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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Million Dollar Baby

Hey girls! What's up ? Friday night here in good old El Paso... I'm chilling at the house with the kids. Watching some Prison Break. It's really a good show, you know. hehe. I don't know why I didn't start watching it years ago. hehe. My mom tried to get me to watch it. LOL.

Anyway, I woke up at the butt crack of dawn again, and drove Jake to seminary. And yeah, my drugs must have been affecting me. Because I was having a hard time remembering how to shift. Either that or I was really tired. It was kind of worrying me.... But I figured it out, and got to seminary. And promptly went back to sleep.

Soon, Seminary was over, and it was time to go home. I somehow managed to miss my exit, and had to take the long way home. Sigh. these freaking drugs... They're making me absent minded, I think. Or I'm just tired from Seminary... I haven't yet decided...

Anyway, I got home a few minutes late, and had to super rush to get the kids ready for school. Jim and Joe ended up taking their bowls of cereal to the bus with them. But they managed. And got to school. I visited with my friends for a bit, then headed back home.

Jake got to the bus on time, and I watched an episode of Prison Break, then fell asleep on the couch. Then moved to the bed. I figured that if I was sleepy, that I should go back to sleep. And yeah, I slept till 11:30am. Again, is it the new meds, or was I just sleepy? It's hard to tell...

I didn't really do much today. I watched a lot of TV, and felt sleepy. Meds, or laziness? I can't decide. I don't know. I did go with Amanda to get a Happy Hour drink from Sonic. But that's it. That was at 2:00. And I took another nap. Yeah, I can't be unproductive like this the rest of the time that Captain America's gone.

Tom came home at 3:10, and I made some Pumpkin Oatmeal muffins. I went to get the kids from the bus at 3:30pm. I got Leo and Josephine too. Kari and Brian were new car shopping. My kids and their kids watched some TV together.

Jake got off the bus at 4:10pm, and worked on cleaning the pool for an hour or so. It was a HUGE mess, and he got frustrated pretty quickly. It was a bigger project than he thought it was gonna be...

Emeline went over to Crystals house to play with her girl, and Jim went over to Maggies house to play with little Jacob, so I had a lot less kids at my house. Leo and Josephine went home, and Loe and I went to the soccer game. It was just Jake and Tom at the house.

We headed on up to the game, and met Leo and Kari and Josephine there. Joe and Leo had fun playing, and Kari and I chatted and watched the game. It was a great time. Maggie texted and said that she was bringing Jim back at 7:30, and Crystal texted and said she was bringing Eme back at 8. Perfect timing!

I got home a little after Jim got home, and Eme got home a little after me. Everyone had a great evening :) We all worked together to get the house cleaned, and the kids had free time. I watched some Prison Break, and started blogging. It's now 8:30pm, and I'm gonna put this away. We have our Hearts Apart bowling party tomorrow night. I'm not sure what we're gonna do during the day. Probably just take it easy.

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SUPER cute layout, Sharon! What a precious little boy! Love this one!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Into the Wild

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Welcome to the morning! hehe. I woke up bright and early at 5:25am, and drove Jake to seminary. And tried to nap in the car, but it wasn't very successful. I must have drifted off at the end, though. It was funny, cause when I woke up, I didn't know where I was. I had to park in a different place, cause someone else was in my typical parking place, and I was SO confused. hehe.

We drove home, and I was busting a move to a song, and Jake had to snap a picture of me. hehe. He thinks I'm funny. At least he's not as embarrassed of me anymore. ha!
We get home, and this is how I find Joe and Jim. Still in bed. I flip on the light, throw off the lights, and wake them up. Come on, boys, 10 minutes till the bus!!! We really had to hustle!
I walked the kids to the bus, and came back home. And spent the rest of the morning watching TV and messing around on the computer. I designed a bit, and did laundry a bit.

