission, as the saying goes...
Terra and Amanda and I an Maggie and Kari and Charlotte and Margot ended up coming to the party. It was a SUPER fun lunch :)

At 2:30pm, the party had broken up, and I headed to the bus to get Jim. We brought the bus drive and monitor a plate of food from our party. hehe. Always good to keep on peoples good sides, you know :)

We dropped off the left over food at the house, and headed out for some more errands. I hate toting around sick kids, but what else do you do with them? hehe. First stop, the main post CDC to change my childcare appointment from Thursday to Friday. I have appointments tomorrow, and asked Maggie to get Jim to and from the bus. So maybe Kari and I can hike on Friday :)

Next stop, CYS registration. We figured out that summer camps for Jake would be $32 a camp. That's not bad for a week long day camp, eh? I signed him up for computer animation, horseback riding, BMX biking, and robotics. Those sounded like things he'd like.

I got Eme and Joe and Jim signed up for a week long piano camp. And decided to let Tom take guitar lessons in August. He's gonna be gone for a week in June, and we'll be busy a week in July. So August it is. You pay for weekly lessons in one month, and I wanna get my money's worth out of it.

And we headed back home. Jake was at the youth center for the afternoon, and I had Tom and Jim do their chores. Everyone else was sick. We ate left overs for dinner, and I watched part of a show, but really dozed the last part of it. I was EXHAUSTED. I was sneezing bad, and REALLY wanted a decongestant. But knew that it would knock me out, and Tom had ball practice at 5pm. sigh.

So, at 5pm, we headed out to George Moore field to drop off Tom. I told his coach that we weren't staying because I had sick kids, and that we'd be back at 7pm to pick them up. And I decided to swing by the youth center to get Jake. I needed a helper at home.

Jake did his chores, and played some racing video game on his game cube. And I decided to not go to the Diablos game tonight with Kari. See, I wasn't feeling terribly great. I just wanted to sleep. And I knew that I could push through it, and would have fun, but it wasn't really what was best for me. So, contrary to what was comfortable for me, I was assertive, and told Kari that I wasn't gonna come. We decided that we'd have to hit a game together later, and that we'd pay the $7 to get in.

I texted Terra to see if her and the twins wanted to come to Tom's baseball game and watch the rest of it. I knew if I laid down now, I'd never get up, and I still had to get Tom. There were only 45 minutes left of the game.

So she met me at the park. And the other baseball team had never shown up, so the game had been canceled. Oops, no one told me! They'd had a practice, and since we showed up at 6:20, Tom was already done. We walked around the park for a little bit to get some of the twins' energy out, then bought Ice Cream from the ice cream man!
I'd never bought anything from an ice cream man before! hehe :)

We were home by 7:30pm, and I worked on getting people ready for bed. Jim SO needed a bath after the ice cream. He's in bed now, and Tom and Jake are in the living room playing on electronics (they already did their chores (and picked up some of the slack from Eme and Joe, too!)), and I'm getting ready to send Eme and Joe to bed. They're laying quietly on my floor watching a movie on the portable DVD player. Every once in a while, though, they start coughing, and it seriously sounds like they're gonna cough up a lung or something...

It's now 8:13pm, and I can REALLY feel the benadryl. I'm gonna turn this off, and go and lay on the couch and watch some TV. And maybe doze. And tomorrow, I'm recommitting to my diet. I weighed on the scale tonight, and I'm up 40 lbs from last summer! SO not cool! I wanna lose 30 of that. That picture up there with me and the ice cream is the reason. hehe. Well, that and the fact that I brought home Costco cheesecake for the kids, and ended up eating it all. Compound that by a few months, and there's 30 lbs....

I really really wanna try and be good this time. I know I've said that in the past. And I haven't. But this time, this time I'm trying to be committed! Committed to the diet, not committed. ROFL! Did that, been there. ROFL! OK, so it's time to stop blogging for the night, I'm starting to get silly :)

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Dang, Sharon, I really do ask for it, don't I.... hehe :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Waiting With Baited Breath

Woke up at 6:45am, and found 2 coughing kids. Sigh. They definitely wouldn't be going to school today. Not that they were necessarily acting sick, but they sure sounded bad. I got Jake out the door at 7am, and Tom at 7:30am. I called the CDC to cancel Jim's child care appointment, because really, why put him in if Joe and Eme were gonna be home...

