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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Team Edward or Team Jacob?

So much for my slow day. Yeah, if this is my restful day, just shoot me now - hehehe. I was up a little before 7am, getting kids for school. And cooking breakfast. And getting Captain America off to work (no PT today for him).

I got Jake started on school, and then just sat around for a while. I played online, watched a little bit of cartoons with Jimmy, printed my shopping list, but didn't do anything with it. Just being lazy. But it only lasted for about an hour and a half.

At around 9am, Laurie called me, and said that there was a matching set of Washer/Dryer on her block, by the curb, with a sign taped to it that said "Good.". Sweet! I could use a backup set. PLUS, if the dryer worked, then maybe I'd have one that worked. hehehe.

So she came and picked me up in her hubbys truck, and we headed to her street. We backed up to the washer/dryer, and then realized, "how the crap are we gonna get them in the truck???". We did the dryer first, and it was SO heavy. But somehow we managed to get it in.

The washer was next, but even heavier. We bent down low, squatting, and tried to raise it up. But we weren't strong enough. It tipped her way, bouncing off of her cheekbone and shin, then my way bouncing off of my nose. We quickly set it down, realizing it wasn't gonna work.

Dang, my nose hurt. Tears immediately sprung to my face, and we both just stood there laughing that we hurt ourselves trying to get a washer from some dudes trash into her truck. hehehe. SO pathetic - LOL!

We somehow managed to lift it and get it in the truck, even if it was sideways. About that time, the dude who lived there came home, and helped us get it the last little ways in. He said that the washer worked just fine, but that the dryer needed a new dial on the top. At least I know what's wrong with it. Now I have 3 slightly broken dryers - LOL!

We took it back to my house, then attempted to unload the first one, getting it to the gravel by my garage. Luckily, before the 2nd one came out of the truck, my neighbor and his 20 yr old son noticed us, and ran over to help. That's what we needed. 2 strong men :) That's the answer to everything, right?

I went back in the house, made Burger King playland plans with my new friend, Danielle, and her son, and Jimmy, then called Andrea to see how she's doing. Luke is still in the hospital. Did I tell you that he has Viral Pneumonia? Luckily, her husband is home now, and can take care of getting the kids to school, and watching them after work. So she can stay in the hospital and focus on the baby. Poor kid. And poor mom.

Anyway, I told her that I'd come and visit. So I got my shopping list all ready, so that after the hospital, I could swing by the commissary, shopping before meeting Danielle at Burger King at 12:30.

So I drive to the hospital, about 20 minutes away. And there's NO parking. I had to park across the street in the pay lot. Oh well. Andrea, you're worth it! I finally find the right place, and the right room, and visit for a bit. She and Luke have been in this tiny little room since Tuesday. I don't know how she's doing it. I'd be going insane :(

Veronica came about 20 minutes later to visit too. She goes to college right around the block, and stopped by after class. About that time, Andrea had to go watch a video about asthma. She'd seen it last time the baby was in the hospital, but they made her see it again. So Veronica and I went downstairs to the little coffee shop, and got a soda.

I was supposed to leave to go grocery shopping, but decided to postpone it, and stay and chat. About 20 minutes later, Andrea was done. We went back up to her room, and hung out for a bit more.

I left the hospital at 11:50am. Just as I passed the exit for highway 54, I got a call from Captain America, saying that his truck had broken down around that area, and that he needed a ride. Sigh. I had to go WAY out of my way to get back to where he was. i-10 to airway to airport to fred wilson to gateway east to ellethorpe. BUT, I finally got there. I had to call Danielle and tell her the situation, and that I'd call her when Captain America was all taken care of.

I took these photos while driving through the new "spaghetti bowl" being constructed near post and dyer/fred wilson area. It's a big mess right now, but will be SO much better when it's all finished.

Apparently, something broke when he was about a mile away from the place that they had one of their meetings at today. So he left the truck under the overpass on some gravel, and walked to his meeting. I picked him up after it was over.

I took him home, grabbed Jimmy, and went to Danielle's house at 1:30pm. We drove over to Burger King, and let the kids play for a while. I got Jimmy a $burger, a $fries, and I got a $salad and a $drink. So my meal was only $4. Not too bad, considering how expensive the class was with all of it's eating out this week.

We ate and chatted for a while, then she had to go to the school to get her preschooler, and I needed to go grocery shopping. Jimmy wanted to go home, so I dropped him off with Jake, then headed to the commissary.

