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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Family Time

Busy day today. Sonic, more shopping for Lauries b-day, Sam's, Hobby Lobby, Sonic again, dinner (BBQ pork (chicken for me) and corn on the cob on the grill), date game night at a friends house. Busy, busy, busy. Tomorrow ought to be just as busy :) hehehe.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Not A Twin

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Wow, I'm ready for bed - hehehe. It's now 12:08 in the morning, and I'm sleepy :) As soon as I get done blogging, and link up this freebie, I'm off to dreamland. Well, no dreams. I sleep better when it's no dreams.

Anyway, I was up a little early today. 6:40ish. I hopped in the shower, and was out before I had to get the kids ready for school. But just barely. After they got on the bus, I fixed my hair and makeup.

Hilary was over around 8:15 or so. We decided to skip walking, since she and I both had appointments at 1pm. She finished getting ready at my house, and then we headed out. Laurie's b-day is on Saturday, so we wanted to get something for her.

First, we went to Walmart. She had a few things on her list to get. And I found some tennis shoes that were Joe/Jim size for $3 a pair. So I got one red, one blue, and one green. Can't beat 3 pairs of tennis shoes for $9, right?

After Walmart, we went to Fallas Paredes. I found a nice little "unmentionable" for Laurie :) Her man comes home in about 3 months :) Next, it was on to Cielo Vista mall. And Victoria Secret. They had their lotions/body sprays and such on sale. 6 for $30. Or $5 a piece. So I got 3 and Hilary bought 3, and we split the cost. Then, we each kept 2, and gave the others to Laurie for part of her b-day gift. AND we got cool Victoria Secret bags.

I bought the Love Spell perfume. I have the lotion and LOVE it. Hilary got the lotion. Then, we got some Island something flavor. Smelled REALLY good. AND, I found out that Hilary calls it flavor too. OK, so technically, you're supposed to say scent. Whatever. I call it flavor. hehehe. I swear, we're the same person sometimes - hehehe.

Oh yeah, did I ever ask you guys this? About the tooth fairy? When I was growing up, the tooth fairy would have us put our fallen out teeth in a cup of water by the sink. Then, in the AM, there would be quarters in the water. No one I've ever talked to had the tooth fairy do that, EXCEPT Hilary's family. SO, my question to you is, did anyone else out there have the cup of water tooth fairy, and how did that start? We decided that we both had Grandmothers from Idaho. Anyone??? Anyone???

OK, back to my day. We got the lotions, and the cool bags, and headed out. We stopped by Sam's Club to get gas in her car, then met the men folk at El Taco Tote. I know, I know. 3 days in a row. hehehe. I'm gonna have to drain my Paypal account into my checking account - LOL.

After lunch, Hilary picked up her kids and took them to an orthodontist screening thingy, and Captain America and I hurried off to our appointment. Through the military, we can go to a counselor for free, and confidential, no records kept. Not that we're having major issues or anything. Just little spats now and then. But, a healthy marriage is one that is worked on. SO, we figured that it would be good to keep working on it, right?

Mostly, the dude just affirmed things that we already knew. When you feel frustrated, think of the other person. Be deliberate in your actions towards the other person. Oh yeah, here's one. I'm not allowed to say "I Don't Know" anymore. I'm a very non-confrontational person, and don't like to make decisions. SO, this one was for me - hehehe.

I can ask for clarification if I need it, but I need to make a decision. No I don't knows. I'll work on that. I will :)

So after that, Captain America dropped me off back at home, and I hung with the kids. I picked up Eme and Joe from the bus at 3:30pm, then Tom came home at 4pm. Eme and I had a Mother/Daughter dance this evening, so I spent quite a bit of time getting us both "dance" worthy. hehehe. It was a Semi-Formal event, so I wanted us both to look nice.

Here's me in my outfit. The shirt has sparklies all over it. And the skirt is poofy. Yeah, it seemed Semi-Formal to me. ha!

And here's Eme. Doesn't she look all grown up! Sometimes it's hard for me to remember that she's only 8. What a cutie :)

We left the house at 5pm, and were among the first to arrive. Laurie and her girls came a few minutes later, and we hung with them for the evening. It was a fun dance. Eme kinda did her own thing on the dance floor. ha! Laurie and I and her girls, and Eme to some extent danced together.

Here's Eme and I again.

