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Saturday, March 27, 2010


Hey y'all! Or should I say "hal-lo", like the Tina Tina girl from SNL with the horns and the doorbells. hehehe. We were talking about that today at the mall - ROFL! I showed it to Captain America tonight, and we laughed and laughed so hard - hehehe. Click HERE to see what I'm talking about.

SOOOO, busy day today. But I got almost all done that I wanted to get done, so it was productive. Well, almost all. I woke up at 7am, and was SOOO tired. Like wanted to get toothpicks to prop my eyes awake while getting Joe dressed, tired. I finally got the kids out the door and to the bus stop, when Andrea texted. Saying she wanted to go walking. Dang. And I was SO looking forward to a nap. :( hehehe. BUT, I knew that a walk would make me feel better, so I got ready, and went.

Veronica was there too, and the 3 of us walked for about 45 minutes. It was pretty good. After the walk, we went grocery shopping together. My printer woudln't print, so I just jotted down al lthe things I was pretty sure we already were full of. Have you every heard of an "anti shopping list"? Well, that's what I did. We don't need this, and we don't need that - hehehe.

After shopping, Hilary was at my house. She and Andrea and I and Jacob made short work of those groceries. Andrea went home, but not before being chased by a cockroach. Well, actually it was by Hilary, but it was because she was holding a Cockroach. Poor girl. I didn't know she could scream so loud, though.

I checked my email real fast, changed clothes, and off we went. We picked up Laurie, and headed to Olive Garden. Andrea and her mother in law and Vernoica were coming in their own rig. We all met there, with Andreas other friend, Radiene. We had a good lunch. Lots of soup and salad and breadsticks. Laurie even bought a cheesescake, and we shraed it. Mmmmmm, it was SO yummy.

(ps, if this post doesn't flow well, just blame the Niquil. I think it's starting to kick in....)

Olive Garden is always so much fun with your fiends. Especially 7 of your girlfriends! When we were done, we walked to the mall. Andrea had something she needed to exchange at Dillards, so we went there with her. Hillary and I were messing around on the escalators, and hurt ourselves. We're such dorks.

Also, one of the companies were giving away paper bunny ears, and we got some of those too. See how hawt we are :)
Check out the abs on this poster. We just had top and oogle them....

I know there's another pic of us floring around somewhere, but I can't seem to find it at the moments. Good look on my facebook page. I think it's there...

We went and watched Andrea and Veronica get their eyebrows threaded. Yeah, I'm almost out of money for the month. hehehe. No threading for me. I'll just have to pluck.

We got back to Lauries house at about 3pm, and were back to my house by 3:20pm. I can remember trying to get something done before the bustop, doctor wise (um, yeah, see, niquil speaking), that should be work wise, I think, before the bus stop, but had to run out at 3:30.

Hung out in the SUPER windy afternoon, and almost got blown away. Seriously. It was bad. ON the way home, I got sand in my eyes, and grit in my teeth. Nasty !

Anyway, come home, and sit down to try and repackage a few things. You know, I have over 450 WordArt packs. That's a TON of things. So I repackaged one thing, and realized that, um, yeah, that was too much work for me. I'm such a whimp.

I had a stroke of genious, though. I hate repackaging stuff. SUCH a pain . So I advertised for a "WordArt Repacking Job" on my facebook. And I got quite a few people wanting to repackage things. I told the chicke that I picked that I wanted it by the end of the day (sorry, niquil) month , and she said it was fine. That she'd repackaged things for other designers before. Sweet! That's a HUGE stress off my shoulder

I chatted on gmail with her for a while, and gave her the directions and such. Seemed like a real nice lady. She lives in Seaside Oregon, which is near where I'm front. Awe, Oregon Coast

(Keep pushing on - you can do it - just finished off the day, already....)

At 7pm, Captain America finally got home from work. At 7:30pm, Captain America and I headed out the gate and to our dinner. We were going to Rudys BBQ place. He really likes that part (niquil), um, that place. It's super good. The turkey is my favorite.

We sat around and ate and chatted and watched a little basketball (well, I looked in that general vicinity once or twice), then headed for the movies. On Post theater was playing Dear John, whcih I waven't seen, and the off post theater was playing "When In Rome", which I had seen. We settled for When in Rome, because it started at 9:20, and because we could always go and see it on Saturday on post.

We got to the movie ,and there were teens everywhere. With the boys with the tight pants and the girl shirts and hair. Sigh . I'm SO glad I'm not the teen today.