I talked with my mom for a bit, and straightened my hair. Then texted Amanda to see if she wanted to go for a Howdys drink and a Walmart run. I needed a few groceries. And to see if all soda tasted funny with Topomax. hehe.

I picked her up, and we headed to Howdys on Dyer and Hondo Pass. Yup. Even the diet Dr Pepper was strange. No carbonation, except for in the back of my throat. But not horrible. I could get used to it. hehe.

And we continued on to the Transmountain Walmart. I got the groceries that I needed, and we ended up in the Halloween isle. Amanda joked that the hay bales and scare crows looked like a photo shoot, so I sat down and took a pic of myself. hehe.
We finished up, and headed to pay. And yeah, I had to get the chocolate bar to balance out the weight loss shakes. I'm still waiting for the Topomax's side effect of "not being hungry" to kick in. So far, nope...

Me waiting for Amanda to pay, drinking my nasty soda. OK, so it's not the soda's fault. hehe. Poor soda :)
We headed home after that. We both wanted to go to lunch, but we refrained. See, we have some self control. hehe. I dropped her off at home, and went home and made myself a turkey sandwich. And watched some more Prison Break. And did some more laundry.

It's amazing how fast laundry piles up, you know! Jake and Tom and Eme fold and put away their own laundry. I fold and sort Joe and Jim's, and then let them put it away. Anyway, I had them all washed and dried and sorted and folded and hung and stuff. They were waiting for kids to come home and put them away :)

Eventually, it was time for kids to get home from school. Tom got home at 3:10. And I went to pick up the little kids from the bus at 3:30pm. I chatted with the girls for a bit, then headed home.

My headache was mostly gone, but my neck was still feeling tight. So I wanted to go to the PX and pick up another massager. Because Captain America took mine back with him. So I left Tom in charge, and headed out.

It was a quick trip, since I totally knew where it was in the PX. hehe. I paid, and swung by the food court to pick up a few beefy cheesy nasties for the kids, and headed home. They were SUPER excited for the burritos.

I sat down for 30 minutes with the massager, and had Joe do his homework. Eme and Jim got ready for their games, and soon it was time to go. I was taking Eme to her game, and Kari was picking up Jim for his game. Jake was at the Youth Center, and Tom was watching Joe at the house.

Eme and I headed out, and I got to watch an episode of Prison Break on Netflix on my iPhone at the game. Because I'm such a great Soccer mom, you know. hehe. And after the game, Kari texted me and said that she'd picked up Joe too, and took him to play with Leo to Jim's game.

So Eme and I loaded up and headed over to catch the last part of Jim's game. It was at a new field that we hadn't been to yet. And the little man in charge of the field was SUPER anal about everything. He didn't want kids touching the gravel, or people sitting too close to the field, or breathing. Ok, so maybe not that, but it felt like that. He was annoying...

We had a lot of fun making fun of him. hehe. The other parents were getting quite annoyed with him too, so it wasn't just us!

Here's a pic of me with the soccer lights behind me. ha!
Jim's team. He got to be the goalie for a while. He was SO funny. He was dancing around and swaying his hips, and being SO goofy. I was cracking up the whole time :) He reminded me of the friend from Diary of a Wimpy kid!
Eme and I

After the game, Kari dropped Joe back off at the house, and I took Jim and Eme, and we headed out to pick up Jake from the Youth Center. And we were SO almost out of gas! We got Jake, and swung by the Biggs shoppette. Luckily, we made it! I grabbed a Diet Coke (although it sure didn't taste like it!), and we got the free candy with the 8 gallons of gas - the kids shared it), and headed back home.

Joe finished up his homework, and everyone else went to bed. I loaded up my store, and blogged, and it's now almost 10pm. I'm sleepy. And need to take my meds. And go to bed. And get Elmo out of the dryer. I washed him today! See, I really did do laundry, huh? hehe.

