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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dressed to the Nines

Another long day :) Woke up at 7am, and was just tired for some reason. I'd gone to bed at midnight, so I know I got 7 hours. That's more than usual. I got the kids off to school, and went eventually went back to sleep. hehehe. I slept from 8am to 9:30am. Didn't mean to sleep for so long, but it was good!

At 9:45am, I drove up to Captain Americas work with him. He was dropping off his truck at the battery. I drove his Saturn. I was supposed to pick him up, and he'd drop me back off at the house. That way he could have his car. BUT, it was too late, so I ended up dropping him off at the ADA museum for his meeting, then going back home. He'd just call me when he was done.

I went back home, and made sure the kids were ok, then did a bit of computer work, and straightened up a bit. Captain America called around 11am, saying he was ready for me to come and get him. I drove on up, and he came back for lunch.

I hopped in the shower, and got ready. I tried on my new dress, with my wrap, and you know what? It was too big. Pretty baggy. Woohoo! So, just on the off chance that it'd fit, I tried on my old formal. And guess what? IT FIT! Well, it was a bit tight, but it mostly fit!

So I took these 2 pics, and posted it to facebook, asking which one to wear. Dress one was the size 10 that was super tight. But made my waist look nice. Dress 2 was a size 14, and clearly too big and baggy. But it was comfy. And since I'm all about trying to look smaller than I am, I was leaning pretty heavily towards #1.

Anyway, I put on a button up shirt, and some pants, and flip flops, and Hilary came to pick me up at around 12:30. We headed off to Sunland Park mall to the Beauty School. I had a 1pm appointment.

We got there, waited for a few minutes, then I was taken back. Hilary was getting her eyebrows waxed, so she waited a bit longer. First, the chickie washed my hair, then put on the deep conditioning. With a little cap. And sat me under the dryer.

And as my hair did it's thing, she gave me a manicure. It was pretty nice. I've never had a real manicure before. I even got red-ish color nails. Yeah me :) Hilary came over about that time, with Diet Dr Pepper from Chick-Fil-A for us. She's amazing!

So after the nails, she rinsed the deep conditioning out of my hair,

And took me back to work on my hair. There wasn't time for a facial. We were running out of time. Note to self. 3 1/2 hours is NOT enough time at the beauty school. They're very slow :)

So she sectioned out parts of my hair, and curled the rest. Then pinned back the sectioned parts.

Then she started on the make-up. Well, actually another chickie helped with the make-up. She wanted to pull some of the color from my dress into my make-up.

So what do you think?

Here's me with my girls :) The one of the left was the hair dresser, and the one of the right helped with the make up :)

So, because it too SOOO long at the beauty school, we were running behind. Hilary and I drove home, over Transmountain, and went to her kids' new school. The paper work was due by 5:30. It was 5pm by the time we got there. She ran in to drop it off. And after about 5 minutes, came back out to say, take her car and drive home. I was gonna be late, and Paul would come and pick her up.

So I drove her car home, but traffic was HORRIBLE, so it was taking forever. I got home at 5:35. Yeah, not good. We were supposed to be driving away at 5:30. Anyway, I ran inside, went to the bathroom (no sneezing!), and threw on my dress, my bracelet, and some earrings. I grabbed my make-up for a quick touch up, and out we went.

We drove to Down Town El Paso, and parked in a free lot, and walked to the hotel. It was pretty nice and fancy. We had a few hor'dorves, then went in through the receiving line to find our place. So as we're going through the receiving line, Captain America is supposed to tell the first guy my name then his name.

Then the first dude tells the other guys what our names are. Apparent, it's Captain Harty and his wife Heidi. We just went with it. So I wonder if we'll start getting Captain pay now - hehehe. And Heidi? Whatever. I just wanted to go and find my seat - ROFL!

We were told that we were at table 9, and that it was yellow. We looked at EVERY freakin' yellow table in the room, and no table 9. What the crap? hehe. I was getting tired, and was hungry, and wanted to sit down. Finally, someone else noticed our name cards. At table 5, red. Yeah, cause that's SO close to yellow 9. hehehe.

Anyway, we sat down, and waited. And waited. And finally it started. They did the flags, and a prayer, and a brief talking, then we ate. We had a nice salad. No dressing for me. And 3 other people didn't show up to our table, so I ate one of their salads too - hehehe.