I'd misplaced my list, so I went without it. Funny thing, though, when you use the same list week after week, month after month, you get where you don't need it. AND, I'd gone through it this morning, marking off things that we already had, and how many of what we needed. Amazingly enough, I remembered it. So I just went down my normal pattern of isles, and it was all good. Do you do that? Start on one end, and go methodically down the isles? OK, so maybe I'm weird. Even if I don't need anything down that particular isle, I still go down it, just so that the zig zag pattern is intact..... Yes, I know I'm strange :)

Anyway, I get my groceries, pay, and head home. I was almost $30 under budget, too. I wonder if maybe I forgot some stuff - hehehe.

I didn't have time to go home before the bus, so I just met the kids at the bus in my truck. After getting them, I drove home (yeah, 1 block away), and the kids helped unload the truck. I put away all the groceries, and had Emeline do her chores. After they were done, she gathered up a few things, and I took her to a sleep over at Bella's house. That's Veronica's oldest daughter. She's in a grade or two higher than Emeline, but Eme's a good 1/2 a head taller than Bella. hehehe. They seem to get along fine :) I bet she's having fun!

I came back home, and got the other kids ready for Football equipment night. From 5-7 at the park where they practice, the 2 younger groups of football players were getting issued their equipment. Unfortunately, there's not enough kids for the older team, so they're out of luck. BUT, they did extend registration for another week, hoping to get a few more players. 3 or 4 more boys, and the team is filled. SO, hopefully a few more Ft Bliss parents will sign their 12-13 year old boy up for Football. Pretty please???

We got the helmet, the shoulder pads, the leg pads, a pair of practice pants, and practice jersey, and a game pants and game jersey for Tom. He was SO excited about it. Sorry it's sideways, I didn't feel like photoshopping it tonight :)

We headed home, and were home by 6pm. We also found out that it takes under 10 minutes to get to and from the field. I keep starting my stopwatch when I leave, and I keep forgetting to stop it when we get home. One of these days I'll remember. Another odd quirk of mine. I like to time things :) One time, when I had to pee REALLY bad, I timed it. 1 minute and 6 seconds. That's a LONG time, you know. OK, too much information (TMI), I know...

Anyway, back home, and I started some soup/stew. It had carrots and onions and celery and parsely and sweet potatoes and garlic and green peppers and italian seasoning and chicken broth and ground turkey. And a few handfuls of brown rice. Smelled really good :)

Joe wanted to go to the neighbors house and jump on their trampoline with them, so I let him, and Captain America got home at around that time. The soup was still cooking, so I left it to simmer. He and I loaded in my truck, and we headed out to meet the tow truck. LUckily,k when he bought the thing, he put towing on the insurance. So the tow will be "free" for us. Gotta like that.

We met the tow truck under the overpass, and I parked in the road, with my blinkers on, having the other cars go around us. Luckily, it was later, and there wasn't a lot of traffic out. During the day, that would have been pretty dangerous.

The tow truck guy got the truck on the flatbed, and we headed back to post. He dropped it off in our driveway, and I parked on the street. Hopefully I get my parking spot back soon..... Captain America's buddy thinks that it was the clutch that went out. I don't know anything about cars...

The kids were watching a movie when we got home, so we sat and snuggled with the little boys, and watch the end of it with them. At 8:20pm, Captain America and I headed out to the mall to buy his vitamins. Jake put the little kids to bed, and he and Tom watched another movie.

We got Captain Americas vitamins, and then walked the mall for a bit. I wanted to go to the Jewelry Box, but it's gone in the Cielo Vista mall. What's up with that? I don't know why it left. So sad :( Maybe it's just moving to a different location? I'll keep my fingers crossed.

We looked at a few more stores, then headed home. We put Jake and Tom to bed, then went to our room to watch a movie. And here it is, 12:30pm, and I'm tired. Again. I was supposed to go to a church meeting tomorrow morning, but I'm skipping. I wanna spend some more time with my husband and family. He's been gone so much lately, and he has the day off. So I'm playing hookey.

This WordArt request is from Heidi. AND, I 'm curious to see which side you all are on. SO, there's an Edward Download and a Jacob Download. Lets see who has the most votes/downloads. Me? I'm Team Edward. All the way ;)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Love Makes the World Go 'Round

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Yawn. Blink, blink, blink... I don't know if I can even coherently recap my day - hehehe. I'm going back to bed after the kids get on the bus tomorrow, me thinks...

I was up at 7am this morning, getting kids ready and on the bus. I got Jake going on school, got Jimmy bathed and lotioned up and dressed and then myself showered and straightened my hair and got all ready. I wore my new stuff that I bought at Fallas Parades yesterday. It's SO cute. Coupled with a scarf from The Jewelry Box, as well as earrings from there. Cute!