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GREAT layout, Sharon :) LOVE the purple flowers :) So soft and pretty!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gone with the Wind

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Hey there! Again, woke up with a headache. Didn't sleep well either. Sigh. But this time, when the alarm went off at 5:25am, I decided that I was just gonna have to "man up", and deal with it. So I got up, grabbed my pillow, and headed out to Seminary. In the truck, with Jake. And tried to sleep in the middle row. It was compfy, but I couldn't sleep. My head hurt too bad. Hmpf!

We drove back home, and Tom was ready for school. It was cowboy day. And he was all ready! hehe.
Jim and Joe were still in bed, so I had to hustle and get them ready. After medicating myself, of course. All the while, my head still hurting. Sigh. But we got to the bus on time. While there, Amanda dialed the appointment line, and passed me the phone, and made me get an appointment. Thanks, friend! I needed one! After 3 days of headaches, I think that it was time to go to the doctor.

They got me in at 2:20pm over at Biggs. Amanda got an appointment for herself at 1:40pm at Biggs for a bladder infection. We decided to go together. I headed back home, and got Jake off to the bus, and watched an episode of Prison Break and worked on some store stuff. And my drugs were finally starting to kick in. Thank goodness!

Amanda called, and she and I headed out for some errands. They had some nice stools at her house that they'd bought at Ashley furniture last year, and they'd broke. She'd called the warranty place, and got replacement cost, and needed to go and see some different ones in the store. We looked, but they didn't really have anything that she wanted, so off we went.

We headed Academy so she could take the Wrestling shoes back. Austin hated wrestling... And I wanted to get Jake another one of those shirts. But in white. And Eme a few more pairs of those capri's. Because it was SUCH a good price :)

She turned in the shoes, I grabbed the few items I wanted, we paid, and off we went. We headed back to post, and swung by the Youth Center on post to check about the Wrestling refund. Then to Burger King for lunch. And Captain America called! I was able to chat with him for about 15 minutes! By the time I was done chatting with him, we were back at Amanda's house.

I joined her inside for lunch, then we headed over to the TMC on Biggs. Yeah, we were early, but they ended up getting us in early too. She DID have a UTI, and got meds for that. And the CPT prescribed me Topomax for the headaches. We'll see how it goes! I'm hopeful that it'll work for me! Somethings gotta give, right? hehe.

We headed back home. She dropped me off at Kari's house, I picked up my car, took it home, and she picked me up again, and we headed to the bus stop. We only had to wait about 15 minutes for the bus to come. We got our kids, and each headed to our house. Jake and Tom had both rode the bus to the Youth Center at Biggs, so I just had Jim and Joe and Eme.

We headed home, and I took my Topomax. I'd texted the Achievement Day girls, and let them know that I wouldn't be there, because Amanda had told me that Topomax would probably make me a bit loopy the first day. And the bottle said it would make me drowsey. And that I shouldn't be driving with it.

But it didn't seem to affect me much. The kids and I cleaned the house from 4-4:30. And it looked pretty good when we were done. We did homework from 4:30-5:15, and then went to soccer practice. Joe and Leo and Eme practiced, and Josephine and Jim played. Kari and I visited. I'm SO glad we got our kids on the same teams!

Eme is WAY in the back with the white shirt, yellow shorts, and red socks. Joe is wearing the gray shirt/orange socks, and sitting on the bench. Leo is in the foreground with the red socks. I got all 3 kids in the same photo!

And here's what Jim and Josephine did! Color and dig for worms/bugs! hehe :)

They're cute, huh? After practice, we loaded up, and drove on out to the Youth center and picked up Jake and Tom, and headed back home. I put on Phineas and Ferb on my phone, and the kids watched it the whole way home. Yeah, it was a VERY quite ride home. I'm gonna have to remember that one! ha!

We got home, and I had the kids finish up Homework, and Jake and Tom got some dinner. Jim took a bath, and I put the kids to bed at 8pm. Jake took Boxer on a walk around that time too. And at 8:45pm, I caught Tom sitting on the kitchen floor watching Prison Break with me, when I'd sent him to bed about 45 minutes ago... NOT cool, Tom...

