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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Blog Freebie Alphabet C

Well, I made it through today without killing anyone. hehe. But it was close. Since I went to bed around 9pm with a migraine, I was up wide awake around 6am. I Facebooked for a while with my buddy Stephanie, then got up and got the kids ready for school.

And saw them off on the bus, then hung with CPT until he was ready to go to work. Then, I hopped in the shower and got ready. I'd already called around, and found out that the banks opened at 9am, and that I needed to go to a bank, open a checking account, deposit at least $7 (I had a check for $100 from my mom for Christmas that still needed deposited - oops), and THEN I could use their Cash Advance service for free with my USAA debit card. Otherwise, they wouldn't do it. Kinda a long process, but you just have to know what hoops to jump through, right?

I'd called USAA and had them raise my Cash Advance limit already too, so that I could get the cash for the Suburban. We'd texted the dude, and asked if he would prefer cash or check. Cash, he said, if that was possible. So we were trying for cash.

It was 9am by the time I was done with the shower, and 10:15am by the time I was done fixing my hair. Dude, it took WAY longer than I though.

Here I am, curls galore!!! I liked the finished result - hehe :)
After I was ready, I accessorized (orange today), and headed over to Kim's house. She was going to do errands with me before the "battery party". That still gets me.... Anyway, she had some papers to print, and by the time she got the printer to work, and by the time we got to the bank, it was 11am. And I had to be to the "party" at 11:30am. It was pushing it...

We waited in line for about 5 minutes, and it became evident that it was going no where. This wasn't going to be a quick process. So we cut our losses, and headed to the PX. CPT wanted me looking pretty and he got that. But he wasn't gonna get money before lunch. LOL :)

We went to the PX, and I brought in my 3 Miche classic shells that I didn't like. And I talked to the manager/supervisor dude. He looked a bit dubious about trading them out, but when I said that I would be willing to trade ALL 3 shells for the one big prima base, he seemed more inclined to "play ball". It was a good deal for him, because he could sell them for $30 a piece. I only paid $12.50 each. And it was a good deal for me, because the prima shell retails for about $50 and is HARD to find... And I've been looking! I was excited :) It was a win/win for both of us...

Isn't she pretty!!!We had to hurry out of there really fast, because I was quickly getting late for the "party". Kim dropped me off at the Battery headquarters, and I met CPT there. The room was packed with all of the soldiers. It was a mandatory meeting for them, and the spouses/families could come if they wanted. Some SGT was getting promoted, and a few spouses were getting awards. Apparently I was one of them. And THIS was the party that the commander and 1SG were making my hubby and the other 1LT's pay for... nice. SO not what the commander is supposed to do. That's what the Command or the FRG is supposed to do... Not MAKE/FORCE your 1LT's to do it... I was still mad, can you tell?

I caught up with one of CPT's buddies wife, and we hung. She felt EXACTLY the same way. So we hid in the XO's office and gripped about it the whole time. I LOVED it. hehe. CPT was glad that I was in there, because I wasn't gripping out lout and getting him in trouble. ROFL!

And here's a picture me getting my award for service. Now, those of you who have been with me during this deployment. WHEN did I ever blog about doing service for the FRG? Or service related to CPT's work? Cause I can't remember it.... So, basically, this award means nothing then, right? The commander just wants to feel like she has a lot of volunteers in her unit? I have no idea. Whatever. I'll accept your award. I hope that it doesn't lessen the award to those of you who actually EARNED it... (if you count the stuff that I did WAY before the guys deployed, like 2 years ago, well, then MAYBE...) Oh yeah, and whoever took this photo, um, you suck. Thanks for trying, though... (Bless his heart)
Me and CPT

It IS a pretty award...

So the awards were done, and everyone dug into the food. Subway sandwiches, cookies, cupcakes, coblers, chips, sodas. It was a nice spread. After everyone had gone through the line, we went through, and got a plate too. And sat in the food room, and ate and talked. It was pretty enjoyable.

Then, the Commander and 1SG came in. And I could see CPT America look panicked. Like "Oh crap, I've keep them separated all this time, and she's gonna go all postal on them NOW!"....

1SG started to "tease" CPT about not paying enough money on the party. I didn't find it funny AT all. And then poke at us for having too many children. And I just had to get up and move. Because I was about to tell him off. I did the right thing.

