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Saturday, March 20, 2010


Well, the day was so long today, it kinda feels like it's been 2 days since I blogged. hehehe.

Started off bright and early when my alarm went off at 7am. Good thing I went to bed and midnight last night, and not later. Cause less than 7 hours, and it's not good.

Not that 7 hours felt all that great. Maybe it's just that for all of spring break, I've been getting up at 8:30-10am. So 7 felt REALLY early. I know, I'm spoiled. But hey, it took a LOT of years to get kids old enough to fend on their own in the mornings. Believe me!

SO, I was up at 7am, got breakfast ready, got ready enough for grocery shopping, and got the kids up. Yeah, it was a total shame to have to wake them up. Jim and Joe were still sound asleep. Eme was at least just dozing in her bed. Not sound asleep.

As a protest against having to go shopping with all my kids, I decided to go in my jammies. hehehe. I had on a blue boy scout camp tshirt, my white zip up hoodie, a tan bandana, no make up, my old navy jammie pants, white socks, and flip flops. Oh yea, I was hot. With the 3 kids in tow, it just completed the look :) hehehe.

Cause remember, Jake was at a Boy Scout winter campout, and Tom was spending the night at Grants house. So I had Eme and Joe and Jim. Oh the joy!

We got there, got the cash we needed (Joe was SO impressed with the pile of $20's that came out of the ATM - hehehe. It's takes a TON of money to feed my family for the week. I always take out $200 on shopping day. That's what I have to spend. Today's total bill was $199.36. Can't get much closer than that :)

The kids did ok on the trip. Joe and Jim were in the cart with the "car" and the steering wheel. I was pulling that one, and pushing my regular cart with the groceries. Eme was either helping push or pull. It was a madhouse.

The bagger I got wasn't the best. When loading the truck, he put the bread in the back. I saved 2 of the bags, but missed a 3rd one. It was squished under all the other groceries. Most of the time, though, they do a great job......

So we drove home, and it was just a bit before 9am. The little kids helped me carry in all the groceries (I'm missing Jacob more and more each day....), and I put everything away.

At around 10am, Danielle called and asked if we wanted to come over and play. We'd talked about it yesterday, so the kids threw on some shoes, and we headed over. We walked down to their neighborhood park, and played for a few hours. She's a fun friend!

At 12:50pm, we headed home. Rushed. Jimmy had an appointment for his rash at 1:20pm, but we needed to be there early.

So we went home, went to the bathroom, put underware on Jim (because the child keeps forgetting/purposefully leaving them off, when he gets dressed. Just the sweats. Sigh. I'm NOT bringing my child to the doctor without underware....again. hehehe.

We got to the appointment 1 minute before it started, but we were good. They looked at the rash on Jimmys arm, and perscribed him some creams. An antifungal, and a steriod of sorts. They said come back in 3 weeks if nothing has changed. Okeydokey.

Also, I had them look at the wart on his finger. It took FOREVER to find the liquid nitrogen, but then they came back and froze it off. He screamed. Apparently, it's just supposed to be cold, but Jimmy didn't get the memo. Poor baby. Luckily I had a bandaid in my purse, because, you know, bandaids make EVERYTHING feel better...

So when the doctor was back in, I asked him about the plantar warts on my feet, and how the appointment line wouldn't get me an appointment. So he filled out a little card for me, and told me to take it back up to the front desk, an said that they'd give me one. Sweet!

SO, we went to the pharmacy, then to the front, and I got an appointment for beginning of April. Better than nothing, right. My poor feet....

We came home, and relaxed for a little while. About 10 minutes later, Joe's friend Daniel came over to play. His big brother had walked him over to see if Joe was busy. The 3 little boys, Joe, Daniel, and Jim, too turns playing on the Wii. They took turns. 2 would play for 10 minutes, then they'd switch out. So each kid got to play for 20 minutes, then 10 minutes out. It worked pretty good.

He stayed for about an hour, and his brother came to get him. I sat down and watched a few episodes of Lost, finally getting all caught up again. The internet is a lovely thing. Thank you, stations, for putting your programing online. You make me happy :)

Kayley (Leighs daughter) asked Eme to come and spend the night next door, and Tom came home from Grants house (he had a FABULOUS time). I stood outside and chatted with Becky (Grants mom), and Leigh, for about 30 minutes when Becky dropped Tom off. I'm missing girl interaction, I think.

