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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Beary Much

I'm SO glad that yesterday is over. And, I'm feeling much better today. I woke up with a HORRIBLE headache. Really, it was nasty. I didn't even drive my kids to school. I made them walk. It's only about a 5 minute walk, but I still felt bad. My head hurt so bad, I couldn't keep my eyes open, and I was puking every 20 minutes. What a way to start off the morning.

But, I made it through. I ate a few pieces of an orange so I could down some advil, set Jimmy up with the rest of the orange and some cartoon, puked a few times, then went back to bed for an hour. I was puking/sleeping/checking on Jimmy on and off till about noon. I ate a few saltine, and finally started feeling 1/2 way human again. My head still hurt, but at least I stopped puking.

I just laid and bed and watched some TV on my computer. I found if I laid still, I could watch tv and it didn't hurt my head (hehehehe). So, I watched the latest episodes of Lost, and then the first 4 episodes of The Bachelor. I just LOVE television. I know, it's not the best use of my time, and it's probably rotting my brain or something, but I just love it. Guilty pleasure, I guess. We all have one, eh?

By 2:30, I was starting to feel a bit better. Jimmy and I walked to pick up the big kids, and I swear, I almost didn't make it home. My head was pounding, and I needed to get out of the bright sun. When we got back home, I got the kids set up with activities and food, and came back upstairs to bed. Like I said, if I was lying in bed, I felt ok. But no sudden movements.

At 4:45, I went downstairs and quickly picked up the house. Since we don't have much here, it wasn't too hard. But, I got the dishes loaded in the dishwasher, swept the floor, and threw the toys in the kids' rooms. There was a girl in the ward (church congregation) who was bringing over dinner for us, and I didn't want her to think we lived in a pigpen - LOL!

It was SO nice to get dinner brought in. Sure, we don't have a fridge yet, and it makes cooking a little bit more tricky, but given the day I had, I was in no shape to cook. Thanks, Krista. You're AWESOME! I really appreciate it :)

She brought cornbread muffins, this super tasty chicken, rice, cheese, and cream cheesey dish, a salad, jello, and a HUGE chocolate chocolate cake. OMGosh! It was amazing. YUMMY. And, she let us borrow a HUGE folding table, big enough for us all to sit at to dinner. We were cramming around a dinky little card table, with 2 of us sitting on the floor previously. This was SO nice to all sit at the table and eat dinner.

After dinner, I was feeling MUCH better. My head no longer hurt, I just felt a little drained from the day. You know, lying in bed and watching TV can be such a DRAIN on a person - LOL!

I let the kids stay up and play video games till about 8:30/9:00, then put them to bed. I watched a few episodes of Life (NBC), designed this WordArt for you all, and am now gonna go to bed. While I'm not tired, my body is still recooperating for a painful day :) When we get a little bit more settled, I'm calling the Doctor and getting an appointment for some migrane medicine. I know if I had had some, it would have knocked out that headache much faster. I'm SO glad for drugs - hehehehe.

Oh yeah, and update on Captain America. He flew out to Columbus Ohio on Tuesday, and had to wait to rent the moving truck until the army money hit the bank. Now, I know us girls wouldn't have done it that way. I would have waited for the money to hit the bank, THEN flown out, but you know men. You can't tell 'em anything. Their way makes TOTAL sense to them at the time - hehehe. So, he hung out in Columbus until Thursday, when the money came in. He got the truck on Thursday, and loaded it all day Friday.

Apparently, we have more stuff than the biggest moving truck could hold, so Captain America loaded up what he could fit, and headed off to St. Louis. (He'll have to go back and get another smaller truck full of junk again sometime soon. Sigh.) His parents are now living there with Captain Americas younger brother and his wife. He's staying there for the night. Then, he'll be driving over the next several days till he gets home to El Paso. Hurry home, honey. We miss you here :)

This WordArt request comes from one of my CT, Diana. She is working on this ADORABLE layout, and wanted a "bear" wordart for it. Well, here ya go, girl! Hope you like it :) I just LOVE your layouts. You rock!

Beary - PumpinJF
All rest - Pussycat

Friday, January 30, 2009


Hi all! Another great day in Texas :) I just love the winter weather here. Sure, it's a little chilly, but hey, it's JANUARY!!! I'm not bundled up in my warmest jacket, freezing to death in ice and snow. No complaints from me - LOL!

I bought a few actions from Atomic Cupcake yesterday. I'd been drooling over a few of theirs for some time now. And, I finally spent a few designing dollars and got me some. I took this new wordart and did it up for ya in "pine". Isn't it fabulous! I'm not sure what you would do with it, but it's kinda neat, eh? Hehehehehe.

