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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easter Day 6: Prayer

Day 6
Christ's Example of Prayer

To ponder: Do we take time to have heartfelt conversation with our Father?

Scriptures: Matthew 6:5-6, 9-13; Alma 34: 17-27; 3 Nephi 17:15-17

"Today, in a quiet grove at Valley Forge, there is a heroic-size monument to Washington. He is depicted not astride a charging horse nor overlooking a battlefield of glory, but kneeling in humble prayer, calling upon the God of heaven for diving help. To gave upon the statue prompts the mind to remember the oft-heard expression, "A man stands tallest when upon his knees." Men and women of integrity, character, and purpose have ever recognized a power higher than themselves and have sought through prayer to be guided by such power. Such has it ever been. So shall it ever be." Thomas S Monson, The Prayer of Faith, Aug. 1995 Ensign

Song: Sweet Hour of Prayer, www.jennyphillips.com

First off, what do you think of my NEW Facebook profile picture??? Fabulous, huh??? ROFL! My kids found my fake mustaches that I've been saving for the PERFECT occasion (what, I'm not sure) so I had to join in on the fun...

It was a long morning. Our leave time was 10:30. We tried to get everything done. We wanted to get everything pack, kids showered and adults showered, errands ran, CPT wanted to lift, all by 10:30. Yeah, didn't happen. I did get all my errands ran, though. And CPT did get his lift in. And we did get everything packed. And kids did get showered. And people did get stuff done that needed done. And no one get snarky with each other. And no one had a melt down. Or got into a fight. So it was a success, right?

We ended up leaving post at 12:15. Not too bad. I guess, CPT's 2nd deadline was noon. I didn't know that. It's good to have a backup deadline. hehe.

When we left town, and were JUST getting ready to leave El Paso, the Check Coolant light came on. So we pulled over at a gas station, and bought some more. And filled it up. Sigh. But luckily, no more issues after that. And off we went. It was about a 2 1/2 hour drive to Cloudcroft from El Paso.

The kids watched movies/played computers/did whatever they did while we drove. CPT and I talked, and listened to music, and did whatever to pass the time. It went pretty quick, actually.

Check out my new purse! Isn't she pretty! She's for the Demi size!

We saw the JLENS on the way to Alamogordo. It was pretty cool. CPT looked up what it was to explain it more to the kids on my phone, and I screen shot-ed it for ya!
We got to Cloudcroft in time to check in, and we didn't get the room that we normal do. The big one that we like. We got the 2 rooms next to it. Sigh. BUT, it turned out better, actually! More space! Who knew! The 2 rooms were adjoining! So there were 2 big rooms with doors! We ended up with one for us, and one for Joe and Jim. And one pull out couch for Jake, and one pull out couch for Tom, and we had a roll away bed for Emeline. And 2 giant bathrooms with showers and jacuzzi tubs! 2 fridges and 2 4 TV's. Oh yeah. My kids were in heaven!

Then we briefly drove back into Cloudcroft to check out the Pioneer museum that we've always been meaning to check out. The one that my dad said that my ancestor donated something to. We asked about it, and apparently there's a Shotgun there. It's a HUGE pioneer museum. It was closing soon, and we needed to get back for our conference, So we said that we'd be back tomorrow. The woman let us look around briefly, though. She was super nice. We'd DEFINITELY be back tomorrow :)

We came back to the Lodge, and got the kids signed into childcare (well, the little ones), and went off to our meeting. We watched a video that was pretty good. I'll find out the name of it tomorrow for you guys. He was a pretty good lecturer. He talked about "man brain" vs. "woman brain". Very good stuff.

We had a 15 minutes break, then back to class. At 5:30, we broke for dinner, got the kids, and ate at the restaurant at the lodge. It was buffet style. Such yummy stuff! We didn't all get to sit together since we were near the end of the line, and there was limited space. But I didn't care, since I got to sit by CPT. hehe. Someone else got to sit by Jake and Tom and Jim. ROFL! Have fun with my kids, random people... If someone has a problem with it in the future, they can move... Just sayin'...

We had about an hour after dinner before the last session started. Joe and CPT played some chess, and I went back to the room with the other kids. I laid down for a brief nap. I was feeling a bit sleepy and maybe a bit car sick-ish. Not sure what. The nap helped a lot.