We left the house at 8:30am, and I drove Jimmy to "preschool". I got to the ACS building at 8:50am, and was the first one there. Better than last, like yesterday :) We loaded up on the van, and headed out. We headed over Transmountain pass, then took 1-10 West towards Las Cruces. We drove to Old Mesilla, about an hour away. It was a stop on the POny Express, and where the Gadsden Purchase was signed. It was a quaint little town. Very touristy.

We went to the chamber of commerce, and got a TON of brochures for the area, and watched a little 10 minute video presentation about the town. Pretty neat.

We loaded back up in the van, and headed to lunch. It was called La Posta de Mesilla Restaurant, Cantina & Chile Shop. It had big fish tanks, and HUGE cages full of parrots. Pretty cool! I know when my parents came to visit, my mom wanted to go to a "Theme" restaurant. And I didn't know of any. Well, I do now. This one was pretty cool. Very brightly colored, and plants everywhere, and the parrots and everything. Mom, you'd like it!

I looked for a salad, but couldn't find one that fitted for me. SO, I ended up ordering the fajitas and asking for ALL of the extra side stuff to go away, and to just get a big salad. They said ok. And the fajitas were WONDERFUL. Steak and green, red, and yellow peppers, and even some greenish other kind of peppers. But they weren't spicy. Cause I'm a wimp, and if they were spicy, I'd have definitely known - hehehe. I stayed on my diet, not eating the croutons or the cheese out of the salad, and getting vinegar on it. See, I'm being good.

Here's me in the restaurant.

After lunch, we wandered around the gift shops, window shopping. Stuff was WAY too expensive for my taste. I did end up getting at teeny tiny little pottery pot for a dollar, and 5 chili and orange suckers for a dollar. Yeah, I'm a big spender.

I was REALLY bummed that Laurie wasn't there. The other girls were kinda quite, and it wasn't NEARLY as much fun as the other two days. I needed one of my "peeps" to joke around with :)

After an hour of window shopping (yeah, that was getting old - hehehe), we loaded back in the van, and headed toward home, but going a different route. We drove through the Pecan Groves, and stopped at a Pecan store. It was pretty neat. They had all sorts of stuff made out of pecans. I REALLY wanted the ice cream, but passed. Cause I'm being good.

Then we headed back for real. It was 2:15pm by the time we got back to ACS. It was a pretty fun trip. I'm glad that I took the PEP class. El Paso is pretty fun!

I drove to the Child Care Center to pick up Jimmy, and immediately headed off post. I needed to get to the Scout Shop to buy a pinewood derby kit. I was hoping for one that was pre-cut. Unfortunately, they only had the box kit. So I got it. And some cool stuff for the outside. It's like a HUGE sheet of temporary tattoos for your car. You just cut it to size, unstick the back, place it on there, wet the outside, and it adheres to the car, then you pull the other backing off. Pretty cool, really.

Anyway, I got that, and came back home. I jumped on the computer REALLY fast, and went to Walgreens to upload the Awards for the Pinewood Derby. I had about 10 minutes to get it done before the bus came. I did it in just the nick of time, then ran out the door to meet the bus.

I got Joe and Eme and Vernicas 2 kids. We came back to my house, and I started covering Joe's car with the stuff. It was just a block of wood with green covering. I'm SO bad. Veronica came, dropped off Tom, got her kids, and said that she had some clear spray sealer at home, that she'd bring it over.

I put a coat of clear fingernail polish on it, and gorilla glued 2 pennies to the back. Veronica came back, dropping off the stuff, and I gave it another coat and let it dry in the sunshine in the back yard (it was 75 today!).

Here's what the final product looked like. See how the coating cracked the "temporary tattoo". Kinda a neat effect, even if we weren't trying for it, right?

I got the kids a quick snack, left Jake in charge, and headed to Walgreens to pick up the photos. They looked FABULOUS! Then, I stopped by Burger King for $1 Whopper Jrs and $1 fries, then came home.

I fed the kids, got myself some apples and yogurt, got the kids dressed for Scouts or Football, and loaded the family up in the truck. I drove to Kayleys house to pick up her 8 year old son, Joseph. He just signed up for Football too. But she had an FRG meeting, and couldn't make it in time.

I dropped the boys off at the field, and took the younger ones to Scouts on post. We gave the awards to the "powers that be", and the kids played outside for a while. When it finally started, it really did move quickly for a Pinewood derby. They only raced one heat, which shortens the time. It started at 6:00pm, and by 7:15pm, they were done racing.

Check out the pic below. You can hardly see the track through all the kids - hehehe.

