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Saturday, November 21, 2009

What a Hottie!

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Holy Abs of Steel, Batman! New Moon was SO fantastic! Totally lived up to my expectations!!! More about that later.....

So I got the kids up and ready and out the door this morning, then got ready for my walk. I put in a movie for Jimmy, and got Jake all set up with school. Have you seen Coraline? It came out this year to the theaters. I watched a few minutes of it, then went on my walk with Andrea. It's amazing how good walking in the morning feels :)

The movie was over by the time I got home, but I still wanted to see it. I asked Jimmy to watchi ti with me. "No, Mommy", he said. "It's scary". What? I sat with him and watched it again, and you know what, it IS scary. Kinda creepy. And that part with the dancing heavy old lady that was scantily dressed? What was that all about? Nasty!

Anyway, after lunch, the kids and I headed out to the store. Wal-mart isn't my favorite place, but it's a necessity sometimes. I wanted to get a white shirt to make a "Twilight" shirt out of. And I needed a printer cartridge. And some body wash for Captain America. And me. And soap for the kids' bathroom. AND, they had 40 cent turkeys! So I bought 2!!! And some real cranberries. Anyone have a good recipe for homemade cranberry sauce???

After Wal-mart, we hurried back on post and got gas. It was VERY low. I was actually afraid we'd run out. Have you ever done that? I've done it before. It's not fun. I don't recommend it :)

And, the gas pump was actually FAST today. Last 2 times? OMGosh it was slow. Slower than slow. Maybe they were broken before or something. This time was SO much better. I decided to run into the shoppette and grab some candy to take with me to New Moon.

Yeah, I'm sorry, but I'm not paying $1.30 for a candy bar. Might as well buy it at the Theater! After getting gas, we headed over to the commissary. I got some Mike & Ikes, some Junior Mints, some trail mix, and some chocolates. I got a few snacks for the kids, and headed home.

I'd put crock pot chinese chicken on at lunch time, so it was all smelling nice in the house when we got home :) I had about 10 minutes before I had to go and pick up the kids from school. I went in my own rig today, because I had to take Tom to the doctor at 3:45pm. He needed a referral for Speech.

So I go in with Andrea to get the kids, find my own, send Eme and Joe home with Andrea so she can drop them off at my house, and take Tom to the doctor. I brought my laptop so I could design my Twilight shirt. hehehe. Wanna see what I made???

So the doctor put in a referral for Tom for speech, and said that someone would be contacting us shortly. So, it's just a waiting game, at this point.

We got home at 4:10, and I printed out my shirt thingy, then ironed it on. SO cool! It was a little crooked, but I didn't care. I put it on, and the kids and I headed off to the park. We met Andrea and kids and Leslie and kids (and grandbaby) there for a while. I stayed and chatted until about 5:25pm. I couldn't stay much longer! I had to go home, feed my kids, and get ready to go.

SO, we went home, at the chicken and rice, and I got the kids ready to stay home. Funny, but you have to do that. Captain America still wasn't home, but I knew he'd be home shortly. Or so I thought.

Sarah (my backyard neighbor), Mindy (live 3 houses down in the backyard), and another chicke i'd never met, met me at my house at about 5:50pm. I had my New Moon soundtrack, and we were ready to go. It took about 20 minutes to get there, and there was NO parking anywhere. It was crazy!

We parked WAY in the back, and walked on up. Inside the theater, they were directing the crowd into 2 waiting areas. I'm not sure how to explain it without using my hands. ROFL! A gated area with switchbacks. You know, like the line at fast food, where you go back and forth to get to the front of the line. Anyway, it had SEVERAL switchbacks. We were in the 4th switchback.

I used my super math skills (ROFL!) to figure out how many people were in line. There were 10 switchbacks. I counted the people in my row, which was 12. So, if every row had 12, then there were 120 people. Dang! Come to find out, we were the 3rd of 4 groupings waiting to go to the SAME movie! That's a LOT of people.

We got to the theater at 6:15, and they let us in at 7:40. I was wishing I'd worn different shoes - LOL! My feet were killing me :) A few of the girls went to get food from the consession stand, and the rest of us held place in line.

At 7:40, they finally let us in. Since we were the 3rd group, we were sitting near the front. Great. I hate sitting in the front. The screen is WAY too big in the front. It kills my head. And this screen was ginormous!!!

I turned around and took a pic of the stadium seating movie theater. It was massive! Tons of people there :)

We're on row 3. Nice, right?

Sarah and I

This is Mindys friend. How bad is that of me that I didn't catch her name, and I sat by her the whole movie - LOL

Here's the 6 of us. The 2 chickies on the left side are from our neighborhood, but I don't know their names. Mindy and Sarah are in the middle, then me, then the chickie that I didn't catch her name.

The movie was fabulous. SO much better than Twilight. They were true to the essence of the book. Sure, a few things were changed and tweeked, but it kept true to the feel of the book. I really enjoyed it.

I thought it was hilarious all the cat calls, the ooooing and aaaaaaaing and clapping and cheering for the movie. And the theater was definitely slanted toward Team Jacob. He was hot. There's no denying that :)

And remember how I was worried about the drinking thing? They weren't before we left, they weren't in line, but I know that there was some going on during the movie, when the lights went out. Sigh. Really? During New Moon? Whatever. I guess I was asked just to be the designated driver. Whatever. I LOVED the movie.