And then, after almost all of the soldiers had left, Commander started to talk about where to put the leftover food, and about saving some of it for a future event. She was across the table, and I stepped up a little bit, and said "Oh, no, WE are dividing this food up between the 4 families here, and taking it home to our children. WE paid for it, so it is OURS". I think she got my point, because she backed down REAL fast.... And changed the subject. CPT turned a bit white there too. hehe. He's not used to the new aggressive me :)

But really? I paid for it, I'm totally talking how the leftovers! Not only did I pay for it, I was FORCED to have the party in the first place... Sigh. Don't get me started. This is the reason that I've had a migraine for the past 2 days.

While the guys took the stuff to the cars, I snapped a few pictures. hehe. I do that a lot, you know. Here's me and my new shell!!!

Luckily, that was the end of it, and everyone left. We cleaned it

Me and my new orange one. She came yesterday in the mail :)

After the "party" we headed straight to the bank. And waited FOREVER to open up a checking and savings account. But eventually got it all done. It's actually the credit union that our Stake President is the president of. Cool, huh! That's the reason that I picked it - hehe.

We signed papers, and did all the stuff that we needed to do, then got the cash advance. Oh yeah, $5000 in cash! That's a HUGE amount! Good thing it was in $100 and not in $20's, right? LOL :)
We had just enough time to head home, get the kids from the bus, leave them with Tom, then run on over and pay for the Suburban. Oh yeah, I was getting my new ride!!! We got there, and the dude said that he took it in for the emissions test, and that it had not passed because of an oxygen senson. If we drive for about 50 miles, it SHOULD reset. We'll see. He knocked $200 off the price, though. Sounded good to me :) We paid, and were on our way!!!!

The kids were SUPER excited when we brought it home! Our plan was to load everyone up in the truck, and head over to the movies, but Tom had let Eme go on a bike ride in the neighborhood, and she was MIA.... So much for the movies. grrrr. Kids! So we loaded up the kids we could find, and drove to the gas station instead and go get gas. Not as much fun as the movies... nope, not at all. But productive, and still a short ride in the new rig.

We had dinner (taco salad - with the lettuce and tomatoes from the "party"), and then watched an episode of Warehouse 13 with CPT. He'd never watched it before. Eme went to spend the night with Bella (Veronica's daughter). Jake had gone lifting at the gym with Justin (Kari's son). And came back at 7ish.

It was mostly a quiet Friday night. We put the kids to bed at 9pm. It's now 10pm. Not sure what we'll be doing tomorrow. You know us, though, we always find something to do :)

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Blog Freebit Alphabet B

Friday once again, and you know what that means! It's time for NEW RELEASES!!! Click HERE to go to my store to give it a gander! I know you want to!!!

So yeah, rough morning. I ended up going to Kari's house last night to watch some TV. She texted with me while I was sitting in the Suburban blubbering. We watched an episode of Glee, and it made me feel better. I cam home, and slept on the couch because I didn't wanna go back in my room. And felt like crap when I woke up.

I got the kids ready for school, and didn't even see CPT as he left for work. Yeah, what a grand existence... Something had to change. I threw on some hiking clothes, and spent the rest of the morning before the hike lying on my bed texting my friends and waiting for the time to pass. Napping on and off between texts. I'm a real winner, you know...

Kari and Erin came to pick me up at 8:30am, and I had a NICE hike. It was a more difficult trail than last week, and it really was a great workout. I had my chance to girl vent, and felt better after. I got home, and texted with Kim for a bit. She wasn't feeling well AT all. She had a monster headache. So I brought her over some meds. Her hubby had JUST got home, so I stayed and chatted for a few minutes. But not too long.

Mine texted and said that he was on his way, so I prepared myself for battle round 3, and walked back home. And he met me at the door with a hug, and said that he was sorry, and that he didn't wanna fight, and that we needed to work on communication. That we just weren't lining up on what we were both trying to get across. That he wasn't trying to hurt my feelings. And it helped. It really did. He's still said some things recently that really made me mad and that have really hurt my feelings, but he's trying. And we're gonna try and squeeze in an appointment with our original therapist and see if that doesn't help. He's SUPER good. And we should be able to get this taken care of. There's no reason, when two people are trying for the same goal, that they can't make it work, right??? As long as both individuals are tying their best to make it work??? I'm a firm believer in that. And neither one of us has thrown in the towel.

Anyway, at 3:30pm, we both walked over to the Bus Stop to get the kids, then at 4pm, we loaded up and got Joe and Eme off to Skating. Jake wasn't home yet, and Tom and Jim voted to stay home. I told Tom that he had to help Jim with his bike, then take him to the park for a while, and he agreed to that. To get some exercise. It was a beautiful winter day in El Paso. Sunny and 66! Can't beat that for winter!