Eme and her classmate (2nd grade) Michelle

Laurie and I (with her daughter Elise in the background being goofy - LOL)

Mmmmm (hehehe, we didn't really eat it :)

The dance lasted until 7pm. We got home about 7:20pm. Tom and Captain America were at football, and Jake, Jim, and Joe were watching Pirates of the Caribbean. One of them. And the house was UTTERLY trashed. I don't know what they did, but it was MESSY. The kitchen looked like it hadn't been cleaned in FOREVER. Sigh.

So I changed out of my dress clothes, put on some compfy clothes, and started to work. I cleared the counters, washed them, put the clean dishes from the dishwasher onto the counter, then loaded the dishwasher with dirty dishes, started it, cleared the table, swept the floors, picked up messes, and finally had all the kids come help at the end. They picked up and swept up piles, and Jake put the clean dishes away, and a few other kitchen tasks.

Captain America came home around that same time, and commented that the house looked nice. Yeah, that was ALL me. I was SO tired.

But that wasn't the end of my day. At 8:30pm, Captain America and I walked over to our friends' house, the Kirkmans (Kayley). We were having a game night. We played a few hands of Uno Attack. Then Paul and Hilary got there, and we switched games.

Yeah, I'm not big on party games. Games where I have to look dumb, I usually avoid. BUT, I stuck it out, and it was fun-ish - hehehe. I don't think my friends knew how hard it was for me to do the crap that the game told me to do. Like mime 3 different things. Or laugh ever time someone else did (yeah, ALL night long). Or say "Ho Ho Ho Mummify" 10 times, trying to get people to guess that I was Santa. hehehe.

OK, so it was kinda fun. And funny. And I did laugh a lot. And towards the end, I felt more comfortable. Still, it was out of my comfort zone :) Hilary, when we come over tomorrow, let's NOT play that game, ok?

So at 10:45pm, we walked back home. And here it is, 12:32pm, and I'm just now getting done blogging. I'm tired. And ready for bed. And Hilary, this WordArt doesn't work for us. Because somedays, I think you're my twin, separated from birth. hehehe.

Oh yeah, and this is my new hat, and bag. Randomly thrown in at the end of my blogging. Because I was too lazy to put it on the other day. hehehe. And I'd like to report that I'm STILL on the diet, no cheats in 30 days. And I'm down a total of 12 lbs. Not too bad, eh?

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Angry Voice

OK, so tomorrow, I'm cutting down on the caffeine consumption. I drank too much again today, and am feeling jittery right now. And I don't like that feeling. And I totally knew it was gonna happen, to, but couldn't stop myself - heheh.

Anyway, I was up at 7am getting kids ready for school, and out the door, and to the bus. I went walking with Hilary and Laurie and my visiting teachers, Chelsey and Kayley. It was a pretty good group :) We were slower than if just Hilary and I walked, but hey, we walked :)

After the walk, I came inside, changed my clothes, and hurried off to meet Captain America at Saturn. But I stopped at Sonic first for a RT 44 Diet Dr Pepper. So about 6 months ago, Captain America's stereo freaked out, and he needs to pay Saturn to fix the code so it'll work again. Lovely.

Anyway, I picked him up from there, and took him to the East Side to go to Hobby Lobby. He bought a limited edition print from his Battery, and needed a frame for it. The artist was selling one for $150, but we ended up getting a custom frame from Hobby Lobby for only $40. Not too bad.

We also go our Ball photo back, and needed a frame for that. Yeah, I was totally good with a $5.00 fram from Walmart, so we went next door, and went to Walmart. I also found a big floppy had to wear to the pool, and a zebra bag that would match my shoes and swim suit. hehehe. Now I'll be stylin' at the pool. ROFL!

Next, we went to Verizon so they could tell Captain America that the reason that his MP3 player on his phone doesn't work is because his phone is old. Yeah, I may be able to change the format of the songs. We'll see.

Next, we went to lunch at El Taco Tote, then I dropped him off at Saturn. I went back home, and made sure that Jake finished off school. Laurie came over, and we worked on the "passports" for our Primary activity on Saturday, and some bookmarks. We left at 3:30 to pick up the kids, then came back to finish it off. Leigh stopped by to chat for a minute, and so did Hilary. Everyone had left by around 5pm, and I worked for about 30 minutes on a Young Womens invitation for my mom's ward. Yeah, I was WAY trying to hurry and get it out before I had to leave.

Tom and Eme and I left the house at 5:50pm to go to the joint Scouts/Activity Day meeting. I brought all the things that I needed, and realized, sitting in the church parking lot, that the meeting was at 6:30pm. Sigh.

