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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Airplane Ride

MY KID FREE TRIP IS HERE!!!! I should be at the airport when this posts - hehehe. So while Friday should have been filled with travel preparations, um, yeah, it was filled with playing :) Playing is good, right? Sleep is overrated, anyway....

I got up at 8am (see, there's some sleep! - of course, I went to bed at 3am), got kids breakfast, got things going around the house. I checked some emails, texted some friends....ok, just one :) And at around 9:30am, it was time to get ready.

After showering and getting "pretty", I got the kids ready, and we headed out to free lunch at 11am. Wait, we left 20 minutes early, and bought candy at the Commissary. That's right :) hehehe. THEN free lunch. They had some kind of noodle lasagna stuff. Kids liked it all right, I think.

After lunch, Hilary and I and ALL 8 of our kids drove over to the movie theater to see "Karate Kid". Dang, it's expensive to take everyone! Even with our $5 military tickets, it was still $30. I guess that's why I usually do the dollar theater :) BUT, it was a special treat for the kids right before mom and dad left for the week :)

After the movie, we all went back to my house, changed clothes, and headed to the pool. We were there until 6pm, then headed home. Hilary is keeping Joe for the week. So she picked up some clothes for him, and they were on there way. By Joe and Hilary :(

Captain America got home a bit later, and he and Jake and Tom went to the dude's house who is helping Captain America with his truck.

I sent Eme and Jim upstairs to her room to go to bed, and I cleaned. I didn't wanna come back to a trashed house, so I cleaned the kitchen, and cleaned the dining room, and, well, that's as far as I got. There's still a ton of laundry on the couches. Sigh.

My neighbor, Sarah, is moving while we're gone. She and I chatted in the backyard for about an hour, then I came back inside.

Eventually, I went to pack. I tried on all the outfits that I thought would look good, and color coordinated jewelry and such. Yeah, it took WAY too long, but I'll be cute, right? ROFL!

Captain America was back by that point, and packing his stuff too. We got the suitcases, and printed boarding passes and such. And packed carry-ons and boarding passes and junk.

AND, while I knewCaptain America and I were traveling different airlines, I thought we both had layovers in Denver. NOpe. His is in Dallas. Oh well. We're both going to St. Louis, at least - hehehe. I am real excited about going on a trip. And about seeing his parents. It's been since before he joined the army that I've seen them. June of '08 I think.... And that was just for 3 hours at a rest stop half way between our house and theirs (about 5 hour drive for both of us).

Anyway, it's 1:10am, and I have to wake up at 3:30am. Yeah, I'm gonna be tired. REAL tired..... So I should tie this up :)

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Friday, June 18, 2010


Hey there! Greeting to all of my friends in Digiscrap land. Hehehe. Today was a pretty good day for me :) Started off at 7:30am when my alarm went off, after having been up chatting with a friend into the wee hours of the morning. 5 ½ hours seems to me my MO as of late :)

I dozed until 8am, then went out to see who was up. A few of the kids were. The kids got breakfast, I got breakfast, we did a few chores, and I designed a WordArt pack. Yeah, my plan was to design all 5. I guess had I not been texting the whole time. I would have been able to get more done – hehehe. Priorities, you know. Texting above designing, apparently – LOL!

At 9:45am, Eme came in to tell me that it was almost time to go to Leslie’s house. Dang, I’d lost track of time. Eme was already showered and dressed and had dried her hair. SHE was ready to go. My hair was clean from the night before, but I still needed clothes and make up. I hurried, and was only 5 minutes late.

Here's me before. See the gray on the sides?

Just the two of us walked down to Lelslie’s house. I went first. Leslie colored the gray out of my hair. Thank goodness! It was starting to show again. While it was sitting, she cut Eme’s hair. And it was SO cute when she was done! Hilary came over at around 10:30, then after Eme’s hair cut, Leslie washed the color out of my hair, and we were done.

