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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Easy As Pie

Hey, you guys. Yeah, I never did go back and blog, did I... I guess I can catch you up real quick. Amanda rode with me to the hospital for our family counseling session at 1pm, which only lasted for about 30 minutes. Then we went to the dollar tree and Crispy Cremes.

We made it home in time to get the kids from the bus, and let them play at the bus stop with some branches that were cut down by the German club. The kids thought it was the BEST thing ever. hehe. As kids, we used to play in the bushes and with stuff like that all the time. The kids had a blast building forts and playing outside. It was a great evening.

Then my friends divided up my kids, and Amanda and I went back to the hospital for visiting hours. It was a lot of driving yesterday. We came back home, gathered up the kids, and that was the night. So that was the quick version.

I got to sleep in this morning. Oh yeah, gotta LOVE days off for that reason alone. Sure, I'm not crazy about having all the kids around by myself (hehe) but I do enjoy sleeping :) Although, the freaking smoke detectors were malfunctioning again. This time it was in Eme's room at 4am. And yeah, I don't think that our family quite gets it. It's supposed to wake us up in a panic, right? Yeah, not so much. I just laid in bed, half awake, half asleep. And wondered if someone else would make it stop. Until I finally woke up. Crap. That's the mom's job, right? To make the smoke alarm stop.

So I went upstairs, and found Eme trying to stop her smoke alarm from going off. It was the one tripping all the others. I tried to disconnect it from the power source, but it was taking forever. It wasn't disconnecting. Finally, I got it. And took the battery out. And headed back to bed. And then I couldn't go back to sleep.

I messed around on my phone for a bit, and eventually drifted back to sleep. And JUST as I was happily sleeping again, the smoke detector went off again. Sigh... It took me a bit to figure out that I needed to wake up, and stumble out of my room, this time getting Jim and Joe's alarm and turning it off. Sheesh!

So there ya go. That's another reason why I slept in. hehe. The kids woke up around 8am, but didn't get to watch TV. Because they had messy rooms and chores. So they just played and such. Cause heaven forbid they actually clean, you know. Jim came in and snuggled with me for a bit. Joe had spent the night over with Kim's kids, so Jim was like, Um, Where's JOE??? hehe.

Eventually I did wake up, and I had the kids start on their rooms. And I started on mine. I cleaned for a few hours, and it really did look a lot better when I was done. Thank goodness! Cause it was looking quite bad! LOL.

I put all my Hallmark cards away. They just barely fit in this box. Good one, huh?

I got a nap at some point in the afternoon, too. And then around 4pm, Eme and I went over to Kim's house to play. We started a fire in her fire pit, and the kids played at the bus stop. It was a GREAT evening.

Amanda came over, and the three of us chatted and had a grand time. And the kids played and made forts and such. Good times, good times.

At one point, Kim asked me if I'd ever had Hobo Pies over the fire. Nope. She couldn't believe it! You take bread and butter and put pie filling or jam in the middle of it, then put it in the cool contraption and cook it in the coals. Cool, huh???


Eme and I
Tom and I
Most of us picked the Cherry. SO supper yummy! A few of them picked peach. I tried Eme's, and I must say, I did enjoy it too. But yeah, cherry IS my favoritest! hehe.

I ended up heading home at around 7:30ish. One of Kim's kids (the 4th grader - um, yeah, can't remember his name...) spent the night. How sad is that, that I can't even remember the poor kids name. hehe.

I baked 3 boxes of cupcakes for Terra's twins b-day party tomorrow, then got the kids off to bed. And started blogging. And watched some TV. It's now 10:30pm. I'm either gonna watch one more show, or got to sleep.

Night, girls! Take care!

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Mud pies.... niiiiiice one - hehe. My kids were always getting dirty. Heck, they're still getting dirty. Great layout, Sharon!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Who Cut The Cheese?

OK, so blogging fail today. And I accidentally pushed publish post. So it published early. Crapit... But it's all good. And I'm falling asleep. Really, what happened was, I bought the fancy schmncy pant... Um, yeah. I didn't buy pants. See, random sleep blogging. Let me keep it short.

New stuff in the store today!!!! That much I DO know!!! And i even had someone check it! hehe. So no typo fails that I know of! LOL :) Click HERE to go to my store.

I'm gonna come back and blog in the morning. When I'm not going on about pants. ROFL! hehe. At least it was just new pants I was talking about, right? hehe. i could have been a lot worse. LOL.