I let us in the church with my key, and we got stuff set up. I had work for about 7 people to do. The Primary presidency came at 6:30pm, and we made sure that everything was ready. We didn't really have enough jobs for everyone to do. But we'd do our best.

We started a few minutes after 7pm, and finished at 7:30pm. We tried to drag it out a bit longer, but by 8pm, we were done. Captain America had come later with the rest of our kids, and Leslie's kids. Since not everyone fit in his little car, Leslie let him drive her big SUV. So I took the younger kids and Cub Scouts and drove home in that. Captain America stayed behind with the Suburban and the Boy Scouts.

I got home, got Joe started on his homework, and got the kids ready for bed. Dang, just looked at the clock, and it's 9:02pm. And NO ONE is in bed yet. I had to get my ANGRY voice out. Yeah, everyone scattered. hehehe. See, sometimes the angry voice is good :)

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Teacher's Pet

Another whirwind of a day :) Started out at 7am, when I got up, got the kids ready, made them French toast, a triple batch at that (froze 2 batches), and sent them off to the bus. I got mostly ready, and Hilary came over to walk with me.

We walked from 8-9am, then she and I went back to her house where she got ready for the day, we stopped at Sonic for a RT 44 Diet Dr Pepper, then she dropped me off at home, and she went to work at 10:30am. It was a pretty fun morning. I showered, hung with Jimmy for a while, then cleaned for a little bit.

Jake and Jimmy and I loaded up in the truck, and headed off to the PX for a stop at Game Stop, then a trip to the food court for lunch with Captain America. I drove into the parking lot, and the place was PACKED! I instantly started to get grouchy. Yeah, we weren't going in between 11:30 and 1pm. NOT AT ALL. I turned around and made to leave, and had to wait 5 minutes before traffic left me out. Sigh.

I dropped the kids off at home, promising them I'd pick them up at 1:20pm, and we'd go back, and headed off to El Taco Tote to meet Captain America. Yeah, much more relaxing. He and I ate and chatted and enjoyed ourselves until about 1pm.

He headed back to work, and I swung by the house and picked up the kids. We went to Taco Bell in the PX, and the kids each got a 5 Layer Burrito. We went to Game Stop, and Jake tried to find a game that he liked that was ALSO not rated M. Yeah, most of the ones he thought looked like fun were M. I don't mind an M game if there's an option to turn off the language/blood/gore/violence. BUT, if there's not that option, then we're not buying it. Yeah, none of them had it, or the people there didn't know if they did.

He ended up getting 1 game for the PSP, and 2 computer games, for about $23. It was his babysitting money, so I didn't really care what he got. He seemed pleased, though :)

We headed home, and were there for about an hour before the bus. I worked on my Cub Scout achievement plans for a while, and almost forgot to get the kids from the bus. hehehe. I brought them back home, and we got ready to go to the park.

Hilary and Laurie and I hung there for about an hour with our kids, then Laurie took her kids to piano, I took my kids home, and Hilary took her girls to the pool. Eme went with them. I put dinner in the oven, then after Joe's homework was done, left the boys playing electronics, and I went to the pool to hang with the grown-ups. hehehe.

I left at 6pm to take Tom to football, then came back, picked up Hilary, and we headed to Sam's. We got snacks for the Primary activity on Saturday, and I got gas. Then on to Walmart. I got the supplies for the "Jesus is Born" activity. We're gonna build a 2D Nativity craft. With frosting and pretzels and cookies and junk. I"ll take a pic when I'm done. hehehe.

I didn't ever hear from Captain America if he was at Football or not, so after Walmart, Hilary and I drove out to the field. Yeah, he was already home. Oops. He said he was real sorry he didn't let me know. I dropped Hilary back off at her car at the pool, then headed home.

The kids were already asleep. I sat down and worked on my Cub Scout plans some more, then had Captain America look over them for a bit.

And here it is, 10:55pm, and I'm just finishing up blogging. Need to design a freebie, then go to bed. Cause I'm tired. Even though I went to bed before 9pm last night, and had 10 hours of sleep. Yeah, it felt SO good. hehehe.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Down and Dirty

Howdy hey, party people :) How was your Monday? Mine was pretty good :)

So I was up at 7am, getting kids ready. I actually did a load of dishes before the bus, too. That's SO not me to jump in and do someone elses chores for them - hehe. I gave Jake and Jim the chance to come to the commissary with me, but they declined. Yeah, grocery shopping isn't that fun, I guess - hehehe.