I took Leslie’s kids with me, and we went to my house. I quickly fixed my hair, and Hilary headed home to pick up her kids. We headed out to Free Lunch, and all met up there. The kids had Fish Sticks and Tater Tots, which some of them loved and some of them hated. At least mine were the ones that liked it. Hehehe.

After lunch, we headed back to my house. The kids were all planning what games to play, and Hilary and I snuck out for a quick shopping trip. Nathan and Jake are both 12 & 13, so we had plenty of babysitters :)

We went to Kohls, and Hilary looked at the rings that Laurie and I looked at. I found a new Grill for my fish and chicken, MUCH better than the other one. Better than the $2.50 one from Goodwill. That always sticks and burns my food. This one has a HUGE surface, removable plates, a timer, and an adjustable temperature. I was SO excited to find it. AND on sale, $20 off. Gotta love an unexpected sale on something you were gonna buy anyway.

We swung by Marshalls, just to see what they had, and Sonic while it was Happy hour, then back home. You know, I’m still leary of Sonic. I’ve just had regular given to me WAY too many times. Circle K, fill it yourself, is looking more and more appealing. I THINK they got the right one this time, though. Tasted fine to me.

I got home, Hilary took her kids and went home, and I sat down to design. I got another WordArt pack done, while sitting in my bed watching a kid show with Joe and Jim. Shrek 3. They were looking pretty sleepy. I was almost sure they were gonna fall asleep.

Then Captain America came home, and I convinced him to go to the ER. I was never real happy about the “Bat to the Throat” thing, and wanted him to go in the night before. He was still talking funny, and said that it felt like a real bad sore throat. Better safe than sorry, especially since we HAVE health insurance.

Here's me, saying HURRY UP cause you have the keys, and it's hot in the car - hehehe.

So I took Captain America to the ER. And we waited. And waited. And waited. He got a CT scan, and we got transferred to an ER bed. They had us in quick care for the longest time. And we waited some more. The ER Doc said that initially, the scan seemed fine. But they wanted to wait for someone else to evaluate it. So we waited. And waited. And waited.

It’s now 9:03pm. And the ER doc said that the scan was fine. Soft tissue injury, hold off on talking too much. Rest. He’s getting a note for work. Hehe. And a prescription for, you guess it, Motrin (inside Army joke). Oh wait! What’s that? It’s NOT Motrin??? Seriously? Hehehe. Well, he has something a little stronger than Motrin. Miracles never cease :)

On the up side, I designed a total of 9 WordArt packs today J That’s not too shabby. 5 for this week, and 4 towards next weeks. So I only have one more pack to do. Comes at a great time, since I leave for Vacation on Saturday.

I also designed my WordArt freebee for tomorrow. AND, since I don’t have internet here (sniff), and my phone died an hour and a half ago (sniffles – at least I remember my laptop charger or I’d be SUPER bored), I went with one of my favorite things to say. The all purpose work. SERIOUSLY? The kids spilled something. Seriously? You get to go with your hubby on a week-long trip. Seriously??? See, it works.

So apparently I already have this one, back in March I made it - hehehe. Anyway, the PNG file from box.net is now ONLY this new one. If you want the old one, click on the 4shared link from the old blog post HERE.

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Boldly Going Nowhere

Dang! I was just looking at the date, and it's almost time for me to leave on my trip, isn't it- hehehe. Maybe I should pack...

Anyway, today dawned early at 7:30am. I got up, got the kids who were awake fed, showered, got pretty, and did a few chores.

Hilary came to pick me up, and our first stop was Circle K to refill our Sonic Cups. Mmmm, Diet Doctor Pepper. And, I knew it was Diet, because I poured it myself - hehehe.

We swung by the commissary real fast, back to my house to drop stuff off, then to the Mall. Victoria's Secret was having a 6 for $30 sale on their lotions, and I just LOVE them. Hilary and I each got 6 items. Body spray and lotion to match. I just LOVE smelling pretty :)

Next, Old Navy, then on to WalMart and Sams. VERY quick stops. We had to make it back in time for Free Lunch.