They had Little Caesars pizza and water and goldfish crackers and Oreos. I didn't eat, but the kids thought it was yummy.

I knew that Joe didn't win, so we grabbed his car and a participation certificate, and headed home. I was DONE, and falling asleep. And if you'd seen how many kids and parents and cars and siblings and scouts and loudness there was there, you'd know how tired I really was.

I put the little kids to bed, and started blogging. Kayley picked up Jake and Tom and her son, and dropped mine off at the house. They're showering now, and I'm almost done blogging. I'm SO sleepy. It's only 8:27pm, and I think I'll probably be in bed by 9pm. Should do me some good :)

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Is It Bedtime Yet?

Holy Hannah! I'm beat. It's 12:19am, and I SOOOO need to go to bed. I'm JUST now starting on blogging. And I haven't designed my freebee yet. *sigh*. Sleep.......

I was up at 6:50am, getting ready for the day. Captain America informed me last night at 11pm that because his Commander wanted to go with his wife to her Prenatal checkup, that Captain America would need to go and cover a meeting in the morning. And wouldn't be able to drop Jake off at his TAKS testing. Which messed up my plans for the morning. Sigh.

SO, I got the kids on the bus at 7:25am, printed out the driving directions to the TAKS location (about 25 minutes away), drove a copy down to Andrea (she said she'd pick him up after the test), gather up my 2 kids (Jake and Jim), and be on the road.

Mapquest kinda took a round about route, but we finally found the place. We had to wait around for a few minutes before the teacher got ready, and we left Jake. BUT, I only had about 15 minutes to get back to post and get Jimmy dropped off at child care. Sigh. It wasn't gonna happen.

I texted Laurie to tell her to not left the van leave without me, and hurried. I dropped Jimmy off at child care (and there was only 1 person working there, so it too FOREVER), and headed for ACS. I was about 10 minutes late. Or was it 15. Either way, I felt bad. I HATE being late, you know...

We started off on our tour of El Paso. It was actually pretty good. We drove to the hospital, then headed through post, to Biggs Field, then to the East Side. We stopped at Fallas Parades!!! And it was a fancy one :) I didn't even know it was there. I got a thick, puffy, red coat for $2.00. I thought it was for $5, but when I looked at my receipt, it was only $2. Woohoo! I also got some black pants, and a khacky colored shirt. I'm wearing it tomorrow :)

Next stop, Krispie Cream. Yeah, not good for my diet mindset, you know. BUT, I didn't get one or eat one. I just saw at the table with Laurie and chatted. About that time, Andrea texted me and told me that when she took Luke to the doctor, they xrayed him and found out it was pneumonia. They were gonna hospitalize the poor child. I feel so bad for Andrea. She's had to deal with SO much sickness in the past few months. Big hugs, my friend!

It did put a kink in my plans, though. She was supposed to pick Jake up from the TAKS test in an hour or so. I texted Captain America, and told him that he'd have to do it.

Next, we loaded back in the van, and drove to down town. They had cheap stores ALL over down town. Who knew. Because it's SOOOO close to the boarder, the trade down there is a bit different. Vendors everywhere. I'm definitly gonna have to go back when we have more time. We spent an hour down there browsing. They had some cute shoes that I wanna go back and look at.

Anyway, while downtown, I got the call from the TAKS people that Jake was done. I called Captain America, and he said that he couldn't get away for an hour. WHAT? I felt SO bad. I just had to call Jake and tell him to hang out till Dad could get there. Luckily, the teacher accommodated him. I guess I didn't really have another choice. I did feel bad, though.

After downtown, we loaded back in the van, and headed back near post. We went to Dominics Italian restaurant for lunch. The same on that Andrea and I went to with Leslie for the babyshower a while back. While there, Captain America called and said that he'd finally picked up Jake. Poor kid!

At lunch, I got the seafood salad. No dressing. It had a TOn of cheese on it, though, so I knew it wasn't all the way on the diet. Close, though. I can have seafood, and lettuce, and tomatoes, and cucumbers.

After lunch, we headed back to post. I picked up Jimmy from child care, and headed home. Jake was home when we got there. I had about 15 minutes before I had to walk and meet the kids at the bus stop.

We came back home, and I needed to hurry up to CYS to register the boys for Football before it closed. I left Jake in charge, and told them to do their chores. I said that when I got back, that they'd win a prize if their chores were done nicely. That always help - hehehe.