We headed back up at 6pm, and got the kids check back in. We had the final session from 6 to 7:45pm. And it was really good. It just FLEW by. Like I said, the video that we're watching of the seminar is REALLY good! The guys is hilarious. Tomorrow, Breakfast is at 8, and the sessions start up at 9am.

We came back to our rooms, and ended up chatting with the other family staying down here. They have 6 kids!!! Similar ages to ours, too. Their oldest is 15, and is ODD, ADD, and a boy, and goes to Chapin, and they live on post too. He and Jake seemed to get along pretty well. Both a tad odd. But he was about Tom's size. The kids all hung in the common area for a while, then we decided to go swimming for about an hour.

We got the kids all changed, and headed to the pool. And the pool was SUPER warm! I mean, REALLY warm! Like almost hot tub warm! I loved it!!!! Not cold at all!!!

We swam, and hot tubbed, and had a grand time. Another family came, and we hung with them and chatted for a while. We went to the sauna for a while, then called it an evening. We eventually got all the kids to bed, and it's now 10:40pm. Time for us Harty's to hit the sack! Night, y'all, from New Mexcio! See you in the morning!!!

Here's a few pictures from the pool side!!!

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Easter Day 5: Strength

Woohoo! New products in the store!!! Sometimes I wonder how I manage to crank out new products, week after week, year after year.... ROFL! JUST for you guys.... hehe :) Just for you! Layouts by the FABULOUS Sharon, back from Sunny FLORIDA at last!!!

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Day 5
Christ's Example of endurance and Strength

To ponder: How do we endure and fight against Satan? Do we remain "steadfast and immovable" against temptations?

Scriptures: Matthew 4:1-11; 10:22; 27:27-31; Luke 22:42-44; John 15:17-21; Ephesians 6:10-18; 2 Timothy 4:7-8

"God loves us. He is watching us. He wants us to succeed. We will know some day that He has not left one thing undone for the eternal welfare of each of us. If we only knew it, heavenly hosts are pulling for us - friends in heaven that we cannot now remember who yearn for our victory. This is our day to show what we can do - what life and sacrifice we can daily, hourly, instantly make for God. If we give our all, we will get His all from the greatest of all. Give God your best, and His best will come back to you." Ezra Taft Benson, Jesus Christ - Gifts and Expectations, Dec. 1988 Ensign

Song: We are all Enlisted, Hymn 250

Great quote, huh??! I don't think I've ever heard that one before. I mean, I know the concept, of course, but to hear it again was great :)

Anyway, Thursday morning. I got up, and felt much better. I think the flu was gone. Thank goodness! I was SO ready to be done with it. I got the kids off to school, and then CPT came home to get ready to go to work. And I started working on designing. I stopped at 9am, and had 2 1/2 packs designed. Not packaged, but designed. Not too bad. Well, I had one designed from last week. LOL.

I hopped in the shower, and got ready for counseling. CPT was coming home to pick me up. And, we were late, of course. Bless his heart. hehe :) We were not on the best speaking terms, too.

And, come to find out in couples therapy, he had mis-labeled his love language. He is NOT an acts of service guy. He's a words guy. So, all this time when I was trying to do acts of service for him, because he TOLD me that's what I should be doing for him, it was doing NOTHING for him. Which is why we were having problems.... At least we got to the heart of why we were having problems, right???

Looking back, it's kinda funny. Kinda... A little. Comical, I guess. How much energy we had been expending trying to fix it, when we were just a tad bit off in our focus. And how horribly wrong things were going. Once we figured it out, things instantly became clear, and we both felt better. THIS should work. THIS should make things better. We left couples therapy feeling happier and lighter.

We decided to go out to lunch, and try somewhere new. We stop at somewhere close, and it turned out to be a little place that was from Spain. We thought it was Mexican at first, but nope, Spanish! And it was SO cute and SO good! Never had Spanish food before! I loved it!

It was a tiny restaurant. Only sat about 20 people at the most. Very tiny and intimate. There was one waitress, and the chef even came out and talked to us. He told us what was good, and explained to us how he cooked the dishes. GREAT service! I loved it! Very nice :) Great atmosphere!