She dropped me off back at my house for lunch, and I got my kids, she got her kids, and we met up at the CDC. They had Hot Dogs for lunch ,but ran out half way through me kids, so they turkey and cheese. It was still a good lunch. Turkey and cheese was probably more healthy, if you ask me :)

After lunch, we went back to my house, got the kids ready, and headed out to the movie. We watched "Furry Vengence", for $2 per person. Yeah, it was a dumb movie. hehehe. But the kids LOVED it. And I'm so glad that my kids are old enough to sit where ever they want in the theater. We sat in the back, and the kids all sat WAY up front. Yeah, it was nice :) Hilary made a nice "Date". hehehe.

After the movie, we went back to my house, all changed into our pool clothes, and headed up to the pool. We brought cheese and crackers and peanut butter and apple slices and orange slices and bread and chips. More like a lunch, but it works for dinner too in my book :)

Wednesday is Scouts night, but since the Young Women were having camp, the Young Men canceled their Joint Activity. And since the Young Men canceled, the 11 yr old scouts canceled. And since the 11 yr old Scouts canceled, the Webelos den canceled. And the only Wolf is out of town. And we have no Bears. And since EVERYONE else canceled, the Achievement Day Girls leader canceled. SO, there was no activities at church. Which was fine with me. I wanted to just go to the pool anyway :)

We left the pool at 7pm, and headed home. Kids got baths, I took a shower and put on some new lotion (yummmmmm), then we watched a movie. Captain America came home around that time, and didn't look so good. He was talking in a whisper, and he was VERY pale.

Apparently, some dude on the other team hit the ball, then hucked the bat, and it hit Captain America in the throat! WHAAAAT? That's SO not right. He cancelled his truck repairs for tonight, and iced his throat. And went to bed early. Poor guy.

I put the kids to bed after the movie, then watched Persons Unknown on NBC.com. It was a good episode this week! I liked it :)

Here it is, 11:02, and I'm done designing, done blogging, and done watching TV. I may stay up a few more minutes to see if anyone else is online, then head to bed. Too many nights of 2am wear me out :)

I'm going to Leslie's house tomorrow to get my gray colored, and get Eme a nice girl hair cut. Should be a good time :) Free lunch at noon-ish, and don't know about hte rest of the day. I do have to get all my designing done at some point. You know, I should set my alarm for 7am, and get up and design for 2 hours. I could TOTALLY get done what I needed to get done in that amount of time. Hmmm, that plan might work. AND, if I went to bed now, I'd get 7 1/2 hours.

OK, girls. I'm off. Hope your Wednesday was as fun filled as mine!

Well, I was starting to design for the week, and got distracted, so this is all I did. So I figured I'd just give it to you guys, and start fresh tomorrow :) hehehe.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Smarter than a 5th Grader?

Morning, girls :) Hope you all are having a great week :) After going to bed at 2am last night, it seemed REAL early when Jimmy climbed into bed with me at 7:30am. He wanted to snuggle, since no one else was awake. So I made room, but woke up. I can't sleep if someone is touching me. That's why we have a king sized bed. hehehe. Poor Captain America :)

Hilary texted, saying she was going into work at 8:30am, and that I should drop by her office and see her before work. And I DID have a t-shirt to give to her. My truck was still parked at Laurie's house, so I hopped in Captain Americas Saturn, and headed over. It's only 3 minutes from my house.

We chatted for 5 minutes, and I let her get to work. I came home, Captain America got ready for work, and he dropped me off at Laurie's house to get my truck, and I continued on to the Commissary. We didn't need a full weeks worth of groceries, but we did need a bit. I got the essentials, and came home.

I put the groceries away, grabbed the kids, and we headed to free lunch. It was the best meal so far. Texas toast with meat sauce and melted mozzarella cheese, salad, oranges, and milk. My kids LOVED it :)

We headed home, and the kids did their chores. I showered and got ready for the day (ha! the day was half over already!), and got the kids set up with at home activities. Laurie and I and Hilary were planning on going to Lunch. At Red Lobster, because Laurie LOVES it, and she was going whether we were or not. hehehe.

