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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fun and Games

I wonder how my trip is going. I hope I'm having fun. I should be having fun. I like the peeps I'm going with. hehe.

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Roughing It

Really, this is the only pic that facebook would let me grab? Sigh. I am having SUCH a better day than yesterday. I even got showered and cute and everything! AND wanted to take pics of myself. Yeah, that's an indicator of how good I'm feeling, you know...

Oh wait, I figured it out! I just had to restart facebook, and it's working now- hehe.

Anyway, got ready, got kids on the bus, and Captain America and I headed to the hospital for his appointment. About his bloody belly button. I dropped him off at the door, and drove around for what felt like FOREVER looking for a parking spot. It was insane. My Ft. Bliss peeps can testify that it's NOT easy to find a parking spot. Unless you're Hilary, then apparently you find them real easy. See, I knew there was a good reason I'm always your passenger....

Anyway, I finally found some dude walking to his car, followed him, and waited for him to leave. JUST so I could find a spot. It wasn't even close. I didn't care. Any spot would do :)

Me on the way to his appointment. See, I look better :)
So the appointment was on the 2nd floor, in the basement, and there was NO cell/internet signal. Whaaaat? That's SO uncool. So I took pictures of us instead. See, I can entertain myself!

Here's me smiling. And apparently the muscles that control my smile also control my forehead. See, smile, and raise eyebrows. Just works that way...

So I tried to smile and NOT raise my eyebrows. Did it work?

This one is kinda normal
And Captain America

So the doc came in and took a much closer look at the xrays and such, and determined that it wasn't anything serious. They COULD do a surgery to poke around, but it probably wouldn't find anything. Captain America was SO relieved. His belly button was getting infected. That's it. Thank goodness. He wasn't so happy about going on the Non Deployable list. Not cool.

Anyway, we headed back out, and stopped at Circle K on the way home. Here's me and my tiny drink. Only 32 oz.I LOVE my white sunglasses. hehe
Jimmy wanted his pic taken with me before the bus.
So I got Jimmy on the bus, and had to return a few things to Laurie. Some fancy dresses I'd borrowed. Cause I'm a bad friend, and keep things FOREVER before returning them. hehe.

I stayed and chatted with her for about an hour. And then I noticed this. Nice. hehe.
Hilary texted about 12:45 and wanted us to go to Sam's with her to get Ice for the campout. So she picked us up, and she and I and Laurie and Rowan headed out. Here's Laurie

And Rowan
And me
Um, where's the picture of my driver???

We stopped at Walmart first to get personal hygene wipes, cause we ARE camping primitive, with no running water OR showers. So that was a necesity!

Here's Rowan getting ran over by Hilary. Funny, huh? He sure thought so. Pinned between the conveyer belt and Ms Hilarys shopping cart...
She's enjoying it EVEN more than he is...
Then on to Sam's. Yeah, I LOVED this coat. But NOT the price...

On the way out, I grabbed a Sam's soda cup, and filled it up with Coke Zero. And it really tasted funny. See, nasty!
I gave it away to my kids. Not nasty as in, gross, but nasty as in maybe not sugar free. Anyway, total bust.... dang...

We loaded back up, and headed home, ice and all. We picked up Jimmy from the bus stop, and Hilary dropped me off at Lauries house, where my truck was. I grabbed 3 -20lb bags of ice, and headed home. Jake helped me unload thm to the freezer, and I headed in to blog. It's now 4pm, and I'm all pre-blogged for 4 days. No internet reception where we're going. I'm SERIOUSLY gonna go thru withdrawls... hehe.

So now I need to go and pack. Jake's packed. But no one else. Wish me luck. We're wanting to leave as soon as Captain America gets home, which means that I need to get a move on...

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart

OK, so I'm sorry. :P I didn't know that not blogging one day would worry so many... Andrea texted all in a panic, wanting to know WHAT happened. Poor girl. My mom called. My Aunt wanted to know what was wrong. TONS of comments on the non existent post. I was just having a really bad night, and went to sleep, and decided "screw it". No one cares anyway. I woke up in the morning, added a quick freebie a few hours late, and went about my crappy day. I didn't know it was gonna effect so many people. And for that, I'm truly sorry.