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ROFL! That layout is freakin' hilarious! I know that we've been in MANy situations just like it.... LOL!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Big Cheese

First off, shameless plug for Baby Jack! He's just SO stinkin' cute!!! And he's sucking his thumb! Just like Eme and Joe used to do. SO precious. hehe. Maddie didn't really like it, but you know what? There's not really much you can do. Some kids do it. Some don't. Just think of all the benefits to it. And don't dwell on the negatives. Because you can't really do anything about it. ha!

I woke up in time to get the kids ready and out the door for the bus. We had family prayer, and out the door Tom went to catch the Middle School but. At 7:15am, the other kids and I headed to the Elementary school bus. I chatted with the other moms, and realized that I felt SO much better today. I think part of my problem yesterday was my meds timing. I'd taking all of my topomax at the beginning of the day. Instead of 1/2 in the morning and 1/2 in the evening. So it messed up the effectiveness of my prozac. So that's why I was a mess, I think. A mistake that I wasn't gonna duplicate today. ha! Not that I wasn't really upset. I really was. And it's good to let your feelings out. It is. Cause bottling it all in isn't good or healthy. You've gotta let it out sometime.

Anyway, Kari and Maggie and I made plans to walk after the kids got on the bus. We all 3 headed home and got on our workout clothes, then met at the Vacant Lot. And walked our 3 mile loop. Terra texted me during the walk, and asked if I was awake and about, or still at home and crying - hehe. Cause she'd given me a pass on yesterday, but I had to go and be myself today! hehe. I texted her this picture to prove that I was being productive. See, I was out and about!

On our way back, we saw this tree down in our path. Dang! Someone needs to come and fix it. hehe. Oh yeah, and we were talking about all of our friends, and decided that we all have a Special Needs kid of some sorts. Except Maggie. So we were like, um, yeah, you can't hang with us. hehehe. Until I realized that her mom is a Special Ed teacher. Who works with Autistic Kids!!! She'd come to visit a few times, and I remember chatting with her about Jake. That was Maggie's "In" with the group! She was saved. Pfew! I'd have hated to kick her out. ROLF! Poor girl, I don't know if she knew that we were kidding. hehe.
I got home in about an hour, and then Captain America was on Skype. We talked about my Col Joe letter, and he wanted me to go to Rear D and make sure that they knew about the situation with the family. So he gave me directions, we chatted for a few more minutes about Jake and such, and I headed on up. I texted Amanda, and asked if she wanted to go on a "Field Trip" with me. hehe. And, of course, she did. Gonna miss that girl when she moves... Oh yeah, we don't talk about such things... Forget I said that...

So we drove around the area that Captain America said it should be in, and yeah, it totally wasn't there. I kinda new the area, and nope, no Rear D. None at all. They must have moved it. I emailed the FRG leader, and we decided to go and visited the kids' school. I needed to inform the counselors about the family situation, and see if they'd talk with the kids about the situation. Surely they needed some "counseling".

First stop, Elementary School. And yeah, those office ladies aren't the nicest. After waiting around for a while, we found out that the counselor was in an all day meeting. So I left my name and number and kids' names and such, and we headed to the Middle School.

We were told to look for either the Military Liason or the Counselor, and that they should be in the Cafeteria. One was a black lady, and one was a taller skinny lady. Nice. We knew that names, but not which one went to which job, or description. We suck... hehe.

We found a lady in the cafeteria who was not black. And thin-ish. So maybe she was one of them? We went and asked her name. And it was one of the 2 names! She was the military liason! I told her the situation, and asked her what we should do for Tom. She said to talk with the counselor. And now we knew that the counselor was a black lady with glasses. Sweet! And that she was back at the office. OK, wild goose chase was on again!

We headed back to the office, just as the lady walked inside the office! We followed here, and waited outside of her office for a bit. Here's Amanda and I waiting outside of her door. We really can't be trusted out in public together, you know...
We got to go in after a few minutes, and I told her about the family situation. And asked if she'd chat with Tom, and see how he was doing. And if he wanted to talk, or if he needed anything. I was worried about him. She said that she would. She seemed like a super nice lady.

And then we looked at the clock, and it was almost 11:20. Dang, we had to go! We were supposed to be on the West Side at noon. We headed back to post, I changed my clothes, and Maggie came to pick us up. And yeah, her poor car smelled like Burger King. Little Jacob had left a Whopper in there last night we think. hehehe. Anyone else ever have that happen??? It smelled like Onion BO... Poor Onion-mobile... Can I call your call that, Maggie? The Onion-moblie?

Anyway, Kari and Maggie were already there, and Hannah, and Amanda and I got in, and we headed to pick up Julia. But she wasn't home. We forgot that she was meeting us there. She was at the hospital having a treatment for her Lupas. We totally forgot. And Terra was meeting us over there too.