I got the chicken and shrimp, with a side salad. RIGHT on the diet. I love being right on the diet :) I find safety in structure and routine. When it comes to food, anyway. I guess that's why I can eat cheese and cucumber every day. And yogurt everyday. I know what I'm supposed to eat. I don't have to "worry" about choices. They're already made for me.... JUST in this instance. Not in all of my life. I do like my choices, you know. Just not when it comes to food.

Anyway, we had fun at lunch! We dropped Laurie off at the Auto Crafts store to pick up her 3rd vehicle, and Hilary dropped me off at my house. I sure missed that girl :) It was fun to chit chat and hang today :)

I gathered my kids up (and the house was surprisingly clean! they'd done their chores :) and got ready and headed to the pool. Chelsie and her sister and kids were there, and Hilary was their shortly after. We let the kids play for an hour, then went home.

We got all changed, had dinner, and headed up to Captain Americas softball game. I'm definitely bringing a chair next time. I sat in the grass and 1/2 watched the game, 1/2 read my book. Jimmy played at the playground, Jake read his book, and Eme and Tom and Joe sat behind the home plate fence and watched the game. I'd have sat on the bleachers, but it was WAY too funny. I like me some shade :)

We were home by 7:15pm, and the kids did their chores, and went upstairs to watch a movie with Jake in his room. Tom and Captain America went to work on his truck, and I sat down to get some designing done. I found ideas for 12 new WordArt packs. And honestly, sometimes coming up with the sayings is the hardest part. Now I just have to design them.

I texted with Hilary for a bit, Facebooked with Leslie, and gmail chatted with Madi (my sister). All the while listening to the new Eclipse soundtrack. I wandered down to Leslie's house for about 20 minutes to drop something off at her house, then came back.

It's 11:16pm, and I'm almost done for the nite! I need to post my WordArt (which I designed last night), and then I can go and watch that episode of Persons Unknown on NBC.com. I missed it last night :)

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Being Apart Sucks

First off, I just have to say that MUSE is coming to NEW MEXICO!!!! OMGosh, I'm so excited. I totally wanna go. *Jumps up and down doing the happy dance* Yeah, I'm in 7th grade, right? heehe. Anyway, I just may have to come up with a cleaver "Fund my trip to Muse" sale or something - hehehe.

OK, back to reality. hehehe. Captain America kissed me and said Happy Anniversary before he left for PT this morning. I vaguely remember it - hehehe. I don't know what time he wakes up, but I don't even hear his alarm anymore :)

I was up a little before 8am, but was slow to get out of bed. I was gonna help Laurie with her cars today (to get oil changes), so I texted her to get a rough idea of the time . I got up, got dressed, fed the kids, started on the chores, and it was time to go. I met Laurie at her house, and she drove her car, and I drove mine.

We went to the Auto Crafts place, and she dropped off her car. I picked her up, and we went back to her house to get the truck. We drove separately back to the Auto Crafts place, and she dropped off her truck. I took her back to her house, and she got her white car. She drove it up, and I picked her up at the Auto Crafts place.

But she forgot her insurance cards at home, so I drove her back home to get it, and we went back again - hehehe. Next stop, Circle K for my morning Diet Doctor Pepper - ha! And a quick trip to Fallas Paredes. I found some Anniversary apparel (LOL) there, which I was pretty excited about. Also, they had $1.99 Paramore shirts! Laurie and I both got one, and bought one for Hilary! I found $1.99 Chewbaca (Star Wars) shirts for Jake and Tom, and a CUTE little black skirt for Emeline. I also found a zebra print tank to wear to the pool. I was SO excited about that!

We headed back home, I dropped her off at her house, and I went and got the kids ready for lunch and the pool. Check out the cool Paramore shirt. It looked SUPER tiny, so I was a bit apprehensive about getting it. It was a 12/14 in boys. I tried it on over my shirt in the store, and it fit tightly, but it fit.