After Becky left, Leigh and I took the kids and went to the park. Andrea even came down and met us there for a few minutes. Seriously, I though she'd dropped off the face of the earth - hehehe. Baby was there, and had the most DARLING hair cut! And her father in law was there too. They're visiting for the month.

So we chatted until the wind started to blow SO hard that the kids started to shiver. So we walked home. Andrea wanted to borrow a movie, so she came to my house, and we chatted outside on the front step for a while longer. But then even more wind came, and started blowing TONS of dirt on us, so she went home - LOL!

I watched another episode of Lost, and then noticed that Joe and Jim had BOTH fallen asleep on the floor watching a movie. Tom and I carried them to bed (it was about 8:30pm), and then I had Tom go to bed.

I watched a movie in my room, and then got a call around 10:20pm from the Scout leader saying that they troop had decided to come home a day early, because bad weather was setting in. SO, I needed to go and pick up Jake. Across town.

So I went and got him from the leaders house, and hurried home. He'd had a TON of fun on the trip. But may have sprained his ankle. So it would have been more fun if that hadn't happened. I helped him unload his gear, got him his toiletry bag, and sent him to shower, and straight to bed. It was 11:30pm before he was in bed.

Oh yeah, I hadn't seen Captain America since lunchtime, because he had to work late, then was on "Bar Duty", or something like that. Apparently, the officers have to take turns going to the bars on Friday nights, and making sure their soldiers are behaving. Or something like that. He had to go, starting at 9am, and ending at 2pm. So much for hanging with the hubby. Good thing we went out on Thursday night, eh?

So anyway, since my babysitter was back, and since my husband was gone, and everyone was asleep, I decided to go with my friend to Walmart at midnight to get the New Moon DVD! Hilary from church, and her friend Julie from her husbands unit. SUCH fun girls.

We walked in the store, and there was a line at the front of the store. And it went ALL the way to the back of the store, then went to the middle of the store (layaway). Yeah, we were there FOREVER, but it was fun to chat with the girls. It was slow moving, because you had to pay for it, not just grab it and take it to the front.

But we chatted about army posts, and kids, and husbands, and church, and friends, and EVERYTHING. It really was a fun time.

We finally got to the front of the line about 2am. Then we still had to go to the front of the store and pay for Julies stuff. So another line to wait in. But that just meant more chatting...

I was back on post at 2:40am, and sat down to blog. Captain America was already home and snoring. hehehe. I noticed that Andrea was online (yeah, WHY was she up - hehehe), so we facebooked chatted for a while. And here it is, 3:21, and I'm about done blogging, but still need a freebee for tomorrow.

If it had a TON of errors, you know why. Because my day was WAY too long..... WAY.....

Seriously? I know, it's supposed to be a "Second Chance Saturday" thing. But you know what? It's 3:30ish. And this is only 1 word, and spell check said it was right. So I'm gonna quit while I'm ahead. Cause you ALL know what happens when I design after midnight...

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box.net - Link now the right file - hehehe - sorry :)
See the new packaging? You like? Gives me a lot more space to work with, right???

Friday, March 19, 2010

I'll Start Tomorrow

OK, first off, here's my new products for the week! Yeah! I remembered. hehehe. Click HERE to go to Scraporchard to check out my new products for the week, and remember, they're 20% off the first week, or $2 per pack.

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Layout by Trina

Hello, Hello, Hello! Another day of spring break, down - hehehe. Today was a good day for me :) I was up at 8 something, getting ready for the day. Eme had a doctors appointment at 9:20 that she had to be at, and they want you there early.

So she showered, and I showered, and the kids got ready, and we headed out. We didn't have to wait that long, and it was our turn. They weighed and measured her, did a vision test (which, I think when we go to the eye doctor again, she'll need glasses...., and put us in the room to wait. The doctor came in, and had a student that she was training.

She checked Eme over, and discovered her dray patches on her trunk. They've been there for a while. She prescribed some steroid cream for it. 2x a day for 10 days. We went to the pharmacy, got the cream, and a few other over the counter meds (for free!), and headed out. We swung by CYS (child youth services) and turned in her physical, then headed home.

We got ready, and were almost out to door to go to the pool at 11am, when the neighbor kid told me that open swims starts at 1pm. Sigh. SO, I texted Danielle (who we were meeting at the pool), and we changed the time to meet till 1pm.

Tom washed the truck for us, and I chatted outside with me neighbor Leigh for an hour. We came back inside, had some food, watched part of a movie, THEN it was almost 1pm. We headed out, and drove this time. Yeah, it took 2 minutes to get there. If that - hehehe.