The movie was funny, and the audience was laughing too. Especially that chicke in the front row who has the SUPER obnoxious laugh. hehehe.

After the movie ,we came back home, and didn't even get checked at the gate guards. Score it!

So here wer are, 12;30pm, and I'm ready for bed. I am . I'm alreayd falling asleep. See my typing is ogoing. Very quicly. Downhil...

Hilary, babe, this one's for you :)

Click on the link below to go to my accoutn to downlaod the PNG file, and leave somel ove fi you liike my work. Yeah, I'm real tired. This is taking foerever...

K, its the next day, and OMGosh, that post sucks - hehehe. I'm gonna leave it, though, because it's funny. I was totally falling asleep. I can't believe I couldn't even link up the WordArts... hehehe. Anyway, here it is, all fixed and linked up. With the REAL WordArt, not the preview - ha!


I really hope that I did this right. (OK, niquil talking). Yeah, I should go to bed. I'm sleepy. I don't know whta I'm doing - hehehe. Off I go - nighty night :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Play Hard

OK, it's that time again! Friday means new stuff! I'm not releasing new stuff at Scraporchard anymore, so here's all my new products, this time at Scrapbookgraphics! Yeah! I set them for 20% off for the first week, so it's only $2 per WordArt packs for the first week. Hope you like it!

Click HERE to go to my new products at Scrapbookgraphics, Studio Bethany, Elegant WordArt by Bethany. It's gonna be quite a project loading the store with all the old products.... There's several hundred....

Anyway, you can still pick up my stuff at scraporchard until the end of the month. Did you use your coupon? It's code: storeclosingsale , and is good for 50% off my WordArts. And in case you already used that one, and want to use another one, here's another code: closingstoresale . It's the same as the other one :)

Layout by Trina
Layout by Charmaine

Wow, I'm starting work even later tonight than last night. hehehe. It's after midnight. You know what that means. Your freebie may have typos. I'll do my best, and run spell check - ha!

I was up at 6:30am, hearing Tom cough. He'd set his alarm for 6am, and was sitting at the table, reading. I don't know why he wasn't at the couch. That's where I'd be, if I were reading. But he was at the kitchen table. Right next to my bedroom. Reading. And coughing.

He'd been complaining about headaches, and an ear that felt like it had water, but was not wet. Coupled with the coughing, I called the TMC for a doctors appointment. At 6:38. Apparently it opens at 6:45am. SO, i went back to sleep for 7 minutes, and called again. They were open, and picked up relatively fast. It was a 5 minute call. We're down to 150 minutes for 12 or 13 more days worth of month. Sigh. No more talking on the phone!

They got me an appointment for Tom at 10:40am. SO, I got up, put on my exercise clothes, and went out to get the kids ready for school. I told Tom to go, that I'd come and pick him up later. Around 10am. He was good with that.

As soon as the kids left for the bus, I crawled back under the covers. I was SO tired. Jimmy came and snuggled with me for a while. He didn't wake up when Joe left the room this morning, so he was just waking up. We snuggled for a while. Neither Andrea or Veronica were texting about the walk, so I laid in my bed longer - hehehe. Finally, Andrea called. She was at a meeting for Parent Teacher conferences, and was going to the Dollar Tree afterwords. She wanted me to come with her.

BUT, I had my day packed, and couldn't. Captain America had had Staff Duty last night, and was set to get off around 9am. I needed to be home when he got home. She understood. It was her father in laws b-day today, and her and Ryans anniversary. She wanted to get some party things.

I finally dragged myself out of bed, and took a shower. It was DIVINE :) I was just finished getting ready for the day when Captain America came home. He and I hung out for a little while, before he was TOO tired to stay awake any longer, and fell asleep. He'd been up since 4:45am the day before. That's a LONG time. Like 29 hours. Glad it was him and not me, is all I have to say :)

He went to sleep, and I headed out the door to the doctors appointment. I dropped by Lauries house, and picked up the cell phone that was left there the day before. Oops. Then, I went to the school, picked up Tom, and headed for the doctor. I made it with 1 minute to spare. Or 14 late, however you look at it. They asked that I be there 15 minutes early. Oops again :)

We got in pretty quickly. She looked at his nose, and ears, and throat, and listened to his chest. She said it was just a cold, but that his nose seemed to be draining to and through his ears, and one side seemed a little red. But nothing major. She prescribed him some Nasal decongestant. And some Benadryl. And some Motrin. And some Robitussin. Thanks, Doc! I'm all stocked up on my OTC drugs, now - hehehe.