On the way back to post, when we stopped to show our id's to the gate guard, I handed him the pile (LOL -4), and he asked if I could roll down the back window. OK, I said, but you have to help me roll it back up. Are you serious, he asks. Yep, I say.

And the window gets stuck down. He felt really bad, and tried to help get it back up, but it was stuck. The look on his face was worth the cold air blowing in the rest of the way home - ROFL!

I dropped off the girls, then went home. And gave Captain America a recap of the evening, then sat down with the computer. I don't know how it got so late. I swear it was only 10:30pm when I got home. Its now 1:33. Yeah, where did 3 hours just go? Sigh.

I'm meeting Adela and Katy tomorrow at 7am to get ready for the garage sale. I need to find my christmas prints, and my frames, and assemble them. I need to find some cash. And a little bit of sleep would be good. Not sure where or when that'll fit in. Right now, I'm looking at 5 hours. I guess that's better than a poke in the eye :) A little - hehehe.

After the garage sale, Andrea and I have planned to go to church for Super Saturday (we all get together and make Christmas crafts). It's from 10-1pm. Should be fun. Jake has his first wrestling match at 2:30pm, but Captain America is taking him. Thank goodness. Maybe I can get a nap tomorrow afternoon. Maybe. We'll see.

I'm gonna go see New Moon again with Captain America, sometime next week (maybe even Saturday!), and then again with the girls. My girls! We've just gotta pick at time and day. I bet its even better the 2nd time around. LOL!

Yes, I know, it's childish. But I don't care. He/they are hotties. LOL! And they deserve their own WordArt for it. I'm sure you have a "hottie" in your life that you can use this for! If not, feel free to grab Jacob or Edward. I'm sure they wouldn't mine - ROFL!

Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work.

I just couldn't resist. One more time :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Movie Premiere

Late again. Sigh. Why don't I do my work during the day? Wouldn't that make more sense? I mean, really. Couldn't I find an hour during the day to blog and design. Well, maybe not blog. How do I give a recap of the day when it's only 1/2 way done. But design? Definitely. I could get better at that :) hehehe. Here it is, 11pm, and I'm just now sitting down to do this. Procrastination is my friend, but it's kicking my butt! Not a very good friend, eh?

So I was up like normal, getting kids ready for school, cooking French Toast (I know! Don't know where that came from - LOL! Usually it's "Kids, grab a bowl of cereal!") when I realized that my Visiting Teachers were coming over at 8am. I got the kids out the door at 7:30am, then cleaned up the living room/dining room, and kitchen areas for the next 30 minutes. My headache was almost gone, but threatening to come back, so I just took it slow. Fast, but slow. LOL!

I still coudln't find my migraine medicine. I did manage to find the calendar that I'd written down the refill info on from last time, though. I called for a refill, and it won't be ready for pickup until Tuesday after 9am. Sigh.

Eme had stayed home because her cough was really bad. She has asthma (very mild), and when she gets a cold, it makes her coughs really bad. She was coughing so bad she was puking. Poor kid. I let her spend the day on the couch. And I think Jimmy REALLY liked having someone closer to his own age to play with.

The house looked decent when the Visiting Teachers got there. They visited for a little while, gave a very nice lesson, shared a loaf of cinnamon bread, I shared some garage sale little boy Sunday clothes, and they were off. I still made it to my walk with Andrea at 8:30ish.

We walked fast, because all the kids were at home. Pretty fun :) Walking and chatting and venting and bonding :) Love ya, girl! Jake called while we were on the walk and said that his Math teacher let him retake his lowest grade on a test (45% - dang!), and he got a 25 out of 27 on it! He was SO excited!

We were back home by 10am. I'm not sure what I did the rest of the morning/afternoon. It all kinda passed in a blur. I know I chatted with my sister on Gmail chat for a while (and my mom too), played Happy Aquarium (yeah, guilty pleasure), watched a movie with the kids. Just not sure on the order I did them - hehehe.

Captain America came home at 11:45 for lunch, and was gone by 12:45pm. I made hamburgers and bean with bacon soup. Mmmm, tasty. I cleaned out the garage a bit more, finding a few more things for the garage sale. One thing that I did find was my crochet stuff.

I found a scarf that I'd started last year, and brought it inside and started working on it for a while. Jimmy loved it, and claimed it as his own. It's not even long enough to fit around your neck, but he's still excited for it - hehehe.

At 3pm, I went with Andrea to pick up the kids. Luke (baby, 18 months) was with her, so we just waiting in the car for the kids, instead of going to the classrooms. Tom walked home with his buddies, Sam stayed for "exercise club", and we took Ben and Joe home. Those two play SO nicely together.

I spent the next few hours getting ready for Cub Scouts. I wasa in charge of the meeting, and not sure what to do. Then, I realized that I was supposed to print out the pictures from the fire station for the meeting. Crap! I'd forgotten all about it. I sent in an order to Walgreens, and it was ready 15 minutes later. SO much better than Wal-Mart. I'm just sayin'.....

Jimmy and I headed out to Wal-greens to pick up the prints, then right back home. I found an old 8x10 frame that I could put the picture in, with a homemade mat. The kids could decorate it for their activity. Easy project.

