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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Picky Little Fart

First off, I never did show you my toes from my manicure the other day. Rainbow colors. hehe

And now that you've seen my foot, I'm sure your day, no week, is complete.... ha!

Hola :) Hope this post finds you all well! I woke up at 6:35, 6:45, AND 6:55 am this morning, then got up, read scriptures, said prayers, and went to get kids ready for school. Captain America was home from PT, and getting ready for work. We said family prayer before sending kids off, then I hung with Captain America as he got ready for work.

Jake and Jim were getting dressed and fed and junk, and then started school and whatever it is that Jimmy does :) Captain America went to work around 8:30am, I did some laundry, and debated going back to bed. And at 9am, I did go back and lay down for a little nap. I figured if I dozed until 9:30am, I would still have time for a walk or jog or something before Jim's bus. And yeah ,I woke up at 10am. hehe. I guess I'll exercise tomorrow :) I've already got my 3 runs in for the week, so I'm good :)

I took a shower and got all ready for the day, got Jim ready for the bus, and walked him to the bus stop. I was on my computer for a few minutes after Jim went to school, and then cooked lunch for Captain America. He was supposed to be back home at 11:45am, then we were going to couples counseling at noon, appointment at 12:30.

And I totally cut the tip of my thumb while chopping onions for Captain Americas lunch!!! Ouch! That's the bad part of new knives, huh? It didn't bleed, but it is sensitive when I push on it... But my zebra ring is cool, huh? hehe.

And I was totally gonna wear my cute black sandals, but it was SO chilly at the bus stop that I came home and put on boots. Brrrrr. LOL! I think it was only high 70's today. Sounds like winter to me! ROFL! But I did get to wear my new (to me, anyway, Savers..) black fake leather jacket...

I had lunch, got lunch for Jake, Captain America ate, and Captain America and I headed out. We made it RIGHT on time to our appointment. Good deal!

We talked about how we were doing, how our communication was going, and such. It was a good session. Our homework for this week was to write down things that "fill our bucket" personally, and then as a couple, and record what we do this week to fill our couple bucket... Sounds like a plan.

We headed home, stopping at Howdy's for a Diet Dr Pepper first. And we took a few pics of ourselves before he had to head back to work. Aren't we cute :)

I did some more laundry, and got Jim from the bus at 2:30pm. I cleaned and reorganized Joe and Eme's room, since it was trashed, and the rest of the kids were home at 3:30pm. I facebooked for a while, and really, it seems like I've been refereeing arguments between kids for hours and hours. What's up with that. I should just sent them all off individually to their rooms and let them have a quiet evening by themselves. hehe. OK, so maybe I won't.... ha!

I made dinner at 4:30pm (stuffing bake), and it should be done any time now. It's 5:06pm, and I'm waiting to see if Captain Americas gonna make it in time for us to go to dinner, or if we should eat here and do a movie, or what. I'm not sure what I want to do for date night tonight. So many options living in a big city, you know :)

Oh yeah, you want my Stuffing casserole recipe?

1 box stuffing
2 cans cream of mushroom soup
1 lb ground turkey
1/2 pack diced/cooked turkey bacon
1 small package frozen veggies

Combine all ingredients in a bowl, then pour into baking dish. Top with shredded cheddar cheese, cook at 400 degrees until cheese is browned. My kids like this one. Well, they liked it better before I started putting the veggies in it. ROFL! Picky little farts....

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Just Crusin'

First off, here's my new stuff for the week! AND, I'm SO excited to say that I now have a preview maker. AND, she's AMAZING! Thanks so much, Sarah, for helping out! It takes a little bit of the work load off of my shoulders :) Really appreciate it, hon!

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Hey peeps! Hope your Thursday was fab! Mine was pretty dang good :) Woke up at 3:45am to Captain America phone. Mandatory Recall at 5am. They were doing an urinalysis or something like that. Either way, the phone went off, he was talking, the lights went on, and I woke up. But, I did get to eventually go back to sleep, so it was all good.

I woke up at normal time and said my prayers (oops, forgot to read scriptures - adding to "to do" list...) and got kids ready for school, and out the door at 7:30am. And I sat down on my computer for a little bit, then went and got ready for jogging.