She wrote him a note, and said that he didn't have to go back to school if he didn't want to. I said he could skip, and he wanted to, so she wrote the note. He was SO excited to go home and play Wii with Jimmy - too funny :)

So I came back home, and got in an hour of designing. Or was it 30 minutes. I can't remember. It didn't feel like a lot. Wait, it was a hour. But I didn't actually design for my work, I designed for the LDS blog train. hehehe.

Hilary came over after she got off work at noon-ish, and picked me up. Captain America was sleeping, Jake was doing school, and Jimmy was occupied. I headed out. We went to Target briefly, then to the Jewelry Box. I got a few pairs of earrings, and some Fingernail Polish for girls night tonight. Hilary got a few too. I also got a package of 3 socks for a buck. Can't beat that :)

Next, we decided to go to lunch. And we decided to go and pick up Laurie. She said she'd already eaten, but we made her come anyway. We told her to just get a soda - hehehe.

We went to BJ's. It was really a good restaurant. I got a 1/2 Grilled Chicken Club sandwich and a bowl of Clam Chowder, and a garden salad with vinegar. Mmmmm, tasty. Hilary got a Turkey Cobb sandwich and a salad, and Laurie got a fruity drink. Cranberry and Pineapple. She let me taste, and it was pretty good. Tart, but I LOVE tartness :) Andrea couldn't come because she had family commitments, Veronica was in school (and not too pleased that we were playing without her - hehehe - we made plans for tomorrow with her), and Leigh was having an appointment.

After lunch, it was almost time to get the kids from the bus, so we headed home. On the way, we were talking about how crappy middle school was for us all, and I started to say that I hated Middle School. WELL, right at that time, a song by The Cure came on the radio, and Laurie and Hilary started raving about how they were the bestest band ever, and apparently they misunderstood what I was saying about middle school, and thought it was directed to The Cure. Because they were gonna leave me on the side of the road. hehehe.

I had no idea what they were talking about, only knew that they were gonna leave me on the side of the road. It was TOO funny. I was like, What? And Hilary was like, Did you just say you hated this song, and I was like, No, I said I hated middle school. Crisis averted. Scray girls - hehehe. No leaving your friends on the side of the road! LOL!

So Hilary drops off Laurie and I at my house, and we walk to the bus stop to pick up the kids. We come back to my house, use the potty, and take all the kids to the park. Veronicas kids too, because she's picking up kids from AQ. Just not Tom, because he's at home :)

Me and Laurie and Kayley end up at the park, hanging, and Hilary goes off post, gets her kids from school, and brings them back to play too. We didn't stay as long today, but we did stay until 5pm.

At a little after 5pm, I went home, and woke Captain America up. He was SUPER grouchy. Poor thing. His sleep schedule was ALL thrown off. But, we managed to get him and the 2 football boys fed, dressed, and out the door, only a little late.

I helped Joe with his homework, and sat down for some serious designing. I got one WordArt pack done, and Captain America called. He said that there was a mandatory parents class that I needed to go take. And because I'd waited so late, it was now $15, not $5. Crap!

I finished up what I was doing, herded the kids to the truck, and headed across town. Slowly. Because my truck needs to be fixed. They mechanics said don't drive it fast. So I didn't crest 50mph, much to the chagrin of many of the El Paso drivers, I'm sure :)

We got to the El Paso Sports Complex, and found the right place. The huge line of parents waiting to pay the fee. And take the class. I paid my $15, and went to find the room with the video. It was already going, and no seats. A few people squished together so I'd have a seat, and we watched the last 7 minutes of the movie. Well, that was a waste of time.

What was it, you ask? A movie about how to not yell at the coach, or fight with the parents next to you. Are you serious? You just charged my $15 to watch that? Um, isn't that common knowledge. The people who have problems with yelling at coaches and starting fights are not gonna be deterred by a 20 minute video. Waste of my time, I think...

We got there at 7pm, and we were home again by 7:30pm. I spent the next hour designing, and figuring out what I was doing in my new store. I had 3 products designing now, and I tired to upload it to the server, and add a new product to the new store.

First off, I couldn't remember my new password. I tired to reset it, but couldn't get it to work. After about 20 minute, I finally got it. Then I couldn't get the zip file attachment part to work. I think I'm too old for switching around. hehehe. No more learning new things for me. I must be the old dog that doesn't like to learn new tricks....