The pool was pretty fun. The kids had a good time, and liked it even better that there were kids that they knew there :) And I had a friend, and we actually went in the water, so it was WAY better for me - hehehe.

Oh yeah, so as we were swimming, Jimmy came up to me, in the pool, looked at me, and said, "Mom, you have ugly boobies", then swam away. Um, ok. hehehe. I wonder what "pretty boobies" would have looked like to a 5 year old. Silly kid... And no, they weren't hanging out. They were nice and covered up. So that was Danielles and my joke for the rest of the pool time. Me and my ugly boobies...

We headed home at 3pm, and Danielle invited Eme to come and play with Bailey (1 grade below Emeline). She was SO excited. We went home, got everyone dry and changed, then headed over to Danielles house, to drop off Eme.

Back home, and Tom got ready for his sleepover at Grant (Becky's son)'s house. He was SUPER excited. He's been trying to get Becky and I to arrange a playdate with him and Grant for a year now - yeah, we're slow :)

At a little before 4pm, Becky came by to get Tom. They were going to the pool for a while, then back to Grants house. Yeah, Tom was on cloud 9. He grabbed his backpack, his new legos, and out the door he went :)

SO, the little boys and I spent the late afternoon together. Jim and Joe played Legos Star Wars Wii for a while, then we played Phase 10 for Kids together. Joe caught on pretty quick, but I think Jim will need a bit of help. But it was pretty fun.

Captain America came home at around 6:30, and asked why we weren't at Scouts for Joe. Oops. I'd forgotten. Hehehe. I convinced him to take us all to Cracker Barrel for dinner, and we headed out at 7pm. We haven't been to Cracker Barrel since we moved to Texas. And I like Cracker Barrel.

We stopped by Danielles house and picked up Eme, then headed to the East side. Eme had already eaten, and didn't want food, so we just got her a soda. The boys got a mac n cheese kids meal. Captain America got a Bacon Cheeseburger, but didn't eat the bun, scrapped off the mayo, and only had a bite of the cheese. He got some cole slaw and green beans as his side. Me? Well, I got the old fashioned breakfast thing. Yeah, not the most healthy, but SO tasty - hehehe. Biscuits and gravy, grits (i like it with sugar/splenda, like oatmeal), bacon, sausage, ham, hashbrown casserole, scrambled eggs, and fried apples. OMGosh, I was in heaven. I think tomorrow is the day to start the diet again, don't you - hehehe.

Joe always either makes evil faces, or crazy eyes....

(see my sunburn? that hour outside talking with Leigh really got me!)

After dinner, we headed to Academy Sports + Outdoors, to look for Football cleats. Tom and Jake both needed a pair for Football, and Captain America needed a pair for all of the sports that they play for PT in the mornings. His current pair of cleats are from 1988 or something like that. Yeah, they're older than some of the guys he does PT with - ROFL! I think he's got him moneys worth out of those - hehehe.

Anyway, we found baseball cleats (not with the metal, but with the stud things) for Jake and Tom (the football ones were out in the sizes or not as comfortable as the baseball ones). Captain America tried on the ones for Jake, because they have the same size feet. Both of them wear a size 12. Crazy, that my 12 year old wears a size 12 in mens. And my 10 year old wears a size 9 in mens. I hope that they fit, since neither of them were there to try them on.... We'll just bring them back if they don't.

Captain America found a pair of work jeans for $4.88, and we headed to the check out. It was 10pm, and the store was closing. The kids were fading fast, and within 5 minutes, they were sleeping in the truck.

I carried in Joe, and Captain America carried in Jim (because, although younger, he's lighter by 5-7 lbs), and Eme took herself to bed. Captain America hurried and got ready for bed, and here I am, on my computer. It's now almost 11pm, and I'm tired.

I'm supposed to go over to Danielles house in the morning and let the kids play, but I'm also supposed to go grocery shopping. If I was smart, I'd wake up at 7am, get the kids ready, go shopping at 7:30am, be done by 8:30am, come back home, put it away, and be ready to go to Danielles house by 9am. That's what I should do. We'll see if I can get to bed anytime soon....

Then, Jim has a doctors appointment at 1:20pm for his rash on his arm. Very similar to Emes, but larger, and more circular. But it doesn't itch, so they don't think it's ringworm. Who knows. And I still need an appointment for my poor feet. Did I tell you that I have plantar warts on the bottoms of my feet. I know, super embarrassing. I promise, I wasn't playing footsie with frogs. I don't know where they came from. They're just there. Like 6 total. And I got the "do it yourself wart freezer" stuff from the store, but it doesn't seem to be doing it.