We went to the ice skating rink, and had a blast. Kari and I talked, and CPT and the kids skated. Works for me :) After skating, we loaded back up in the old Suburban, and headed to the PX. I needed to pick up my prescription. It's been filled since Monday. And I know they don't hold it forever. And since I took my last anti-depressant today, I really needed it...

I got that filled, then we got some ice cream, then we got some Taco Bell to take home to the kids, then it was back home. CPT played guitar for a bit up in the kids room, and I blogged, or designed, or whatever i did. i can't remember. I had a headache by then. from all of the fighting earlier in the day - or bad feelings, or crying, or whatever. It takes a toll on the body, you know!

And we were gonna go to Walmart and buy stuff for the Unit thing tomorrow, but I felt like crap. So after the kids went to bed, he went by himself. I don't think he was too happy about that, but seriously, if I move, I may blow chunks. Seriously... i can't control when the headaches come. I'm taking meds for that, but it doesn't completely wipe them out. It just lowers the occurrence... sigh. Maybe I was reading too much into it... That's probably it. I'm a little sensitive to it these days :)

So, tomorrow. We are doing a battery thingy. And I'm not happy about it. It should be a command sponsored event. But the CDR (Commander) didn't wanna pay. So she is making her 1LT's pay for it. And telling them that it's a "promotion party" that they never paid for from a year and a half ago. But it's not. It's a CDR sponsored event for the whole battery and their families. Yeah, if you don't speak army, you don't get it. But it makes me mad. She's using her influence as their CDR to get my husband to spend his money on something that he shouldn't have to do. And it's gonna be almost $100 on this stupid party when it's all said and done. I have better things to spend my $100 on... I don't wanna go tomorrow. I'm afraid that I'll say something to her. Something inappropriate. Something rude. And make CPT look bad. Real bad. Something that I can't take back. I'm not good at keeping my mouth shut these days.... Maybe I should just stay home... But CPT really wants me there... Hmmm, we shall see...

Still no pay pal money. I'm hoping that it comes in tomorrow! I really want my new truck! It's SO awesome :)

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LOVELy layout by Sharon!!! Awesome job, hon!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Blog Freebie Alphabet A

So, I didn't blog yesterday. And I might not get to it tonight. I'm having a super crappy evening. In fact, i wanted to get out of my house, but I didn't want to go anywhere. So I am just sitting in my suburban. You can do that in El Paso in the winter, you know. Kids are all in bed, and CPT is ironing.

Let's see, highlights of the day. I forgot about a super important work deadline that was due Sunday night and remembers it after the kids got on the bus. So I worked on it from 730-830am. Then I went walking with Kari.

Then I went with Kim to the Jewelry box and to Bassett center. We looked around for a while and has fun. We met CPT for lunch at L&J's, then he and I went driving around looking for suburbans.

We had decided that it would be cheaper to just buy one a few years newer than our old one rather than fix ours up. So we drove down alameda st looking for deals. Things were expensive. We did find one for $5900 that had super high miles that was a '01 but it had a cracked windshield.

Next, we had Tom get the kids from the bus and we went to check out one from Craigslist. They lived on pos over by Kim's kids school. And come to find out, CPT and the dude knew each other, and were deployed at the same time. Different BTRY's, but still, small world. And I loved the Suburban.

It was a white, 2001. It had the 3rd row seating and leather or pleather seats. Working AC. Lol. Butt Warmers. Door locks and keyless entry. Fancy bells and whistles. I won't know what to do with myself! And it's a 4x4 and gets 18 MPG or so. That's not bad considering mine gets 11 now. They wanted $5000 for it. Good price too!

We wrote them a check for the 4th, and said that if my PayPal transfer came in faster, we'd let them know. I keep 1/2 my savings there so I can't spur of the moment buy stuff. So as soon as the money hits the bank, we r going back! So excited! If I wasn't sitting in the truck right now, I'd so link you up with photos...

We came back home, CPT dropped me off, picked Eme up, and he took her to piano. I stayed with the other kids, and got ready for Cub Scouts. I planned a game and extra activity in case we had extra time.

We has pancakes for dinner, then CpT and I decided it was time to fight. Living the dream, you know. And before I knew it, it was 645. And we had to be to scouts at 700. He was going separate so he could leave early. I got all the kids, dropped off Jim and picked up Leo, and headed to church.