Captain America got home with the boys at 8:30pm, and they got all cleaned up, and put their stuff away, and Captain America apologized for being so grouchy earlier. He looked like he was doing MUCH better. Much more awake.

At 9pm, I headed to Kayleys house, and we went to Girls night at Hilarys house. It was "spa nite", and we were all bringing stuff to pamper ourselves. I brought a bag, but misplaced it someplace along the way. i think it may still be in the truck... I'll have to check....

I brought my computer, since I still had work to do, but I wanted to hang out with the girls. SO, I was kinda boring, but not too boring - hehehe.

I got 2 more WordArt packs designed, and zipped, and loaded to the store, but still couldn't figure out the server issues. I emailed the people I was supposed to email for help, and eventually we got it figured out. When I entered the server name, it needed a ftp. before the name. Oh. OK. now I know :)

Kayley had brought her massage table, and gave us all back massages, and Laurie gave one to Kayley. She's pretty good! Thanks, hon!

We laughed and talked and played and I painted my fingernails, and at about 11pm, the party started to die down. People were getting sleepy, and we headed for home. Thank, Kayley, for driving!

So here I sit, it's not almost 1am, and I'm just getting done blogging. Now I need to design something, and go to bed. Cause I'm gonna wake up tomorrow, and play just as hard! Maybe I should have "Play Hard" as my freebie? You like that?

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Crazy Life

Hi again :) Dude, just glanced at the clock. Is it really 11:46pm on Wednesday night? Where did the time go. I thought it was 10:30pm. Sigh. Lets hurry this post along, shall we - hehehe.

Since I'm switching stores, I figured that I should have some kind of "Store Closing" sale, right? SO, here's a 50% off coupon for my Scraporchard store. Yeah!

CODE: storeclosingsale
I know, it's not very original....but it works!
Good till the end of the month when my store there closes.

SO, I was up at 7am with my alarm. I got the kids dressed and fed and packed up and out the door to the bus. And I started to clean for my party. I was hosting a Pure Romance party. They're fun with the right people. hehehe.

Anyway, since I spent ALL day long yesterday on the computer doing job stuff, I didn't have a lot of time to get ready for it today. I cleaned from 7:30am to 8:00am, got Jake going on school, Jimmy situated, and headed out for my walk. We walked until 9:15am, and I headed home.

We had this smoke detector, last night, that started beeping. Did I tell you about it? I beeped every 1 1/2 minutes last night. ALL NIGHT LONG. I guess I fell asleep, though. Anyway, after the walk, it started beeping every 10 seconds. Or was it 5? Either way, WAY annoying. So I texted the girls to see if anyone had an extra 9V battery. Veronica said she had one, and dropped it off, along with a cake for the party, on her way to school.

So, Jake got the ladder for me, and I tried to replace it. And I coudln't figure it out. Sigh. So it kept beeping. I cleaned the living room, moved the couches, swept, picked up the junk, cleaned the little boy's room, vacuumed, cleaned the downstairs bathroom, swept and picked up the dining room, pulled some chairs into the living room, and was starting on the Kitchen and my taco bake for lunch, when my friend Kari, our consultant, got there. How did it get to be 10:30am already. I guess it wasn't a shower day. I ran out of time.

I took Jake and Jimmy over to Rowans house, and came back to make lunch/clean the kitchen. It looked pretty good when I was done. Unfortunately, the power went out. As Kari was coming into the house, we heard a MASSIVE boom. I'm guessing some power thingy blew. They have a TON of construction near our house (building 1200 4plex townhouses), and I'm assuming they messed something up. Sigh. I changed the Taco Bake to Taco Casserole (stovetop). It worked....

People didn't show up until close to noon, but it was ok. We ended up with 6 girls and me and Kari. We had SO much fun laughing and giggling and giggling some more :) I ended up with some free stuff, and got 10% of the total sales in free products. Sweet! Now, to decide what I want :) hehehe.

I'm totally outing Andrea here, but she told her inlaws, who are visiting, that she was going to a "Primary Presidency" meeting. She's TOO funny. We kept teasing her, and saying that her "dad" was coming to the door. Ha!

So at 3pm, the party was over. OH YEAH, the cake that Veronica made was TO DIE FOR. I'm gonna have to get the recipe from her. It was a bundt cake. At first, it just looked like some ordinary bundt cake. It had powdered sugar sprinkled on it, no frosting. Looked kinda plain. But OMGosh, it was the most FABULOUS thing I'd ever had! She said there was sour cream in it. It was soft and moist and FULL of flavor. Yea, I need the recipe.....