We sat and chatted and talked and bonded. JUST what we needed. Especially what CPT needed. See, words love language - hehe. Who knew? Not him, apparently - LOL :) Thanks, Denim (the therapist), for helping us figure it out!

Then, CPT dropped me off at home, and I finished designing. I spent the rest of the afternoon on the computer. But I got it done! I got all 5 WordArt packs designed, packaged, zipped, uploaded, loaded to the store, the freebie hosted, and blogged.

And then it was time to go and get the kids from the bus. And CPT was home from work early for Family Day! It was a miracle! hehe :) He got ready for Military skate night, and I headed to the bus. And when I headed out the door, noticed my Miche package there! Woohoo! My new Demi shells were there! Score!!!

I hurried off to the bus with my new shells, because I couldn't wait till I got home to gawk at them :) They were SO pretty :) I stayed and chatted with the girls for a while, and Kari, just because she hadn't heard from the Hockey people in a while, called the YMCA to ask about Hockey.

No one had called us, but apparently the FIRST practice was TONIGHT!!! At 5:30pm. At the rink. And they were having Pizza, and a parents meeting. Crap. So I texted CPT. He and Joe and Tom and Eme and Leo had left post already.

He wanted me to meet him off post, and to pick up the kids. He was gonna continue over to the West side to get his new tires put on his Suburban. They were in, and there was JUSt enough time between now and 5:30pm.

I met him at McDonalds, and the kids had ice cream. Worked out great. I got the kids after letting them play for a while (there was some kid at the playland named Anakin!!!), and headed back to post. I dropped Leo off at his house, and went back home to get ready for the meeting.

I decided to let Tom stay home and babysit Jim and Eme, and I took Joe and Jake with me. We picked up Kari and Josephine and Leo, and Alex (Julia's kid) wanted to come too. So off we went, at a little before 5:30, back to the ice rink. CPT met us there a bit later.

We got in line for our skates (well, the kids), then we got the equipment bags. And I, of course, had to complain that NO ONE called us. Because that's just rude. And no way to run a business. Come on, YMCA. Get your act together. I'm just glad that Kari thought to call!!

We put down our deposit for the bag of gear, then got the socks and the jersey. The kids got pizza, then they El Paso Rhinos adjusted their helmets for them. Then, they had about 30 minutes worth of ice time. The kids had fun, and Kari and I and CPT chatted while the kids skated.

And we were offered free Championship tickets (Thorne CUP) for tonights game. We totally should have just gone home and packed for the marriage retreat in the morning, but it sounded like fun! So we said yes. After the parents meeting, we packed up, headed back home, dropped off Kari and kids, and Alex, then got the kids at home fed and situated, then headed back to the game at around 8pm. We were a little late, but it was fun.

The kids had a ball. Sure, Jake just played the gameboy. And Eme read her book. And Jim wanted to run around and be funny. At one point, he asked CPT and I if we'd come and visit him on March 20th when he was a grown up. Random! And then, if they were gonna do boat races in the ice rink when the ice melted!!!! Too cute! And he kept talking about the UTEP Miners. It was SO stinking cute. I guess his Kindergarten teacher is a HUGE UTEP fan... CPT tried to convince him that UTEP isn't that cool of a college, but Jimmy didn't believe him - ha! Jim was SO excited to have found at pick axe inside of the garage the other day, because that just PROVED that his dad was a UTEP fan too! ROFL. Poor CPT. He was trying his hardest to "school" his youngest child.

Joe and Leo had fun standing near the glass together. Tom seemed to be pretty into the game, too. I watched pieces. My attention span isn't what it used to be. Or maybe it never was there. I played on my phone for a bit, to try and keep myself from falling asleep or getting bored a few times. LOL. *ooooo, look at the squirrel*

Unfortunately, the Rhino's lost. It's actually the first game that we've seen that they've lost. Most of their games are SO one sided. The Rhino's dominate and destroy everyone we've ever watched them play. Not tonight. CPT said it was a good game. I don't know that much about hockey. It was 1-2 score. I think they've played this team before. And won. And there's another game on Saturday. So whoever wins on Saturday wins, right? Isn't that how it works?

