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Saturday, July 11, 2009

You Are Beautiful

Lot of fun and exciting things going on in the Harty house yesterday - hehehe. We decided not to go to the movies, since Katy's sunburn was SO bad. Poor white girl! She needs to wear a t-shirt when she goes to the pool.

The kids and I just spent the morning at home. Really, it was very nice and relaxing. They decided that they wanted to play computer, so they did their chores on their own. That was very nice.

After lunch, at about 2pm, we headed to the free ice cream place. It wasn't quite what I thought it would be. It was free popcicles/fudgecicles/ice cream sandwich bar type things. Good, but not necessiarly worth driving all the way across post and sitting in the 100 degree weather for. Next week, we'll go swimming first, then get the popcicle on the way home. THAT would be a good trip. After all the fun things we've been doing, the kids just look at me like "That's our lame activity???". Too funny.

We got home by 3pm, and I watched a bit of TV on the internet, then at 4:00 started cooking for the BBQ. I made a Taco Bake, and a pudding/graham cracker/ banana thingy. Actually, it looked pretty good. I just layered Graham Crackers, then chocolate pudding, then graham crackers, then vanilla pudding (with 1 mashed banana mixed into it), then sliced bananas on the top, followed by graham cracker crumbs. Looked pretty impressive - hehehe.

We had SO much fun at Laurie's house. The men all got along well with each other, and the girls, of course, had fun chatting. The kids ran around playing and screaming and causing trouble, so of course they had fun. Great night with friends.

So, now it's 10:30pm, and my hubby is exhausted. He's gonna go to bed, and I'm gonna go to Katy's with Adela and watch a movie. hehehe. One of these day's, I'll tire. But not today - ROFL!!!

So I got this email from Jodi, and it was entitled YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Awe, how sweet. There was a link to a site that talked about being beautiful, and to pass on to others that they are beautiful. SO nice. So, girls! You are ALL beautiful! And, I want you to scrap a layout of your BEAUTIFUL selves!

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B - Beautiful Caps ES
eautiful - Beautiful ES

Friday, July 10, 2009

A Good Cat

OK, a warning. This post is VERY long, and kinda silly - hehehe. My true colors emerge! hehehe.

Howdy Hey, girls!!! It's FRIDAY already!!! And, what's a Friday without a little bit of Fresh fruit! I've got 5 new WordArt packs for ya, hot off the press (LOL!) Click HERE to go to my store, and remember, it's on sale for the first week at $2.00 a pack. After that, I'll go up to $2.50 :)

Layout by ThunderDragon

Layout by Diana

Layout by Trina

Layout by Grace

Layout by Jaimee
OK, so re-cap of girls night back on Wednesday :) I had SO much fun! I showed up at Katy's house at about 9:05pm. I brought about 8 board games, not sure what would be fun. I'd also made some Banana Spice cookies with Lemon glaze - mmmmm, they smelled warm and were still fresh. Adela showed up next, followed by Laurie. We were SO excited that Laurie was able to come!!! It was her first girls night late night with us!

Katy had some cheese, some artichoke/spinach dip with crackers, and some apples. Laurie brought chocolate dipped strawberries. And Adela brought a tiny little bit of "adult" beverages for her and Katy. Laurie and I stuck to water/diet soda :)

We started off with Apples to Apples (super funny game), and moved on to Scattegories. Katy got a call from her hubby (he's deployed) somewhere in the middle, too. Awe, so sweet!!!

The camera came out at one point. Who knew that Katy LOVED the camera and making funny faces as much as I do. Seriously, I've never had a friend that likes to be goofy as much as me - hehehe.

Here's Adela and Laurie, trying their best to be goofy (not as naturally talented at it as Katy and I)

Here we go, this one is better :)

Here's Katy give me the crazy eyes - LOL!

And here's what Katy does when she gets embarassed - TOO funny!

And Katy trying to jump into the fishtank - ROFL! OK, not really. Can't remember what she was really doing. I do remember talk of her saying she could fit into the fish tank, then reconsidering, and saying, "well, not me, but my husband" - ROFL!

Katy has a MAC, and it had this SUPER funny program that morphs your face. We took turns sitting in front of the computer screen, taking screen shots of our crazy faces - OMGosh - I gotta get that program. hehehehe. I think Katy and I were enjoying it a whole lot more than I should have.

Me - why do I look like a scary old man??? ROFL!