Storytime at the library was good. Well, chatting with the ladies afterwords was good. Apparently the library lady who does storytime is brand new. Um, she's got a lot to learn about dealing with 2 and 3 year olds. Her story choices would have been good for kindergartners or 1st graders, and she spoke much too softly. I SO wanted to jump up there and take over. But, I showed some self restraint, and smiled and was nice the whole time - hehehehe. Hopefully she'll catch on soon - ha!

A really nice lady from church, Cobi, brought us dinner tonight. It was spaghetti, french bread, a WONDERFUL salad, some gogurts, some microwave popcorn, a few bananas and a carton of strawberries. How did she know my kids so well? They LOVE bread, and strawberries, and the gogurts were a HUGE hit. Joe just ABSOLUTELY loves pasta. They were SO happy. And so was I. I didn't have to cook, and we had meat in our spaghetti. Can't really buy ground beef and expect it to keep in a cooler :) Thanks again, Cobi. You are AWESOME!!!

I'm hoping that my head feels a bit better today. I started getting a doozey of a headache last night. Geeze. I HATE headaches. Now that I have medical insurance, I really should go see a doctor, and get some better drugs for it - LMBO! 4 advil and 2 tylenol just aren't cutting it for me :) It only knocks the edge off. So, feel lucky that I like you all so much - hehehehe, this was designed for you with a headache.

Anyway, here's todays wordart - hope you like it! Click on the images below to go to my box.net account to download the PNG file, and as always, leave some love if you like my work.

yeah, headache - just trying to get this done quick. I know one is Pupcat, and one is Loki Cola, and one is kevinandamanda.com or something like that

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Special Godmother.....and MORE!!!

First off, I wanted to let you all know that yesterday, I FINALLY sat down and went through my Christmas Card emails, and emailed you all back. My final count was 43 Christmas cards! Thanks so much, you guys :) I feel loved !!! So, if you sent me a Christmas Card, and didn't get an email from me, something went horribly wrong - LMBO! Just shoot me an email, and let me now :)

We had our pinewood derby last night at Cub Scouts! Woohoo! Gotta love the Pinewood Derby. Too bad we got our cars Tuesday night - hehehehe. I just had Jake and Tom color the wood with markers, then I put clear contact paper over it (yeah, because there was some in the closet, and I didn't have time to paint them), pop in the wheels, add pennies until it weighed 5 oz, and voulla, Pinewood Derby car - ha!

They didn't win, but they didn't come in last either. And we put the least effort into our cars, so that isn't too bad. And yes, mom, I took pics on my cell phone (forgot the camera AGAIN!), and sent them to Captain America. He'll eventually email them to me, and I'll be able to put them on here. Eventually. You know, he's so busy back there in Ohio, waiting for our Army money to come in so he can rent the Truck - LMBO!

Tom colored his yellow, and called it a humvee. Ok, works for me. Jacob didn't really want to make one, since he's out of Cub Scouts and into Boy Scouts, but they were invited to participate, and he was given a car. I talked him into doing it by telling him he could decorate it to look like the RV on the movie RV. You know that one, with Robin Williams, where they go on vacation in the big RV. Well, they call it the "Rolling Turd". He colored it black, and wrote "The Rolling Turd" down each side and on the top. Yep, it was THAT cool - ha! What a great impression my kids made on all the new church people - LMBO!

Speaking of church people, I met a few of the girls at church, and they seem REALLY nice. One of them found out that our fridge wasn't here yet (yep, it's in storage in Ohio), and said that she'd bring us dinner tonight. What a sweetie. And another girl is gonna bring us dinner on Friday - SO sweet :) I had fun chatting with them, and was invited to the library today for storytime. Apparently, a lot of them meet there on Thursdays for storytime, and let the kids play. Woohoo! I'm all about that. But, that means another outing - mapquest, I might be giving google maps a chance - hehehe.

So, I'm a BAD promoter of my own stuff! Here's my new stuff from LAST WEEK - geesh! I'll never make any money this way -hehehehe.

Click HERE for Party WordArt Pack

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AND, here's a sneak peek at what's coming out on Friday. Woohoo!!!

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OK, so I got this request from Gina, for some WordArt for Godparents. Well, I designed this, and liked it SO much, that, well, you now me, I go a little overboard :) I made this one:

and these below too:

I put them all into a zip file, and you can download them from my box.net account by clicking HERE :) And as always, if you like my work, leave some love in the comments :) Thanks!