I tried calling the doctor appointment line, and they were like, yeah, that's not important enough. I'm gonna have to call again, and tell them that they're hurting. Cause they are. Cause I picked at them. And now they hurt. I hear that the trick to getting an appointment is to play EVERYTING up. See, government run health care is NOT gonna be pretty.... Where you basically have to lie through your teeth to get seen. Like this "OMGosh, my feet hurt SO bad that I can't even walk. They're bleeding, and I don't know what I'm gonna do" Then they'll give you an appointment. Sigh. Andrea taught me that - hehehe.

Yeah, I haven't talked about Andrea in a while. That's because I had no babysitter, so I couldn't leave to go play, and then her in-laws came to town. I miss you, my friend! Don't forget me..... I know you read this (sometimes), so just know that I miss you...... *sniffs and wipes a tear*

Oh yea, did I tell you that my Sister Madi's husband Joe joined the Army? He graduates from Basic Training tomorrow. Dang, seeing pics of her and him at family day brought back memories. That was me, in October of 2008, just where she is today. Congrats, Joe! Have fun at AIT!! Can't wait to hear where you guys get stationed!

So, in honor of starting my diet "tomorrow", or cleaning my kitchen "tomorrow", or anything else that I'm gonna do "tomorrow", here ya go - hehehe.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010


Well, we're 1/2 way through with Spring Break. It's been restful, that's for sure. Haven't really done anything yet. Just rested at home :) I'm used to going out a few times with the girls..... hehehe.

So I slept in again, like I have all week long. I did get up earlier than the last few days. See, that's good, right? I even made green waffles for the kids. And wore a green shirt and green socks, just so that Eme woudn't pinch me. Because she was running around being the "green police". LOL!

AND, Lenny the Leprechaun turned our milk green. But that was about it. I think he got lazy this year....

Tom played with Legos for quite a bit, Eme played with the neighbor girl for a little while, the little boys played in the backyard for a time, and the day went on.

At 5pm, I made soup, and at 5:45pm, we went to drop Tom off at football practice. We came back home, and about 20 minutes later, Captain America got home. We all got ready, loaded up in the truck, and headed to the football field. Captain America gets to help be a Defensive Line coach for Toms team.

He went with Tom, the little kids went to the park, and I played on my phone for a while. And texted. And facebooked. And passed the time.

Soon it was 8pm, and we headed home. But I made us take a quick detour first, and we headed to McDonalds. We each got a sundae. 2 Strawberries, 2 plains, and 2 hot fudge. Mmmmm. Guess which one was mine :) hehehe.

We were home by 9pm, and got the kids ready for bed, and in their beds. Veronica came by at around 10pm and borrowed our sleds. She was going to White Sands tomorrow with the kids. We still haven't been yet, though. LOL!

So here it is, almost 11pm, and my house is silent. Well, except for the crickets. And I'm watching a movie while blogging. Really, I'm mostly watching the movie - hehehe. Red Eye. Have you seen it? It has the chicke from the Time Traveler's Wife, and the dude from Batman, the Scarecrow. Good movie :)

So I found these really cute fonts today, while looking around online, and thought that I should make a WordArt using them. Here's what I came up with. Click on the links below to go to my account to download the pNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day Clover

Hey girls! Happy St. Patricks Day to you!!! Hope you're wearing green today, or I'll cyber pinch you - hehehe. Don't worry, I don't pinch hard :)

SO, Tuesday was a long, but good, day. I woke up late again. Which was fabulous, because I had no where to be :) I slept in until a little after 9am, and came out to see the kids. They kept asking to turn on TV/Video games/Computers, but I kept putting them off. Playing is better :)

Tom started reading our D&D players handbook, trying to make a character. He seemed pretty interested in it ;)

At around 11:00am, we headed out to the store. I'd showered and got all ready, so we headed to town :) First stop, Big Lots. I wanted to get a new DVD holder. I found one that hold 96, and thought it would be big enough. We got another few things, and headed out.

We next drove to the East side, and went to Wal-Mart. There's a McDonalds inside, so we went for lunch, since it was noon. I even let the little kids get a Happy Meal, which I NEVER do :) I gave them the choice of more food or a Happy Meal, and 3 of the 4 went with the Happy Meal.

After that, we walked around for quite a while. We spent a long time in the toy isle, just browsing. I did get some label stickers to put on my new DVD case, so I can know which DVD goes in which spot. We got a few other toiletry items, and were done.