Me and Katy

Adela, Me, Laurie, and Katy - Aren't we HOT!!!

Oh yeah, I'm all that!

Katy and I - LOL!!!

Adela - hehehehe!

Me and Laurie (can you tell who liked this program the MOST!)
Then, for some reason, at 1:15am, we decided to go run a lap around the block. I know! What were we thinking! Laurie and I and Katy decided to go. Adela passed on the whole crazy idea. I only had my platform-ish flip flops, so Laurie let me borrow ONE of hers. We were quite the pair. What a bunch of dorks, we are! Running laps after midnight, and only 1 of the 3 of us had even had a drink - hehehe.

So after we get back, we start talking about the positive benifits of having vinegar in your diet. I know, random - ha! Anyway, I don't know who came up with the idea, but a shot of vinegar was called. Laurie was the drinker - hehehe. Here she is, posing for the drink!

She took a little sip, then a cucumber to wash it down.

Ewwww! One little sip was enough for her - nasty stuff - good for seasoning, not so much for drinking straight up :)

Well, Katy couldn't let it go unfinished, so she decided to down it. Ewwww!

Sorry it's sideways. You'll get the idea, though :) heheeh.

Adela and Laurie (Adela had some moles removed earlier in the day, so that's the bandaid. I Photoshopped the rest of them out in the other pics, but got lazy towards the end, and left this one - Sorry, Adela!)

And Katy and I.

The party broke up at about 3:30am. We all went home, and slept. I got woke up at 7:50am, and was up for the day. Girls night is SO worth the lack of sleep :)

I made the kids cereal (yeah, MADE - LOL!), and got myself breakfast, and sat down on the couch to watch a movie with the kids. No laptop. Good of me, eh? I lasted about 30 minutes before I went and got it. I'm working on it :)

I'm not sure what we did all morning long, since I was kinda in a "lack of sleep" induced trance, but we headed out for the pool at 11am. Katy and Adela came, as well as a few other friends. The Kirkmans (Kaylee) were there, and so was Kelsey. Oh yeah, Laurie was there too, and her hubby as well. We had quite a large group of friends. It was SO hot (about 100), so we spent the majority of the time in the actual pool. Usually we're just sitting around chatting, but not yesterday. WAY too hot - LOL!

We left at about 2pm, and headed home. Everyone was a little bit pink. We needed a 3rd application of sunscreen. The sun was pretty intense. I got home, changed, got a snack for the kids, and went to bed. Katy had let me borrow her season 1 of Felicity, and I thought I'd try it out. Yeah, I fell asleep. Not that it wasn't good. I was just tired. I eventually brought Jimmy in with me, and we slept a good portion of the afternoon. I was on and off sleeping, what with kids coming in and needing things, but I eventually woke up at around 6pm. Hehehe.

I went out and made Taco Salad for the kids, and the usual for me. I spent a little time with Captain America (just so he didn't think I didn't like him anymore, what with me running off to play every night - ha!), and blogged for today, and now I'm getting ready to go to Adela's house. We're gonna watch "Fun with Dick and Jane". I know I've seen it before, and remember thinking it was funny, but honestly don't remember a lot about it. I can watch it again :) But I won't be staying as late. I'm gonna need some sleep :)

I stayed at Adela's house until 1am. Not too bad :) Plenty of time to still come home and sleep :) We had fun watching the movie, then chatting.

Friday we're going to Biggs sprinkler park for the morning, then there's a free Ice Cream give away at Kelly Park from 2-3pm. I'm ALL about free, so the kids and I'll be there. They're SO excited about ice cream :) We also talked about an alternative plan, of watching X-Men Origins with the kids, then getting ice cream. As long as there's ice cream - ha!

Then BBQ at Lauries house on Friday night, and BBQ at Captain Americas Army school instructors house, or something like that on Saturday. Should be a fun weekend. Already packed!

Since I gave you guys a dog themed WordArt yesterday, I thought it was only fair to give you all a Cat themed WordArt today :) See, I'm an equal opportunity non-animal person - ROFL!

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Licks of Love

Hey girls! I'm making sure that I set this to prepublish at the right time this time. No more evening posts for me - hehehe. I WILL get this right - LOL!