Now it's 9:38pm. I'm done blogging. I'm done watching TV. I'm gonna go to sleep early. I may even take a pill. I haven't slept well the past few nights. I really need a good, sound nights sleep.

My plan is to wake up in the morning and go hiking in the mountains with Kari! I SO miss that workout! It's always my favorite :) Here's hoping I feel good enough in the morning to do it!

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GREAT layout, Sharon! Love the gray/black and the pinks!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Great Escape

So waking up in the middle of the night with a pounding migraine is SO not a good way to start the day. It was 2:30am and I had the hardest time going back to sleep. Sigh. When my alarm went off at 5:25am for Seminary, I made the executive decision that I was in no condition to be driving, and went back to sleep.

I got up at 6:30am to check on the kids (Tom and Eme and Joe were awake), and Joe had had a nightmare and needed some snuggles. I took him back to bed with me. And yeah, the headace was HORRIBLE! I was almost to the puking stage...

Tom got on the bus at 7am, and I woke Jake up. He said that Boxer had had a rough night, and had kept him up. And finally at 3:30am, he'd taken him outside to go to the bathroom, and put him in the kennel. So he was happy that he got to sleep in a little bit.

I somehow managed to get up, and get the kids ready for school. I took a whole bunch of meds at 7am, hoping that something would help my poor head. Then took the kids to the bus. And just barely made it. The bus was already there when we got there. I looked pretty bad - hehe. I didn't stay and chat long, and headed back home.

Jake was being slow, but eventually left for the bus. I turned on Prison Break, and snuggled into the couch with Boxer. And just as it was starting, in walks Jake. He'd missed the bus. I just about burst into tears. I admit that I yelled a bit, too. He felt really bad. Luckily, my meds were starting to kick in, and I was good enough to see to drive. So I drove him up there, and dropped him off a few block from school (motivation to get on the bus!).

I headed back to post, and again snuggled into the couch and watched Prison Break. That show's pretty good! And the main characters aren't too bad to gawk at - hehe. And soon, it was time to go to Kari's house. It was spa day! Kari's a trained masseuse! And was giving us massages! Good thing, because my neck/shoulders were SOOOO bad.

Right before I left, I noticed my poor tree out front. Aunt Sue, remember how nice it was??? You even took pictures of it! Well, back when the front yard started to flood, I put in a work order for it, and I guess the fixed the issue. By taking all the water to the tree! Poor thing. I guess I should put in another work order for it???
I got to kari's house first, so I got the first massage. She had a table, and the heating blanket, and soothing music, and massage oil, and everything! It was the best 45 minutes of my day. Seriously! My head was feeling a ton better afterwords. I don't know if it was massage or all the drugs, or a combo of both. hehe.

Amanda was next, and Maggie and I painted our nails. She'd bought the good crackle stuff. I guess it does pay to get the good stuff. It worked fabulously! Not like the dollar stuff I'd got. It was crap :) hehe. i guess you get what you pay for, right?

Maggie had to go and meet her hubby at lunch before her massage, so she took a raincheck for next time :) Kari painted her nails, and we all decided to go with Amanda to Academy sports to get Wrestling shoes for Austin. Academy is a fun store :) And I was feeling better, so what the heck!

We loaded into Amanda's car, and off we went. We found the shoes, and went to browse the clothing section for a bit. And found SUCH good deals! School polo's for $1.74, slacks for $2.88, nice shirts for $2.88, 2 belts for $2.50. We weren't planning on getting a lot of stuff, so we didn't get a shopping cart. And my arms were KILLING me by the time we were done. hehe.