Here's a pic of Captain America and I at our table.

Oh yeah, I forgot to say that before we went into the dining hall, we got our pics taken. They were giving away a free 8x10 to each couple. Awe, I hope it turns out well :)

Anyway, I ate my 2 salads (hehehe), then the main dish came. Fresh green beans, some white sauce near them, some chicken, some pot roast, and a bunch of mashed potatoes. I ate all the meat, and the beans. I left the potatoes.

And Captain America only ate his chicken, and few bits of his pot roast, and a few green beans. And was done. His stomach was hurting. So I finished off his meat and his green beans. Mmmmm, it was good.

Cheesecake and mousse was for dessert. But I passed. Since I ate Captain Americas food, I gave him my dessert. I really felt like I ate well. No bread. No dressing. No dessert. No potatoes. I think I stayed pretty true to the diet :)

And then the L O N G part started. Yeah, it took forever. Some dude introduced another dude, and he spoke FOREVER. He was a 3 star general, and the highest dude in Air Defense. But yeah, it took forever. I was so bored. His speech wasn't even motivational. It was just all factual and junk. I'm all for motivational, feel good speeches :)

They thanked a buttload of people, and had a drawing for a raffle, and made some Grog (all sorts of alcohol mixed together in a motivational way with speeches and such) then drank the grog then closing flags and prayer and more talking, and FINALLY we were able to leave.

You know, I think the reason that they have SO much alcohol at these functions is to make people forget how boring they are. The people drinking seemed to be having LOTS more fun that us non drinkers - hehehe.

We didn't stay for dancing, but took our commemorative glasses, and went to our car, and went home. Everyone was asleep except for Eme and Jake. They were watching Bedtime Stories. So I sat down to blog, and watched the end of it with them.

It's now 11:10pm, and I'm SO ready for some sleep. I just need to design a quick freebie, then I'm off to bed :)

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Friday, May 14, 2010

What We Laugh At

Here's all my new stuff for the week!! I hope you guys like it :) Click HERE to go to my store to purchase any of these :) 20% off ($2.00) for the first week :)

Well, I never did figure out what I THOUGHT I had going on today - hehehehe. That's ok. I filled my day with other things :)

I woke up at 7am, got kids dressed, ready, and out the door by 7:30am. Jimmy and I laid on the couch until at least 8am, snuggling and sleeping. Jake did his chores, and started school, and I eventually grabbed my computer. I was slow in starting, but I started designing.

Facebook and Gmail kept sucking me in. Drat! I was gonna get all my weekly designing fast. Well, I did get it done, just not as fast as I'd hoped.

I was texting Hilary for quite a while, and finally had to put the phone away. I can't get work done and text at the same time. hehehe. At 11am, I was almost done. I was just finishing up the 5th WordArt pack for the week. And Hilary knocks at the door. See what happens when I put my phone away? hehehe.

She'd texted saying she was coming over on her lunch hour. I was SO excited because i thought she was done for the day, but alas, she had to go back to work. I hurried and finished off my last pack, sent them all to my packager, Joy, and changed out of my pajamas and put in my contacts - LOL! Hilary and I hung for a bit longer, and then Captain America came home, and Hilary got a call from her daughter, saying she was sick.

I totally teased Hilary, and was like "Did you just text someone to call and "save" you from me"? hehehe. Have you ever done that? Tell you friend, "Just call me in 15 minutes, and disreguard EVERYTHING I say". hehehe. She assured me she didn't, that Jannie was really sick.

She left to get her, then go home for the day, and Captain America and I went to El Taco Tote for lunch. We got the Bruscheta plate. OMHeavens, it was good. WAY bigger serving size than I needed, but I ate the whole thing. I won't next time. Steak and onions and green peppers. Eaten with salad. MMmmmmm, tasty!

We stopped by "The Jewelry Box" on the way home, and I got some fake crystal earrings for the Ball. It's tomorrow, you know. Friday night Ball, I'm kinda excited about it :)

Captain America dropped me off back at the house, and I checked on the boys. Jake had finished up classes, and was playing with Jimmy. I headed over to Hilarys house, and we set off on errands. First stop, Walmart on Transmountain.

I bought a SD micro for my phone. Or something like that. It was an 8 GB card. I figured I could put all my music on there, and I didn't need an MP3 player. I just need a good pair of headphones. Actually, the phone has some pretty decent speakers. hehehehe.