I did have a good day (most of it) on Tuesday. Click HERE to go to my friend Hilary's blog, and you can see the fun stuff we did. I'm in the middle part of the blog - LOL. We went grocery shopping in the morning together, Hilary and Maggie and I and our hubbys went to lunch at El Taco Tote, then Hilary and I went to Sams and Walmart and The Dollar Tree to get the rest of the food type items we needed.

Captain America was home a bit later than normal from work, and got onto Jake a little because Jake hadn't worked on his Boy Scout stuff like he'd promised his dad he'd do. And for some reason, the grouchiness got to me. Started me feeling bad about myself.

Then, Captain America was a little upset because I couldn't find the right picture frame at Walmart. Honestly, I think he was just grouchy from work. You know how that is. Work can suck sometimes, and it's hard to separate from work and home. Anyway, a little bit of grouchiness spilled over to me, and given my funk as of late, I didn't handle it well.

What should have been a discussion turned into a big argument, and then I was gone. I just started feeling more and more sad and depressed. And I couldn't seem to get myself out of it. I wasn't in a very good place.

At 9pm, I headed out to Walmart to get another frame. A different Walmart. He didn't want me to go. He said he'd get one later. But I was feeling down, and stubborn. My messed up logic said, "I'll show him, I'll go drive around El Paso, going to every Walmart in town, just to prove that I can get the picture frame". Sigh.

So I drove 20 minutes over to the East side, and they had nothing. I saw the spot they should have had it, but it was gone. And the lines were HORRIBLE! Even the jewelry department and electronics counter had 8-9 people in it. I don't know what was up with this particular Walmart (it's not usually that bad), but I just turned around and left.

There was another one closer to the boarder that I decided to go to. I hadn't been to that particular Walmart before. A little south of I-10. And there were TONS of parking spots. And no one in the store. And the people were pretty friendly. And they had the 11x17 frame. So I was happy-ish.

I don't know if driving helped cleared my head at all or not. I was gone for about an hour and a half driving around. I really wasn't in a very good emotional place. I ended up sitting in the driveway for another 30 minutes, just sitting there.

I came inside, and Captain America was doing Scouts stuff with the 2 oldest boys. And they seemed to be enjoying themselves. That's good, considering how tense it'd gotten earlier.

I went to the back patio, because I didn't wanna interact with people at all, and read part of my new book, the #3 book in the Hunger Games trilogy. It was pretty good, but I was having a hard time focusing. I was still pretty upset.

Captain America came out a few times and tried to talk, and even had me come inside at one point to talk, but I was being stubborn. Did you know I can be stubborn? Yup. Not a good thing sometimes. He was really trying to help me feel better. He saw that I wasn't in a good place, but I wasn't budging. When I get upset, I don't talk. And I wish I could, but I don't. And I'm sure Captain America wishes I could too.

Usually I don't have this much troubles. But, like I said, it's been a really off week. And I could feel myself spiraling down. And the pity party continued. I ended up sleeping on the couch (and really, I wasn't even mad at that point, so I don't know why I did - Captain America had gone to bed much earlier).

I know at one point, he came out and put a blanket on me. Cause he loves me, and was watching out for me. I'm really glad that I have him. Sure, he's Man-ish a lot, but he really does love me. I know that. I know how lucky I am to have him.

Anyway, I didn't feel any better when I woke up. I did get the kids off to school, and Captain America tried to talk to me some more, and I wasn't mad anymore, but just sad. And he felt bad that he couldn't get me out of my funk.

I spent part of the morning on the back porch, just sitting there. Captain America had to go to work, and was back about 30 minutes later. He'd emailed something to the commander, but it didn't go through. So he had to come back home and re-do it. Then do a few more little projects for the commander. So he was here for about another hour. Probably not that long.

Anyway, Hilary had been texting me, and knew that I was struggling. And said she was coming over. Part of me welcomed someone trying to help me out, but part of me wanted to go and hide in my room all day. We'd made plans to go out, but I backed out because of my HORRIBLE mood. She said she didn't care, that she'd cancel all the plans, and just come and hang out and help me feel better.

She got here, and we went to the back patio, and I was a mess. Hopefully she'll still be my friend now that she's seen me a total mess. hehe. I think she will :) We talked (well, she talked - I just kinda sat there and looked pathetic) and she tried to help me feel better and get out of my funk.