I got to CYS, and there was a bit of a line. Eventually, it was my turn. I was happy to learn that I got a discount for having more than one kid in football. Jake was $60 and Tom was $48. I saved $12. Not too bad :)

I came back home, helped the kids finish off their chores (or most of them), doled out the prizes, cooked some whole wheat pasta spaghetti, dished it out, had the kids get ready, grabbed some warm jackets and water, and headed out the door.

I dropped off Emeline at Lauries house. Eme gets to go to Activity Days (8-11 yr old girls) tonight. I took Kaiata (6) and Phearson (8) with me to play with my kids. LIttle bit of a kid swap. LOL!

Jake and Tom practiced football for an hour, and Joe, Jim, Kaiata, and Phearson played at the park. At 6:55pm, I got the little kids loaded in the truck ,and got Jake, and headed to the church. I dropped Jake off for Scouts, and headed back to football. Luckily it's under 10 minutes away.

Tom got to stay the whole time, because his leader is Andrea, and she's in the hospital with Luke.... We got back to the field at about 7;20, and the kids played for the rest of the time. I sat and designed for a while. I'm SO glad that I brought my laptop. I got 3 WordArt packs designed. Productive evening :)

At 8pm, we loaded up, and headed home. Laurie was supposed to bring Jake and Eme home with her, and I was keeping Kaiata and Pherson at my house. After Scouts, she'd drop my kids off at my house, and pick up hers.

Well, she shows up at my house at around 8:15pm. Joe had already done his homework, and the kids were still playing nicely. Eme comes in the house, and I'm looking around, and I'm like, uh, where's Jake? She gets this panicked look on her face, and says "OH CRAP!" and darts back out the door. She'd forgotten him. LOL! Poor kid was ditched twice in one day - hehehe.

I could have gone and got him, but she wanted to go. He was home at around 8:40pm. I heard from Captain America, and he said that he had Staff Duty, which is where they guard the building all night long. Till like 9am the next morning. He wanted me to bring him some snacks.

After I got the kids all to bed and asleep, I gathered up the snacks that I had in the house, then headed to the shoppette for more snacks. Then to the Brigade headquarters to where he had duty. He gave me a little tour, and we hung out for about 10 minutes. Then back home.

Joe's Cub Scout pack is having their Pinewood Derby tomorrow, and I forgot until around 4pm. I don't know how it slipped by me. The committee chair asked if I'd do the awards, so I sat down and designed some. They're pretty cool..

SO, I just finished that up. And then blogged. And now it's almost 1am. Still gotta design. Wonder what I'll make..... my eyes are feeling V...e...r...y.... heavy....

Oh yes, we ask this question ALL day long. Either because I'm tired, or I'm just ready for the masses to go to bed - LOL!

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Super Mom LIves Here

Oh my heavens. I think THIS day takes the cake for "longest day ever". Seriously. I woke up before my alarm, and stated getting kids ready. by 7:25, I was shooing them out the door. Then, Jake and I did the 1st workout video for Slim in Six. He thought it was much easier, since it's only 24 minutes long. And that's all the time I had this morning.

I hoped in the shower at 8am, and was ready and leaving out the door at 8:25am. Jimmy was dressed, Jake was all situated with school, my lunch was packed, I had water and sodas. I was ready.

I dropped Jimmy off at the CDC (Child Development Center - daycare/preschool) at 8:38am, and went to ACS (Army Community Services). I was the first one to show up for the class. It's the PEP class. Not sure what it stands for, but its the Welcome to El Paso and Ft Bliss class. Laurie took it with me.

We had a little orientation about the program, then a lot of different departments came to talk to us. We got a lot of free stuff, too. Like pens and little doodads and junk. The kids will LOVE it :) hehehe.

After that, we loaded up in an army van, and drove off post to Carlos and Mickeys. Mmmmmm, one of my favorites. I ate the diet salad again, and learned that on Tuesday, they offer at 10% military discount. Sweet!

After lunch, we finished up with a driving tour of Main Ft. Bliss. Since I live on post, I already knew most of the places, but I did learn a few new ones.

We headed back to ACS, and found our meeting location for the next day. I headed back home, went to the bathroom, and then went to pick up Jimmy from the CDC. He's had a TON of fun. He just LOVES his preschool - :)

Back to home, Jake was done with school, and playing. Andrea called about 15 minutes later, and wanted me to come and play at the school. Jake could meet Joe and Eme at the bus, and I could hang with Andrea and Veronica at the school while the bigger boys were doing AQ. Jimmy came with me, and we had fun playing outside in the sunshine.

We got home about 15 minutes after the bus dropped off the kids. They were all at home, eating a snack. While I was at the CDC picking up Jimmy, I noticed a flyer for Tackle Football that caught my eye. Jake had played Tackle Football last year, and enjoyed it. Tom played flag football, and LOVED it. I thought maybe we'd give it a try again.