And yeah, I didn't know if Laurie was gonna go, but I actually WANTED to go reguardless. I had Jake loan me his earphones, hooked them up to my Muse on my phone, and off I went. I walked to Old Ft Bliss, and Laurie did end up meeting me there, and we jogged. She's faster than me, so at some point, I told her to jog ahead, and I slow boated it. But I kept going. I ended up jogging mostly and walking a little bit. Not too bad! More jogging than yesterday, so I was happy. It felt good.

We came back to my house, and Rowan and Jimmy played for a few minutes and Laurie and I chatted. Then they went off to wherever they were going, and I jumped back on my computer. And got Jimmy ready for school. And to the bus. And then the TV was free, and I got 0n my good laptop, and designed the last WordArt I needed to design, and was done.

And Captain America was home at 11:30 for lunch, but called back to work. So he was here long enough to cook his lunch, and back he went. Hmpf!

At noon, Jake and I got ready and headed out for the afternoon. We knew we needed to be back at 2:30 to pick up Jim from the bus, so we hurried. I needed to go to Target to look for Emelines horse toy she wanted. And yeah, I took a VERY long, scenic way. Down Trowbridge that turned5 into North Loop Drive which connects with 375, and got off at Montwood Exit. Yeah, I DID know where this Target was. I just didn't know it was called the Far East Side Target. Hmpf! Their website threw me off...

Anyway, Jake and I went in, and went to the toy section, and yeah, no horse like she wanted. Grrr. I guess one option would be to order it online. I know they have it there. I hope Eme's not too disappointed when she gets home from school.

I knew that right down the road there was a new Walmart, so Jake and I got back on 375 and headed down the road. And drove to the parking lot, but it wasn't completed yet. So we got back on 375 and took the loop back to 54. To the Transmountain Walmart. Where we'd gotten Jim and Joe's Toy Story 3 tee's. And got 2 for Rowan. We got out of Walmart for under $7.00. That's not too bad, huh?

And headed to the Dollar Tree. To look for plastic army men. And yeah, they had Firemen, and Police men, but NO army men. Grrr. So we went to Fallas. Because, maybe, sometimes, Fallas has stuff like that..... OK, it was a stretch. But they DO have toys.

And I found a few shirts that I liked, but didn't buy them. I carried them around for a while, though. Maybe I'll make Captain America take me back and we'll re-find them. hehehe. But they had no army men.

And Dollar General was right next door, so we went there to look there. And they had ONE bag of army men for a $1. So I got it. And we headed back towards post.

And actually stopped at Sonic on the way home. Because Circle K only has 32 oz cups. And I wanted a 44 oz. BUT, I forgot to ask for easy ice, so I probably only ended up with 20 oz. Whatever. hehehe. AND, they got it right this time, and it WAS diet. Thank heavens.

We drove back on post just in time to get Jim from the bus. Here's Jake and I in the truck at the bus stop.

Check out all that ice. hehe

And we got Jimmy, and we headed home. He and Jake played games in Jakes room for a bit, and I packaged up a few of my WordArt packs. And then Joe was home at 3:30pm. We got snacks, and it's almost time for me to go and pick up Tom, Eme, and Bella from AQ.

Captain America and the boys are supposed to go to Father/Son sports night at school, and I'm supposed to go to an FRG meeting tonight. We'll see how it all goes. LOL! AND, Captain America's supposed to be home by 5pm. Yeah, we'll see if that happens, too. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

OK, it's now a few minutes to 7pm, and I'm sitting here on my computer while my kids watch a movie. Captain America got home in time to take Joe and Tom to Sports night at school, and the rest of us stayed here, had dinner, did chores, and are now watching TV.

And I grabbed my old laptop and played on facebook. And loaded one product in the store (the rest was on my other laptop....). And checked emails. AND, went through the over 1000 emails in my inbox. And I went through, and got the inbox to 520. ALL PERSONAL EMAILS..... Ladies, how am I possibly gonna respond to ALL of these..... It goes back all the way to March of 2009.... Holy Crap!

Needless to say, I'm feeling a bit anxious right now. I need some deep breaths. hehe. As soon as this movie is over, I'm putting these kids to bed, gonna load my store, and relax for the night. Cause that gets my emails answered, you know. ROFL! No wonder the inbox is at 520. hehe.