We got Jimmy on the bus, and sometime after lunch, we headed over to her house. I wasn't really feeling a lot better, but I was dealing with feeling crappy a bit better. I'm a good faker. And sometimes you can even trick yourself into feeling better. So I was giving it a shot.

Our two families are going camping this weekend together, and she and I worked on our shopping list for food. We cook all the food together, and pool the supplies. Works pretty good. So we made up a menu for the days we were gonna be there, then went through and listed the ingredients that we'd need to run the menu. Then we went down the ingredients list to see which items we already had at our houses. H for Harty and N for Nouhan, then blank for things we had to buy.

After we got the list together, we headed to the grocery store. We got most of the stuff on the list before we had to get me back home for Jimmy's bus. I kept all the food at my house, since I have an extra fridge.

I really am glad that Hil came over. I've never really called on friends when I felt that bad before. I'd always just hid. And muddled through somehow. And while it KILLS me to have other people see me "weak", I know it's not a bad thing. It's nice to know that someone cares enough to be there for you. Thanks, girl. You're the best :)

I looked like crap, but had an appointment to go to. Oh well. This was as good as it was getting, looks wise, for the day. I didn't really care too much.

I picked up Jimmy from the bus with the truck, and headed up to the school to grab the other 3 kids out. We headed home, picked up Captain America (who'd just got there from work) and Jake, and headed to Jacob's doctor appointment.

Remember I said that he was diagnosed with very mild autism spectrum disorder. The doctor wanted to see us all as a family. So he took Jake and chatted with him alone for about 5 minutes, then called us all back. The kids all played in the office together, and Captain America and I and the doctor chatted in an adjoining room for a bit. I think he's just trying to get the feel for us before he tells us what we should do. Or at least, I hope. It's the 2nd visit, and we don't really know a lot more than we did at the beginning.

He did say, I think Jacob is just how he is. Very true. We have to remember that's he's not gonna be something he's really not. He's not gonna be Mr. Social. It's just not in his make up. We need to be working within Jacobs strengths.

Anyway, he wanted to know if Jake was in the EFMP (exceptional family member program). Nope, since the doc had JUST diagnosed him. He said to hurry downstairs to their office, and start the paperwork. OK. It was a lot of running and elevators and waiting, but we finally got the paperwork. Then had to go back up to the original doctor and give him the paperwork. They're gonna call when he's done with it, and I can come back to the hospital (great), pick it up, and deliver it to the EFMP office.

After all that craziness, we loaded back up in the truck, and headed to Captain America's buddy's house, Joe, to pick up our trailer. Joe PCS'd to Ft Sill, but still owns a house here. We're watching it for him, and keeping our trailer there cause we're not supposed to have it on post.

Anyway, we needed the trailer for camping. Captain America hooked it up, and we drove back on post. I was still feeling a bit down, so I went and tried to take a nap. But it didn't really work. The kids had cereal and fruit for dinner (yeah, they weren't pleased about that, but I didn't have time to cook dinner because we didn't get home until 5:30pm). We had to leave for Scouts a little after 6:30pm.

I'm not sure where that hour went, but it went pretty fast. Before I knew it, we were rushing to get kids out the door. Captain America had had to go back to work, so I was taking all 5 kids. Joyous.

I dropped off the 3 big kids for the activities at the church, and headed home. Captain America was there now (I guess they didn't need to stay after all), and he changed the oil in my truck and kept the 3 little boys. Hilary and I headed to Sam's to get the last few things on our food shopping list.

I was feeling a bit better by this point. The funk was definitely still there, but I wasn't all weepy and junk. I hate acting like that.... Puke! I wanted to kick my own butt for acting so sissy-ish. hehe.

We got the stuff we needed, and she dropped my back off at my house, then went back to church to grab her family. And grabbed mine while she was at it, and brought my kids back. Thanks, girl! That was extra nice of ya!

We got the kids into bed, and I sat down to design. Usually Thursday night is my designing nite, cause the newsletter goes out on Friday morning. But there was a schedule change for this week only, and the newsletter is getting built Thursday AM. So I needed to have my designing done on Wednesday night. Great. Just what I wanted to do. Use creativity. Yeah, not feeling it.

I did manage to get my 5 WordArt packs designing and ready and in the store. Wanna see???

Click HERE to go to my store to check out my new stuff for the week. Only $2.00 for the first week or so.