So, at 4pm, I called the coach, and talked with him for a bit. Practice was on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6-8pm. I explained how Jacob was 12, and had already signed up for the babysitting class for Tuesday nights, but that Tom was available that night. And Wednesday, we'd have to leave early from practice to get to Scouts. Thursday was Cub Scouts for Joe, but that we'd work something out...

The coach said to go ahead and come tonight before we officially signed up, and give it a look see. So we decided to go. We had to leave the house at 4:40pm to make it to Jakes class on time. AND, I had to load my store before we left. I had 20 minutes to do it in. Sigh. Good thing I'd done all the designing the night before.

AND, I realized that I hadn't done my blogging/posting for the March LDS blog train. Sigh. I got that out real quick, but did it wrong. I had to eventually go back and fix it after practice.

Anyway, we were on the road at 4:40pm, heading towards Babysitter 101. I dropped Jake off at the building with the teacher and 4 girls. Um, sorry Jake - hehehe. We drove for another 3 minutes, and found the park that they were doing football in. We were an hour early, but I figured that there wasn't really time to get back home and then back at 6pm. So we just hung out. Tom went and helped Coach put up cones, and Joe and Jim and Eme played at the playground. THANK YOU playground. That kept my kids entertained for a LONG time.

Andreas kids have piano lessons at the same building that Jake has BAbysitting 101 in, so after she dropped the kids off at 6pm for piano, she came over to football to hang with me. LOTS of kids starting showing up. There were about 9 in the 8-9 class, 17 in the 10-11 class, and 10 in the 12-13 class (with Jake, it'll be 11). The coach said that they needed 15 for a team. SO, we needed to recruit a few more people.

It started to get real cold around 6:30pm. I know that tomorrow, I'm bringing a warm coat, a blanket, a scarf, a sock hat, and gloves. And snacks. Yeah, snacks would be good. It drops down to 47 degrees, and I think that we're all gonna die - LOL! I know, you girls up in the frozen north are laughing at me. There's a reason that we moved to the desert, you know :) I was tired of the cold.

Andrea left at 6:55 to go back and pick up her kids, and I sat and watched Tom practice until 7:30pm. At that point, we were all sufficiently frozen, and retreated to the truck. We'd let it run for 5 minutes, heater blaring, then turn it off for 15 minutes. And repeat. Tom was done at 8pm, and we headed back to Jakes class to get him. We were the last parents to pick up. Oops.

Jake seemed to have a nice time, though. He said that more girls came, and that one boy was there. He spent a few minutes telling me stories from class, and stuff that he'd learned. I think it'll work out just fine. Tom told me stories from football, and we headed home.

Jim and Joe both fell asleep in the truck, and I carried Jim in, and made Joe walk. Yeah, carry the heaviest one - hehehe. He sits in a seat by a door, whereas Joe is WAY in the back. Poor kid.

They both went right to bed, and Jake, Tom, and Eme were sent upstairs to get ready for bed. Me? I was beat. I sat down on the computer and answered urgent emails for a bit, then went and took a nice, hot, relaxing bath. I sure needed it. Captain America got home at around 9pm, and I started blogging and designing.

I wanna go to bed tonight before 11pm. I have to get Jake to the East Side of El Paso tomorrow by 8:15am for his Texas State Assessment test. TAKS, it's called here. He's doing the writing portion of it. The homeschool place is doing it at Sylvan Learning Center. Then, after signing him in and junk, I have to get Jimmy to the CDC, and then me be at ACS before 9am. Yes, I am Super Woman.... We'll see....

In honor of my SUPER busy day yesterday, I created this WordArt. Because i thought it was funny, not because I'm super mom, and I live here - LOL!

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March LDS Blog Train!!!

Really? You do know that each new paragraph and color is a separate time that I've come in here and edited this thingy. Seriously, this is my #1 most messed up blog post. Just start at the bottom, and read it up - hehehe. ANYWAY, if you check out the "go here next" link, it's been changed....

Seriously, you guys are killing me - hehehe. HOPEFULLY this is good...... Here's the box.net link too...

Um, yeah, in my haste to publish this before I ran out the door this evening to kids activities, I forgot to link it up - silly me - hehehe. Click on the link below to actually download the WordArts - hehehe.

OK, being the perpetual slacker that I am, I TOTALLY forgot about this. SO, you get 2 WordArts from me today :) hehehe. Look for these each month, I think they'll be SO much fun. Click HERE to to go the next blog, Just for Fun. THANKS!