We played our game, and did our activity, and at 730 CPT came and did his part. Designing the pinewood derby cars. I don't know how to do that, and he agreed to help. After the meeting, we loaded back up, and headed home, collecting the correct kids.

And put our kids to bed, and continued the argument. At which point, I got so upset I left in tears and am currently blogging from my phone in the front seat of the suburban. I don't know why I am telling you all of this. Like you wanna know all of my nastiness. You just wanna hear the happy. He's home and everything is grand. Well, sometimes it is hard. It's hard to have to live apart for a year than suddenly be back together again and make everything work. To have to change daily plans and routines and stuff. Just life in general is hard, I think, even without a deployment/redeployment to deal with. And anyone who says that it isn't isn't telling you everything.... Life is messy. And unpleasant sometimes. But then, that's why we so appreciate the good times. They happy times. The peaceful time. I'm hoping that some happy, peaceful times are right around the corner for me...

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Frame 2012

Dude, I spent so long working on my Featured Designer packet for Scrapbookgraphics, that I'm POOPED. No energy for blogging. Luckily, I don't have plans for the morning. I think I'm gonna just leave it at this for tonight, and get up in the morning and blog. Is that ok with everyone? hehe. *crickets* Oh good, I didn't hear a response, so I'm guess that was a yes! Thanks, girls! Feeling the love!

Oh yeah, and Happy Birthday, MOM! I hope you get your Miche order from me today!!!!! Hurry up, FedEx! My mommy needs her present! hehe ;)

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


So, Monday. I was SUPER tired this morning. I so wanted to go back to sleep. And yeah, totally didn't happen. CPT America got up early and went to the gym. And I eventually got up, got Tom off to the bus, and then Jim and Joe and Eme off to the bus.

I chatted with Suzanne for quite a while on the way home from the bus. She's prego with baby #6. Her oldest is 9. She's even more gung ho than I am! hehe :) She's such a sweet thing! I decided that when I went to Saver's today, I was gonna get something for her baby. She's only 5 weeks along, but still, I was gonna get her something tiny and soft!

I went back home, and got Jake ready, and out the door. CPT came home, and got ready, and headed off to work. Then I threw on some clothes (not very good ones, either - ha!) and got ready for Kim to come and get me. We loaded up her SUV with 6 trash bags full of donate items, and we headed to the East side. We got our coupons, and we met Kari inside.

And I wasn't gonna buy anything. But I found a few things that I just couldn't live without. hehe. I did find quite a few jackets that I liked. Kari didn't end up with this one, but I liked it for her, because it said Harley Davidson, and her hubby likes them - ha!
And Kim and I thought that this baby shirt was cute - ha!
I found a Sunday blazer for Jim, and a new winter jacket for him. And some good stuff for me!

We paid, and headed out. Next stop, Hobby Lobby. I got a few sewing items for CPT (bobbins and straight pins - he has a project he's working on), and Kim got some fabric for her Miche holder. She's making one just like mine!

Then, we got distracted in the bead section. She wanted to make an anklet, and I wanted to make some charms for my purses... We were there for quite a while. hehe.

We eventually paid, then headed to the next store. But first, a quick stop at Chick-fil-a for lunch! Grilled chicken sandwich with light mayo, a diet dr pepper, and a fruit cup! There's a healthy lunch for ya :)

And on to Lowes. And wouldn't ya know it, I just HAD to pose on the POT when I first walked in - hehe. What a hideous picture, though! hehe :)
Don't you LOVE my new shell????
Kim got the supplies that she needed for the Miche holder, then we headed back near post. And to the NEW Dollar Tree! It was big, and new and well stocked and organized! But it kinda smelled like new paint. Not so cool. But that will wear off...

We looked at everything, and I had a grand time! I loved it - hehe. And I decided to make a shoe holder for my boys, using THIS pin from pinterest as inspiration.

Here's what it looked like when I got it all put together.
I bought 9 bins, and a package of zip ties. So $10 for the project. Not too bad. We both got what we needed, plus bread, and a soda, then headed up to pay. And headed home. Kim dropped me off, and CPT wasn't home. He was paying for the Vehicle stickers for the state. I quickly put away my new clothes, and took down an item while putting a new one up. That's a smart way to limit the items in your closet, you know! hehe :)

I built the cool shoe shelf, then put away the bread and stuff in the kitchen. I'd bought Valentine's stuff for the Cub Scouts, and I got that all organized too. And then Tom came home. I changed my clothes real fast before the bus, and fixed my hair a little bit. A little improvement. ha!
I walked to the bus at 3:30pm and got the kids. And walked them back home. Jim was SO excited about his new coat. I told him to open his eyes REAL big, because the first few pictures his eyes were practically closed. Well, I got what I asked for, right? lol.
Check out the American Eagle coat I got for myself for only $8.
The kids did some chores, and I worked on getting the tax papers printed out. We didn't have that many this year. We only lived in one state this year. Ha! And you don't have to file state taxes in Texas. Gotta love that.