Anyhoo, here's my new shorts from Walmart the other night, and my new zebra tank from Fallas :)

We went to lunch at Free Lunch, and the kids had Beanie Weanies, and Fries, and Apples, and Milk, and a slice of Bread. They liked it well enough. They had patriotic decorations up for Flag Day, or was it for my anniversary. I can't remember..... hehe.

I was bummed that Hilary was still out of town, and couldn't come to the pool (pouts), but was happy that so many of my other friends came. Adelina and Andrea and Leslie and Sarah and Danielle were all there. And during pool break, 5 of us went down the water slides. It was TOO fun :) I went on my bum mostly, but once on my tummy.

We stayed another hour, visiting and chatting and having fun. We left around 2pm, and headed home. We put stuff away, changed, got a snack, and I got a message from Laurie, saying her cars were done. Well, 2 of them. One had to stay in for some repairs.

Here's me sporting my new shirt. See, it DID fit. And I thought it woudln't. I guess my perception of my weight is a little off... But I knew that already. I am down, though. I've lost 19 lbs since I started my diet again. Only 11 more to go until I'm at the weight I was at last summer.

(Oh yeah, this is me with the girdle... i was afraid it would be too rollie without it)

So we did our tricky carpooling to get her cars back home. And we went real fast, before dinner, out to Bassett Center. I wanted to go to the jewelry box to find some yellow earrings to match my Paramore T-shirt. ha! I know, I'm a dork. I just have a thing for big, cheap earrings

Laurie got an education in "Bethany" today at the Jewelry Box. hehehe. I don't do bows, or hearts, or stars, or girly things, or pink jewelry, for the most part. hehehe. Here's me with a BIG purple bow headband. Yeah, lovely...

Now big yellow earrings I can handle! Aren't these cool! Yellow in the front, and silver in the back. Cool :)

After Jewelry box, we headed to Target so I could find a treat for the kids. I told them if they could get their chores done in the time I was gone, then I'd give them a treat when I got home. I bought them some S'Mores Granola bars. Looked SUPER good to me - hehehe.

I found a new black tight shirt for me. My old black tight shirt is no longer tight. And that kinda defeats the purpose. LOL!

So we headed back to the car, through Kohls. And got waylaid in the jewelry department. They were having things 60% off, and the rings were calling my name. These two in particular. Aren't the pretty!

OK, so pretty isn't the right word. Cool. Yeah, they're cool. Laurie and I also bought matching toe rings, and got one for Hilary too! I know, 7th grade again :) I don't care, I love my girls, and wanna match with them!

Yeah, ignore my nasty feet. I need to do a self pedicure on them. Or at least give the nails a fresh coat of paint.... But the toe ring is cute, right?

We finaly made it out of Kohls, and headed home. I took off the girdle, cause it was rolling, put on a different pair of pants, and found that it worked! I must be losing weight, because my rolls are MUCH smaller than before - ha!

Oh yeah, and check out these SUPER cool earrings I found there. I call them my "Big Balls" earrings. I got a bracelet to match (did I mention I LOVE dollar jewelry!).

So we had some hot dog buns that had gone stale, so I made up some Hot Dog Bun French Toast. It really worked out pretty good, and the kids LOVED it :) AND, I have enough left overs for breakfast tomorrow. I love it when a plan comes together!

Captain America was still not home from work yet. But I was surprisingly patient. I wasn't getting antsy or anything :) That's uncommon for me - hehehe.

I cooked some Talipia for myself, and was SO frustrated that it kept cooking to the George Forman grill. Sigh. I guess it's finally giving out. I got it for $2.50 at a goodwill type store a few years back. They're good for Sandwiches, but not for direct contact with meat. It sticks a lot. I think I'm gonna be in the market for a good grill. That, and I have "grill envy" for Hilarys...

Anyway, here's me and my "Dead Fish", cause it died on the grill. Pout!

Captain America finally got home a little after 8pm. I'd forgotten that he had a softball game. Oops, that's where he'd been - ha! He washed his car real fast, took a shower, and we were ready for our date. We had Jake take some pics of us. Aren't we cute!

This was my goofy face kissy pic - ha!