Anyway, we went to the bus stop to get kids at 3:30. Laurie had brought Jake and Jim back home, and we all went to the park after the bus. Andrea came for a few minutes, and Veronica was there for a bit. Laurie and Hilary and Kayley were there too. We bad mouthed Hilary into bringing us Happy Hour sodas again - hehehe. She's SUCH a fun friend :)

I left the park at 5:30pm, and got home in just enough time to feed the kids left over Taco Bake, um, er, Taco Casserole, and get ready for football. Tom was all ready, with a change of clothes so we could go to church at 7pm for activities, and Jake was getting ready, when Captain America got home. He said that he'd take the boys. He wrapped up Jakes foot securely with tape, and off they all went. Captain America does such a good job with those 10-11 yr old boys :) Good job, honey! AND, because he's coaching, we got a better deal on the sport. It was $60 per kid, but a 20% discount on the 2nd child. NOW, it's the 1st kid free, and the 2nd kid 1/2 price. They won't give us cash back, it's just as a credit. BUT, that still helps...

I got to stay back home, and get ready for my Cub Scout Committee Meeting at 7pm. Thank goodness! I decided on what we needed to do, and go the kids ready. We headed out at 6:45pm. Dang the Pershing gate! Had it been open, we would have been on time. It closes at 6:00pm, though. And those MP's are SO sure to close it right on the dot.

Anyway, Eme went to Achievement days, and Jim and Joe came to my meeting with me. Andrea was there for the Webelos, Brother Blackman was there for the Wolves, Andreas husband, Ryan, was just called as our new Cubmaster, and he was there, Kayley was there as a parent, with her 4 kids, and Laurie was there as a parent, with her 4 kids. That's 10 kids and 6 adults in a little classroom. The kids entertained themselves by drawing on a big chalkboard, and being loud. Seriously, my ears HURT when I was done - hehehe. We planned Cub Scouts until August 2010. Should be a good time!

After scouts, we visited with Hilary in the hall for a while, then continued our conversation outside, near our rigs. The kids eventually got impatient, and came to get us. ha! Just as I was leaving, Captain America and the boys showed up. Oops. They were late. They'd missed the activities! Well, Jake had. Tom didn't have scouts.

I took the boys home with me, and Captain America stayed at church for a while. I got the little boys in bed, and the big boys all situated, and Eme in bed. And I sat down to be productive.

Captain America had gone to do Staff Duty at the BDE Headquarters. Apparently, his buddy Justin was supposed to do it, but had something that he really needed to do at work the next day, so told Captain America that if he could come up at around 9pm, that that would work for him. SO, I won't see Captain America until around 9am tomorrow.... So that means that he gets the day off tomorrow. Sure, he'll be sleeping, but he gets the day off - hehehe. Such is the life of a soldier...

What did I do? I texted Hilary for about an hour, and chatted on Gmail chat with Jen (Graham Like the Cracker), and eventually read a new chapter of my Twilight Fan Fic from last summer. See, I'd told myself that I was either gonna design my new kits for the week, or blog and design for tomorrow, or fold laundry and watch a movie. Chat with my friends and read was NOT on the list. Oh well, it was really enjoyable - hehehe.

So now it's time to go and design something, and it's after midnight. Not much, though. Maybe I can still make a coherent thought! hehehe. We'll see.....

Dude, I should have designed BEFORE the reading of the Fan Fic - hehehe. It's not 12:21pm, and I'm tired. So, I picked out this nice quite, then sat down to WordArt it. I decided that the Word Life needed to be in the font Title Wave, got it all pretty, then totally forgot what the saying way. COMPLETELY forgot it. Yeah, so what you get today is not what I had intended it to be. Not that I can remember what I intended it to be - ROFL!

Anyway, here ya go. I do have a crazy life, as I'm sure you do to - hehehe. We just all have our own brand of crazy, right?

Click on the links below to go to my accounts to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work.l Thanks!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Well, that was a crazy day. Seriously crazy.

So I woke up, got the kids off to the bus, and sat down to check my email before Andrea, Veronica, and I went on a morning walk. Without going into a long story (and no, I'm not gonna go into details), I found myself in search of a new store. All before breakfast :) Panic? Yeah, a little. I headed out the door, and met Andrea at her house at 8am. We walked to Old Fort Bliss, and met Veronica there. We walked most of your normal summer route, and then came back home.