I cut out enough 8x10 "mats" for all the kids, grabbed some color crayons, some glue, and a few more things, threw them in a bag, and was good to go. I made the kids eat cereal and bananas for dinner (see, there was a reason I made french toast for breakfast!), and heated up some Green Beans for my part of a dinner for a friend. Andrea and I were taking dinner to a friend who's daughter was in the hospital, and just got out.

She stopped by at 5:15 to pick up Joe and I. Jake and the other kids stayed home and watched "Inkheart". Have you seen that one? It's WONDERFUL. Captain America and I went to the movies to see it :)

Anyway, we went to Wandas house, dropped off the food, then headed to Cub Scouts. We got there 10 minutes early. Good thing, too, because I realized I left the "mats" for the pictures at home. Dang! We drove back, got them real quick, and back to Scouts.

It was a pretty good meeting. The little boys liked coloring their pictures. We glued the 4x6 picture to the 8x10 "mat", and let them color it however they wanted. Then, we told their parents to get them a frame for it - LOL!

We did a few electives for Tiger Cubs. We learned how to make a phone call, and about milk. I know, random. But it got 2 different electives passed off - hehehe. I learned that most of these kids have never seen a land line phone. How funny is that! But they ALL knew how to work a cell phone. All knew that the green was go and the red was stop. We passed around one of my old phones, and let them practice making calls. I had my moms phone # written down on a piece of paper, and had them practice dialing the number, pressing go, then pretending to talk, saying bye, and pressing the red button.

It got to Joe, he pushed 3 numbers, then the green button. I went to see what he did, and he was like, "Mom, it's easy. 9.1.1 go!" So proud of himself. I had to show him how there were certain numbers to dial to get certain people. Silly kid - hehehe.

On the way home, Andrea was like, "So, do we need to go right home?" So funny. I told her that I could stay out a bit. Jake had called and said that Jimmy was in bed, Tom was doing his homework, and Eme was quietly watching a movie. Captain America was on his way home from work too.

So, Andrea, Ben, Joe and I headed for McDonalds. The little boys got a parfait and played in the playland, and Andrea and I got hot chocolates and their cinnamon roll bites. OMGosh they were good. I'd never had them before. Super tasty :)

We stayed for about 30 minutes or so, chatting, and letting the kids play. It's so nice to have friends :)

Andrea let me borrow the 007 movie for tonight. Since Captain America and I usually go out on Friday night, and we coudln't this week because I was going out to see the premiere of New Moon, we deicded to do a "Movie In" night. And I hadn't seen Quantum of Solace yet, so it was perfect! We rode to Andreas house, got the movie, and Joe and I walked home. We counted the houses inbetween, and there ARE 8. Good guess, eh?

Captain America and I got the rest of the kids to bed, and sat down for our movie. I liked it. He said he was disappointed when he saw it in the theater, but i don't know what he's talking about. I thought it was good. Good action, good story. I liked it.

So here it is, now 11:30pm, and I'm still blogging. Tomorrow is gonna be a great day, I have the feeling. Nothing special planned for the day, but at 6ish, we're heading over to New Moon to wait in line. I still need to iron out the detail with the neighbor girls, but I did convince 2 of my friends to meet me there! Chelsey (one of my visiting teaching girls from church), and Helen (Katy's friends - she came to the pool a lot during the summer) are gonna meet me there! They haven't got their tickets yet (yikes!), but I'm hoping that there's still some left!

And, can I just say that I'm SO jealous of all of you going to the midnight show. SO jealous. Sniff. Sniff. I still have 19 hours to wait.............. I hope I can sleep tonight.

So, can you figure out why this WordArt? LOL! I wanna see all your layouts!!!! I bet some of you are having a lot of fun! I know my sister is. A lady in her ward rents out the WHOLE theater, and invites all her friends, and they have their own personal party. How cool is THAT!

Click on the link below to go to my accounts to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

LIttle Girls

So today actually WAS a lazy day. Really, it was :) I was up at normal time, getting the kids ready for school, and out the door. Usually, it's Tom (the 10 yr old) yelling at Joe (the 6 yr old) to hurry up, but today, Tom forgot to do some homework, so he was keeping everyone late. I asked him later how it felt to feel rushed by everyone else, and he said "not good". I hope he'll remember it tomorrow when Joe is slow - hehehe. We'll see :)

We didn't walk in the morning, so I sat down and did some designing. I got a new WordArt pack designed, and a few Christmas cards scrapped. They looked pretty good, too.

Jake was SO fast with school today. He got done with all of his classes by 11am. And he even went back and looked over a math test that he's gonna retake soon. Good job, Jake!

Jim and Jacob and I watched "The Santa Clause III: The Escape Clause" today. It's pretty funny. Well, I saw the beginning, and I saw the end, but I kinda missed the middle part - LOL!

I spent quite a bit of time in the garage going through garage sale stuff. I'd just thrown it in laundry baskets, and it was lining the walkway through the garage. Yeah, Captain America wasn't so thrilled with that - hehehe. SO, I got 6 of those giant plastic totes, and started filling them. I have one filled to the top with my clothes, one filled with Jim/Joe sized clothes, one with shoes/belts/scarves/accessories, two overflowing with Jake/Tom sized clothes, and I have still yet to go through Emeline closet. That's a job for when she's at school tomorrow, I guess.

I found the jacket box, and found them all moldy. I washed them with bleach, and it smells SO much better. I only have a few more boxes to go through, then look through the closets again, and I'll be ready for Saturday's garage sale. Really, I hate garage sales. Well, doing them. They're fun to go to. Anyway.....