We got in his nice clean car, and headed out. WE drove up over Transmountain pass, and parked at the top for a few minutes and kissed like teenagers. (well, maybe we had more restraint than teenagers - hehehe) There were a TON of other cars up there too. Beautiful view of the city, though :)

We went to a Sonic on the West Side, and ordered Diet Doctor Peppers, Rt 44, Easy Ice. Just like I like it :) We sat and talked for about 20 minutes, then headed back home the other way. So we made a big loop of the city. It was a very nice evening.

We came home, and I tried out my Fallas purchase (hehe), and got ready for bead. Captain America went to sleep, and I moved to the couch with my laptop. Hilary and I texted for quite a bit, and finally she had to go to sleep (she was at Ft Hood for the weekend, remember? And she had car troubles, and they got it into the dealer this morning, and rushed the work though, thank goodness). She has a job, and has to get up in the morning. Me? My first thing going on is at 10am.

Not quite fair to keep her up when she has to get up so early :) Sorry, hon! I'm a bad friend! It's just that I missed that girl a lot when she was gone :) When you're used to seeing someone everyday, then they're not there. Well, I don't like it :) hehe. So don't leave again.

What? I'm the one leaving? Next week? Crap, your right! Well, let's try and stay put in August, can we? hehehee.

OK, now that I'm done having a conversation with myself, I guess I better put my night owl butt to bed. It's 1:32am, and I'm feeling sleepy.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Yup, today is our Anniversary. 14 years. We were married June 14th, 1996. And I still love him, even more today than I did then. Love ya, sweetheart!

Sunday was a good day. Got up a bit after 7am, showered, got ready, fed kids, got kids ready, prepared for singing time, gathered my junk, ate breakfast, and loaded up in the truck. Yeah, it was a mad dash to make it on time. We were 2 minutes before they started, so I count that as a success. Not quite as early as I'd hoped, but it worked out ok :)

Sacrament was nice. Captain America was there, and actually got to sit with us. SO nice :) Primary passed in a blur, as usual. I brought our hotwheel derby race track (or at least a section of it), and assigned each car a primary song and a number. Then drew a brackets system on the board, and we had a race. It was really pretty fun. I left it for next week for the president to do, since I'd be gone.

We headed home at noon, got the kids food, and watched an episode of Doctor Who. I just LOVE watching Doctor Who on Sundays. hehe. I made the kids bagel pizzas for lunch, and they just LOVED them.

After lunch and show, I went in and tried to take a nap. Mostly I just texted with Hilary. I miss that girl :(

After my kinda nap, around 2:30 or 3pm, I went upstairs and helped Jake and Tom clean their room. I moved ALL the crap out in the hall, rearranged, vacuumed, made them empty completely their closets, and went through everything. We put away the winter clothes, and shoes that didn't fit, and we organized everything.

They brought back in the stuff from the hall, piece by piece. It took a long time, and we got 2-3 bags of junk out of their room. Good thing!

At around 4pm, Laurie came over, and we watched 3 episodes of Doctor Who. She's a fan, too! I cooked dinner in between, and I put the kids to bed at 8pm.

Then Laurie and I watched "The Time Traveler's Wife", after the kids went to bed. NOT a kid show, in my opinion. It was good. I'd seen it at the theater with Captain America, but she'd never seen it.l

After the movie, she went home, and I chatted with Captain America for a few minutes before he went to bed, then chatted on Facebook with Hilary for a while. Since they need car repairs done tomorrow, they may not get back home when they planned... Sniff. Sniff. COME BACK HOME, HILARY!!!!

It's now 12:22, and I'm tired. It's bedtime for me :) And it's WAY before 2am - hehehe.

SO, in honor of my Anniversary, here's a cool WordArt for ya - ha! Click on the links below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Father's Day

Morning, all! Hope your Saturday went fabulously! Well, I was supposed to get up at 6:45am and hop in the shower, but I was SO tired. I didn't. I drug my sorry butt out of bed at 7:10am, and slowly but surely got ready. I threw on some jeans, and a scouting camp shirt, a brown bandana, some DARK glasses, and I was all set.