Anyway, we headed out after the game, and got home, and everyone was sleepy. We put the kids to bed, and CPT did some laundry while I tied up my blog. I'd done most of it already. It's now 11pm. We are keeping the kids out of school tomorrow because of the marriage retreat. We wanna leave at around 10:30am. Wish us luck! We haven't packed or anything. hehe. But we sure did have fun at the hockey game - LOL :)

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Easter Day 4: Obedience

Day 4
Christ's Example of Obedience during Trials/Sufferings

To Ponder: When we are faced with trials do we turn away from the ways of God or do we continue to obey and cling to him? Do we accept the will of the Father in our lives and recognize His love for us even when we cannot see the happiness in store?

Scriptures: Luke 22: 41-44; John 6:38; Hebrews 5:7-8; Alma 36:3; Proverbs 3:5-6; Psalms 37:3-9, 46:10

In obedience there is joy and peace unspotted, unalloyed; and as God has designed our happiness...He never will institute an ordinance or give a commandment to His people that is not calculated in its nature to promote that happiness which He has designated, and which will not end in the greatest amount of good and glory to those who become the recipients of his law and ordinances." Joseph Smith (History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 5:135)

Songs: Be Still my Soul; Peace, www.soundsmmithMusic.com

So yeah... I woke up after a bad nights rest. Sick. Tired. Not sleeping well. Afraid to sleep too soundly for fear of throwing up. I didn't, so that was good at least. But I did eventually wake up.

And Joe wasn't feeling well when I woke up. Poor kid. He didn't look that sick to me, but I didn't feel well, so I just let him stay home. I told him to go back to bed if he was sick. And he did. Jake, of course, wouldn't wake up, so I had to battle with being sick, AND trying to wake him up. Oh the joy!

I eventually got everyone going and moving. CPT came home, and was noisy getting ready. I'm guessing he's always like that. I went into Joe's room to sleep with him. And fell back asleep. We both slept till around 10:30 or 11am. I guess he was sick too! And we both felt a lot better when we woke up. Still sick ish, but not as bad.

Kim brought me a Sonic a little after noon (SO sweet), and Joe cooked himself an Egg Sausage Biscuit. He was feeling a lot better. He read some books, and I just laid around more. I got a call from the school saying that Jake was now sick too. I texted CPT to go and pick him up. I had a headache, and couldn't drive. I didn't feel nauseous, but I couldn't drive. He was busy, but I said that I'd cook his lunch (somehow), and then he'd have time (barely) to go and get him. I'm SO glad I'm not a single parent this year! It was SO hard last year!

They came home, CPT ate, then hurried back to work. After lunch, Joe and Jake and I watched a few episodes of Once Upon a Time, and it was time to go and get the kids from the bus. My headache meds had kicked in, and I was tolerable to the light, thankfully. I got the kids, and took Eme to piano. I had to take Joe and Jim, because I couldn't leave them home with Jake.

We went to Big Lots while Eme was in lessons. And a few times, I didn't think I was gonna make it. I wished I'd have had my suburban with the TV, but CPT needed it to get a Trip Permit for our Marriage Retreat this weekend. The army requires vehicle checks before such things. So we had the saturn. Otherwise, we'd have just sat in the vehicle and watched a movie.... But we walked around Big Lots. And I wasn't feeling too well...

They didn't really have anything that I needed. We got some corn chips to go with dinner. And a new, louder alarm clock for Jake. And that was about it. I didn't even make my $20 minimum purchase for my rewards card! hmpf. hehe :)

And we headed back to get Eme, then home. And made some nachos for dinner. And then Jake started up about "Why can't I sit on the couch to eat dinner???" Sigh. Because kids can't eat on the couch. And he wouldn't let it go. And was being mean and hateful. And I was patient for the longest time. And then he was disrespectful, and swearing, and throwing chips at me, and swearing, and I was trying to pull the chips and dip out of his hand. Yeah, it went out of control fast.

But then CPT came home about that time, and it's a miracle when you have 2 adults in the situation. And one stays level headed! I wasn't, but he was. I left the situation, but he stayed and talked Jake down. And Jake cooled off, and then he came back and apologized, and the evening went on like normal. Wow. What a different 2 parents makes! Evening saved. Disaster averted! Thank goodness! I guess CPT HAS been paying attention to the things that I've been telling him about Jake - LOL :) Thanks, my prince charming, for rescuing me. Because all I could think about when you were talking to Jake was crawling up on the childs lap and pummeling him in the face... I was SO angry at him and his disrespect. Some days... Deep breaths, right?