So, another busy day in the Harty family. I'm beginning to think that that's the only kind of days that we have - hehehe. I was up and going at 7am. Printing off my shopping list, checking it against the food in the cupboards/fridge, dressing myself and kids, and out the door by 8:20ish. We went to the commissary, got out this weeks grocery money in cash (it's a motivation to only buy whats on the list if you go with a set amount of money), and started shopping. Emeline pushed the food cart, and I pushed the cart with the little boys. Tom was old enough to stay home by himself, so he stayed and played computer.

I was so proud of myself at the checkout! We were $15 under budget! 2 weeks in a row - woohoo!!! We hustled home, put the groceries away, changed for the sprinkler park, and headed out again. We got there at about 10:20am. The girls were already there. I tried to be on time - LOL! Just too busy.

The kids played on the bouncy castle things (and water bouncy castle things) until 11am, then got free lunch. Ham/Cheese hoagie sandwiches, watermellon, pork n beans, and milk. Nice, nutritious lunch :) And I didn't even have to cook!

After lunch, we headed off the grass, and into the real sprinkler park. I think that the water park at Biggs field (the one with the shallow pool) ruined this sprinkler park for the kids. They only lasted about 20 minutes before wanting to go home.

Katy and I made plans to go to Goodwill and Walmart when we left, so we loaded the kids up, and headed home. We quickly changed clothes, and headed out again. I talked Katy into driving, since my rig has no AC, and it's over 100. Dang, that's hot!

We went to Goodwill, and I found some SUPER cute shirts. I ended up getting 6. 6 for $24.00 isn't too shabby! I used the rest of our clothing allotment for the month, and $5.00 of my own spending money. I absolutely love them. I'm gonna take pics of me in all of them, and post them for ya tomorrow. Maybe I can think of some clever way to give away a few WordArt packs, too. I'm sure I can think of some way to tie it all in. You know me. Miss clever - hehehe.

Katy got some shorts and a swim suit for her daughter (she's going to camp here pretty soon), and we headed out again. Walmart, this time. I needed some toiletries for Captain America. Dang, that man uses more accessories than a woman - hehehe. Foot powder, nose spray, body wash, floss..... silly boy :)

We loaded back up, and headed home for the final time. Jim and Joe and Eme were in HOG heaven in her van, because it had a DVD player built in. Super fancy for us - hehehe. I could really get used to that. It'd make trips MUCH more enjoyable. Last time we moved cross country as a family (from Oregon to Chicago, I think), we hooked up at TV/VCR combo to the lighter, stuck it inbetween the front 2 seats, and watched Lord of the Rings all across country. Real redneck, I know. That's just how we roll :)

So, got home, designed for a few hours (but REALLY wanted to nap), cooked dinner, did some dishes, checked Facebook, and saw that Adela wanted to do a Girls Night tonight. Woohoo!!! We decided to meet at Katy's house, and play board games. It's now 8:26pm, and as soon as I get this pre-published, I'm heading on over. The little kids are in bed, and Tom is finishing up a movie. Captain America has some work to do tonight, so he's fine on his own. Woohoo for playing ALL DAY LONG! Gotta love that :)

Welp, I have another WordArt Collab with Jen of Graham Like the Cracker, and this time Charmaine, of Wyld Web Designs joined in too! Their kit is called "Lil Fella", and is SO cute! We have a 3 way WordArt blog give away today.

And yes, I'm aware that it's an animal kit. Dogs, to be more specific. hehehe. Did I do ok, considering I'm not a dog (or animal) person??? LOL!

Click HERE to go to Char's blog to pick up her WordArt part.

Click HERE to go to Jen's blog to pick up her WordArt part.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Somehow, I posted this on the 7th. It was supposed to go out on the 8th. Oh well. You get it a day early - hehehe.

OK, I promised pictures. Here's the pictures :) You're welcome, Mom!

Here's my muffins from Monday - Don't those clusters on top look like chocolate??? I'm just saying...

If you look close, that's me under the mushroom - hehehe.

I can't believe I'm putting this picture of me on my blog, but what the heck. I have no secrets. I'm a freak. You all knew that already - hehehe.

Here's Tom's shorts. Silly boy had a HUGE blowout. That reminds me. I need to sew them up before we go to the sprinkler park tomorrow......

Just love little Jimmy - he's ADORABLE!!!


Sweet Emeline. We put her hair up so it wouldn't be in her face. It sure made a mess when we took it down, though. I'll have to reconsider the pony for the pool.


Here's me!