So Andrea texted me at 3 and asked me to come and pick up the kids with her. I'd totally forgot. I hurried and put on some clothes (read:bra), and headed out the door. Jimmy had fallen asleep in his bed earlier, so Jake didn't really have a difficult time babysitting :)

We got the kids, and headed home. We got them all settled in, and "snacked", and she came back to pick me up to go to the commissary. We needed "Tub Butter (margarine in a tub - LOL), Splenda, and I promised the kids I'd bring them a treat (read:ice cream). I picked up some more dried cranberries, and something else, but I can't recall what it was.... Oh yeah, bagels and cream cheese. So we could have bagel sandwiches. With cheese slices, cotti salami, lettuce, and tomatoes. Mmmmm, so good!

We still had a bit of time before Scouts, so I went in to take a bath. A nice, warm, relaxing bath. Of course, how relaxing is it if you have people CONSTANTLY at the door, asking for things, wanting to know stuff, trying to see where you are. Sigh. I just kept yelling back, "I'm in the bath!". They didn't really get the hint, though.

I felt nice and clean and warm when I got out. Gotta love that :) I got the kids ready for Scouts. Andrea is the Webelos leader, and said that she'd take Tom. And she'd take Eme and Jake too, since they have meeting at the same time. She's so good! Thanks, girl :)

So here I sit. It's only 7:45pm. And I can feel the beginnings of my caffiene withdrawls starting. My neck is getting tight. My head is feeling a little off. Yeah, a migraine is on it's way. My plan is, to get this done and blogged and designed and uploaded and linked and all, then I'm gonna take some pain medicine, maybe even some sleeping medicine, and go to bed. Maybe I can sleep the majority of it off. Wouldn't that be nice :) I'd like that ;)

And, I'm kinda excited about going to New Moon on Friday, but kinda apprehensive. I don't really know the girls I'm going with very well. They asked me to drive, but I get the feeling that it's a "designated driver" kinda thing. I don't even really know how to take that. Hmmm. OK, anyone out there live in the general vicinity of Ft Bliss, El Paso? Will you come to the movie with me??? hehehe. I'll drive! I need some moral support, I think. Andrea hasn't read the books yet, and doesn't really wanna go before she's read it. Laurie's hubby leaves that day (as in deploys to Iraq for a year), and I don't know if she'll be up for it. Katy and Adela have other plans. I asked Helen, but I haven't heard back as to wether she has plans or not. And Leslie doesn't wanna go to the theater we're going to, because all the teeny boppers hang out there. And they totally do - hehehe. Why is life so hard sometimes?

So, I've got another Collab WordArt for you guys! Jen, from Graham Like the Cracker, let me play with her new kit, Little Princess (so sweet!), and I made up a few WordArts for you all! One of them you can grab at her blog, and one of them you can get here. Just scroll down for more directions.

Jen's Blog to grab a WordArt

My WordArt, regular 4shared
My WordArt, regular box.net

My WordArt, drop shadowed (I might be a bit slow getting this one posted)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thanks in Many Languages

Hi again :) It still amazes me that people come to read about my days. LOL! Am I interesting? Or do I just make you all feel normal. Because I'm so weird. I bet that's it - ROFL! Anyway, I like that you like to come read. hehehe.

I was up at 7am, getting kids ready for school. I helped Joe with his homework, got kids all ready, and out the door. They've been wanting to go a little early to walk with neighbor friends. That's cool. I'm good with that :)

Andrea didn't wanna walk because she was super tired from being kept up too late. It's hard when you have company at your house. Poor thing was SUPER tired. I took the time and hung out with Jimmy for a while. We laid in my bed and watched some PBS cartoons. He seemed very pleased that mommy was laying there with him.

Jake was a workhorse when it came to school. He plowed through a TON of classes today. Good job, Jake!

At 9:30am, Jimmy and I walked down to Andreas house. We wrapped the present we'd bought for little Sam the day before. Yeah, I suck at wrapping presents. I get the theory of how you're supposed to make it look pretty. I really do. But I can't find the patience to do it. I just kinda slapped the wrapping paper on there, and had Jimmy come help me tape it, so if asked, I could play it off like a 4 year old had wrapped it. And believe me, it looked like a 4 year old had wrapped it - LOL!

We walked over to Kayley's house at 10am for the party. The little kids all had fun. She had playdough for them to play with, and did a pinata, and had cake and push pops. The moms all had fun chatting and hanging out.

Andrea and I left at about 11:45, and walked home. I got lunch for Jake and Jim and I, and sat down to design. Then, at 12:30, I got a text from Adela saying that the girls were doing lunch at Taco Cabana at 12:30. Like right then. I couldn't get ahold of Andrea, and had already eaten, but hadn't seen the girls in a while, so decided to go and just get a soda.

It was fun to see those girls again. It HAD been a long time since we'd gotten together. There was a lot of laughing and giggling and having fun. And 2 1/2 extra large diet cokes. Yeah, not such a good idea. By the time we were done with lunch, my hands were shaking. From all the caffeine. Not so good. Adela and Katy mentioned that they usually do Ice Cream on Tuesday nights. Apparently Baskin Robbins has a $1.00 kid scoop that night. Sounded like fun!