Eme ended up with a white, blue, and pink polo, 2 slacks, 1 capris, 1 shorts, Tom got a green polo and 2 shirts, Jake got 2 shorts and a nice shirt, Joe got a gray polo and 2 belts, and Tom and Jim and Eme got new shin guards. Yeah, can't you just see me carrying that all around the store! LOL!

We paid, and decided to head to lunch. Kari wanted Indian food, but we spotted a "Corner Bakery" on the way, and decided to go there instead. It's SUPER yummy, and was close. I ordered a panani and salad combo, and asked for a diet soda. And I was told that they didn't have diet soda. Whaaaat? What kind of a place didn't have diet soda. Then the girl said they didn't have soda at all. That they just had frescas. Um, ok. I'll take a water cup, then...

Yeah, she was totally full of crap. They had a soda fountain. And Diet Coke. Maybe that was the universes' way of telling me I needed less caffeine and more water? hehe. I didn't go back and get a soda, I just stuck with the water! I CAN make good choices, see? ha!

Here's my sandwich and salad :)
Kari got a mozzarella and tomato sandwich with Tomato soup, and it looked SO good. Kari's a vegetarian, did I mention that before?
I didn't take a picture of Amanda's because by the time she got her food, I devoured mine - ha! I was slightly hungry :)

We stuck around and chatted for about 30 minutes after lunch, since it wasn't too busy, and it was a cute little cafe atmosphere :) My girls are SO much fun!

But my headache was starting to come back... We headed home, and Amanda dropped me off around 2:45pm. So my drugs last for about 5 hours. I totally should have taken more right then and there, but I didn't. Tom got home at 3:10, and he and I finished up an episode of Prison Break, then I went to get the kids from the bus.

I barely made it again! Sigh. This headache is kicking my butt! We headed back home, and I finally took some meds, and laid down for 35 minutes. And they were JUST starting to kick in when I got up. Jake had a therapy appointment at 5pm. So he didn't have to miss school.

We loaded up in the truck (since my car was still at Kari's house), and headed out. We got there, and the receptionist was like, "oh no, didn't you get my message? We had to cancel today..." Sigh. Oh well, I made sure I had the next two appointments in my phone, and scheduled the month of October too. Not a total waste of a trip, right?

And we headed back to post. Jake convinced me to drive him out to the Youth center, and we swung by the house, picked up Tom and the kids, and off we went. I left Tom and Jake at the youth center, and came home. Joe and Jim did their homework, and Jim got ready for soccer. I finished up my episode of Prison Break, and we headed up to Soccer.

Josephine and Jim practiced, Leo and Joe played "Deadliest Warrior", and Kari and I chatted. My drugs had fully kicked in, so I was good :) After practice, I took Leo and Joe and headed to the youth Center to pick up Tom and Jake and Justin (Kari's oldest). She took Josephine and Jim. I got the boys (they'd been sitting outside reading/watching a portable movie player), and back home we went.

I dropped Justin and Leo off at Kari's and picked up Jim. And we headed home. The kids ate a VERY fast "find what you can find" dinner, and we called me dad on the video phone for a belated birthday song, and they headed to bed. At 8:45pm. Its almost a whole hour past when they should be in bed... Hmpf!

Oh yeah, here's Jake and Tom wearing their new clothes. Jake was SO excited to have "real" clothes from a real store. He was like, "Mom, it's the first time I've ever got NEW clothes not from Walmart or Savers!". Whatever. hehe.

I blogged, and here it is, almost 9pm. Wait, it is 9pm. I'm gonna put this away, and go watch a Prison Break episode. And take an Ambien to sleep. If my headache is still here, I don't want it waking me up in the middle of the night, you know! Pray that it goes away. It's messing with my social calendar and exercise calendar! hehe :)

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This one would be PERFECT for an action shot of Boxer jumping the fence, huh? hehe. Great layout, Sharon! Poor puppies!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Singing in the Rain

Hey there, guys!!! Another grand day - hehe. I woke up at 5:25am, crawled out of bed, and realized that I hadn't had enough caffeine yesterday. ha! I was starting to get a headache. But I didn't want any yet, cause I wanted to sleep in the car during Seminary. Pathetic, I know...