Anyway, I was exhausted after that. No more energy. I just kinda sat around for the rest of the evening. After the little kids went to bed, Eme and I used the rest of the rotten bananas and made some mini loaves of Banana bread. And I blogged while they were cooking. It's now 8:41pm. CPT and Jake are working on hanging a clothes rod in his room. The two of them are REALLY getting along good these past 2 days. (not to jinx it, you know!)

I should go and check the banana bread. I can smell it. And if I can smell it, it might mean that it's getting ready to burn! hehe :) Night, you guys! Wish me luck that I will be back to 100% in the morning! No more flu in our house, PLEASE!!!

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easter Day 3: Work

Day 3
Christ's Example of Missionary Work

To Ponder: What a glorious blessing to have the gospel of Jesus Christ on this earth. Do we live our religion everyday and "stand as a witness" to those around us?

Scriptures: Mark 1:16-17; John 21:15-17; Matthew 28:18-20

President Ezra Taft Benson: "Let us never be ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ (see Romans 1:16) Let us never be afraid to do what is right. Let us trust in God and keep His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man (Ecclesiastes 12:13). I know, and so do you who have testimonies of the divinity of this work, that without God's help we cannot succeed, but with His help we can accomplish anything He asks us to do. And we can do it with a feeling of assurance, confidence, and with a spirit of serenity which can be a joy and a blessing to all of us." (CR Apr 1954)

Song: The Olive Tree, Felicia Sorenson, CES Soundtrack, The Book of Mormon

Sorry about the lateness of it all. Tuesday WAS a super fun day. But I was dying in the afternoon. I got the flu. It wasn't food poisoning like I first though. I stayed home and cleaned all morning long, met the girls at Olive Garden, played 3 rounds of Laser tag, then got the kids from the bus. And went to the park afterwords. Kim brought us Sonic, and after an hour at the park, I was puking behind the trash can before going home. And I don't remember much else from the day. It was BAD. Diarrhea and vomiting... Yeah, that was my day... And evening. SO bad!

I got some pretty cool pictures over on Facebook, though, if you wanna go and give them a look :)

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Easter Day 2: Service

Day 2: Christs Example of Service

To Ponder: Christ quietly went about doing good. Do we humbly serve those around us? Do we embrace "the errand of angles"?

Scriptures: John 13 : 3-17 ; Acts 10 : 38 ; Mosiah 2: 17

On April 28, 1942, the Prophet Joseph Smith said to the sisters in Relief Society: "You are now placed in a situation in which you can act according to those sympathies which God has planted in [you]... If you live up to your privileges, the angels cannot be restrained from being your associates."

Song: As Sisters in Zion, Hymn 309

Hey you guys :) Happy Monday! What a long day! I woke up, and was busy from the second I crawled out of bed! I got the kids on the bus, did some dishes, changed clothes, and got ready to go shopping. Kim and I headed to Savers (purple tag day, by the way), and found a few sales. Then to the Dollar Free for bread. Then to the gas station and Howdys. Then to the Mall. To a few different stores. And to the yummy ice cream store.

Then to Walmart. We were FOREVER at Walmart. We had TONS and TONS of groceries to buy there. Well, I did. Kim? Not so much. I think I must have spent $300 there. It's been forever since I shopped. hehe.

Then we headed to Bassett center, and swung by the Jewelry Box. Love that store. Then back home. And yeah, it might not sound like a lot, but that was 8:30am t0 2:45pm!!! All freakin' day!!! Kim helped me carry in my groceries, and I put them away. Then hopped in the shower, and smelled SO much better :) hehe.

And felt a lot better, too. And headed to the bus stop to get the kids at 3:30pm. And by 4:00pm, we were all at the pool. Kim and Kari and Julia and I sat and chatted while the kids swam. Nicky came later too, but was working on a project, so she didn't visit much. I stayed for about an hour, and then CPT texted saying that he was on his way home. So I gathered up the kids, and we headed home.