I got home at 2:30pm, and felt really weird. My stomach started to feel odd, and I couldn't sit still. I felt nervous, and gittery, and un-focus-able. Andrea picked me up at 2:50pm, and we headed to the school to get the kids. It's become our daily routine, I think. Works for me :)

We went into the classrooms to get the kindergarten/1st graders who live on Ft Bliss, and walked them to the gate. Tom and Sam and Joe wanted to stay and walk, so we just drove Ben and Eme home. We sat outside my house and chatted for the longest time. I could tell that the gitteriness was getting worse.

Eventually, Ryan (Andrea's hubby who just left for Iraq) called, so Eme and I went inside so she could chat with her man. I got snacks for the kids, and immediately started cleaning. I did a load of dishwasher dishes, PLUS washed all the ones that wouldn't fit in the dishwasher. I cleared off all the counters, and swept the floors in the kitchen and dining room. I moved all the chairs so I could sweep under the table/chairs and get all the stuff out. I moved the couches in the living room, and swept under that. I made piles for the kids to pick up for their chores. I rearranged just a tiny bit in the living room, exchanged one couch for another. Minor, really.

I went in my room, and folded ALL the laundry, and hung it up, and put it away, and cleaned up the shoes, and all the stuff laying around. I sat down to try and design, but my hands were still shaking, so it wasn't gonna happen. Yeah, not good.

I made dinner at around 5:30pm. We had sausage and eggs. With bananas. AND, I decided that it would be good to start sitting at the table together as a family again. We used to be SO good about that. Before Captain America joined the army. Then we kinda got out of the habit. BUT, I know it's important, so I'm gonna make an effort. We all sat together. A few of the kids tried to duck out early, but we all sat there. For at least 15 minutes. It'll get easier :)

After dinner, we cleaned up a bit more, and I started drinking water. I figured that maybe if I diluted the caffiene, it would be better. I dumped the rest of the Taco Cabana soda, and filled it with water. I drank 2 of those. It kinda helped. Kinda.

I was starting to get annoyed with the kids, and all the running around, and craziness. I decided that maybe sitting down at Baskin Robbins wasn't gonna be the best. Maybe McDonalds playland would be better. I called Andrea to see if she and her gang wanted to come too.

I talked with Adela, and she said that Baskin Robbins was right next door to McDonalds, so that she and Katy and kids would meet us there after 7pm. Sounded like a plan.

Andrea came over at 7pm-ish. She'd snuck out without kids (perk from having in-laws visiting), and came with me and my kids. Captain America was still at work. We got there, and ordered ice cream sundaes (plain for the kids, hot fudge for us), and hot chocolates for us. Mmmmm, tasty.

Adela and Katy were running late, and just when we were about to leave, they walked in. So we stayed another 20 minutes and chatted. It was a good time. It was SO cold outside, and feeding them ice cream didn't seem to help. Duh! Wonder why - LOL! But I think that everyone had a good time.

We got home at 8:30pm, and I dropped off Andrea. I put the little kids to bed and read them a story (Small Pig, it's one of our favorites!), and went in to try and design. I realized that the WordArts I designed for church this coming Saturday would be PERFECT for a WordArt pack, so I didn't even have to design. I already had 4 WordArt packs designed, and with that one, I was all done. I just had to package it up. Sweet! Someone was looking out for me :)

Captain America got home at 9pm. He looked pretty tired. We chatted for a while, since we hadn't seen each other in so long, it seemed :) The man is SO busy. But he's a hard worker, and I know that people at work are noticing how hard he works, and it'll pay off in the long run. He's worked salary before, and knew what to expect when he signed up :)

I worked on loading my products in my store for the week, and he read his book. Even though we weren't really interacting, it was nice to be there together.

So, after my caffeine experience today, I'm swearing off the stuff. No more for me. That was not a pleasant experience. I don't wanna feel like that again. And I know that the withdrawl headache will be bad too. But, I think that enough is finally enough. I'm done with you, caffeine. You are NO longer my friend :)

So, since it's almost Thanksgiving here in the states, and since I know that everyone needs a thank you card every once in a while, here's a Thanks WordArt for ya! Click HERE to go to Scraporchard to download the zip file, and remember, leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Could Be Worse!

First off, did you know that I've been telling everyone on my blog that I'm 34. Dang, I've still got another month of 33. Why am I doing that? hehehe. I just noticed it on my "About Me" section, that I said I was 34. Sigh.

AND, I keep forgetting, but I finally made a "Fan Of " page for Elegant WordArt by Bethany on Facebook. I know, I know, I'm slower than slow. But, I did it :) So, wanna be my fan??? Click HERE to go to my fan page - LOL! Never in a million years did I ever expect to have "fans". ROFL!

Well, I know that the reason that you all like to read my blog is because I do interesting thing. hehehe. Fun and exciting, that's my life. Sometimes TOO fun and exciting. At least if you've got a head cold. but it WAS fun!

So Monday was Andrea's 33rd birthday. We're the same age for a month! Too funny :) Anyway, I started off the day at 6:45am, getting up, getting ready, getting kids ready and out the door a little bit early, getting Jake set up with school, and heading out to the grocery store. Shopping day for the week.

While at the commissary, I got a tiny box of chocolates for Andrea, and a cinnamon roll from the deli. Then, on the way home, stopped at the Post's coffee shop and bought us each a hot chocolate. I paid Jake a dollar to carry in all the groceries, and Jimmy and I walked down to Andreas house for our walk. She was SO excited about her birthday morning breakfast - LOL!