So as we're loading up in the truck, I look in the back seat, and notice that there's a toy in it's package between Joe's seat and Eme. Huh? I didn't buy a toy. Looked like a cheap one from Big Lots. I ask Joe about it, and he turns pale. Not a good sign.

He tried to tell me that he accidentally walked out with it from Big Lots, but then he admitted that it was under his shirt. That's why I didn't notice it. Yeah, you don't accidentally hide something under your shirt and walk out with it. So we had the "Don't Steal" talk. He felt SOOOOO bad.

Since we were on the other side of town, we decided to take it back tomorrow. I knew that there was a FAllas Parades over on that side of town, because I'd gone with that ACS class that I took with Laurie. I just couldn't remember how I'd got there. So I got back on the 375 loop, and drove for a while. I took a few exits, but nothing seemed familiar. I drove till I got ti 1-10, and knew that wasn't right. I took a side street, and ended up by Tinseltown (the movie theater we go to sometimes), and remembered seeing that with the ACS class. Hmmm. I pulled over, and googled Fallas Parades, and found the address. 1700 Zaragoza. Hmmmm, I was near Zaragoza. SO, I took it till I was at 1700. And guess what. It was 2 blocks from the Walmart I'd started at. Sigh. Well, at least now I know where it is :)

So we went in Fallas, and looked around. I found a swim suit for Eme for only $4, but didn't wanna wait in the long line, so we just left. I'll come back another day when I don't have 4 kids and get it for her.

Next, the Dollar Tree was 2 stores down in the strip mall. We went in and looked around, then left. Didn't buy anything at that store either. By now, it was 3:00pm, and I was ready to come home. SO, we drove back to post, and came home. I let the kids turn back on Electronics (except Tom, who was still banned), and sat down with my new DVD case. I put on the labels, and wrote on the tabs, and got it all organized. Looks pretty good. BUT, I'll need another one, because I only have 12 empty slots....

Next, I started designing. Really, they just needed packaged up. I had to make the fonts lists, and the previews, zip it, upload it to the server, post a preview on Photobucket, and post it in my CT thread. Sigh. What a process. Then, about 10 minutes before we were supposed to leave for Football, I realized that I wanted to make a Spring Break WordArt pack. SO, I designed one real fast, and got it all ready to go.

Needless to say, we were about 5 minutes late for Football. BUT, the WordArt pack was done. With the time change, the sun was still out for most of the time we were at football. I chatted with Andrea on the phone for the first 20 minutes, then, as I was about ready to gather the kids from the park and head to Walmart (we'd forgot trash bags last time we were there, and we were COMPLETELY out - not good), when Captain America called. He was on his way to the Football field. YEAH!

So, I chatted with him as he drove to the field, then hung out with him for the next hour and a bit. About 30 minutes before practice got over, it got dark and cold. I had a big puffy red coat, so that was fine, but I was wearing flip flops. Not so good. My toes were painfully cold when we left.

I introduced Captain America to the coach, and he may even come and help out a few times with the boys, if he can get out of the battery at a reasonable hour. It would be nice, because Tom seemed SO pleased that his dad was there.

We came home, changed into some warm clothes, and I made Oatmeal for everyone. Cause Oatmeal is warm. And we'd just had bologna sandwiches for dinner. And I just remember that I'd made some herbal tea. Which must be still sitting on the counter. Crap. I bet it's cold now......

Anyway, we all sat down and watched "Night of the Comet" together (minus Tom, and Jake, because he's still camping). Do you remember that cheesy scary 80's movie? We used to watch it ALL the time as kids. Watching it again tonight with my kids, um, yeah, what was my mom thinking! hehehe. Those 80's movies had quite the language. Not so cool. But sometimes watching movies from your "childhood" is kinda fun :) We enjoyed the movie together.

After the movie, we put all the kids to bed, and Captain America went to bed, and I sat down to work. It's now 11:49pm, and I'm a bit sleepy. Gonna go design your freebee, then hit the sack :) Hopefully the kids will sleep in too, since they went to bed at 11pm. :)

Off to watch Lenny the Leprechaun turn our milk green.....

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Make the Best

Much better day. Much better. Well, it ended better, we'll say that :)

I woke up at around 8:30am, or was it a little after 9am. Can't remember. The kids were all playing nicely together, and I got them some cereal. Some of them had already eaten. Captain America was gone at work, and we spent a quiet morning at home. Electronics were turned off, and the kids were just playing.