I took my list, and headed out. I met Laurie there, and we shopped for food. I decided against the frozen chicken for $11.50 a bag. Yeah, that's too much. And I knew that I could get milk and crackers cheaper at Sam's, so I held off. But I got the rest of what I needed. CRAP! I forgot Plastic Wrap. Dude, I was totally at the commissary, AND Sam's Club, AND Walmart today, and I forgot it all 3 times. Sigh.

Anyway, after shopping, I headed back home. Jake did school, Jimmy played in his room with his toys, and I got my last WordArt pack for the week designed. I should keep going, and be doubly ahead, right? That's what a smart person would do :)

Captain America came home for lunch, and I recognized that I was starting to feel PMS-y. It's about that time. And everything he was saying was hitting me the wrong way. Do you get that way too? I tried to warn him, but it didn't work. We ended up getting into a hormone induced fight - hehe. Hopefully it blows over fast.

He went back to work at 1pm, and I headed over to Hilarys house. She's got the Sam's card - LOL. I stopped by Sonic, and got us each a RT 44 Diet Dr Pepper. Mmmmm, Sonic. When I got to Hilary's house, we built her table. It's the same patio table as I bought, and since I'd built one before, it was SUPER easy. Like 10 minutes. It took me an hour the first time :)

After building the table, we loaded up in her car, and headed to the West-Sied (yes, we pronounce it that way:) We went to Hobby Lobby, and returned some crafting type stuff that Hilary had gotten too much of. Then, off to Sam's. I got some saltine crackers, and I can't remember the other thing.... It'll come to me eventually.

We headed back to the North East Side, and stopped by Walmart. I wasn't gonna pay $12.98 for a 5 lb bag of chicken at Sam's. Walmarts 3 lb bag was $6.00. That was more my style. I also got some more turkey brawts. Hilary got something and some soda. Yeah, I'm not remembering a lot of stuff from today, huh? hehehe.

Back to Hilarys house, and I took my truck home. Once there, I cooked the Calzone I'd made last week, then froze in the freezer. The kids had that for dinner, then at 5pm, we went to the pool. We took Leslie's kids too.

Hilary and I and Laurie (for part of the time) sat outside at the picnic tables and chatted. It felt MUCH better than inside the pool where it was SO humid. And the doors were open, so the kids could come and go. Jimmy and Joe ended up playing outside most of the time anyway.

We went home at 7pm, and now I'm getting the kids ready for bed. I'm feeling a bit sleepy, and my stomach doesn't feel terribly great. I don't think I'm gonna get sick (at least I hope I don't), but maybe going to bed early would help. Maybe?

OK, you girls gotta know that I love you. I just LOVE this WordArt, and totally wanted to put it in a WordArt pack, but I don't wanna design anything else tonight. SO, you get it. But I don't really wanna give it away. hehehe. Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!

Monday, May 17, 2010


Where does the weekend go? Captain America and I were talking, and we decided that we need another day. Don't you agree? Couldn't you use another day in the weekend? hehehe.

I got up at 7:20am, and got ready. My "formal" hair was passable for one more day, so I just put on new make up. I looked pretty good for not having showered - LOL.

Anyway, after I got ready, I went out and got the kids ready. Eme was coughing so bad, I let her stay home with Captain America, who was sick too. Jim and Joe and Jake and Tom and I left for church at 8:40am.

Sacrament was good. Primary went by fast. Hilary was sick and not there today, so I missed my buddy :( Singing time was pretty fun. We played "football". The kids answered questions about the song, and for each right answer, the football went closer to the goal line. Then they got to sing a fun, active song that was written on the back of the football. It was a good time :)

After church, we watched the end of the movie that Eme and Captain America were watching (Spirit), then had lunch. The kids had bagel sandwiches, and I had chicken and cucumbers. We watched a Doctor Who episode, and got on with the day.

I went and took a nap (hehehe), and Captain America did some projects around the house with the kids. I woke up at almost 4pm, after a cockroach climbed on my foot. Yeah, not the way one wants to be woken up. NASTY! I hopped up in a daze, and it took me a while to recover - hehehe. I'm laughing because it doesn't help to cry...

I went outside, and helped Captain America (by that, I mean supervised) move some boxes around to the shed, and we started the coals. I went inside, and made twice baked potatoes out of the left over baked potatoes from yesterday.