We walked for about an hour, and let me tell you, it sure cleared up my head cold. For that 60 mintues, I could breath. It was SO nice. But, the second I got back home, it clogged right back up. LOL!

I showered and got ready, and Andrea picked me up at 11:45am to go to lunch with her and her in laws and little Luke. We went to Red Lobster. Mmmmm. It was a lot of fun. I got the soup and grilled shrimp salad. Clam chowder in a bread bowl is my absolute favorite!!! Too bad I coudln't taste anything. But, I remember what clam chowder tastes like, so I'm assuming it was good. hehehe. It was warm, if nothing else :)

After lunch, we stopped by the dealership so "dad" could check on the progress of his car. Remember, the story about getting hit by the drunk driver a few weeks ago. It's still in the shop. They said it should be done by Friday. Yeah, we'll see if it happens or not.

We went back home, dropped off Dad, Mom, and the baby (saw Katy over the fence breifly), and headed out to Wal-mart to pick up some birthday stuff. I needed to finish off Andreas present, and get one for Adela. She has a b-day the same day. But she didn't come to lunch with us. She and Katy went somewhere else for lunch together.

We stopped by Walgreens, and I got my pics, and she got hers. Then, off to WalMart. I got a frame for the pics, and a clock. Yeah, sounds like a dorky present, but it was really cool. I was trying to be sneaky so she didn't know what she was getting - LOL! I found that shirt I wanted a few days ago in black, so I picked it up, and got some batteries, a Splash of Cranberry Sierra Mist Free (mmmmm, favorite holiday drink!), and some peppermint sticks. Yummy! Andrea picked up a few things too.

After Wal-Mart, as we were headed back to pick up the kids from school, we got stopped coming back in the gate for a "random" inspection. Sigh. We told the guy we were late to get the kids, and he said it would be only 2 minutes. We didn't believe him, but guess what? It was actually under 2 mintues. Dang, those guys were fast. Of course, Andrea keeps a gun in her car, and they didn't find it. So, what does that tell you about how thoroughly they check the vehicles. Hmmmm, wonder whats the point of stopping us? Anyway.

We went and picked up the kids from school, and I saw Adela there, so I gave her her present. I found the CUTEST softest blankets at WalMart in the Christmas section. If anyone wants to get me one for Christmas, I'd LOVE it :) hehehehe.

Andrea dropped me and the kids off at home, and told me to be ready to go again in 20 minutes. We needed to go to Target to get a present for a little boys party on Tuesday. Go, go, go!

I got the kids a snack, and pulled out the stuff to make homemade pizza. I put a few kids in one room watching TV, and a few in another room watching a different TV, and put Jake with his homework, and headed out again with Andrea.

I found some Matchbox Cars for the little boy. I think he'll like it. Jimmy would, and Jimmy's a year older than the kid. Andrea got him some kind of car thingy too. Should be good. We browsed for a little while, then headed out. She stopped at Taco Cabana on the way home to pick up food for her family.

She dropped me back at home, and I hurried in to make dinner. The kids had fun watching/helping with the pizza. I made 3 pizzas. Two pepperioni, and one supreme with Taco Meat. Mmmm.

I cooked up 2 of the pizzas, then had to take Jake to wrestling. SO, we ALL loaded in the truck and headed out. Captain America said that he needed me to bring him food, so I took some pizza, some apples, and some sodas for him too.

Dropped Jake off at wrestling, dropped dinner off at the battery for Captain America, then headed home. I sat down on the computer with my laptop, and was exhausted. Busy, busy, busy day. I facebooked for a while, checked emails for a while, tried to play a few facebook games, but was too tired for that.

We watched a few minutes of Time Bandits (Tom didn't get to watch it the other day), and I went in my room to lay down. I got about 10 minutes rest when Jake called at 7:40 to come and pick him up. By the time we got back to the house, it was 8pm. Jake got a wrestling sweatshirt, teeshirt, and singlet. Dang, seeing a kid who weighs 172 lbs, 5 foot 4 inches, in a red, white, and blue wrestling singlet? Um, yeah. Not so much. Poor Jake. He was SO embarrassed. I'm gonna have to threaten death to any child of mine who makes fun of him. Poor kid!

I read a story to Joe and Jim (Could Be Worse!), put them to bed, put Eme, Tom, and Jake to bed, then came in to blog and design and sleep. Andrea might call and have me come down and hang out around their fire pit in the backyard. But if she doesn't, I'm gonna watch a bit of TV and sleep. With Niquil. That sounds good!

Somedays I feel like I coudln't cram one more thing into the day. I guess some days are just like that. And, if you notice, Captain America wasn't in the day very much. He got up and left for PT before I got up. I went to the grocery store while he was still gone. When I got back, and before my walk, he was in the shower (I did steal a kiss, though!), I was gone when he came home for lunch, I gave him his dinner in the dark parking lot of the battery, and here it is, 8:38pm, and still no sign of him. He texted a while back and said it'd be another couple of hours.

I think the hard part is that he's been gone for a while now. Remember, weekend before this past one, he went to Dallas area for a reenactment. Got home Monday morning, then slept all day long.

Worked all week long, and LATE nights. We went out on Friday night together. From 8:30pm till 12:30am. Then, we slept in on Saturday till 10am, I got up, but he kept sleeping till 2pm. I did see him for an hour in the truck on Saturday when we went to Walgreens and Target, but then I went to my friends' house while he did whatever he did on Saturday evening.