And I had a headache. OUCH! But may it was sinus? I didn't know, so I medicated for a head cold, a migraine, and sinus issues. And allergies. So yeah, I went back to sleep when the kids went on the bus, Eme and Joe and Jim with me, and they watched cartoons, and I slept. Until around 10am. And the headache was gone! Yes!

I texted the girls and told them that me and a Chinese restaurant and 2 coughing kids didn't mix. Dang, I was looking forwards to that, too...

I drove Jim to the bus stop, and dropped a Soda by Terra's house. She was out. And she was on her way to a playland to let her twins run off some energy. So I headed back home, grabbed the portable DVD players, and took Eme and Joe to Burger King. No one cares if there's 2 hacking kids at Burger King. They ate their kids meals, and sat very quietly watching movies. The twins were freaked out by the playland (hehe), so they just sat with Mom, and Maggie and Hannah joined us too. She is freakin adorable. hehe. She and I had fun playing with the crowns.

I actually ate fries. hehe. They were tasty.

We drove home at 12:30pm, the kids rested, and I showered. And put on minimal make up and pulled my hair back. Still, I showered and shaved. All is well. hehe. And at around 1:15pm, Terra came and picked us up, and we went to Costco. Joe rode in a cart, and Eme felt well enough to trail along with us.

It was sample day, and my kids were SO excited about it. We had crab ravioli, Doritos, chips and cream cheese salsa, fruit leathers, pistachios, yogurt, wontons, and frozen fruit. Dang, that's almost lunch, right? hehe. We had fun walking around. I ended up getting some soda, a new suit for Eme, some flour, and some sugar.

Next, we stopped by Sonic for 1/2 price drinks. I got a RT 44 DDP, and the little kids got a small green apple slushie. Terra got a limeade.

We got Jim from the bus, and Terra dropped us off at my house. I had JUST enough time to make cupcakes before the library. I made carrot cupcakes, with added carrots. And some pumpkin spice pudding. And cream cheese frosting. After the cupcakes were cooled, I used my frosting-er and pipped them full of pudding. Then put some cream cheese frosting on the top. Yeah, they were really tasty :)

We loaded up, got Tom from the bus, and went to the library. The kids watched a movie about desert. Camels, and lizards, and scorpions, and sandstorms. Kinda cool.

I visited with Kari and Margot. She came too! The kids had popcorn and cupcakes, and we were out of there by 4:50pm. Terra is hosting a luncheon tomorrow for some new peeps to get to know the group, and I invited Margot. She said she'd come :)

Tom had a Orchestra concert tonight, and needed to be there at 5:10pm. Kari took my sick kids to her house, so I didn't have to drag them to the concert. Jake was at the youth center. Jim grabbed one of the portable DVD players, Tom changed his clothes, and we headed out. We made it to the school at EXACTLY 5:10pm. Nice, huh?

Jim spent the entire concert watching Scooby-Doo. I should have thought of the DVD player sooner....

Tom's Orchestra did 2 songs, and it was over. The took a little break for the next group to get ready. And we slipped out. We drove to Biggs to pick up Jake from the Milam Youth Center, and got some Info on some summer camps for his age group. He wants to do the Robotics camp, the BMX Bike camp, and the horse camp. I think I can handle that! I was glad that there were things that he was interested in :) Not sure how much they're gonna charge us, cause it's a sliding scale based on pay.

We headed back to main post, picked up the sick kids, and headed home. We had dinner (tortillas and cheese), and Terra dropped by 1/2 a pizza. They didn't want the other half. Yeah, I don't know what that means. hehe. We've never had left over pizza, I don't think. hehe.

So dinner was done, and Joe was feeling sick again. He laid down on the couch, and Eme laid down in my bed. Tom and Jake did their chores, and I took some more meds. My headache and sinus pressure and head congestion was back. Crap. And I just wanna go to bed. But I knew that if I did, I wouldn't wake back up to blog. So I pressed ahead.

The kids are all watching a movie, and I JUST got done with my blog. It's all linked up, and I'm sure hoping that I linked it up right. If not, I blame it on the many drugs (OTC, of course) that I'm on at the moment. hehe.
Tomorrow is the get together at Terras house, and should be fun. I wanna make THIS and THIS, so I need to go to the store in the morning...

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Dang, Sharon, you're good! LOVE this one, my dear :)