For dinner, the kids had pork steaks, twice baked potatoes, and left over mac and cheese from yesterday. I had a turkey brawt and some salad. SO yummy. I just love BBQ-ing.

I read a few chapters of a Goosebump book to Joe and Jim before bed, then tucked them in. I drove Captain America up to the battery to get his truck, then came back home. I started working on some Cub Scout stuff after that. I'm trying to come up with a 12 month plan to earn their rank, including the Faith in God program. I finished up the Wolf tonight. I"ll work on the Bear and Webelos later :)

Captain America went outside to hang the screening on top of the patio. He climbed up there, used boards to move around on, and nailed it down. Yeah, you couldn't pay me enough money to do that - hehehe. He did a good job, though.

I brought my laptop outside, and re-worked the kids' menu for food, and the shopping list. I'm all set for grocery shopping tomorrow ;)

So here it is, 11;13pm, and I'm done blogging, and done designing. I'm watching part of Taken (don't mess with Liam Nielson. He's TOUGH in this movie - hehehe), then I'm going to bed. I'm sleepy, despite my nap :)

This WordArt request comes from Julie. I got an email from her today, and didn't feel like digging through the 600 messages in my inbox. Sigh. Stupid inbox. hehe. SO, for all of you staying home for vacation this year, here's a WordArt for ya :)

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Help of the Savior

Yeah, it's Saturday :) I woke up at 6am, but didn't know it was 6am. I didn't have on my watch, and my phone's clock turned off somehow. I finally figured out what time it was, and went back to sleep until 7:20am. Then I got up and kinda go ready for the day - hehehe.

Captain America and Eme and Joe got ready to go over to Old Ft Bliss for Armed Forces day for a Living History, and Hilary parked at my house at 7:45am. I helped her carry a cooler over to their FRG booth at Armed Forces day. I walked back home, and got more ready for the day.

Tom had to be at Football at 9am, and I was supposed to take Jim and Jake with me. But they convinced me to let them stay at home, so Tom and I headed out. I took my laptop, and designed for an hour on the field. I really wish they'd have had bleachers. Nope. I sat under a tree, on the ground, in white shorts. Yeah, lovely :)

I did get 4 WordArt Packs designed before my laptop died, though. Toms team lost, but I did see them run a touchdown. Good job!

We headed home at around 11:40. Captain America and Jimmy were home getting lunch for the rest of the family. I helped them make sandwiches, and carrots and pretzels and such. He also mentioned he'd invited Larry (his buddy who owns the horses) to dinner tonight. Whaaaaaat? My house was trashed. Very. I didn't want anyone to see my house like that.

So instead of going to Old Ft Bliss with the family, I sent the kids with Captain America, and I stayed home to clean. And I didn't mind too much. I needed to clean the house anyway.

Eventually, Jake and Jimmy came back, and helped me clean some more. We moved around a few things in the dining room, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the living room, and started on dinner.

I defrosted chicken, and let in marinade in Chipotle sauce. Mmmmm. And I baked potatoes in the oven. And green beans. And Macaroni and Cheese. And brownies. And then Hilary came over to borrow a movie. And she brought me Sonic. Because she's awesome :)

We ended up going to the Commissary, so that I could get Hot Dogs and Buns for the little kids. Then when we got back, she tried on my smallest formal. She had a Ball in July to go to. It fit, so she's gonna borrow it :) Yeah for formals :) hehehe. We'll just have to make sure that we get her to the beauty school earlier than I got there.

She went home, and I finished cooking. Captain America and Larry and the kids got here around 6pm, and we ate. It was SO yummy. I had a piece of chicken, and 1/2 a cucumber, some crackers, and an apple. I really liked the chicken.

We ate, and chatted, and the kids played. When Larry left, we noticed a bunch of kids playing outside in the front yard, and let our kids play too. I ended up chatting with my neighbor lady for quite some time.

When I came back inside, the rest of the family was watching Iron Man. We eventually put the little kids to bed, and here it is, 8:38pm. Iron Man is almost over, and I'm almost done blogging. I may have Captain America watch another movie with me before bedtime. Not sure :) (ok, I just designed my freebie, and hooked it up here, and apparently we're going to see Iron Man 2. Because it's the perfect time to see it, since he just watched #1. Or so he says - LOL! Movie starts at 9:50pm. See, it's a good thing I blogged and designed early. Otherwise I'd have been tired at church tomorrow)

This WordArt comes from the Visiting Teaching message from June. A little early, but then, it's never bad to be prepared, right? hehehe. Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!