Captain America came home at around 10am, and was home until a little after 12pm. He called and arranged the tow truck to come and pick up our truck, and arranged to have it dropped off at the Ft Bliss Auto Craft place so they could fix whatever was wrong.

The tow truck dude came when Captain America was in the shower, and I went to talk with him (the tow truck dude, that is). He wanted to know what was wrong with it, and I told him that it just died at the intersection. That it made a grindy noise, and wouldn't start. He wanted the keys so that he could look.

I went and got them, and he tried to start it up, but it wouldn't start. Just made those grinding noises. He got his portable jumper thingy, hooked it up to the truck, and tried again. He was able to get it to start, but the serpentine belt in the front started to smoke real bad. He turned it off, showed me the part that was the alternator, and asked if it was spinning. He started it up again, briefly, and no, it wasn't spinning. He said that it was the alternator, and that the belt would need replaced too.

I went in to get Captain America, and he came out to talk with the dude. Captain America said that he could fix those pieces himself, and he and the tow truck dude decided that he didn't really need to tow it to the mechanics. That saved us money on labor! Thank you, tow truck dude!

So the tow truck dude went on his way, and Captain America came back in for lunch. We tried to talk about how we were both upset with each other, but it wasn't working......

He went to work, and I let the kids (minus Tom, who was grounded), play on electronics. A few played the Wii, and one played on the computer. Tom did his own thing. At around 2pm, I bundled up the kids and we walked to the indoor pool. It's about 2 1/2 blocks away. I brought my laptop, and designed while the kids played. Jimmy and Joe are both confident enough in the pool with life jackets that I don't need to be in there with them. Finally :)

I got 3 or 4 WordArt packs designed (but not packaged), and the kids were done. By 3:30pm, we were home. They shed their pool clothes, got dressed, and we settled in for the rest of the day.

At around 4pm, we got a knock on the door. It was a buddy of Joe's from school. His mom said that the kid had wanted to come and play with Joe for a long time, so they drove around the neighborhood until they found our house. Yeah, I don't know how she found us, but she did. The mom asked if Daniel could stay and play for a 1/2 hour, that he'd never gone to a friends house to play before by himself (always with his older brother). She seemed kinda anxious about leaving him, but we traded numbers, and she said she'd come back in 30 minutes.

She left, and the little boys played SO well together. Daniel was great, and I think he and Joe had a lot of fun. The mom came back, and we chatted for another 15 minutes, then they went on their way. She seemed like a nice lady :)

We spent the rest of the early evening hanging out. I had the kids stop and do their chores at one point, and got them some dinner. I got a call from the Scoutmaster at 5:30pm, saying that Jake was messing around near the wood pile on his campout, and fell and hurt his foot somehow. It wasn't broken, or swollen, but he said that it hurt. They didn't know what to do with him. Sigh. With one vehicle, and Captain America working, I had no way to come and get him.....

I read a few emails, and found one comment on my blog that got me thinking. You know how you can say mean or negative things about your family, but if someone else does, you get all defensive? I know you do. Everyone has that gut reaction. WELL, I'm actually glad that someone said slightly negative things about my hubby, because my "mama bear" instincts came out. I instantly wanted to protect him :) He may be annoying and selfish sometimes, but he's MY annoying and selfish. Know what I mean.

So it got me thinking, that even though he makes me mad, and says stupid manish things that he shouldn't some time, he's still the love of my life. I wouldn't trade him for the world. And that I missed him the last few days. Even though he's gone a lot with work (and I must add, that I don't begrudge him the time that he's gone. He's doing a VALIANT thing by being in the US Army. It's no easy job. He's putting his life on the line for his country, and that can't be downplayed....), I still usually feel close to him. I hadn't the past few days, and it took an emotional toll on me. I missed my man...

During lunch, we had talked about what he meant about the clothes thing. What he'd meant is that when I'm at my goal weight, I seem consistently happier. And I know that he just had my best interest in mind. Did he go about trying to motivate me the wrong way? Um, yeah. The completely wrong way. BUT, he was only trying to help me. He really was. He just needs to work on his "how to speak to girls" skills. hehehehe.

Captain America was home at around 6pm, changed, got some food, and went out to take out the alternator. He didn't have a metric set of ratchets, so it was kinda slow going. I went out to join him, and he was pleased that I was there. I told him that I missed him, and that I wanted to hang out with him. And it was that easy. We weren't mad at each other anymore.