I also got a BBQ. It was a $20 one, but it would get us by. I like BBQing, we just don't do it very often. I got a bag of chicken, had hot dogs at home, and a package of Turkey Bratwurst. Mmmmm, yummy!

We needed charcoal, and some lighter fluid. I also got some tomato plants for my hanging tomato plant thingy. AND, Walmart had theirs on sale for $4, so I got another one. A little different, but similar idea. Now I have 2!

Hilary got the things that she needed, and we headed to the register in lawn and garden. On the way, we passed this dude, who stopped us to ask us a question.

"Pardon me ladies", he said. "Can you tell me if I should keep my hair the color it is now, or if I should go black? Cause I hear if you go black, then you look older, that all of your wrinkles show more. Or should I just keep it the way it is now". Yeah, he just went on and on about what hair color he should have........ Eventually, Hilary is like "Yeah, it's good the way it is", and he left.

We giggled so hard that I almost wet my pants on the way to lawn and garden. So funny.

Next stop was Hilarys kids school to pick up Megan. Normally she walks with Jannie, but because she got brought home sick, we picked up Meghan so she didn't have to walk alone :)

We dropped her off, then headed to Sonic. Rt 44 Diet Dr Peppers were calling our names, and we had our free survey coupons. Score it! We ordered, and I had to pee SO bad, I went inside. And it didn't have an inside dining area. It was just the place where they cooked. But they lead me around the maze that was their kitchen, and I found the bathroom. Thank goodness for Bathrooms.!

Hilary dropped me off back at my truck, at her house, and I headed home. Jake got the kids from the bus, and they all helped me unload the truck. We all went in the backyard, and they helped me plant the tomato plants. It was messy, but we got it done.

Tom and Joe helped me build the BBQ-er, and we got some coals going. Yeah, I need another lesson in "How to BBQ", because I kinda sucked at it :) hehehe.

I had the kids do their chores, and then the hot dogs were done. Tom got ready for football, and Captain America came home briefly, picked Tom up, and headed off to practice.

Hilary came over around 6:30pm, and we headed out to do the last of the errands. She needed to get some diet gum at Sams. She also found butter on sale, and some cheese snack crackers.

See, here's me with all the stuff we bought. SO, it's on the checkout conveyor, and the register guy looks at our stuff, and says "Looks like y'all are going on a field trip". Really? With butter? Because I don't know about you, but I take pounds of butter on field trips! hehehe. We teased him, and laughed and laughed some more. He was so embarrassed. He was, like, "You're making fun of me now". Uh, yeah. BUTTER?? hehhe.

We got gas, and headed home. I was home before 7:30ish. I helped put the little kids to bed, and Captain America came home at around that time. We were supposed to go to the Kirkmans house (Kayley) at 8:30, after football, and play games (just the grown ups), but Captain America found out that his Batallion was having a run in the morning. At 4:10am. Yeah, he wasn't so happy about that. So we rescheduled for next week.

I sat down and put some music on my phone, and helped Captain America put some music on his phone. It was kinda fun going through music that I hadn't heard in a while. I kinda liked it :)

Captain America gave Tom a hair cut, and he was the last kids to go to bed. It's now 11:45pm, and I'm falling asleep at my laptop. All the lights are off, and Muse is keeping me company. But I'm fading fast....

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Good Morning Sunshine

So I sat home today and did nothing.....just kidding - hehehe. Another busy day, as usual. I got up at 7am, got the kids ready and out the door, then folded 3 loads of laundry, and put most of them away. I did leave a basket for Jake/Tom and a basket for Eme on the couch so they could put it away after school. I started a new load, and organized the dirty dishes a bit.

I hopped in the shower, got ready, and was all ready to go by 8:30am. See, I clean up nicely - hehehe. I was all excited to wear these jeans, since they hadn't fit in a while. The fit me at 160. Not at 170. And I hit 160 today. Woohoo! I'm down 10 lbs from 21 days ago. Not too bad :) Only 20 more lbs to go to my weight last summer. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

And yes, I may look decent in that picture, but without the full body girdle under it, things wouldn't be quite so pretty.... So yes, I do need to lose another 20 lbs... So I can be "full body girdle"-less.