Special - Perpetua Titling MT
Godmother - Luxury Royale JF

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter's Butterfly

I dropped Captain America off at the airport yesterday morning. He's going back to Ohio to get our stuff. Woohoo!!!! Well, not that he's gone, but that HE'S GETTING OUR STUFF!!! Sitting in a folding chair all day long is not my idea of comfort - LMBO!

His flight left at 6:45 this morning, so he wanted to be there at 5:45am. We left the house as 5:15am, complete with my mapquest directions. All I have to say is,

Mapquest, you are DEAD TO ME!!!

No, I usually LOVE mapquest, but not yesterday. I was trying to get to the airport, and I ended up on post. Yeah, I asked the army guy at the gate, "I'm looking for the airport, am I in the wrong place?", and he looks at me like I'm some kind of freak, and said, "This is Fort Bliss". Duh! Stupid road work. It TOTALLY messed up the directions. But, he told me about 6 steps to correct mapquests mistakes, and sent us on our way. THANK GOODNESS Captain America was in the truck and paying attention. I'd have had NO idea how to get where we were supposed to go.

I dropped him off at the airport, and headed back home. Oh yeah, and got lost 3 TIMES! Curses on you, Mapquest! What are you doing to me! Trying to give me a nervous breakdown. Hehehehe. It woudln't have been so bad if it had been light. Did I mention I don't see so well in the dark? First, I was getting onto I-10, and went West instead of East. So I had to exit and try to get back on heading East.

OK, so I'm on I-10 East, and I have to take Hwy 56. Well, the exits say Ft. Bliss or Juarez. I didn't know which one to take, so, you guessed it, I passed them both. And had to turn around and try to find my way back. By this time, I've gotten ahold of Captain America, and found out that it's the Ft. Bliss one I want. Unfortunately, in all of my turning around and trying to get back on the interstate, I've been on the side streets so long, I've passed the exits AGAIN! I had to turn around again, but this time, I got it right. I was on Hwy 54, and knew my way home at this point. Woohoo!

But seriously, I was in tears, and didn't want to leave the house again until Captain America got back in a week. I was planning on settling in and not leaving. But then, I decided on a different course. If I were to give into my "fears", and just sit home, I'd be NUTS before Captain America came back. After I got the kids off to school, Jimmy and I piled into the truck, and headed off to Wal-Mart. And I did it! I didn't get lost at all. I felt really good about myself. AND, I got an antenna for my TV. We're not getting cable (I'm WAY too cheap), so I figured that investing in an antenna would be the way to go. Cable is 20 bucks a month, every month. This antenna was 30 bucks one time. AND, I get quite a few channels. ABC, CBS, PBS, NBC, FOX. All the main ones. Now, I just need to get my Digital TV converter. Sigh. One more thing to do :)

Then, I decided to head to the Thrift Store on Post. WITHOUT a map - really! I'd driven by it with Captain America the day before, and knew if (IF) I could make it onto post, I could find the thrift shop. Well, I did get a bit lost, but I didn't panic. I called Captain America at one point, and asked which street I should take to get onto post. He told me, and said to keep right on this one road, and it would take me right onto post. Well, as he was saying this, I was keeping left, and going in the TOTAL opposite directions. See, that's my problems, I don't now my left from my right - LMBO! But, I found it after a little detour! Woohoo for me :)

The thrift store had some good stuff, but it was a bit overpriced for my liking. If I'm gonna be buying someone elses old stuff, I want a REALLY good deal. My FAVORITE thrift store was the Unique Thrift Store in Joliet. It was FABULOUS. This one, not so much. I did get a pair of Jeans for me, Tom, and Eme, a nice shirt/vest/pants outfit for Joe/Jim, a fan for Jacobs room, and some hotwheels for Jimmy.

And I must say, when I headed for home, I didn't get lost at all! I was so proud of myself. I'd turned my bad morning into a positive afternoon - yeah for me! See girls, never let a bad experience keep you from doing something you want to do. And don't be afraid to fail. Just keep trying, and you'll eventually get it :)

What else did we do? Let's see. I walked to school to get the kids. I put Jimmy on his trike/bike, and attached a bungee cord to the handle bars, and pulled him to school. He thought that was the coolest thing ever :)

The kids had a lot less homework tonight than last. I think this school is a LOT more acedemic than our last school. But that's a good thing. A lot of work, but a good thing. So, we did homework, played with cars, played on the computer some, ate a late dinner, watched American Idol, and put the kids to bed. I got a chance to design a new WordArt pack for this Friday, and got to watch a little bit of TV. Woohoo for TV!!!