CPT took Jim on an errand, and to get his Slurpee from 7-11 from school. It was some nice father/son time. They were gone for a while. I had the kids start on homework. We didn't have dinner, per se, but had sandwiches and such tonight. Yeah, sometimes we just don't cook. lol.

CPT and Jim eventually came back. I guess they'd told the lady at the 7-11 how it was for a special reward, and how there were 4 other kids at home, and she wanted to be nice, so she gave them 5 coupons for next time! LOL. So now we have more to come back again... That was nice of her.

CPT sat down on the couch, and I snapped a picture of him real fast. Here's his, WHY are you taking a picture of me face - ha!
And about that time his Dad called. See, I'd texted his mom earlier in the day and told her that it was about time for his dad to call and "check" in again. LOL. Enlisting help is always good, right? CPT reacts SO well to his dad. They have such a great relationship.

Anyway, they talked for quite a while. And I was SO grateful! His mood is always SO much better after a "dad" chat. We had family home evening before bed. We talked about the Widow's mite, and how what she gave was better than what the rich men gave, and why. It was SO much shorter than usual, and it was a lot better for the kids. It was the perfect family home evening for the kids. Good job, CPT!

We worked to get the kids to bed, then I started in on the taxes. I wanted to get them done tonight. I was using H&R Block through MilitaryOneSource.com. They had a deal where you get a discount. Or something like that. I don't know. I still paid $30 for the Deluxe version. But it's good. We ended up making hardly NO taxable income last year. Because all of CPT's money was non taxable because he was in a combat zone. And after expenses, I only had a few thousand dollars in income. We did make about $10K in Student Loan repayement from Uncle Sam, though. But it was taxed. So we ended up getting all that money (the taxed part) back too. Anyway, we got about double what I was expecting back! So I was pretty excited. Lets just hope I did it right, right? lol. Biggest tax return EVER... hehe.

So here it is, 10:34pm. We're about ready to go to bed. I'm sleepy. Tomorrow, I need to pick up my meds from the PX pharmacy. And I'm meeting my friend, Maria, at the Biggs TMC to watch her 2 youngest kids while she has a Well Woman visit. Those are NEVER fun, you know. ha! And if I get back in time, then I'll go to Yoga with Kari.

So, night, girls! See ya tomorrow!

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Monday, January 30, 2012


Hola :) So it was a decent Sunday. We got up after sleeping in, and got ready for church. I tasked the kids to make sandwiches for our "linger longer" potluck after church, and we left at around noon. It was Tom's first Sunday to pass the sacrament.

We took two separate vehicles, in case CPT didn't wanna stay after church. You never know... He has a rough time, some times...

Sacrament meeting was pretty good. Bishop's wife and bishop talked, then we went to classes. I ended up in the hall most of the time. Bad habit - hehe. Then we had the 5th Sunday joint meeting with the priesthood/relief society. Brother Rischer taught, and it was very good. About reverence.

After church, we all headed into the gym, and had sandwiches and cookies and chips. They kids had a BLAST. Tuna and egg salad and meat and peanut butter. All sorts of good food! We visited and ate and it was busy and loud. I totally enjoyed it. CPT? Yeah, not so much. hehe. After the kids ate, he took Jim and Jake and Tom and hurried home. I stayed and met with the Cub Scout leaders informally and talked about meetings real quick. Then took Eme and Joe and headed home. It was a nice time.

We got home, and people went about their various activities. Eme and I went upstairs to her room and worked on sorting thru her clothes. She'd accumulated a lot of them thru the last year. We sorted about 1/2 of them. We were both tired, so took a break after about an hour. I did have a HUGE pile of donate stuff, at least :)

We watched a little bit of TV, had some dinner, and then it was almost dinner time. CPT did some ironing, Joe worked on some over-due homework, Jake worked on disassembling/reassembling a nerf gun, this that and the other thing, and here it is, 7:30pm. I need to get the kids ready for bed, and then it's gonna almost be time for me to go to sleep. Night, all!