And, fast forward to 8:08pm. Captain America and the boys came home (they had had a FABULOUS time - I asked if Captain America took any pictures, and he looked at me like I was crazy and said "We were playing sports, I didn't have time"...... hmpf!), we did family prayer, family scriptures, put all the kids to bed, I did a little laundry, and I loaded my store. VERY productive evening. hehehe. Now I'm gonna sit my butt down on the couch (laptop free) and watch an episode of Fringe. Or Lie to Me. Or something like that. With a blanket. And maybe some hot herbal tea. Cause that sounds like a good plan. With my slippers. Cause I love them :) Can you tell that I'm smiling JUST thinking about it? hehehe.

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4shared version has been updated with the corrected spelling as of 5pm MST on Friday, October 22, 2010.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Gooooood morning :) Hope today finds you all happy and healthy! I woke up with my alarm at 6:35am, and went back to sleep until 6:55 am. And then got up, read scriptures, said prayers, and went out to help kids get ready for school. Joe had only done part of his homework last night, so I helped him finish it off, then hurried kids off to the bus.

And went back to bed. But Captain America came back home 3 minutes later, so I got up to hang with him. I ate, and put on my work out clothes, and got Jimmy fed, and Jake ready for school and classes.

And at 8:30am-ish, I headed to meet Laurie. But I must have missed her, cause she never showed. So I walked to the beginning on the running path, then started jogging. And jogged a LONG ways. Further than last time. And almost at the 1/2 way point, I met up with Laurie, and turned around and came back, jogging most of the time. Slowly, sure, but jogging none the less.

It felt pretty good to jog today. My legs felt a bit tired, but good. They have a "good" sore burn today. You know what I mean, right?

Laurie and I chatted as we walked the last little bit home, and she came in for a few minutes to visit. Then had to run off to meet someone for a brief meeting at Starbucks. And I said that I'd keep Rowan, because he and Jimmy were playing SO nicely.

So she headed off to get ready and go to her meeting, and I figured that I probably shouldn't shower while I was supposed to be in charge of someone elses kids (ha!), so I did the next best thing. I made cookies! hehe.

Here's me getting my soda fix for the day, even if it WAS Coke Zero. Ewh. But it was caffeine, so it was all good. Here's me pulling a face at the fact that it's NOT something good. hehehe.

And here's Rowan and Jimmy watching cartoons. Aren't they cute :)
I made the banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe that I'd made last time. You can find that post HERE. And I made a double batch again, because that's how many bananas I had. hehe. But they were SO good :)

And it says to cook them for 10 minutes, but 9 seemed to work better this time... And here's Jake and I. Yeah, I REALLY needed a shower :)

I got Jimmy to the bus at 11am, and finished up the cookies and washed the dishes, and soon, Laurie was back. We chatted for a few minutes, and she and Rowan were off. And I took a shower, FINALLY! It felt SO good. And put on make up and fixed my hair all girly and junk. I felt SO much better. hehehe.

And Jake

Captain America called and wanted to know if I wanted to do lunch, and OF COURSE I did, so I headed to El Taco Tote, and I was gonna order and get it all set so when he got there, he could eat and go back to work.

Here's me in the truck on the way over
And my favorite El Taco Tote!
We got our Brochetta plate and chips and guacomole salsa and cucumbers. Mmmm, so tasty :) After lunch, we went back to our trucks, and I gave him 4 dozen cookies to take back to work. Mmmm, cookies!

And me on the way back home
I got back home, and gave Jake our leftovers, and sat down at my 46 inch laptop to design. I designed 4 Birthday WordArt packs already this week, but I'm only gonna release 2 of them this week. Birthday 2 and Birthday Attitude 2. Then, I made a partial pack of Love/Anniversary masks a few weeks ago, so I can have that one too. I made a Zodiac WordArt Pack, and a Ghost WordArt pack. So tomorrow, I just need to package it up, and I'll be set. It's always nice to get work done a little early.

Jimmy came back home at 2:30, Joe at 3:30, and Tom and Eme at 3:55. So here it is, 4:01pm, and I need to go and assist the kids with chores/homework, and think about dinner. I should have started the crock pot back at 10:30am when I was thinking about it....

OK, I'm back. I pre-blogged part of the day! Woohoo! It's now 10:56pm, and I'm gonna tie this up and put the rest of my pics on here, and I'm done :) Yeah!

SO, it was 5:30pm, and my kids were hungry. And I needed to fix them something for dinner. So I got out some ground turkey and a diced onion, and browned it up. And was still trying to decide what to do with it. Tom found a can of pinto beans, so I added that. And then decided that I could make chili!