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My Pals

Captain America had the day off today! It was kinda nice :) I got the kids up and going to school at 7am, made pancakes, and they left to catch the bus at 7:30am. I snuck back in my room and hoped on the computer for a while, since Andrea's son, Luke, was sick, and we weren't gonna exercise together.

Captain America woke up at around 8:30, and we hung out with the kids for a while. Captain America and Jimmy and I went to take Captain Americas truck into the muffler shop. We waited for him to drop it off and talk to the guys, just waiting in the Suburban on the street. Well, about a block away, we could see this police car, with 4 dudes in trouble. They were leaning over the police car, hands spread, and the cops were walking around them, talking on phones. There were at least 3 police officers, and 2 police cars. I SO wanted to know what was going on..... I think it comes from being the granddaughter of a Volunteer Fireman. My grandpa ALWAYS wanted to know everything that was going on - hehehe.

Anyway, I was sitting in the truck with Jimmy, chatting on the phone with my mom, when this 5th dude walks down the street, on the opposite side of the rode. His pants are WAY low riding, and I was telling my mom how this dude was walking down the sidewalk, grabbing himself, trying to keep his pants up. Those low rider pants are ridiculous. ANYWAY...

So he crosses the street in front of my truck, and out of no where, this police care comes barreling at me. I started to get a bit panicked. He jumped out of the cruiser, grabbed the guy, and made him spread it on the police car. He patted him down, but found nothing. I guess he thought that the dude looked like he was carrying a gun. And yeah, he was grabbing himself in the front, like it could have been a gun. I just assumed that he was grabbing his pants up. Or himself - LOL!

Anyway, 10 minutes later, after the policeman takes his wallet, and runs his name through the computer, he shakes the dudes hand, and lets him go. This was like 2 feet from the hood of my truck. Yeah, that was TOO much action for my liking. I take back wanting to know what was going on.

Right before Captain America came back out and got in the truck, the police officers let all 4 of the dudes go, and they started walking back down the street. No idea what that was all about. Maybe I'm better off not knowing, ya think?

Because we were in the neighborhood, we swung by Fallas Parades. I just LOVE that store, and it was kinda fun browsing. I did end up getting a bamboo mortar and pestal. Because I've never had one before :) And it was only $3.99.

So, we headed back to post, and stopped by the Battery (Captain Americas office) to get something from his work computer. Jim and I went in with him, and sat in his office for a few minutes.

After that, it was back home. We got lunch at home, helped Jake with his homework, went on the computer for a little while, and before I knew it, it was time to go to the bus and get the kids. Andrea and Vernoica were both driving to the school today for whatever reason, so I only had to get my own off the bus.

I met this really nice lady, who's the mom of one of EMe's classmates, at the bus stop, and we stayed at the bus stop chatting for an hour. And I can't for the life of me remember her name - hehehe. Starts with an L, I think.

We were back at home at 4:30pm, and the kids played out front with the neighbor kids for a while, then we all came in for dinner. Captain America had left earlier in the day to go get the tires on his car checked out, and he got home right as I was thinking about dinner. He said that the truck was done, and that we needed to go and get it.

So I left Jake in charge, and told the kids that I wanted ALL of the chores done when we got back home. I dropped him off at the muffler place, and drove on to get a Little Caesars pizza. Back home, dished up the pizza with a salad, made my own food, got the kids going with homework, and sat down to design for a while.

Once Captain America got home from his errands and getting his truck, we all looked online at the Chinese Zodiac for a while. Not sure why, but it was fun to read everyone's. I'm the rabbit. I shouldn't be with a rat, which is what Captain America is - hehehe. Don't tell...

We put the little kids to bed at 7:30pm, and at 8pm, Jake worked on his merit badge work for Scouts. He gathered all the big kids and us together, and taught us what to do in emergency situations. He's gonna have to go and teach the little ones tomorrow :) He did a great job.

I continued with designing, and now have all 5 WordArt packs for the week done, plus 2 for next week, plus a bunch of ideas too.

Tomorrow, Laurie and I are going to a "Tour of El Paso" thingy. It starts at 9am and ends at 2pm, but we've got to get kids in "preschool" first. Well, that's what I'm telling Jimmy that it is. Really, it's daycare that the army pays for because we're taking the class. I'm not complaining :)

Then, I get the kids from the bus at 3:30, then Jake has a babysitters class from 5-8 every tuesday in March. By the time he's done, he'll be CPR and First Aid trained. I'm pretty excited for him. BUT, it's my designing/loading my store day, so it's gonna be crazy. At least I have my WordArt Packs designed, right?