Laurie came to my house close to 8:45am, and picked up Jimmy and I. We were going to Demming with her to drop off her new puppy at her brothers house. And, she'd picked up another of her brothers (she's kid #9 out of 11) at the airport last night, and was driving him to Demming too. I'm such a turd, I insisted that I ride in the front seat. I get car seat on long trips if I'm not careful. hehe.

Here's Rowan, holding the puppy. I don't know why he's holding his nose. Looks like it's because the puppy is smelly, but it really wasn't. ha!

After we dropped off the puppy and the brother (and his 4 year old son) at Laurie's dad's place, she and I and our boys headed into town to eat lunch. We went to a little Mexican place, and had YUMMY food :) Here's Jimmy with chips from lunch.

And Jimmy and I
Here's what I got for lunch. Fajata salad. It was pretty tasty. Steak and green peppers and onions over lettuce and tomatoes and some spicy something or another. It was very yummy! I, of course, shared the guacamole with Laurie. Can't stand the stuff.
So I do have a funny story to share from lunch. The waitress came by to take our orders, and she got my salad order from me, Lauries fajata order from her, and asked Rowan what he wanted.

Diarrhea, he said. ROFL! Laurie was like, um, he means Quesidilla. TOO funny. Jimmy pipped in, and said that he wanted Diarrhea too! Boys are so much fun :)

We headed back to El Paso, and the little boys fell asleep in the car. But when Jimmy woke up on the outskirts of El Paso, he assured me that he wasn't sleeping. "Sometimes I sleep in the car, just not this time, Mom". Whatever. I heard the snoring, loud and clear :)

We got back to El Paso, and Laurie dropped me off at my house. I went to the bathroom, then loaded up Jake and Jim in the truck, and we went to Fallas. Laurie had gotten a purse there the other day, and Hilary got a new purse today, and I was feeling left out. I wanted a new purse too.

So I went to Fallas, and got the same one as Laurie. I texted her first, just to make sure it was ok. We do have the same shoes, so I guess the same purse is ok. Either that, or she was just way too nice to say "Dude, don't copy me". I'd like to think that she'd tell me "Dude, don't copy me" if that's how she felt :) Anyway, it was only $6, and was brown soft leather feeling. SUPER cute :)

I also found a new swimsuit. It's gonna match my zebra print flip flops. hehe. Black and white swim suit. For $6. And in my size. When I tried it on, it was a bit lower than I'm used to. I'll have to take it on a test run at the pool to see if I can do it. I'm not used to "the girls" being exposed at all. Hmmmm. But other than that, it was modest. The bottom half was perfect.

I also got 2 pairs of exercise shorts. Long ones, that come well to my knees. Gotta like that. They were $3 each. So I spent under $18 (military discount) for everything. Gotta love bargin shopping.

Hilary met me at Big Lots at 3pm, and I got a few things that I needed. I use "needed" loosely. I got a hanging tomato plant thingy, and some dirt, and more twinkle lights for Captain America to hang up. And the boys a candy. hehehe. "needed". LOL!

We hurried home, and picked up the kids from the bus, and brought them back home. Kids did their chores, and I went to my nice backyard patio set. Hilary and her daughter Megan came over around 4:30pm to hang for a bit, and Hilary and I played on Facebook on our laptops in the backyard.

At 5pm, I asked who wanted to go to the pool, and only Eme wanted to go. Jake and Tom had been fighting ever since Tom had gotten home from school, so they didn't get to come. Joe and Jim wanted to stay home, so it was just Eme and I. Sounded good to me.

Hilary and I hung out while the girls swam, then we came home at 6:20pm. She went home, and I started on dinner. Taco salad for me, and Calzones for them. I got one of the pizza crusts, rolled it out long and skinny, like for cinnamon rolls, and filled it with ground turkey, spaghetti sauce, Parmesan cheese, and mozzarella cheese. Then folded it over, pinched it off, and cooked it. Smelled DIVINE :) It just barely got done before Scouts.

At 6:40pm, Captain America came home from work, and we all got ready to go to Scouts. Captain America and Jacob and Hunter (Leslies kid) rode with Captain America, and me and Tom and Braxton and Emeline and Joe and Jim were in my truck.

The big kids went to their Activities, and the little kids just played. Hilary and I did some Primary work in the primary room, then chatted for a while. Then it was time to go home.