We cooked up some dinner, and had a Doctor Who Season 6 marathon for a Family Home Evening activity - LOL :) Oh yeah! It's now 7:30pm. And after this last episode, we're putting the kids to bed. I'm SO sleepy - hehe. Gotta go to sleep. I think I was up until 1am last night because I couldn't sleep.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Easter Day 1: Love

So, at church today, we were given these little booklets to let us get ready for Easter Sunday in a few weeks. And I thought it was SUCH a great idea!!! So I whipped up some WordArt to go with it, and I'm gonna share what it said for each day, so that we can all get ready for Easter too. See, I'm such a good helper - hehe :)

Day 1: Christ's Example of: Love

To Ponder: Do we love others as christ did and does? Do we honor and love our parents and care for them? Love our children? Others around us as Christ exemplified?

Scriptures: John 15 : 10-13 ; John 19 ; 25-27 ; Matthew 24 : 31-40

"Love is one of the chief characteristics of Deity, and ought to be manifested by those who aspire to be the sons of God. A man filled with the love of God, is not content with blessing his family alone, but rangest through the whole world, anxious to bless the whole human race"
(History of the Church, 4:227, Joseph Smith)

Song: A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief, Hymn 29

OK, so now are we ALL in the mood for the Easter season??? CPT and I got to sleep in this morning. SO nice! And everyone was happy this morning, too! AGAIN, SO nice! We all got ready for church, and headed out at 12 something. Off to classes we went, and CPT and I snuck away during 2nd hour to drink DDP in the truck. I know, I know, we're naughty. hehe.

3rd hour, we tried to hurry into Sacrament, but someone beat us to our row! Drat! There was one row left, so we made Joe and Eme sit in an adjoining row, and then when Sacrament got over, they went to sit with Jake and Tom.

The AC must not have been working so well, because it was SO hot! Jim ended up falling asleep again. And Joe was SO trying to fall asleep. Or is that trying to NOT fall asleep. hehe. It was a bit warm :)

After church, we all headed back home, and got changed, and had some dinner. Then the evening kinda progressed from there. We watched something on Netflix history related, then I had Family Home Evening, then CPT took the older boys to a Fireside at the Bishop's house. And I started watching my Miche training. It's due at midnight. Yeah, I waited AGAIN till it was all the way due! At least I could watch it and design and blog and do it at the same time!

And the questions were harder this time!!! I was totally stumped on one of the first videos questions. Why did they make them so hard??? hehe. And I even watched the whole thing! And wasn't designing for the first video - ROFL! I eventually had to just guess.

I took a break between the 1st and 2nd videos and put the little kids to bed. Then CPT came home, and the big boys went to bed too. CPT is working on the shelving in the garage, and I'm 25 minutes into the last video (47 minutes). Then I'll go check on CPT and hang with him until he goes to bed.

Really, these videos have had some great ideas about the business. My internet is loading slow, though. It would go a lot faster if it would just load quicker!

Oh yeah, and do you wanna see the new releases for April for Miche??? There are a TON of new things!!! Click HERE if you wanna go to my store and go and look!

2 New Petites, 1 New Classics, 2 New Demi, and 1 New Prima sizes
2 New Wallets

3 New Charmers

2 New NON Interchangable Hip Bags

New Handles
4 New Coin Purses

Aren't those just the CUTEST things ever! I'm SO excited about the new releases. And I totally understand why there are less new releases for Prima and Classic. There are a TON of shells for Both. Demi and Petite have very few. So it's time that they got some new ones. And with all of the charmers and wallets and hip bags and coin purses and such. Wow! LOTS of new products! Which is your favorite?? I'm loving that black and white leopard one! But then, that mauve-ish pink one is FABULOUS too! hehe :)

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17, 18 Maids A-Waiting

Ha! I almost put Maids-a-Milking- hehe :) That wouldn't have been right - ROFL!!! Silly me :) OK, ladies, this finishes off the series. I did them a little out of order. And this isn't the blog for the day. But I wanted to get it out there. I have a DIFFERENT WordArt to go with the blog. Lucky you, huh???

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ever In Your Favor

First off, it looks like I DID forget 17,18... I'll post that as Monday's freebie - Oops!!! Silly me - hehe :)

So hello there my fabulous ladies. Sorry I've been so off lately. There has been some stress in my household. About when I should blog. See, some think it should be in the morning. And I think it should be in the evening. When it's fresh in my mind. Cause I use it as a journaling opportunity. A way to unwind at the end of the day.