Then he worked some more at home, and I was sick in bed on the computer. Sunday, he left before I got up, and he didn't get home until right before I left for my meeting. By the time I got back home, he was napping. Then, at almost 7pm, he got up and went to his office, and didn't come home till 10pm.

See, I just haven't seen the man in a REALLY long time. Which means that I'm doing the kids all by myself. And that starts to wear on you a bit. I totally know how my friends who's husbands have just deployed feel like. Except I'm not getting the extra thousand dollars a month. But then, I do get to see him, even if only occasionally. OK, not fair comparison. Sorry, girls. I know it's not the same :)

So, of course, this WordArt is the title of the book I read to my kids at bedtime. It's one of Captain America and my favorites. It was my book when I was a kid, in fact. It say Bethany Winona on the inside cover - hehehe. It's a story about a Grandpa, that, no matter what the kids tell him, always says "Could Be Worse!". Then, one day, after wondering why nothing exciting ever happens to Grandpa, Grandpa tells a whopper of a story, about flying off with strange creatures, deserts, snowy mountains, bottom of the sea, flying on paper airplanes, giant squids, marmalade monsters. It's really pretty good. Anyway, at the end, Grandpa says, "So, kids, what do you think about that!". And the kids say "Could Be Worse!". Anyway, I thought it was a cute story.

And I thought that this WordArt could be used in a number of ways on layouts. Click on the links below to go to my accounts to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!

Monday, November 16, 2009

All Stuffed Up

Ever have days where you wish you could take a sick day, but have too much going on? Yeah, that was my Sunday. Captain America was up and gone to church before I even woke up. I think he left at 6am or something crazy like that. Yeah, I was up at 7am.

I ALMOST went back to bed. Almost. I SO wanted to. But, I hopped into the shower instead. Guess what? That make 3 days in a row that I've showered. That's a record, I think!

Anyway, I got all ready, and went out to get the kids ready. Tom was fixing eggs for everyone. Joe was all dressed, and Eme was all dressed, but her dress was too short. I need to go through her closet. I showed her how you kneel on the floor, and if the dress touches the ground, it's acceptable. Yeah, it was a good hands length too short. Time for the garage sale.

I choked down some breakfast, got Jimmy dressed, fixed Eme's hair, and even did some prep work for my sharing time. We were out the door on time, and off to church.

Jake gave his talk, and it was wonderful. I was so proud of him. He'd talked in church before, but this was his first talk that he wrote ALL by himself. He talked about the 6 steps to repentance, and bore his testimony about repentance. Great job, Jake!

My nose was dripping the WHOLE entire time. I even had to send Tom out to get me new tissues from the bathroom. Because I was using an napkin from the truck - LOL! I SO wished I could just break off pieces of toilet paper and shove it up my nose. Why is that socially unacceptable? Really, isn't it better than snot? No, neither are good? Ok, fine. I only shove the toilet paper up my nose at home.....

So 2nd and 3rd house I taught sharing time. The theme was "I can be an example to my family". We talked about standards, and about what we should be doing to be a good example. I think it went over well.

After church, I loaded up everyone in the truck, and off we went to home. Jake made everyone pizza sandwiches, I got a salad, and took a nap. I was dying! Well, not really, but my head was all nasty.

I took some antihistamine, some DayQuil, and some ibprofrin. I was hoping that something would help, but I don't know that it did.

I had a meeting at 3pm. that I was late for. Captain America got home about 15 minutes before the meeting started, and I was late. But I was there. Sister King (the primary secretary), had the most WONDERFUL tissues ever. They had Vics in it. OMGosh, they were wonderful. I seriously wanted to pocket a few, but thought that woudl be bad form - LOL.

I was feeling a little distractable on the way home. I guess that's why you don't drive with a bunch of drugs in your system. But, I made it home safely. So it's all good :)

Everyone was watching a movie when I got home. Captain America and Joe had fallen asleep on the couch. They were SO cute! Captain America went to take a nap in the bedroom when I got home, and I think I laid down for a while too. It all kinda blurs together - hehehe.

I know that at 5:30pm, I went out to fix dinner. I wanted to make homemade Mac N Cheese. BUT, realized that it had to bake for 40 minutes. That wasn't gonna work. So I made spaghetti instead. It works.

Captain America took Tom, and they headed up to his work office. Captain America wanted to re-arrange a little bit, and Tom was excited to see where dad worked. Jimmy had fallen asleep on the couch, and Captain America had moved him to his bed before he left. At least I think it was Captain America- ROFL!

Anyway, I'd facebooked about being sick and congested, and I got a text from Adela saying that Katy and her wanted to bring me over some "get better" snacks. Awe, thanks you guys! They showed up with chocolates and cookies. Mmmmm, they were SO good! The girls stayed and visited for about 15 minutes. I hadn't seen them in FOREVER.

Tomorrow is Adela and Andrea's b-day. I think we're gonna try and go out to lunch together. It'll be fun if we can all get our schedules to line up. If nothing else, though, Andrea and I are going to lunch.

Jake, Joe, Eme, and I watched part of Time Bandits. You guys seen that one? I think it was made in 1986. We used to watch it ALL the time as kids. And I loved it. But I hadn't seen it in a VERY long time. Didn't really remember a lot about it.