Here's a pic of Tom with his clay sculpture. He was so proud. hehehe. I can't remember what he told me it was.

Captain America and his car of kids left before me, by about 4 minutes. But I beat them home, somehow. I was so confused. The got there about 1 minute after me. Hmmmm, strange. But when they walked in the house with Sonic drinks, and a GIANT one, just for me :) What a SWEET man! I'll keep him :)

We put kids to bed, and I started working on my designing and blogging. It's not only 10:22, and I'm all done. Woohoo!! I need to spend some time tomorrow designing and getting my store stocked for the week.

You know, I thought ALL day long that I had plans for Thursday, and I can't for the life of me remember what my plans were, or who they were with. No one that I do things with regularly can think of anything. Weird... So, if I made plans with any of y'all, and I don't show up tomorrow, my apologies - hehehe.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Relaxin' at Home

Morning, girls :) How's the week going? Good here. So today was supposed to be my lazy day. Ha! Whatever!

I woke up at 7am, got the kids as ready as needed, and went to bed. Tom walked the kids to the bus stop, and I slept till 8am. Andrea texted and said that they were walking, so I left the house at 8:15am to walk. It was Andrea and I and Becky and Veronica and Kayley. And Laurie joined us late. We have quite the group - hehehe.

I was home at 10am, and Laurie came with me, to see my new patio furniture. She stayed for about 30 minutes, then headed home. I brought my laptop to the backyard, and designed for about 20-30 minutes, and got a WordArt Pack done.

I came back inside, and Hilary and Captain America both came for lunch. hehehe. We ate in the backyard on the patio set, then Captain America headed back to work, and Hilary and I headed to the mall. I had a dressy jacket type thing for my formal that needed to go back. Because it should have been a cream color, not a white. And the cell phone case was the wrong one, so that needed changed too.

First we took back the jacket thing. Then the cell phone thing. Then we looked around, for a wrap thingy. Yeah, they didn't have one. We left, and went across the interstate, to a bridal shop. For $15, they had a wrap that was similar fabric as my dress, that matched. I'm gonna have to play with it and get it to work.

We stopped by Sams on the way home, and Hilary bought some more Gala apples. Cause they're the best, you know. And we stopped at Sonic on the way home to get a RT 44 Diet Dr Pepper. And we even got the free soda survey.

So here's the deal. Last Saturday, when we called in the free sodas, the survey consisted of 3 questions. Then we got the code. Well, this week, when we called in, there were a MILLION questions. Appearance of the car hop? Time of day? Did the car hops wear skates? Seriously? It was ridiculous! hehehe. BUT, we got our free sodas for next time.

So we met the kids at the bus stop, and dropped them off at home, and got them started with chores. Then we swung by the PX real fast to look for Paul some shorts, then headed back home.

Hilary went and did her thing, and I made homemade pizza with the kids. I made 6 batches. Split in 3. So 2 pizzas for today, and 2 bags of 2 batches put in the fridge for later. Because making the dough is always the hold up for me. We'll see how it works :)

I cleaned the kitchen, washed the dishes, made 4 loaves of banana bread, picked up the living room, and swept a little bit. Jake was still working on his school, and the other kids were playing and skating a bit.

Captain America got home a little before 6pm, and changed and took Tom to football. We ate dinner in the backyard, and it was SO nice. I got a few minutes of designing in, then cleaned up from dinner.

At 7:30pm, I put Jimmy to bed, sent Eme to her room to ready, got Jake back on track for school, and left Joe at the table with his school. I took a loaf of banana bread to Leslie, just as Captain America was getting home from practice.

Hilary and I had some herbal tea with Leslie, and chatted for a while, then headed out to our Primary Presidency meeting at Karins house.

We talked about people for callings, and tried to iron out more details for our quarterly activity coming up, and get things ready for Sunday.

And I got home at 11 something. Yeah, it was a fun, but late meeting. hehe. Tomorrow, Jimmy and I are riding with Laurie to Demming, New Mexico, to take the puppy back. Because she doesn't need a puppy - hehehe.

So, there was my relaxing, non busy day. What do ya think? hehehe.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


OK, just to preface this, it's 1:06am. I'm tired. I need sleep :) I'm gonna try and give you the Readers Digest version, but I'm not very good at condensing - hehehe. I"m sure you've noticed that over the years....