So anyway, here it is, 1:30am. And I blogged. And it wasn't pretty. I'm sorry. Life isn't always pretty. It's messy at times, and uncomfortable. But it's necessary. If we don't know the bad times, we really truly can't know the good times. I believe that. And I truly hope that I feel a lot better when I wake up. I'm leaps and bounds better than last night. That's for sure.

Thursday, I'm going to a Doctors appointment with Captain America in the morning about some staples that are causing him troubles from a Spleenectomy back in '95. Then, I'm packing most of the day. Then, hopefully, after the men get off work, we'll head up to Ruidoso, NM for a camping trip. Same place as before (Memorial Day).

Which means I'm gonna have to get some pre-blogging in.... Anyone wanna donate some extra hours to my day? Cause if I stay awake much later, I'm not gonna be feeling too good tomorrow, and we DON'T want that again.

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Friend of the Family

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thrift Store Shopper

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JACOB!!! Today is Jake's 13th birthday. We had his party on Sunday night, and I took him out to lunch of Friday, but this is his official birthday. I remember, I was in labor with him the night Princess Diana died. He was born around 5 something in the morning, 9lb 4oz. SUPER huge for my first baby. hehehe. And he's still as big as ever. Almost 5'6". And he outweighs me by at least 35 lbs. My little baby isn't so little anymore... 2 more inches and he's officially taller than me....

How was Monday? Was it good? I sure hope so.

I woke up at 6:55 am, got kids ready for school, and snuggled on the couch with Jimmy for a while. I reprogrammed our TV so the antenna would pick up stations. See, when we first got the antenna, it picked up ALL the local stations. Then, 2 months later, it only got one. Then 3 months later, they all came back in. Then, a few months ago, they went away. Well, apparently they're back. Yeah, I don't know what it's problem is. Whatever. It's working now.

Anyway, he and I watched "Dinosaur Train", part of Sesame Street, Clifford, and something else. He cleaned his room and played Wii for a bit in between too. The kids had gotten on the bus at 7:30am, and Jake had woken up at around the same time.

How was I feeling? Still pretty down. I thought I was gonna wake up happy and positive, but it wasn't the case. Not as bad as the day before, but still feeling pretty crappy. I texted with my friend on and off for the morning.

Sometimes talking about how you feel helps, and sometimes you just wallow. I don't know which I was doing - hehe. Maybe a little of both. Hopefully I didn't bum my friend out too much. You know how that is. Ever have a friend who was ALWAYS in need of consoling? Yeah, those are "needy" friends, and they take a lot of effort. Please, TELL ME if I get that way. I don't wanna be a "needy" friend...

Anyway, I did manage to get a shower, AND put on make up. The hair, not so much. I wish I had the kind of hair that could just air dry and be pretty. But no. It requires some work. Oh well.

I worked on a project for my mom for part of the morning, too. Some invitations to a dance at church. They ended up looking pretty good.

I got Jimmy to the bus on time, then came back home. At some point, Jake and I had lunch, and Captain America wanted me to bring him out what he was gonna eat for dinner, and a cooler with water, and some sodas. He was "in the field". But not staying overnight, at least. So Jake and I loaded up, and headed out to give him his stuff. Jake had never been there (It was jimmy and I last time), and when we got there, Captain America took Jake on a tour of the vehicles and such. He seemed to enjoy it.

We drove back home, and Jake was finished with school by this point, and started working on is Lego Halo ship. He was perfectly content doing that for the afternoon. I went with Hilary to run a few errands.

I didn't really wanna leave the house, because I kinda wanted to "wallow in self pity" the rest of the day, but I recognized that wasn't good for me. And for me, a change of scenery goes a LONG way. I'm sure she could tell I wasn't myself, but as the afternoon went on, I think she could tell I was starting to feel a bit more like myself.

Anyway, we went to the mall. She had bought a Fossil purse not too long ago, and it was getting a hole in it. And those suckers are expensive, and shouldn't be getting holes in them. Mine, for $3. Yeah, that's understandable. But not something that you paid a lot of money for.

Anyway, the Fossil girl said that they coudln't take it back without a receipt, cause this mall didn't carry that line of Fossil purses. BUT, that the Outlet Mall on the West side DID carry that line, and would probably be able to help her.

She and Paul were gonna go to the West Sied tonight anyway, so she was gonna give it a shot.