OK, so since I was designing tonight, because my tomorrow is gonna be super busy, I decided to give you a little preview of one of my WordArt packs that's coming out on Friday. It's a masks WordArt pack. Pretty fun, eh?

Click on the links below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thansk!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Time Flies

How the heck did it get to be March 1st already? Dang! Where did the first 2 months of the year go?

Sunday was good yesterday. Captain America and Tom and Eme were off in New Mexcio camping, and Jake and Jim and I got up, got dressed, cleaned up the house a bit, and headed off to church. And it was Ward Conference. I didn't know at the time, but the Primary Presidency was supposed to be there at 7:15am for a meeting. Yeah, I didn't get that message. Later, I found out that our Primary President thought that it was 7:15pm. hehehe. Ooops. Next time, right?

Anyway, we got to church on time, and it was a nice meeting. For the special musical number, the Primary kids sang, and it was SO nice. They did a wonderful job :) Joe and Jim were SO cute.

The 1st Counselor in Primary was sick and didn't come to church, so I had to fill in for her in conducting. And the piano player just had a baby, but her sub was sick, so we had to limp through. It was an interesting Sunday, to say the least :)

We got home around 12:30pm, and started speed cleaning. We did the dishes, swept the dining room, hid the messes, and spot mopped the floor a bit. It looked pretty good when it was done. I put the leftover noodles in the oven with some parmesean cheese, and made up a salad.

Our new friends, the Perez's, came for lunch. Her hubby joined up with the army later in life, just like Captain America. She has 3 kids, one in 1st grade, on in Preschool, and a 3 year old. Nice, and super cute, kids. Danielle (the mom), is SUPER cool. Anyway, her hubby is gone for a month on a training, and since mine is gone too, I figured that we could spend Sunday afternoon together.

I remember when I first saw her in church, I thought "yeah, she's cool, I wanna be her friend". Do you ever do that? See people that you think are cool and wanna be their friends on first impressions?

Anyway, she was a lot of fun, and we fed the kids, and chatted till around 4:15pm. I'm DEFINITELY including her in some of the girls stuff that we do. Cause she's fun :)

We had dinner at around 5:30PM, and watched a family movie together. I did some more laundry, and straightened up the kitchen. I changed the sheets on my bed, and did more laundry. It's never ending, you know :)

Captain America and the kids got home just before 8:00pm. They looked tired, smelled like campfire, but also looked like they'd had a TON of fun :)

I sent Eme and Tom to shower, and sent Joe and Jim to bed. AFter showers, the older kids had time to read, and Captain America and I watched a movie together at home. "What Happens In Vegas". It's pretty funny. It was really nice to spend some time with Captain America, since he's been gone. Missed ya, honey!

So here it is, 11;18pm, and I'm almost done for the night. Next week, I'm sure, will be just as busy as the week before. They all seem to be - hehehe.

So, in honor of March being here already, here's your WordArt Freebee for the day :) Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Light of the Lord

Hey all! Well, I finally got to sleep in :) My kids came in at 7am, asking to watch TV, and I said "SURE", and promptly fell back sleep. I woke up at 9:30am, feeling VERY refreshed :) hehehe.

I hung out with the kids all morning long, helping them do their chores, playing with them, just having fun :)

I took a shower at around noon, and wandered down to Leslies house at around 2:30pm to check out her party. She was having a Michie bag party. I'm not into purses, but these were SUPER cute. I told her before hand that I wasn't gonna buy anything, because I didn't need one, but said that I'd stop by to say hi.

At 3pm, I went with Andrea to the mall for her to get her hair cut. Veronica caught up with us shortly after. Andrea just got a trim. We were back home by 4pm, and I got ready for the next party. Today was the day of product parties, I think - hehehe.

Andrea picked up me and Leigh (my other neighbor), and we went to Chelsies party. It was a Pure Romance party. Veronica followed us there. It was a lot of fun. A lot of giggling and laughing and having a good time. I decided to book a party for next month.

We got home at 8:30, and Jake had already put the little boys to bed, and he was watching a movie. I saw down with him, and finished watching it, then he and I cleaned the house. I'd invited a new girl over for lunch tomorrow. Since Captain Americas out of town, and her hubby is out of town, I figured it would be fun to get together. So, we're cleaning, and I'm taking a break, blogging. I want to be to bed by 11:30pm at the latest. Church tomorrow, and I find I do best if I'm well rested - hehehe. Since I have the 3-11 yr olds for 2 of the 3 hours, having my wits about me is essential - :)

This WordArt request is from Ruth. Hope you like it, girl! Click on the links below to go to my account to download the pNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!