So I got the kids off to school at regular time, then sat down to do the bills. My Microsoft Office was freaking out, so I had to fix it. Which took some time. Then I opened up my Excel spreadsheets, and figured out what I had left from last month, and what went were for this month. After being creative with a few numbers, I was able to get it all on track.

After the bills were done, Laurie and I went to the commissary to grocery shop. I was supposed to go on Thursday, and here is was, Monday. Yeah, it was an expensive trip - hehehe. BUT, with the extra $10 from last week, it worked out just fine.

I dropped Laurie back off at her house, looked at her new puppy (which she informed me tonight it going back to where it came from - her brother gave it to her kids without asking permission from her first - it was a trial run, and apparently it didn't go too well), and headed home. I paid Jake to carry in my groceries, and I put them all away.

Hilary stopped by at 11am for lunch. Well, it was a bit early for her to eat lunch, so I packed her one to take back to work to eat when she felt hungry. We chatted and put groceries away from 11-12pm.

Captain America came home at 12:15pm, and stayed till about 1:30pm. It was a nice lunch with him too - :) I got lunch with 2 of my favoritest people today!

At lunch, he was talking about his buddy, Webb, getting a new Patio set for $250. That's a great price. Guess where? Big Lots. I've been wanting a Patio set FOREVER. We used to have one in Joliet, but it didn't make the move. And I've been without ever since.

As soon as Captain America went back to work, Jimmy and I loaded up in the truck and headed to Big Lots. We were there for over an hour, looking at Patio stuff. I found one that I liked! Here's the pic that I took of it:

And here's the picture from Online:

Yeah, the pretty brick work and lake don't come with it. Drat! It seriously took FOREVER to get the set. First off, they didn't think they had any. Then it took FOREVER to get the girl in the front and the girl in the back to get on the same page. After about 10 minutes, they found one for me. Sigh. Get with it, people. My set was $175 for the 4 padded chairs and rectangular table, then another $50 for two more padded, but folding, chairs. So only $225 for the whole set. Not bad for a patio set.

I also got some lights to hang up. A nice string of bulbs. I like it. Tomorrow, I'll take some more pics. It got too late to do it tonight :)

Anyway, we came home, and were home by 2:30 pm. Jake and I built the table, which was SO frustrating. Those people who made the directions ought to be shot. They didn't make any sense. After trial and error, we eventually figured it out.

I sent Jake to get the kids from the bus, and I sat down to assemble to the 4 chairs. I got those wrong the first time, too, but figured out the right was quicker than the table.

Hilary came over at 4pm, and helped me build the last 2 chairs. We got it all set up and looking pretty!

At 5pm, we all loaded up and headed to the pool. Leslie's kids came with us too. So I had 6 little boys and a girl in my truck. Yeah, it smelled like BO. Nasty :)

Hilary and I sat at the pool and watched the kids play, and hung. At 6:45pm, we headed home. I gave the kids left over soup with crackers, and we all sat out on the new patio furniture to eat. It was warm and pleasant. I really liked it.

I helped Joe with his homework, then Captain America came home. I started to hang up the Lights, too. After he put the little kids to bed, he came out, and we hung up the lights together. It was nice to work on a project together.

Leslie and Laurie were doing hair at Leslies house, and I dropped by from 9:00-9:30pm to see. Back home, hung with Captain America until he went to bed at 10:30pm, then I headed back to Leslies house. Laurie already had tin foil on her hair. hehehe. It looked pretty cool. We chatted and hung for quite a while. Here's me, with my favorite snuggle blankie I brought from home :)

Leslie put in Low Lights of a brownish/blond color, and here she is, washing it out.

And Laurie getting her hair blow dried.

It looks super dark, but it's not really that dark. It's a pretty color, though.

So I finally came home at 1pm. And now I'm tired. OK, so that wasn't very condensed. Oh well. I did try.

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Dandelions are Pretty

So, how was everyones Mothers Day? My kids tried real hard to make it special for me. They had homemade cards, and projects from school, and they kept asking what they could do to help. Of course, they were still fighting with each other, and making messes, and being kids. Too bad we can't get what we really want for Mother's Day. Perfect kids for one day. Or at least ones who don't fight with each other. hehehe. But I know they were trying :)

Church was crazy. We had a family move out of the ward last week, so we took over their row. We can see Captain America better from there, and I just like the spot better.