Anyway, I drove Jake there, snuggled up with my pillow, and didn't fall asleep. I just laid there, and finally grabbed my phone and played on Facebook for a while. Hmpf! I'd come to like my 40 minute nap every morning. hehe.

We drove home, and I got Tom on the bus, and found Joe still asleep. I had 15 minutes to get him up and dressed and out the door. And Jim too. He was awake and fed, but not dressed. I just wish that I had a few more minutes in the mornings to get kids ready...

Anyway, I walked the little kids to the bus stop, chatted with the girls for a few, and headed home. I had about an hour to clean. Then Amanda and I were gonna go to the post office. I cleaned the bathroom, and did some dishes. And organized some stuff. And got dressed for the day.

Amanda and I went to the post office, then made a sonic run. I was needing some more caffeine in my favorite form, Diet Dr Pepper. hehe. And we made a quick trip to Big Lots. I needed a few things. And back home.

I baked some cupcakes, and got stuff all set up for the party. And Andrea called. And we got to chat for about 35 minutes. MISS that girl! She's such a great friend :) And soon it was time for the party!

We had SO much yummy food! It was a great time :)
Kari and Margot and Maggie and Amanda and her neighbor Jessica and me and Charlotte and Marcia from church. We had 8 girls and 3 kids there. It was a pretty good time!

Maggie looked AWESOME!

We had a "gag" gift exchange, and this was my FAVORITE one. hehe. Margot went home with it. ROFL!

Maggie liked it too! hehe :)
I got this COOL bandana, and let Stew try it on - hehe :)
Maggie had AWESOME nails! We've planned a spa day at Kari's house tomorrow, and we're gonna get pirate nails too!
So I'd been having a slight headache before the party, and took a migraine pill, and felt much better. But it seemed to be coming back after the party. By 3pm, everyone had left, and I had about 10 minutes before Tom got home from school.

I went to get the kids from the bus stop at 3:30pm, and came back home. Kids did homework, but not chores. Luckily, the house was already clean! Woohoo! I tried to rest for a little bit, and took another migraine pill, in hopes that it would go away.

The kids had soccer, Jake was at the youth center (he'd been brave and just tried to get on the bus with no bus pass and it worked!), and Kari and I were supposed to walk the track. But I didn't feel good. I decided, though, that walking slowly for 45 minutes would be better than just staying home and doing nothing. Even feeling bad. So I headed out.

Poor Kari. I know that my not feeling well was gonna make her have a bad workout, but I was glad that she walked slowly with me. She took the last lap by herself, and a lot faster. I went for some water, and sat down for about 15 minutes. This nice raised area looked good, until I realized it was a manhole on closer inspection! hehe.
Soccer was over, and we headed out. We drove to the Youth center and picked up Jake, and headed back home.

The kids had about 30 minutes of free time, and I took a shower. And had kids come in and interrupt me about 10 times. What's up with that? Freakin' kids. hehe. It was supposed to be nice an relaxing. Oh well...

Soon it was bedtime, and I sent the kids to bed. Jake took Boxer on a walk, and I helped Tom with a homework project. All the kids were in bed by 9pm. I blogged, and watched a few episodes of Prison Break. I've decided that Dexter has too much bad language for me. Which is sad, because I was getting to like it. But I can't have all those bad words floating around in my head.... So I'm stopping that one. Prison Break seemed much more tame. ha!

Anyway, I'm done for the night. I'm hoping that my head feels better tomorrow. Our Spa Day at Kari's house ought to be nice! Kari is a trained masseuse! And my poor neck HURTS :)

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GREAT layout! Having had 3 of my 5 kids in Oregon, I have a TON of rain photos. hehe. Not so much living in El Paso, thought :) Great job, Sharon! Love it!