Anyway, it's caused some stress. So I haven't been able to get at it as of late. And it hasn't happened. And my blog has suffered.... But life goes on, right? None of your lives has stopped without me, I'm assuming... hehe.

I woke up super tired on Saturday morning. Eme had an Activity Day girls stake meeting at the Stake center across town at 9am. CPT agreed to take her, since he wanted to take the newer suburban in to get new tires put on it. So he got her all ready to go. She's the easiest person to get ready, actually. Just tell her to get up and get ready, and she gets up and gets ready - ha!

I had Jim and Tom. Jake and Joe spent the night at Kari's house with Justin and Leo. At around 10am they came home. I was snoozing before that. Kari said that no one had gotten much sleep last night.

Jake ended up taking a nap on the couch from 12-2 ish. Good. And Joe fell asleep on me on the couch at 11am, so I moved him to my bed, and I napped with him from 11 or 12 to around 2pm. Yeah, we didn't do much today - ROFL!

CPT and Eme got home around 4pm. Or was it 3pm? I can't remember. We all just had a super lazy day. Except for Eme and CPT. They were busy.

At 5pm, I was gonna take Tom to the Youth Center, and I gave Jake the option of going or staying home. He wanted to go to Justins house. I said no because he hadn't slept well the night before, and had been too rough with Leo. He wasn't even supposed to be playing with Leo. He'd gone to play with Justin. So he was upset about that.

And he was mouthy, and upset, and ended up being mean and disrespectful with his dad. And we had an incident. And I don't wanna go into it, but Tom was delayed about an hour going to the youth center. Sigh. I fell like every time we make some progress, we hit a set back. And if it isn't with Jake, then it's with CPT and the way that he deals with Jake. And I can't blame him, because today I saw myself a year ago, and my responses were the SAME way that I would have reacted to Jake. Almost step for step... Sigh. I guess unless we experience it, we don't know, right? It's not fun.

Anyway, Jake and his dad were both upset. I was supposed to go to see the Hunger Games with the girls tonight. CPT didn't want to be around Jake, and it was his turn to supervise him. We didn't want to leave him at the Youth Center, though. So I said that I'd take Jake with me. And just make him go see a different movie, or sit somewhere else. He'd already calmed down, refocused, and tried to apologize. He was totally over the situation. His dad wasn't, but Jake was.

At 6, I dropped Tom off at the Youth Center, then came back, made sure everyone was situated, and Jake and I went to the movies. Jake sat in the back, and I held seats for Julia and Kari and Kim. They waited in line for the popcorn and sodas. It was a packed theater again!

And yeah, the movie was JUST again the 2nd time. STILL bawled my eyes out at that one part! If you haven't seen it, GO!!! What are you waiting for???

We got out in time to make it to Biggs to pick up Tom from the youth center before it closed, then headed back home. I put the little boys to bed, and even snuggled with them for a little while. I helped Jake put some new sheets on his bed, and get all situated for bed, and made sure the Tom was good too. I turned out Eme's light, and check on CPT. He was building shelves for the garage still.

Then I went and started to blog. If he's working on a project, then I can evening blog, right?? Makes perfect sense to me. No point in saving it for the morning when I've forgotten half of the junk that is on my mind! The evening is when my head if full of crap that needs decompressed, not the morning! If I don't get it out, then it's rattles around during the night! It needs to come out in paper/keyboard stroke form sometimes - hehe :) But, on the flip side, I can see CPT's point too. It looks like I'm saving my work for when he comes home. And I don't want him to think that I'm purposefully trying to "push" him away. That's not my intention at all. Really, it's not. I'm just trying to decompress my thoughts after the long day. Unwind my brain :) Frazzled though it might be - ha!

So, here we have it - it's 11:12 pm. And I'm a tad sleepy. I did get a 2-3-4 hour nap today. But I don't feel particularly well. It was a stressful day, full of emotional stress and strife. That's sure to zap the juice out of ANYONE. Tom got sick after I got him home from the Youth Center and puked. But that could have just been from the food he ate today. Or he could really be sick. Who knows. There IS a bug going around. I don't know. Only time will tell, right?

So, your freebie for today is from the movie that I've now seen twice. And I've loved BOTH times I've seen it. I hope you enjoy it!

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