Only Hilary and I were there for Primary. Andrea's son, Luke, was having a hard time breathing (asthma-like symptoms), and took him to the ER after sacrament. Karin was out of town in Arizona. Laurie went to Demming, NM where her family lives for Mother's Day. So that just left Hilary and I.

She'd planned on having another member of the Presidency help her with the Mother's Day craft while she taught sharing time for the Junior Primary. Well, since it was just her and I, she did an abreviated Sharing Time, and then I had 45 minutes for singing time. Let me tell you, I may not have known the song by heart when we started Singing time, but by the time we got done, BAM! I knew all the words. hehehe.

We played a game where 2 kids would come up at a time, and roll dice. One rolls red and one rolls back. Red tells us what we are doing during the song.

1-clapping the rhythm
2 - marching the rhythm
3 - hopping the rhythm
4 - standing
5- sitting
6 - spinning

The white would say WHO does the action.

1 - Black/Brown Hair
2 - Wearing red/pink
3 - wearing white
4 - wearing pants
5 - wearing skirt/dress
6 - blue/green eyes

Everyone had to sing, but only the people mentioned with the white dice would get to do the action. They seemed to like it. I was doing a solo most of the time, but they were learning it. We must have sang it 25 times. My voice was SO tired, not to mention my body, after hopping and spinning and junk. Dang, who thought up that game, anyway? hehehe.

Senior primary was much easier, since they could do the craft on their own. We only had 15 minutes worth of singing time. Much easier - hehehe.

I came home, got the kids lunch, and slept for 2 hours. Yeah, that nap felt good. The rest of the day was pretty lazy. We watched some Doctor Who (this season is super good!), cooked some soup for the kids for dinner, and just hung out for the rest of the day.

Here it is, 10:32pm, and I'm gonna watch an episode of Fringe, and go to bed. If I got to bed by midnight, I'll get 7 hours. That's an improvement from the 5 I've been getting the past few nights. hehehe.

OK, so dandelions aren't really pretty. Well, they are to a 2-8 year old. Especially boys. hehehe. They LOVE to pick them for us. I don't know how many little ugly flowers I've gotten for cute little boys over the years I've been a mother. And I love each and every one, for a second. Hehe. Until I can ditch the horrid little flower :) LOL! Anyway, always wanted a cute WordArt to use on picks of little boys (or girls, I guess too), with Dandelions. So here's what I came up with - hehehe.

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother Dear

Late night again. I need to stop staying up so late, I think... I woke up at 6:50am, and needed more time to get ready. I was supposed to leave at 7:20am to go to Hilarys for the Scout Training, but I didn't even leave the house until 7:35. Oops. hehehe. We left her house at a little before 8am, and stopped at Sonic for some RT 44 Diet Dr Pepper. If we had to be at a Saturday Morning training, we needed some Sonic. That's for sure :)

We got there after the meeting had already started, and they were in the chapel. Crap! We didn't have on dresses. We thought it wasn't gonna be in there. But after peeking in, most people were in Scout clothes, so our dressy casual would fit in. Our Sonic drinks? Not so much. We ended up pulling a few folding chairs in the back, and taking the drinks.

After the part in the chapel, we moved into the gym. For the Cub Scout overview part. I think, if someone didn't have a clue about Cub Scouts, this meeting would have been PERFECT for them. Unfortunately, most new people don't end up coming to these types of meetings. Just the Scouters. Then it's like "preaching to the choir".

Anyway, I don't think I learned anything I didn't already know. After that session, we went to Pack Leaders meeting. Yeah, I knew all that stuff too. I guess, after being married to a Scouting Professional for 9 years, quite a bit rubs off - hehehe.

At lunch, Hilary and I went and ate in the car (our cheese and cucumber and crackers and apple), then headed back to Sonic. We had 2 receipts with surveys on them, so I called and got the redeemable number, and we got 2 more RT 44 Diet Dr Peppers. I know, that's not good for me. And it probably wasn't good for me to drink a little bit, then add my 12 oz can that I'd brought from home into it either, right?