We headed out to Day Camp at 8am. The camp was feeding us lunch, so I didn't need to pack on. Sa-weet! Here's me, in all my bandana glory! This is my "It's WAY too early for 7 kids in a suburban...." face.

I was all set to walk around with the Wolf/Bear den, but we only had one kid. And the other ward had a TON of parents, so I kinda floated during the day. I'd go with the boys sometimes and chat with the other parents/leaders, and I'd stay at certain stations and help.

Laurie came too, and helped with one of the crafts. I ended up hanging there quite a bit. Paige, from Hondo Pass ward was there, and she and I hung a bit, and Brother Hall from Hondo Pass ward. All in all, it was a good day.

Here's our Cub Scout group at the Pet Care class. That German Shepherd was MASSIVE! You know I'm not a big dog fan, right? They're scary. While he appeared super nice and friendly and mild, in my head, I just kept picturing him mauling some poor child. OK, so I got issues....

Cub Camp got over at 12:30pm, and they fed the Scouts Hot Dogs. I was SO starving, that I grabbed a Hot Dog (no bun), and ate it. It sustained me till I got home and got my real lunch. I had the kids eat lunch in the truck, and off we went. I was SUPER tired, and SO needed a nap.

I tasked the kids with cleaning their room, and quite reading time, while I took a nap. I finally got up around 3:30pm. It wasn't the most restful of sleep. Kids kept coming in and interrupting me. Sigh. I guess that's what happens when you're the mom, right?

I helped the kids clean their rooms a bit more, and started on dinner. We had pork (chicken for Jake and I), mashed potatoes, and squash. Yeah, they weren't sure about the squash, but I liked it :)

At around 6:45pm, Laurie came and picked me up. We were doing a movie. Her kids were with her in-laws in New Mexico for a few days, so she was free! She was pretty excited. I left Jake in charge, telling him to do chores, watch a movie, and put the kids to bed. They were pretty tired from the long day at Cub Camp, so it would be pretty easy :)

Laurie and I went to see 'The Killers". OMGosh, it was funny. I really liked it. More of a comedy than a suspense or action. But there was a bit of that in there too. Ashton Kutcher. And Magnum PI. Remember him? Tom Seleck? Mustache guy - hehehe.

After the movie, around 9pm, I called Jake, and made sure he'd done what I asked, which he had. What a good babysitter :)

We headed to Walmart, and were there until about 11pm. hehehe. It was FABULOUS to go without children :) We just walked and looked and chatted and giggled, and had a good time :) I ended up with a new bedding set. See the cool quilt? Yeah, $19. For a king size. And it came in a quilted tote bag. I bought cheap pillow cases for accent pillows, and that decorative one for the middle. All told, it was $36 for the set. Not too shabby. I was ready for something not brown in my bedroom. I'll pull the brown back out during Winter, I'm sure.

Anyway, back to Walmart. I got some make up (I was out of eyeliner, and my mascara was WAY old), some sunscreen for under my foundation, new toothbrushes for the kids, and new tooth paste. And we looked for Fathers Day gifts for Captain America. Well, I guess I should say I did - ha!

Since he and I will be gone next week, we're doing "Fake Fathers Day" tomorrow. hehehe. We found him a new cooler for his lunch! With containers that fit perfectly in there. And a Payday candy bar. That's his favorite. And some Fathers DAy cards. The kids will get up and make him breakfast tomorrow too. Should be a good morning :)

Then, we found beach towels for the kids/grown ups who didn't have them. We must have circled the store 2 or 3 times. hehehe. We were just having a fun time :)

After Walmart, she dropped me back off at home, I got my stuff all put away, my new bed all made, and I texted with Hilary for a bit. Yeah, we both decided that we didn't like to have the other one gone. It's just not working out so well for us apart. Come back home, hon! I miss you :(

SO, since we're doing Fake Fathers day tomorrow, AND so that you have time to make some Fathers Day cards or something, I made this WordArt for y'all! Hope you like it :)

Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!