He went and got the parts that he needed for my truck, and a light so he could see what he was going, and 4 metric ratchet attachments. I came out and watched him put them in, and even helped a bit. I held the little flashlight, and helped with the belt. See, I'm helpful - hehehe.

I must say, it went in a lot faster than it came out. It was about $110 for parts. Much cheaper than having to pay both parts and labor. My man is SO handy :) Gotta love him :)

We finished up at around 9:45pm, and came in. Tom had put the kids to bed while we were outside fixing the truck (mini date, I guess - hehehe). We cleaned up, and he went to his office to work on his work, and I sat on the couch to do my work (but he left his door open, so it was like we were in the same room). I must say, I feel SO much better tonight than I did last night :)

So I guess the thing to remember is, when you're mad at your spouse, just remember all the good things that they do, and the reasons that you love them. My friend Andrea tells me this all the time; Would you rather be happy or right. Yeah, tonight I'd rather be happy :)

This WordArt request is from Treva. I thought it was JUST perfect for a WordArt, and SO true. I think many times, Luck is really people taking this quote to heart. Good things happen to people who actively seek good things.... Know what I mean? (not meaning that bad things never happen.....cause they do.......)

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Handprints of Love

First off, here's a new Bundle for ya! Well, technically, there's nothing new in there. New, in the fact, that it's never been offered in a bundle before...... Click HERE to go to the product. It's $5 for all 8 packs. Great deal, eh?

Is it Monday already? And the Monday of Spring break, none the less. Where does the time go?

So, another Sunday. Since my truck was broke, we had to shuttle to church. Captain America was up and ready and out the door to meetings before anyone else was awake. We got up at 7:15am and started getting ready. He came home at 7:50am, and we decided that I'd go to my 8:20am meeting with Jake, Tom, and Joe, and that he'd stay behind and get the other kids ready.

I met with the member of the Bishopric, and they released me from my Primary Presidency calling, and asked me to be the Chorister in Primary. Sigh. This makes my 8th time doing it. But, I don't turn down callings, so I said yes.

I left the boys at church, and headed back to get the rest of the family. Apparently, while I was gone, Jake and Tom were fist fighting in the chapel, and the bishopric member had to come and talk with them. Needless to say, the were in SO much trouble when they got home. Both were banned from any forms of electronic entertainment for a month. That's just NOT acceptable behavior.

So I come back home, get Captain America and Jim and Eme, and we head back to church. On the way to church, Captain America starts questioning me if I'm gonna ever get back on my diet. And he says that since I'm probably not gonna, then I oughta get rid of all my skinny clothes and replace them with clothes that fit me at this weight. What the heck? Yeah, I was NOT pleased with that conversation. Did he take a stupid pill this morning? You don't EVER talk to a woman about her weight. EVER. Somehow along the way, he missed that part....

So, my day didn't start off too good. I had to take Joe into the hall during sacrament and talk to him about being reverent, and then take Jimmy to the bathroom, because he says, Loudly, "Mom, I"ve gotta go poop NOW or I'm gonna poop my pants". So out we went.

AND, since I ate a WHOLE bag of prunes last night (I know, I know, not the smartest thing to do, but they're my WEAKNESS. I LOVE prunes...), I had the worst case of stomach cramps EVER. Felt like I'd taken laxatives. SO not cool.

I was doing sharing time, and part of it was to watch the Follow the Prophet movie that I'd spent 3 hours making yesterday. And I couldn't get the TV to work. It's the same brand of TV that we have at home, and has the A/V connections in the front. And they went bad. Sigh. So I had 7 minutes worth of Sharing time to stretch into a 15 minute slot. AND we didn't get to see the movie. I was disappointed.

I did find someone to take 3 of my kids home, then waited for 15 minutes after church for Captain America to get out a meeting, when someone else offered to take me and the other 2 kids home. That was nice. I don't know how long I would have been waiting.

I got the kids food, then went in my room for a break. I wasn't feeling well, so the bathroom and I had some personal time - hehehe (actually, not funny - seriously - LOL)

Captain America got home, and we decided on the boys' punishment. I took a big nap, and Captain America helped Jacob finalize his packing for the campout. The little kids watched a movie, and Tom read his book.

I got up and read for a while, then made lasagna casserole for dinner. I think everyone liked it well enough. I liked it, anyway. It was the first thing I'd eaten that day, so I didn't really feel that good. I know, I need to take better care of myself. I was just upset the whole day, and with the prunes and all, yeah. Didn't feel like eating....