Click HERE to go to Scraporchard to download the ZIP file. Remember, you have to be signed into the gallery to get the WordArt, and it's only up for a week. And as always, leave some love if you like my work.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Precious Gift

Before I start this post, I just gotta say, THE H KEY ON MY COMPUTER FELL OFF!!!, and the K key is sticking. Not so fun. I'm gonna go check my warranty and see what they can do for me. Because I KNOW that shoudln't have happened :)

So today was a FABULOUS day, just like I hoped it would be :) I, um, er, *cough* could have had something to do with the fact that I started my period last night. Crazy PMS will get me every time - LMBO!

Captain America and I drove the kids to school this morning, and as we dropped them off in their classrooms, we got to meet their teachers. NICE people. And the classes seemed very friendly and welcoming. My kids were SO excited. Joe seemed a little apprehensive about going into the room, but quickly warmed up to it all. He's now an all day kindergartener, instead of 1/2 day. Hopefully it works out for him - hehhe.

Eme was SO excited she could hardly stand it. Tom's class was out and about when we dropped him off, so he just went with the office lady, and Jacob got a "boy" teacher. He was pretty excited about that. He also gets to be in Orchestra again. Back in 4th grade, he learned how to play the cello. He was pretty stoked about that.

After getting the kids to school, Captain America, Jim, and I headed into post. I'd never been there, and was pretty excited about seeing it :) Jimmy too. We first went to do some paperwork (ok, so that part was LESS than exciting), but after it was all done, we went to the ADA (Air Defense Artillery) museum. It was SO cool! Army vehicles and missles everywhere. We're definitely coming back with the big kids. They'd SO love it.

Here's some pics from Captain America's cell phone - my camera was left at home, again. sigh. one of these days I'll remember it - LOL! And yes, it was a bandana day. Some days are like that - LMBO!

After that, we went to lunch, then he had to be back with his, um, group (?), at 1pm. er, sorry, 1300 (hehehe), which lasted for 2 minutes, then we went to the Commisarry (first time!), which is the Army Grocery store (great prices, by the way), and to the PX. We looked around a little longer than we probably should have, and had to RUSH to get home in time to pick up the big kids.

But, we made it in decent time. They said that they had WONDERFUL days at school. The kids were SO nice and friendly. When we lived in Joliet Illinois (Chicago), our school was 70% hispanic. But those kids weren't really friendly to my kids. They only wanted to hang out with the other hispanic kids. But it wasn't the case here. Everyone seemed interested in making friends with them, and my kids were SO excited about it. Thats the way it should be :) My kids are DEFINITLY in the minority. I think our school here is about 95% hispanic. Eme was the only white kid in her class, and I think there was on other in Joe's. Hehehehe. It's good for them. Helps them know that we are all Heavenly Father's children, no matter our ethnicity. He loves us all, just the same :)

Anyway, they each came home with a school supply list. Great. I got to buy school supplies, not once, but TWICE this school year. sigh. So, we headed off to Wal-Mart. But first, we stopped by the school uniform store. They were having a sale, so the t-shirts were only $4 instead of $5. Not too bad. I was worrying that they'd be 10 a piece, and that would add up REAL fast. We spent almost $70 as it was. Everyone got 3 new shirt (well, they were out of Tom's size, so we had to order some for him). Yellow, black, and gray tee's with the school logo on it.

Wal-mart was LONG, but I managed to get near everything on the lists. They were out of pencil sharpeners, but had everything else. Woohoo!!! School shopping is done for the year. Again - LMBO! The kids were REALLY excited about their new supplies. Funny how they get so much joy over such seemingly small things.

Back home, ate dinner, did homework, bedtime routine. All in all, it was a great day. Busy, but fun. And I got to spend the whole day with my sweetheart. He flies out tomorrow to Columbus to move all of our stuff here. While I'm looking forward to having a TON of time on the computer, I'll miss him. Hurry back honey - I"ll miss you :)

Today's WordArt request is from Kristen. She wanted to use it on her invitations to her 4 month olds dedication. Hope you like it, girl! Click on the image below to go to my box.net account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work.

Precious - Champignon
G - Monotype Corsiva
ift - An Unfortunate Event DeWarped

Monday, January 26, 2009

Moments Themselves

Wow, what a day. Have you ever had "one of those days". Where it doesn't matter what you do, everything goes wrong. I hate those days :) Hubby and I got in an argument last night (he likes to call them "discussions", but I know what they are - LOL!). It's all worked out now, but geesh, I hate fighting. And it's always about STUPID things. Dumb little things that aren't even worth fighting about.