When I got home, I made sure Jake was doing school, got Jimmy situated, and sat down at the computer. I had to decide what I wanted to do. Hmmmm, where to apply for a new store. I'm clueless when it comes to the Scrapbooking community. I know, I'm bad. I should TOTALLY keep up with that. But I haven't had to, since I've been at the same store for 2 years.

Anyway, I turned to my buddy Jen, and she gave me her top 4 picks. I put in applications at scrapbookgraphics.com, scrapmatters.com, gottapixel.com, and funkyplayground.com. I was hoping that by the end of the next few days, I'd have heard back from someone, at least. I was gonna finish out the month at Scraporchard, but I wanted somewhere to go starting April 1st.

So 10 minutes later, I get an email from scrapbookgraphics offering me a job!!!! I was SO excited. All my panic for nothing. I felt very blessed. Throughout the rest of the day, offers (or strong possibilities) from the other stores came in too, and honestly, I was overwhelmed with happy feelings :) *blushes* It had gone from a stressful morning to a happy afternoon.

I spent most of the day on the computer (when that was NOT part of my plan). But, luckily, the migraine had gone away. I think it was a migraine, because the sinus meds didn't seem to do anything, but the migraine pill sure did - hehehe.

Captain America came home at lunchtime a bit early today. He usually comes after noon, but it was 11:30am today. It worked out perfectly, because my friend Hilary came over at 12:30 during her lunch break. So I got to hang out with both Captain America AND Hilary. Score it!

I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to download contracts and previews and forms and such. I got a lot accomplished, luckily. I went to pick up the kids from the bus stop at 3:30pm, and brought my kids and Veronicas kids back to my house. She dropped off Tom and picked up William and Cassiana close to 4pm. I spent the next 45 minutes trying desperately to get a new preview ready (I know, I JUST got my Scraporchard one the way I liked it, now I have to start ALL over again), and headed out to door with the 5 kids to Football practice/babysitting class.

I was planning on making chicken for dinner, but if you have 5 minutes to cook dinner, chicken ain't happening. We stopped at Burger King for dollar burgers, and headed to Babysitter class. Jake was a bit late, but he was there. He found out that they did have Babysitter class last week, during Spring Break, so he'll have to go the 3rd week of April to catch the class that he missed in March. It was the 1st Aid class. He got CPR trained tonight. He was pretty excited. Apparently, next week, they're having a Graduation Party. Fun!

I drove the kids to Tom's Football practice, and we sat in the parking lot and at Burger King. I broke my double cheeseburger meat up into my side salad, and had at it. Jim and Eme both gave me their tomatoes, so I was happy. ha!

It was starting to sprinkle a little, so I only let the kids play at the park for a little while, then headed home. More football players had started to show up, so I figured it was ok to leave him a bit early.

I took the kids home, helped Joe with his homework, helped him read his book, and worked on the computer for a bit longer. I put the little kids to bed, and shortly after Captain America was home with Jake and Tom. Captain America's pretty excited about teaching Tom's age group boys. Coaching, I guess is a better word. He said they're a great bunch of kids.

After we got the older kids off to bed, Captain America headed back out to work at the battery, and I sat down to, you guessed it, work on my computer. I was getting closer. I'd read through the whole packet. I got the FTP worked out. I could logon to xcart. I got my logo and my preview and my store banner figured out. I got my gallery pic uploaded with my "about me" page. I got my email thingy kinda working. I even designed my part for the store Collaboration.

And then I looked at the clock, and it was 11:10pm. Captain America got home from work a few minutes later, and here I am. Just finishing blogging, but no WordArt designed for my freebie yet. I'll have to go and do that :)

K, done. It's now 11:30pm, and I'm off to bed. Feeling completely exhausted, and ready for some sleep. We'll see what tomorrow brings - hehehe :)

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Definition Brackets Complain

Stupid Headache. I had plans, you know. Plans for exercise. And, well, when you have a headache, those plans go out the window :)

I woke up at 7am, got the kids ready for school, out the door, and then, blah. I just sat on the couch. For most of the rest of the morning/early afternoon. I laid on the couch, snuggling with Jimmy, and watched a whole movie. I played around on Facebook. I laid down by myself and tried to take a nap.

Captain America came home at noon, and I chatted with him for a while. I convinced me to come outside and help him wash the rigs on his lunch hour, and I was the drying girl. Yeah, bending over to get the low spots about killed my head. I'm thinking it's a sinus pressure headache. Not sure, though.

I did take some sinus meds, and eventually a migraine pill. And some caffeine. That might help. I was desparate.