Next, we went to Lowes, and she got some spray paint (no, we're not gonna vandalize anything...) for Paul to make a Corn Hole game. For our campout on Labor Day. He and Captain Americ are pretty excited to play. I like Corn Hole. It's a fun game.

And, we stopped and got sodas at the BEST Circle K in El Paso, the Northeast Side Circle K. 64 oz of Diet Mt Dew for me ... Maybe that had something to do with the fact I was starting to feel better - hehehe.

Then, we went to Walmart to get bananas and frozen strawberries. Well, she did. I didn't get any. She can't buy bananas unless they've got 8 on a bunch. Naturally occuring 8, too. LOL. Kinda like the weird way I won't go in the exit, or out the entrance. And we're both afraid of manholes. I know, we're freaks...

Anyway, we picked up her kids from school, and she delivered me to my house along with Laurie's daughter, who goes to school at the charter school with Hilarys kids.

The kids were home, and I got them set up with a snack (birthday cake), and Hilary and I headed to the commissary real fast. Since I didn't have time to (read:want to) cook dinner, I got some deli pizzas for them. They seemed pretty happy. It was a VERY short trip to the commissary. I'm planning a grocery shopping trip in the morning.

The kids and I spent the next hour cleaning the house and doing our chores. The house looked pretty good when we were done. I told them they had 35 minutes to get everything done. They worked pretty hard. Could be that I told them that when time was up, if it wasn't cleaned enough, they were spending the rest of the night in their rooms. hehe.

We worked a few minutes past time, but just a few. I let everyone stay up. hehe. We had dinner, and Captain America came home a bit later. We hung with the kids for a while, and watched parts of Monty Python. My text message alert is the part where the groom is in the tower and fires the arrow out the window with the rescue note on it, and hits the dude with Lancelot. And you hear the arrow zooming through the air, and the dude says "Message for you, sir". hehe. Any Monty Python and the Holy Grail fans out there?

Anyway, after that, right around bedtime, Captain America and I headed out on a mini date. He wanted to look at a car that his dad was interested. A 1968 blue car. Yeah, sorry honey. I did catch the year, aren't you proud. hehe. I sat in the car and texted my friends, since it took a LOT longer than I'd planned on. I swear we were there for about 30 minutes. He was talking to the dudes and even test drove it. At least people were texting me back - hehehe.

We were out of there by 8:05pm, and we headed to the West Side to Savers. I LOVE Savers. On Monday, they have one colored tag for $0.99. What a deal! The shelves were picked pretty dry of Orange tags, but I did find a few. Sweet!

See all the stuff I got!
OK, so this is probably WAY too much info, but whatever. hehehe. I REALLY had to go to the bathroom. See, I just LOVE those sugar free candies. And, well, they have a laxative effect if you eat too many. And, well, I must have had a TON yesterday, cause, well, um, it was REALLY working. Lets just say, it's a good thing Savers had a bathroom. hehehe.

We left Savers, and hit a Circle K on the way home. It only had Diet Coke, so I wasn't sad that we didn't have our big cups. 32 oz of Diet Coke was plenty....

We stopped at an Auto store on the way home so Captain America could get some supplies to change his oil. I don't know what it was. He knew what he needed. AND, I talked him into getting this cool contraption for me. My phone was dying, and he was using his charger in his lighter outlet. What about mine? Poor thing was dying. We found this 3 way splitter, and I was SO excited. Now I can charge my phone, his phone, and something else in my truck/his car. Sweet!

We got home around 9:30 or 10pm, and the kids were all sleeping. I love it when they listen and obey. Everyone stayed in bed. Good job! hehe.

It's now 12:20am, and I'm just finishing up blogging. I really should go to bed. I wonder what tomorrow will hold?

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Birthday Cake is Yummy!

Howdy girls... You know how some days are pretty decent, sprinkled with a little crappy? Well, today was the opposite for me. Sigh. I need to get out of this funk I've been in. I'm not liking feeling this way...

Quick question - what do YOU do when you feel in a funk? How do you break free of it, and get to feeling like yourself again?

Anyway, woke up at my normal Sunday morning time, and got ready for church. Got all the kids ready, and were almost ready to leave the house, and Captain America and I got in another fight. Sigh. I'm getting tired off all the fights. I know everyone fights. It's part of life and marriage. I'm just getting weary of it. And we fight about SUCH stupid things. I guess it's better than fighting about super big important things, right?