We headed out, and were super late. We were supposed to be there at noon, and it was closer to 12:30. Poor Terra is always so prompt. And the rest of us are ALWAYS so late. Sorry, hon. And yes, I think I was WAS late to my own wedding. Because our truck was having car troubles. Something about the spark plugs. I can remember having to put wads of tissues in my ears JUST to make it up to Portland and into the temple parking lot. And did you know that because we were late, the first time that I EVER met my in-laws was in the Ceiling room of the temple when we got married???? Crazy, huh? So yeah, I WAS late to my own wedding. hehe :) Good times. hehe.

Anyway, we got to Olive Garden, and had a good time eating and chatting. Terra and Maggie and Kari and Amanda and Hannah and Julia. A couple of other people were gonna come, but couldn't at the last minute. Next time, right girls! Next time :)

I just LOVE their zuppa toscanna soup! Especially when it's chilly outside! Oh yeah! Soup is yummy!

After eating, we paid and loaded up in the vehicles and headed to Toys R Us. Amanda had an ad to get a Toy Story 3 Operation game for $1. But, of course, they were out. Terra picked up her twins from Therapy and met us there. I got to hang with my twin, Kendra. She likes me. hehe. We walked around for a bit, and the girls found a few things to get.

We paid, and headed out. Terra headed back to post, and the rest of us went to Academy Sports. I found a pair of pants that I'm gonna use for hiking. I really like them. I paid, and we headed home. Just in time to get the kids from the bus. And as I was walking them home from the bus, I remember that Eme had piano! Crap! We hurried home as quickly as we could, I left Tom in charge and with directions to help the boys with their homework, I grabbed my laptop and chargers, and we headed to Skies at Logan.

Eme did her hour long lesson, and I designed. I got 3 WordArt packs done/finished off. For next week. I'm ahead! Oh yeah :) That's what I'm talking about :)

And soon, it was time to load up and head home. I got Eme, and we headed back to post. We had just a few more minutes before we had to head to Basketball and Scouts. I'd looked over the Wolf den plan at Piano, and knew what I wanted to do with the boys. I decided to skip the "field trip" for this week, and do it next week instead. Works for me.

I grabbed the supplies that I needed, and got the truck packed. Jim got changed into his Basketball clothes, and I left Eme with directions for being home. And whose house to go to if she needed something. Luckily, we have SUPER great neighbors and TONS of friends in the neighborhood. And she's now old enough to be home for a few hours unsupervised. Sweet! I love having older kids! She didn't have achievement days, so I didn't need to bring her!

We headed to Basketball around 5:45pm. I'd picked up Toy catelogs at Toys R Us, so the kids had something to look at while Jim practiced. And while we waited for Jim's coach to get there. I'm a genius, you know...
And soon, someone came to coach Jimmy's team. I think it was the CYS girl. Here's Tom reading his book. A whole bunch of his series came in the mail today. He was pretty excited.

Joe SO wanted to go and play.
Jim playing ball with the kids. Wait. Jim spazzing out and the other kids listening to directions...?

Kari and Josephine had to skip Basketball because Josephine said that she left her shoes at school. She'd asked if she could borrow a pair of my kids' but she only wears a 1, and my smallest kid wears a 3 1/2. Yeah, that's a HUGE difference.... Sorry, my dear :(

She did come up with Leo at 6:30 though. I got Leo, and at 6:45pm Leo and Joe and Tom and I headed to Scouts. And Jim and Kari headed to her house. Thank goodness! hehe.

We made it to scouts with about 1 minute to spare. We tried to make some little spinner toothpick and rubber band and straw thingys, but I don't think we had all of the right parts. But the boys still had a good time playing with the supplies. It was a "Construction project", right? hehe.

After that, we worked on some achievements in the book, and then decorated a "color your own mug" project, then cleaned up. And I let the boys go and play in the gym. I think they had fun. I chatted in the hall for a bit, then Tom was done with his 12 year old scouts. And it was time to go home! Thank goodness! I was sleepy.

We gathered up our stuff, and headed back to post. I worked to get the kids all to bed, and started blogging. It's now 10:25pm. And I'm beat. Not TV for me tonight. One of these days, I'm gonna clean my room and watch a movie. One of these days when I have a lot of energy and nothing on my schedule. You know of any such days???? No? hmpf!

Tomorrow the girls and I are going hiking. Then I have a family therapy appointment with Jake. And Eme and Tom have basketball. And it's visiting hours for Jake. Dude, I totally can't keep up with everything! I'm getting sleepy just thinking about all that I have to do. hehe.

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Great Disney layout, Sharon!!! You guys look like you have SO much fun there!!! Jealous!