So, we weren't speaking when we woke up, and I ALMOST didn't go to church. Which if you know me, that's HUGE. I ALWAYS go to church. Kids have to be REALLY sick for me to stay home. I was just feeling bad. I realized later that I was feeling a bit lonely for my friends I'd left in Oregon. I had a REALLY fun group of girls that I hung out with there (and my BFF Maren!!!), and didn't like the idea of having to start all over again.

Church was nice, and I was really glad that I went. The kids were well behaved during Sacrament meeting, and were excited about meeting their teachers and their "new friends". A really nice lady named, um, I think it was Amy, introduced herself to me during Sunday School, and she even sat with us. She seemed pretty nice. She gave me her number, and said that she'd show me around town. Now, I just have to get my courage up and call her. You all know that I'm SUPER shy, and HATE making phone calls, right? HUGE phon-a-phobic. See, you didn't know that about me, did you - hehehehe.

Relief Society was nice. The lady doing the lesson passed out chocolate, which is always good - hehehe. I never quite understood that one, though. Serving in Primary (the childrens organization) for years, we were always told not to hand out food of any kind to the kids. And yet in Young Womens and Relief Society, they're getting treats and such ALL the time. Hmmmm, little bit of a double standard, wouldn't you say - I'm just saying.....

After church, Captain America was talking to someone in the chapel, and I gathered up all the kids. They were wild, and ready to go home. Jacobs teacher came up and said that she was glad that he was in her class, and that the boys were all WILD and making paper airplanes and being too crazy. Nice. Just what a mom wants to hear on the first day of Primary. We had a little chit chat on the way home, needless to say :)

Tom and Joe were fighting. Something about bumping heads, and then Joe karate kicking Tom in the leg - I don't know - I didn't get all the details. At that point, I hurriedly gathered all the kdis, and took them to the truck. I THOUGHT that Captain America would get the hint that I'd left, and come out too, but, you know men. They TOTALLY don't get hints. I'm sure he just thought that it was much quieter all of a sudden - geesh!

So, we sat in the truck for about 10 minutes and waited for him to finish his conversation and come on out. We had the "proper Sunday behavior" talk on the way home from church, and praised the ones that actually were following those rules :)

I don't think it was until about 4:00 that Captain America and I finally made up. I just HATE fighting. It's so draining. And such a waste of time. There's got to be a better way :) But, all's good now.

We managed to salvage the rest of the day. We all had dinner together, then gave the kids hair cuts. Captain America does SUCH a better job than I do - LOL! I'm not as picky on the outcome as he is - hehehehe.

The kids all got baths/showers, and went to bed at 8:30, all ready for their first day of school. And Captain America and I were able to spend a nice quite evening together.

You know, for as mad as he can make me, he can make me equally as happy. But everyone fights, right? It's not just me? You all get upset with your hubbys from time to time? Surely it's not just me :) But you know, even when I'm the maddest at him, I still wouldn't want anyone else. I think that boys are just had to deal with sometimes. Or maybe it's that they don't know how to deal with girls. Yeah, that's it. LMBO!

Sorry about my downer post today - hehehehe. I really am feeling much better, though. I bet that today will be a fantastic day!

Check out these WAY cool posters (ok, so maybe I'm thinking their a little more cool than maybe they actually are - LMBO!!) (oh yeah, Ann, that means Laughing My Butt Off) that I made for my friend Brooke. She's the Activities Chairperson for the Florence Ward (where I used to attend church), and LOVED the posters that I made for her for the Christmas Party, so asked if I would help out with the posters for the Valentine's Party. What a great idea for a dance! I SO wanna go - but I'm NOT making that drive again, even if your dance is gonna be WAY fun.

I liked the way that this one turned out. My first attempts wasn't so good - hehehe. It's funny how my WordArt evolves until I have it JUST right. But sometimes in the designing process, I just wanna scrap the whole thing. I'm glad I didn't this time. I like my finished product :) Click on the image below to go to my box.net account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work.

Moments - akaDora
Themselves - Caesar

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Quality Experiences

Happy Sunday!!! I'm SO excited to go to church, and meet all my new friends - LMBO!!! Hopefully it's a nice ward (congregation), and there's some girls that I can click with, and get an instant friend. I need a friend here - friends are good! I miss my friend, Maren - Maren, you guys wanna move to El Paso, right? Does El Paso have a Coast Guard station? No, no water? oh yeah. Dang!

We got some unpacking done yesterday. It's gonna be a long and slow process, I'm afraid :) But then, isn't it always - hehehehe. Don't you all wish you could move as often as me - hehehe

Click on the image below to go to my box.net account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work :)

Quality - HelenaScript ES
Experiences - Engravers MT