So after dinner, I ask Captain America how we're gonna get Jake to the church at 7:30am. He says that I've gotta call around and find a ride for Jake. Sigh. SO, I facebooked my friend Hilary, who has a kid in Young Mens with Jake, and she said that Jake could come over and spent the night, then go with Nathan in the morning. SWEET! That would work perfectly.

So Jake said bye to the family, and we loaded this stuff into the Saturn, and we headed out. We carried all his stuff into Hilary's house, and I stayed and chatted for a while. Time got away from me, and when I looked at my phone (on silence, from church), it was almost 9pm, I had 3 texts and 2 missed calls. Crap.

I hurried home, and the kids were already in bed. I cleaned up the kitchen, and went in to blog. Captain America and I still aren't talking. Sigh. Not looking forward to this week. I don't have a car, don't have a babysitter, not speaking to my husband.... and I'm hormonal. Dangerous combination, you know. OK, I'll stop whining....

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Sunday, March 14, 2010


Well, it was an interesting day, to say the least.... I slept in until about 10:30am, which was HEAVENLY. We planned on going to the West side and getting some needed shopping done, but Captain America and I both got occupied doing other thing. I was reading a book, and working on a Primary sharing time activity, and Captain America was playing Guitar Hero.

So, at around 4:30pm, he's done playing Guitar Hero, and done exercising, and wants to know why we're not going to the West side. Well, I'd planned on going out with the girls in the evening, and I'd already cleared it with him the night before.

So now I'm the bad guy because we didn't do the plan like we said. Sigh. Why must men be that way? So now we're both mad at each other, and the rest of the day kinda sucked. Veronica's kids were going to see her ex (their dad) for the evening, so she and I and Andrea were supposed to go for dinner and a movie. She texted and said that she'd be good to go at around 7:45pm.

At 6pm, I headed out to Walmart. Jacob needed a few things for his spring break camp out. They were leaving early on Monday morning, and since we don't shop on Sunday, tonight was the night.

I got some snacks, and a few pair of $8 jeans for the child, and some drink stuff, and some peanuts, and stuff. I paid, and headed home. I got about a block and a half from my house, at the stop light at Jeb Stuart and Robert E Lee (I could see my house from there), and while waiting at the red light, the truck dies. I try and start it again, and it kinda makes this grinding noise, and refuses to start.

Sigh. I call Captain America, and he says that he's in the shower, and that he'll be there as soon as he can. Which is like 15 minutes. So I sit at the stop light, for 15 minutes, waving people past me, waiting for him to come. Some random dude comes and asks if I need help, and I tell him I live just over there, and the my husband is supposed to be coming to help me.

Finally, Captain America comes. Another random dude stops to offer help, and Captain America and the dude push the truck through the intersection and to the area by the bus stop. In the gravel (decorative rock, according to housing....).

We go home, and Captain America seems more interested in know where his receipt for his tennis shoes are than me (he needed to go and exchange them tonight). Sigh. I know that men and women are wired differently, but sometimes hormones makes you think strange things...... Anyway, he was like "you can handle calling the tow truck, right? You'll take care of it?". Sigh. Yes, I can handle that. So I call the insurance, and they schedule a tow truck. Luckily, he added towing to the plan a few weeks ago. 2nd time we've needed it since then.

The insurance place says that it'll be an hour before the tow truck gets there. I help Jake with packing his lunches for his trip, and about 15 minutes later, the tow truck dude calls and says that he's at my truck.

So I run out the door and over to the truck, in the dark, and I guess that Captain America got in the car and drove there. I didn't know he was coming. So it looked a bit odd that I showed up walking, and he was driving, but whatever.

The guy towed the truck the 1 & 1/2 blocks to our house, and he was on his way. Captain America headed out to the shoe place, and I went inside. It was now 8:30, and the movie had already started. Crap. The next one started at 9:55pm, and that was too late for me. SO, I missed out on the movie. And the shopping with my family earlier in the day. My whole day pretty much sucked.

After Captain America got back from the shoe place, we talked about what happened during the day. I don't know that we got anything resolved. Do you do that? Talk about it, and then almost get it solved, and then it starts all over again? Sigh. We were SO close. So here it is, 10:57pm, and I'm tired. I still need to design. Captain America and I aren't speaking. Happy Saturday to me :(

I'm sure tomorrow will be better, right? We'll get it all talked out, and be just fine. I just HATE fighting.... It's SO draining....

See how thrown off I am tonight. I didn't do a "Faithbooking" WordArt like I was supposed to. I made this one, because I don't swear hehehe. Sigh. Tomorrow....

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