Needless to say, we didn't make it to church. And if you know me, I HATE missing church. I was just in such a funk after the fight that I couldn't go. They wipe me out. I struggle with low self image anyway, and the fall out from a fight doesn't help. Even after Captain America and I apologized to each other and made up, I still felt like crap. I was kinda in a daze all day long, feeling crappy.

At 10am, I went to the airport to pick up a friend who was on vacation, and dropped her off at her house. That didn't even rouse me from my bad mood. I'm sure she thought I was just being stuck up - ROFL!

We had a BBQ at lunchtime, since Captain America had taken chicken breasts with him to the field on Friday, and didn't cook them. They'd been in the cooler, so they were still good. Chicken and hot dogs and salmon. I just had the chicken and cucumbers.

Captain America and I worked together to make Jake's Birthday cake. The first one we'd made in the morning got ruined while we were fighting. No, I didn't throw cake at anyone. The timer went off, and the kids took it out of the oven. And it wasn't done cooking. Not by a long shot. So we had to make new ones. Sigh. The child who picked the cakes out of the oven prematurely felt REALLY bad. I know they were just trying to help.... Once the new cakes came out of the oven, I showed everyone what DONE cakes looked like...

Before Sunday afternoon nap time, Captain America and I played Dominos with the kids. They like playing games as a family, and we need to do that more often.

Here's Captain America and I. See, this is as good as it gets, happy wise...

Jimmy (He was REALLY good at dominos. Too bad he lost interest 1/2 way through. He could have won)

After the game, we sent all the kids to their rooms for quiet time (reading, coloring, napping, whatever), and Captain America and I took a nap. I still wasn't feeling happy, so sleeping was good.

When we woke up, we cooked Tacos for everyone, and watched a family movie. The newer Joseph Smith movie. I'd never watched it before, and really enjoyed it.

So after the movie, we had Jacobs 13th Birthday party. Captain America is gonna have a busy week this week, and Jake's birthday is on Tuesday. So we figured we'd have the party over the weekend, and make sure that Dad could come.

Here's the cake that Captain America and I made. Jake wanted a Master Chief cake from Halo. This is the best we got. LOL! We tried making a 2 layer cake, cutting it in half, and making if 4 layers, but it kept falling over. So we put the layers pack, and carved it out, and it kept collapsing. So we turned it around, decorated the back, and called it good. Just don't turn it around. It looks like crap in the back - LOL!

Jacob blowing out his candles (these are in the wrong order, I think...)

And everyone with the cake and ice cream. Yeah, I totally shouldn't have eaten mine. I took the smallest piece of cake, and one little scoop of ice cream, and I still feel bad about it. Sigh. Maybe I'll just skip birthday cake completely for Jimmy's bday (9/11). I'm not liking how I'm feeling about it right now...

Captain America
I could have sworn I'd gotten a picture of Tom too... Hmmmm... Anyway, people didn't eat all the food on their plates, just so you know. I don't think they even touched the cake - LOL. They just wanted the ice cream. hehehe.

Here's Jake with his Birthday present, Halo Legos.
After the party, it was almost 8pm, so we put the kids to bed. Captain America went to do something to his car, and I took a hot bath. I was feeling cold, and that's the best way to warm up, I've found. I'd totally turn down the air conditioner, but then the people in the upstairs rooms freeze. Funny, but the only rooms in the house that are consistently cold are the ones with vaulted ceilings. Go figure on that one...

After I was warm, I came out and blogged/designed, and chatted with my mom on the phone for a bit. She had a project that she needed my help on. Tomorrow, I'll work on it tomorrow :)

So how am I feeling now? Slightly less crappy... Does that count as an improvement? I'm hoping that with a good nights sleep, I'll wake up feeling happy. Like myself. I'm just not feeling it at the moment.

Oh yeah, and I put it out there yesterday that someone could make me an apron (hehe). Well, if you wanna make me one and send it to me, I'll totally give you a $20 coupon to my store. Would that be a fair barter? Just email me at bnbharty@gmail.com if you're interested :) Aprons are fun. All my old ones are from when I weighed 180 lbs, and I'm 140 now. Yeah, they're a tad bit big. So, any takers? Just let me know :)

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