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Sunday, January 29, 2012


Late again! What's up with this, huh? hehe. I was hanging with CPT America and watching last seasons episodes of "The Office", and we were up till 1am. So I didn't really wanna stop and go blog. Can you blame me? Can you forgive me? hehe.

Anyway, I got up at 8:20am on Saturday, and RUSHED Tom over to the North East side to catch a ride to his Boy Scout hike. And yeah, I totally should not have been hiking. All in the same trip, I momentarily forgot how to drive, I forgot how to turn off my turn signal, and I forgot where I was. That scared me. I concentrated REALLY hard on the way back home, and was fine... So scary!

I got back home, crawled back into bed, and slept till noon. CPT got up at around 10:30 and played Wii with the kids. He wasn't feeling terribly great, but thought that he could hack games with the kids. Sounded good to me!

When I got up, I threw on some clothes, and made plans with Kari to go to Bassett. I still wanted those short black boots that I accidentally didn't buy. LOL. She came and picked me up (thank goodness!) and we headed to Bassett center. I found the the boots, she found a few pairs that she liked, and I found a dress that was adorable. It was a bit short, but thanks to the slip thingy that I made at Super Saturday, it will be FABULOUS!

We went to Jewelry Box so that Josephine could pick out a few things, then headed back home. Kari dropped me off, and I tried to hang out in the living room with the guys, but the TV was WAY too loud. I retreated to my room. And ended up just hanging there for a bit. The kids kinda did their own thing, and then CPT went upstairs to look at Tom's room for some strange reason.

And crap hit the fan. I don't think that he'd looked at Tom's room since that initial time when he'd first gotten home. Yeah, it was STILL just as bad, if not worse, than it was. Because it was gonna take an adult to help. Which is what I was telling CPT the whole time. And he kinda freaked out. There was yelling. And shouting. And I kinda just shut the door to my room, and I'm not sure what else happened. I know that Eme went to play with friends at the park. The little boys grabbed their DS's with headphones.

And CPT and Tom spent the next 8 hours cleaning Tom's room. It was SPOTLESS by the time they were done. There was nothing left in his room, mind you, but it was spotless. I wasn't too happy with the fact that ALL of the Lego's got thrown away. Those things are expensive... But I guess I did tell him that I wanted him to clean the room. I'd delegated responsibility. And when you do that, you can't go in and micromanage, right?... Sigh.

So, I watched a few TV show's that I'd been putting off. I designed a few freebies for February. I called and made Childcare appointments for Joe and Jim for the evening. We had free hours left for January, why not use them, right?

At around 4pm, I drove Joe and Jim over to Childcare, and then dropped Jake off at the Youth Center. I'd drop Tom off later. I did sign him up for the movie at 7:30pm though. They were going to the On Post theater. He'd like that! And it gave them and "end time" for cleaning, right? hehe.

I got back home, hopped in the shower, and got all pretty. We didn't have plans for tonight, but I figured that it didn't hurt to get pretty, just in case. I put on my new dress, and some nice accessories. Then I watched another episode of something or another, and fixed some soup. i could feed it to the kids for lunch tomorrow. And had some for dinner.

Finally, it was time to take Tom to the youth center. I asked CPT to drive him, since I wasn't feeling too alert. He said that he was in a cleaning ZONE, and didn't wanna stop. Crap. I didn't wanna drop Tom off then zone out and DIE on the way back. I decided to call around and see if I could get a friend to come with me. If not, I'd have to just tell him he was gonna have to take tom regardless of the cleaning zone.

Luckily Kim was around and available. I went to pick her up, and she and I and Tom headed to the Youth Center. We got there JUST as the bus was loading up to take the boys to the movies! We were close! We headed back to main post, and stopped at the shoppette for a soda. They only had Diet Coke, but at least it wasn't Diet Pepsi, right? lol.

I dropped her off at her house, and headed back home. We hung at the house for the rest of the time time that the kids were in childcare. CPT had a lot of cleaning on Tom's room to do. He took a shower after he was all done, and at 9:40pm, we headed out to pick up the kids. We got Tom and Jake first, but the bus from the movies was late getting there. we didn't leave the Youth Center until about 10:15pm.

We got Joe and Jim from childcare at about 10:30pm. They were watching Cars. And both seemed super tired. We headed back home, and got all the kids situated in bed. We'd talked about going back out again, but there was nothing open for us to go to, except Walmart. And I wasn't in a Walmart mood. hehe. So we decided to stay home and watch The Office. Works for me :)

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