Anyway, while washing the rigs, Andreas Father in Law wandered down, and stopped to say hi. "Mom" and the kids were at the park, and he continued walking. He and Captain America chatted about cars, and old trucks, and such.

He continued on to the park, and Captain America went back to work, and I came back inside. Head still hurt. Not unbearable, but hurting and annoying. Anyway, I hung out until about 3:30, then headed to the bus stop.

Jimmy and I walked over, and hung out with Rowan and Laurie until the kids came. Then, we all headed to the park. I was on Bus duty, and Veronica was on AQ duty. She was meeting us at the park.

Kayley and Laurie and I went to the park, and Hilary joined us soon after. She lives in a different housing area as us, but hear about my migraine, and since she got off early today, picked up her kids from their school, then went to Sonic and got me a Diet Dr Pepper, then headed over to our park. Awe, what a sweetie!

Kari, from a few streets over, came to hang too. We had quite the little girls gathering. Slowly, people trickled off home. We were there till about 5:45pm, though. Eme had left earlier with Veronica to go with Bella to soccer practice. Jake was still at home doing school. He'd spent 15 minutes out of each hour during the day icing his ankle, and it was disrupting his school. So he was still working. Slowly, but surely.

SO, I cooked dinner, and helped Joe with his homework, and went to take a hot bath. Hoping it would help my head. At 8pm, I put the little kids to bed, and laid with Jimmy till he fell asleep. Tom was watching a movie, Flushed Away, so I watched the rest with him. Eme's still at Veronicas (or soccer practice, or coming home), Jakes upstairs reading, and Captain America's still at work.

I'm getting my work done early (well, early for me), so that I can go to bed early. Hopefully, when I wake up in the am, this headache will be gone :) I've got stuff to do tomorrow :)

Day 2 of my diet is over. Plus, Johnny came, so hopefully the hormones will be all settled down :) hehehe.

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And yes, I know that my upper shadow is wanky. I fixed it on the PSD file, but this one slipped by. It'll be all right on tomorrows freebee. You'll forgive me, right? hehehe. BUT, I do think that this version will work for my new packaging.

I'm sure I can find SEVERAL photos of faces to fit this particular WordArt.....

Monday, March 22, 2010

A Brand New Day

Well, I think I'm ready for Monday to start. Spring Break was a nice break, but I'm ready for real life to start again :)

Sunday was good. Got up, got ready, went to church, kids were well behaved, singing time went well at church, came home, lunch, nap, hung out for a while, read some, dinner, watched a family movie with the kids and hubby (the Life of Gordon B Hinckley), kids to bed, night routine, bed.

Sunday's are the most restful day of the week, thank goodness! hehehe. We all need a break from the busyiness of life, don't we :)

K, for my packaging. I know, I know, you like the apples. Honestly, I have no say over it. This is the packaging that my store uses, so it's my packaging. AND, I hear you about the re-coloring of the wordart. It's a lot harder for me to re-color it for the preview. And if it's a bit misleading, then I'll stop. I wonder if I could make my Logo more exciting, if that would help......

OK, how about this? You like this better? Click on the links below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!

Oh yeah, and I fixed the box.net link from the "Seriously" wordart. Yes, it was just a download of the preview - oops :) It's all good now :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Goodbye another Saturday :) I tired to sleep in, but couldn't sleep much past 9am. I was SO tired, since I'd gone to bed at almost 4am. I think it was the residual caffeine. Anyway, the kids out in the living room, being noisy weren't helping the "just go back to bed" status any - hehehe.

So I got up, and was just kind of a zombie all morning. hehehe. I did make it to a Scraporchard chat, though. Didn't even realize it was going on until I checked Facebook, and Jennifer from scraporchard had posted about the chat, so I jumped on over. It was pretty fun.

We chatted about hybrid projects, and they showed a pic of someones necklace that they'd made. It was SO cute. So I googled Washer Necklaces, and found THIS tutorial. SO cool. So of course, right after the chat, I sat and designed a WordArt pack that would fit around the washer. And sent it to my CT to see if they could make a necklace. And posted to Facebook that I needed a few people to try it out for me. I got about 4 takers. I'll let ya know how they turned out! I'm anxious to see, too!

So, I'm not sure what happened the rest of the day, but it passed. hehehe. Captain America took my truck at 10am to a friend of a buddy's shop to get the truck looked at. It had a "non pressing" issue that will eventually need addressed. About $500 to get it fixed. Really, in the grand scheme of things, that's not too bad. The truck is paid for. New Suburban payments are over $700 a month. Do the math - hehehe. So that'll be in the next few weeks.