The last hour and a half went quickly. Then, ironically, for we were SO ready to get out of there, we stayed for at least 30 extra minutes chatting with my friend Paige and Kristie, from my old ward. The girls I was in the primary presidency with in Hondo Pass Ward. They are SO much fun. We were laughing and joking and carrying on. hehehe. I almost wet myself I was laughing so hard - hehehe. The 2 Rt 44's didn't help, either, I'm thinking :)

We drove back to Hilarys house, then I drove home. I got home at around 3:15pm. The house was clean, the kids were happy. All was well. Jake does such a good job babysitting :) I'd called and texted periodically throughout the day, giving directions and checking in. No problems.

For a reward, I was taking all the kids to the Post theater to see "Diary of a Wimpy Kid". Laurie and Hilary were bringing their families too. BUT, first I had to work on my Primary Quarterly Activity reminders/posters.

I uploaded the handout to walgreens.com, and ordered 100. We have 70 kids in primary, but it was cheaper to use 2 $5 fro 50 prints, than it was to just buy $70. Strange, but that's how it works :)

Then, I took my digital handout, and broke it up into 16 4x6 sized pieces. And uploaded each one to Walgreens, and ordered enough to make 3 large posters. What's that, a 24x16? That's a pretty good sized poster. For looking like a photograph, that is :)

I got done as the kids were loading up in the car. Super busy day. We met our friends there. Paul sat on the isle seat, so his leg could rest. Hilary next, then me, then Laurie. Jake, Tom, and Nathan were sitting 2 rows ahead of us. Jim, Joe, and Rowan were in the row directly in front of us. Eme, Elise, Kaitya, Megan, and Jannie were behind us. We were TOTALLY surrounded. hehehe.

The Post theater does this program where for ever movie ticket you buy, you get a stamp on a card. When you get to 12 stamps, you get a free movie and a popcorn. Since there's 7 in my family, it only takes 2 times at the theater. We had one mostly filled, so it was topped off, plus another one was 1/2 way filled. Hilary had one 1/2 way filled, so we combined it, and ended up with 2 refillable sodas, and 2 big popcorns. We let the boys have one, and the little boys have one. I don't think the girls realized that the boys had popcorn. 1/2 way through the movie, I took the soda cup away from Joe and Jim and give it to Eme so she could get a refill of something she liked. I know, I'm cheap - hehehe.

The movie was kinda fun, for a kid movie. It was entertaining, I guess :) We loaded up after the movie, and drove two Walgreens to get the prints. I came home, got the kids some food, and started working on my posters. Jake and Tom went to play with Leslie's kids, and Joe and Jim and Eme played inside the house. I got one poster done.

Hilary texted wanting to know if I had a good Mothers Day saying she could use for the Mothers DAy cards she wanted to make for Primary. I said that I could make a WordArt out of the Mothers Day song that we were signing in church. And I made it into a pretty card, too :)

I worked on that for a while, and I liked the finished product. I used Studio Manu's new Bundle, Magnificent. And let me tell you, it sure is! LOVE the clusters. Fabulous!

Captain America got home at around 7:30 or 8pm. He helped put the little boys to bed, and went jogging. To make sure he got in his exercise for the day. Then showered, and got ready. We needed to go to Walmart to get a few essentials before the Sabbath. We don't shop on Sunday. We needed tomatoes and lettuce and Splenda and a few other things.

Anyway, at around 9pm, just as we were getting ready to go out, I remembered that Jake and Tom were over at their friends house. hehehe. So I texted Andrea and Leslie to see who had my children, and it was Leslie. She sent them back home. They showered, and went to bed.

Captain America and I headed out for Walmart at around 10pm. We got what we needed, then headed to Walgreens to get Hilarys photo/cards. Then back home.

I think it was midnight before I got back to my posters. And 1 before I got around to blogging. Here it is, 1:47pm. Sigh. I'm tired. I think I only got 5 hours of sleep last night. I'll get about 5 hours tonight too. I'm definitely taking a nap tomorrow.

SO, Happy Mothers Day to my mom! I love ya, I'm glad that we're friends! We're much better friends when we don't live in the same house, don't you think? hehehe.

AND, I did buy you a gift. And a card. And it has a stamp on it. But that's as far as I got. I'll try and get it in the mail so it can go out first thing on Monday. Sorry :(

And Carol, love ya too! And you card and gift are still not sent. Sigh. Striking out today :)

BUT, I wanted to let the mom's in my life know that I love them. Mom, and Carol, and Grandma Ida, and Grandma Mavis, THANK YOU for who you are, for what you do, and for what you mean to me!

Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file. Thanks.