We watched up to the point where they leave the Atlantic ocean after crashing on the Titanic, and end up in water near a giants ship. Jake finished watching it. I'd put the little kids to better earlier. I was done. It was still good, and I was enjoying it, but I knew that I still had to blog and design, and I was tired. And my head was stuffy.

So, I came in and started working. Here it is, 10:30pm, and I'm about ready for sleep. I took a dose of NiQuill, which may be the real reason for the droziness. Niquil is my friend :) hehehe.

So, Monday I need to go and get b-day presents for my friends, grocery shop, walk with Andrea, do lunch with the girls, do school with Jake, and Jake also has wrestling practice. Busy days ahead.

I should totally take a picture of myself and scrap this. But I don't think it would look quite like I feel. Remember those commercials, with the people who are all nose? Yeah, that's how I feel. And I've been using tissues so much, now my nose is raw. Adela suggested using Vaseline before bed, so I'm gonna do that too.

Anyway, click on the links below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. And if you don't want me to die from being a giant nose - LOL!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Seek Him

Dang, girls. I think I'm getting sick again. Well, at least catching a cold :( I woke up this morning at 7am, hearing the kids out in the other room, but not really caring. It felt like I was maybe gonna get a migraine, so I just went back to room. I yelled out to eat cereal :) LOL!

I finally woke up at around 10am. I know, I know. But we didn't go to bed until late, and it was SO nice to sleep in. Poor, neglected kids - LOL!

I got up, and ate some breakfast, and after it settled, took a migraine pill. I stayed in my room for about another hour, then came out. I wasn't feeling terribly well, but not too bad. It could have been/and has been/ much worse. I'll take this :P

I'd been asked to design a few WordArts for Enrichment meeting at church next Saturday, and decided to spend some time working on it. Here's what I came up with. I used some WordArts from a new, upcoming WordArt pack, and Megan Turnidges christmas kit. She's the BEST! Really, I'm in love with her stuff :)

I made 2 others, but really, they're kinda bad. The wordart is good, but the scrapping is HORRIBLE. I'm gonna work on them a bit after church, and see if I can make them presentable :) LOL!

The kids and I were supposed to go over to our new friends/neighbors house on Saturday and play. The time kept getting bumped back, but that's ok. By the time I got a hard, fast time to go, I was feeling much better. The headache seemed to be gone. But the nose was starting to freak out a bit. Really stuffy, but drippy at the same time. That's no fun.

I sent my example photos to Walgreens, and took Captain America and Jimmy and headed out to get them. That way, I could bring it to church and show people what their project would look like. Anyway, Walgreens was fast. Then, on to WalMart to buy a cheap frame. The closer we got, the more annoyed Captain America got. You know it's bad when the road to Walmart is backed up 5 business away.

Yeah, we weren't gonna play that game. We turned around, and went to Target. Grant it, I paid more for what I got. But I was able to find a parking spot, find what I wanted (they were stocked full of stuff), paid without waiting forever in line, and was on my way. See, Walmart. Your managers need to do a better job. You're losing customers :( Unfortunately, I don't think they care.....

Anyway, I got back to the house, and it was time to go to Leslie's house. The kids were SOOOOO excited. Andrea came too. She had a ton of snacks for us. See, me and the food again. The moms had herbal tea (I had sugar cookie - MMMMM), and the kids had fun making "mixes" with all the different sodas - LOL!

She had cookies, and bean dip with tortilla chips, and cheese and crackers, and a veggie tray. Dang, girl! You didn't have to do all that. Not that I'm complaining! I LOVED it :) We really did have a lot of fun having girl talk.

And, surprisingly, the kids did great. Tom and Jake both had someone their age to play with, and Jim, Joe, and Eme played with Leslie's older son. He's 18, and was told that he was on "little kid" duty - ROFL! Everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves.

We left at around 8pm, and headed home. Captain America cut the little boys' hair, showered them, and I got them in their jammies and off to bed. Jake started writing his talk for Sunday, and Captain America and I headed out for the shoe store. Captain America wanted new shoes. We've budgeted for new running shoes ever 3 months. Sounds like a lot, but he uses them every day for PT. Part of the uniform, you know :)

Anyway, about 1/2 way across post, we realized that we weren't gonna have time, so we turned around and went home. We ended up sitting in the car for about 15-20 minutes just chatting. Mini date, you know. I'll take whatever time I can get with the man :)

I was really starting to feel nasty by this point. I asked Captain America to get me some hot herbal peppermint tea and a bowl of chicken noodle soup. I plopped down in bed with my laptop, prepared to design real fast, blog, look at sharing time for Sunday, then go to bed.

I kept hearing this funny noise on my laptop, and finally realized that Andrea was calling me on Skype. LOL! How funny it that. That we chat on Skype. When we live so close, and see each other so often. Really, it's funny, because we spend most of our time on there making faces at each other. Like flaring our nostrils, or bugging out our eyes, or sticking out our tounges. You'd think we were 8 or something - ROFL!

After an hour of that (I know, some people are REALLY easy to entertain), we hung up, and I started to do the things I was supposed to be doing all along - LOL. I designed a WordArt all about stuffy noses, then realized that tomorrow is Sunday. I need a Faithbooking WordArt. SO, I took one that I'd designed this afternoon, and decided to give it as a freebee (You can have the stuffy noses one on Monday)

Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!