He also went to Verizon to get his phone checked out (the screen is cracked) and to price out bluetooths. El Paso is going hands free in the car starting April 1st. We both wanted one, but I didn't wanna pay $6 for the 2 of us. So I just had him get one. I spent most of my life without talking on the phone in the car. I'm sure I can survive.... Right?

I made homemade pizza for the kids for lunch. One cheese and one supreme. And I ate WAY too much of it. But it was TASTY. We ate pizza for lunch AND dinner. Mmmmm, pizza.

We had neighbor kids over most of the day. In and out and around. I kept the little kids in the house or in the backyard, but the big ones roamed in and out. Jim and Joe don't quite understand why they have different rules. "When you're older" doesn't cut it in their eyes, but it's the truth. They'll have to settle for playing in the backyard for a while....

I watched some Lost, and some Chuck episodes, and finally got all caught up. I prepared for my singing time lesson for tomorrow by listening to the new song we're learning about 50 times. OK, maybe not that many times, but it was a TON. So I'm somewhat familiar with it now.

For the younger kids, we're gonna roll a dice, and each number corresponds with a "way" to sing the song. Standing up, sitting on the floor, kids only, eyes closed, that kind of thing.

For the older kids, I'll have one person leave the room, and then we'll decide on a word in the song to leave out. They the person comes back in, and they have to try and remember which word was left out.

It's all about repetition at this age. And if you can play a game when you're doing it, they don't get bored with the song. We're singing it in church next week, I guess. Hopefully they know the words. It's my first Sunday as Singing time leader in this ward....

Jake worked on some homework that he'd missed last week, and got caught up on his book. He's now on the Electronic Entertainment ban that Tom was last week. Tom had 5 days, so Jake gets 5 days too. He should get privileges back on Thursday if he behaves himself...

So I'm gonna try for my diet again. I know, I know, I keep saying that. I adjusted the original diet again. Well, tweaked it just a little bit. Wanna do it with me? I'll post what I eat:

6 oz fat free, plain yogurt (sweetened with Splenda)
1 regular sized apples, sliced and diced, and mixed into the yogurt

Snack 1:
4 saltine crackers
1 apple OR orange

6 oz fat free, plain yogurt (sweetened with Splenda) OR 70 grams of mozzarella cheese
100 grams of cucumbers (dipped in basalmic vinegar) (or 100 grams of the following veggies: mushrooms, lettuce, spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, asparagus, zucchini)

Snack 2:
4 saltine crackers
1 apple OR orange

1/2 lb of lean frozen ground turkey
35 grams of onions
35 grams of tomatoes, sauteed with the meat
large salad (don't eat the carrots that are in the bag - pick them out), with spinach
4 crackers, crumbled into the salad
balsamic vinegar

Snack 3:
4 saltine cracker
1 apple OR orange

I can have up to 3 diet sodas a day, but water is better. Not that I drink it, but coffee/tea is fine as long as you just use splenda, and nothing else added. And up to 4 sticks of sugar free gum per day. Any spices that you use must be natural. Nothing with a starch blend. And use salt, just don't over do it.

K, you think you can do it with me? I need to get back on the program before summer. Going to the pool and getting in the water this past week was embarrassing. Because of my ugly boobs - hehehe. Thanks again, Jimmy...

OK, so I heard from a few of you that the new packaging didn't work so well with my WordArt. It's true. It looks kinda boring. SO, I took the advice of my store owner, and added some color for the preview. ONLY the preview. This isn't gonna confuse people, right? They're gonna know that it's black, right? I wrote it on the preview. I just hope that it doesn't scare people away because it's colored..... It sure does make the preview look better, though...

This is a WordArt request from my mom. She wanted to use it for her lesson in church tomorrow. I thought it would be good for pictures of little sad faces, or dirty faces, or tired faces, or messes (hehehe), or the like. Because, I do believe, that before we came here to Earth, we knew what we were getting ourselves into. We knew that there would be trials. We knew that there would be hard times. We knew that there would be pain, and sorrow, and loss, and hard stuff. But we knew that it wasn't necessarily "bad". It was just a learning experience. It was just "hard". The point of life it to try and remember that, and keep it in perspective. Learn from the hard times, and let them make you a better person...

Click on the links below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!

remember, the wordart is BLACK

ok, do i seem paranoid now...