Joe chugging from lemonade dispenser
OK, on to the present. Remember how I stayed out late the other night? Well, no luck with the sleeping in plan. The kids woke me up at 7:45am. Sigh. I did ok, though. I had to hurry and get the house clean for my friends.

I made some French Toast Loaf for the kids. First, take a dozen eggs, and crack them into a bowl. Beat. Add a bit of milk, some cinnamon, and some vanilla (sorry, I don't always measure). Break 1/2 a loaf of bread into bite sized pieces, and add to the eggs. Mix well. Should be a soggy mess - LOL! Put into a baking pan (with non stick spray), and back at 350 until eggs are set. Serve with pancake syrup. My kids LOVE it. Plus, I had leftovers, so I'll have an easy breakfast for Wednesday. Woohoo!!!

Next, I cleaned the house. I did some dishes, the kids did their chores, I cleaned the downstairs bathroom. OMGosh, boys are disgusting. There was one of the little boys' toy boxes in there, with socks and toys in it. And guess what was in the bottom? Pee. Who brings there little toy box into the bathroom, fills it with socks, and pees in it??? I totally don't understand. I also found pee inside the trash can. I should just make them pee in the backyard. I'm sure the neighbors would LOVE that one - hehehe.

So, I detailed the bathroom (it smelled 100% better than before), spot mopped the floor in the kitchen/dining room, and straightened up the laundry room. All in all, the house looked pretty good. Well, good enough. hehehe.

I started on my pizza next. Mmmmm, pizza! I made 2 wheats, and 2 whites. 3 Pepperoni and 1 supreme. This one smelled FABULOUS!

And the wheat pepperoni ones.

I was gonna make Jello, but ran out of time. I made Pudding instead. I took 1 chocolate, and 1 vanilla, and mixed the 2 together. Looked good to me :)

And, here's me, all showered and ready for my "girls day". We were going to the movies, kid free!!!

Jimmy, waiting for our friends to arrive.

Eme, waiting for friends.

Oh yeah. I wanted to show you how I re-arranged the living room.

The hutch was moved from the dining room to the living room. Works for me. Check out my poor dinky TV. My friend Katy have the most AWESOME TV I've ever seen. Makes mine look like a pocket TV - hehehe.

The girls showed up at about quarter after 11am. Adela and Katy and I were going to the movies, and Laurie was coming for lunch. She brought a salad and another pizza. We all had a good time, eating and chatting. My kids had fun playing with Lauries kids. Katy brought her 2, and Emily, her oldest, babysat mine when we left.

Here's a pic of us girls before we left for the movies. Laurie's taller than she looks, she's just bent down to be Adela's height. And I'm actually the same height as Katy. I don't know what I was ducking too - LOL!

So, we loaded up in Adelas rig, and headed out to the movies. We got there in time to see the last of the credits, and start the movie. Woohoo for perfect timing :) We saw "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past". It was funny in parts. Way too much sex for my liking, but eventually it had a good message. Evenutally. The main guy was a total PIG! He learned his lesson in the end, though. I was just fun hanging out with the girls. We definitely need to do this more often :)

We were home by 3:30pm, and I was beat. I was feeling my 5 hours of sleep. I made sure the kids were ok, got them situated, and went in my room. I watched the last episode of Kyle XY (not pleased that they cancelled it, and didn't finish off the storyline.....), and tried to take a nap. Seriouly, every 10 minutes, some child came in wanting something. It was SO frustrating. I didn't feel much better when I got up. I could feel a sleep depriviation headache coming on. I gave up at 5:30pm, and took a pill. That always works.

I cooked dinner for myself, reheated leftovers for the kids (but I don't know how they were still hungry - they ate SO much pizza), and went back in my room. After about an hour, my head felt much better. I'm constantly amazed at drugs. hehehe. Imitrex is my BFF!!!

I did a speed scrap, Facebooked for a while, and started blogging. All in all, it was a great day. Today, we're going grocery shopping (July, week 2 of my Dave Ramsey plan!!! - so far, so good), then going to the sprinkler park. It's free lunch day at the park, and I'm all about free - hehehe. Just need to get grocery shopped and back home and it all put away by 9:30am. I can do it :) I've got "super mom powers", as my hubby likes to say.....

So, it's WordArt Wednesday again. Can you believe it's been 1 year?? It must be, since it's week 52. OMGosh! That's a lot of WordArt :) hehehe. Click HERE to go to Scraporchard to download the zip file, and leave some love if you like my work :)