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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Long overdue update

Hey guys. This is long overdue, but here it is. Jake got out of the hospital on the 12th of June. They called me at around 10 am and told me to pick him up by 6pm. I,of course, burst into tears! How was I supposed to deal with him??? He wasn't any more fixed than when he went in! Sigh. We were trying to get him into residential care, but it was a long process.

It had been such a nice break with him in the hospital. Everyone got a breath of fresh air. It was stressful still, but there was no walking on egg shells.

Anyway, we got him back, and tried to back to normal life. And it was hard. I was emotional. I was afraid. He was trying, but was still difficult and strange. He is still defiant and won't take directions. He's broken into the electronics cabinet and taken electronics in the middle of the night. We've had to buy a huge safe. $550

He doest take care of his actions and has hurt Jim twice. Accidentally of course

When jake couldn't get into the safe, he snuck into our bedroom at 230 in the morning for whatever reason, and we caught him watching us. That was super creepy!!!

We caught him in the bathroom trying to BIC shave his head, and the top of his head is all tore up now. He need help. More help than I can give him.

I've tried every avenue I can think of. Insurance. Supplemental ECHO Insurance. Short term care. Long term care. MP's. EFMP. Respite care. School IEP. Family Advocacy. It's just a long process. Everyday I'm at some agency or office filling out papers or getting reports or looking for help. While my other children suffer. Today we get his full psychology report. And have a therapy session. And a doctors appointment.

He's too well behaved for short term. It takes a long time for long term. I just hope that nothing bad happens to us before he gets approved..... Pray for us.