I added a packet of chili seasoning, 14 oz of crushed tomatoes, a few LARGE squirts of BBQ sauce, and a bit of brown sugar, and simmered for a bit. And my kids actually liked AND ate it. Miracle of miracles.. hehehe.

Here's Tom with his chili
And yeah, this looks like throw up, or diarreah, but the kids say that it's good. And it's not really yellow, like it looks in the picture... hehe.

And here's my Talipia. I love fish :)
And me, thinking about how I was gonna have to drag 5 kids to church activities on Wednesday night ALL BY MYSELF because Captain America was working late. Hmpf!
And then, CAPTAIN AMERICA WAS HOME!!! And it was only 6:30! He grabbed some dinner real fast, changed his clothes, and off we ALL went to activities. We dropped Eme and Tom off at the church, and dropped Jake off at the park near the church, and we headed to Walmart. Joe and Jim and Captain America and I.

But first, we made a Circle K stop. Captain America stayed in the truck with the little ones, and I got both boys a red Slurpee (yes, it's a flavor...), and Captain America and I Diet Mt Dews.

And as I was leaving the store with 4 drinks, I noticed this.

Freakin' red slurpee! It was ALL over me. All down my sweater, and ALL over the cuff of my white shirt too. Grrrr. We were gonna look for a Tide Stain Stick to go thingy at Walmart...

We drove over to Walmart, and got Captain America's protein powder that we failed to get the last time we were there, and then just looked around for a while. And did you know that they sell tongue rings at Walmart? Who knew...

And the Transmountain Walmart had "How to Train Your Dragon" cut outs too!

Captain America found a few shirts that he liked, and we got a few other things, and got in line to pay. Captain America took the little boys to the bathroom (and threw away the rest of the SUPER messy slurpees) and by the time he came back, I hadn't moved in line.... This wasn't gonna work. We needed to get back to pick up the kids....

So I told him to take the little boys and go and pick up the kids from church, and I'd stay in line. So he left, and I waited. And waited. And waited.

Here's a new gum that I bought to try. Key Lime Pie. Um, yeah, not the worst things I've had. I think I liked the Strawberry Shortcake one better, though.

And the Toy Story 3 shirts we got for Jim and Joe. Pretty sad when the 5 yr old gets the 6/7 and the 7 yr old gets the 4/5.... hehe.

So I finally get to the front of the line, pay, and head for the bathroom. Cause I'd just downed a 32 oz Diet Mt Dew. ha! And I busted out my Tide Stick, and started to see if I could help my poor shirt and sweater. And the sweater pink stain started to bleed onto the white shirt underneath, so I ended up just taking off the gray sweater. Yeah, I looked real special now. hehe.

I had a few minutes left, so I went back to Electronics and got another cable for my truck radio to attach to my phone. Because I don't know what happened to the other one. Freakin' kids. hehe.

And I paid in electronics cause there was no line, and headed outside. I sat on a bench and texted my buddy Mandi for a few minutes, then Captain America came back with all the kids. We headed across the street to Lowes, and Captain America and Tom ran inside to get a copy of Captain America's truck key.

Us in the truck
Eme reading the new Rick Riordian book
Me (but then, you already knew that...)
And, they came back out, and Captain America had bought some wood for a new frame for Jim's room for his bed. Because right now, he just has a mattress on the floor. And this will be a lot nicer. It's SO nice to have a handy hubby - hehe :)

We did scriptures and prayers and stuff in the car on the way home, so we put kids right to bed. And Captain America tried on his new shirts. Hmmm, where's the other picture... That's right, my phone died before I could upload it to facebook, and then I had to plug it in, and I forgot that it didn't fully upload. I'll get it on here tomorrow :)

But here's his other new shirt.
And then, as we were standing around, I realized that Jake looked taller than me. Whaaaat? I'm 5'7" 1/2 and he's 5'6" 1/2, right? But I guess that pictures don't lie, right? What do you think? Does he look taller than me? My 13 year old son who hasn't really even hit puberty yet. Holy cow :)
And this is my WHAAAAAAT? face. hehe
We sent Jake off to bed, and Captain America and I sat down and watched a couple episodes of The Office season 3, and headed off to bed. And now it's 11:16pm, and I'm gonna go to sleep. Thank goodness I preblogged part of this already, AND posted and hosted the freebie. I'm so smart. LOL!

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