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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hold to the Truth

Howdy girls!!! How is your weekend going??? Off to a good start?? Ours is going pretty good. I was up at 7am (yeah, forgot to turn off my alarm - sigh), so I cooked French Toast for everyone. WAY too much, too. I was able to put back 10 pieces in a ziplock twice into the freezer for another morning. 2 ready-made breakfasts for next week, I guess. hehehe.

My dad must have been bored after he woke up, because he started cleaning, and didn't really stop until we went somewhere. hehehe. I guess I didn't mind so much. My house looked better when he was done - LOL!

At 9am we headed off to the Post Thrift store. They were having a $0.10 sale. Here's me posing with Captain America before he left for work, and before we went to the thrift store.

Here's the thrift store on post. We took Jimmy, but let the other kids stay home. We found another white dress for Eme for fabric. Sooner or later, her dress is gonna look good - LOL! We found a few shirts for Tom, and one for Jimmy, and a silky sheet set, all for a dime each. Can't beat that. But really, their selection wasn't too good for the dime sale. I was a little disappointed. We did find a VHS copy of Jurassic park, so the trip wasn't a total waste - ROFL! Well, in Jimmy's mind, at least.

When we got home, we took some really nice pics of the kids. I'm gonna print these individual ones off as school pictures. Because I'm too cheap to pay for them at the school. I thought they turned out really nice.

Thomas Lee

Joseph Guild

Jacob Hampton

Emeline Melissa

James Brownlee

Next, we wanted a group shot. Jimmy was SO upset about something. I can't remember now what it was, though. But he simply refused to smile. He was crying and wiping his eyes and everything. So we took a silly one at first. See, he just looks silly - LOL

Grandma was talking about something super funny, and making everyone laugh. Too cute! Jimmy was still crying in this one, but towards the end, he cheered up. I just photoshopped his picture from then into this one. Can't really even tell. hehehe.

Next, it was off to lunch at Taco Cabana. Mmmmm. Andrea and Captain America met us there for lunch. Cabana bowls are Super Yummy!

We sat outside in the sunshine. Here's Andrea.

And Jimmy and I

Joe and Eme

Jake and Joe's nose holes and Tom

After lunch, we came back home, dropped off most of the kids, and headed back out to Big Lots and K-Mart. Eme had Birthday money that she wanted to spend. I found a glasses set at Big Lots for $7.00 for 12 glasses. I only had 5 drinking cups/glasses to my name, so it was time for a new set - hehehe.

At K-Mart, Eme found an 8 GB MP3 player with video capabilities for only $40. She was pretty excited. We got some candy for the movie (yes, I know, I'm bad), and headed back home.

We got everyone ready again, and headed out to the movies. G-Force. Yes, the Hampster movie. LOL! Here's a pic of us on the way.

The Montwood Movies 7 movie theater is right where that tall tower part is. It's only $2.00 per ticket, and $1.00 all day Tuesday. Can't beat that!

Here we all are in front of the box office.

Jake and Tom with Elvis - hehehe - their new favorite guy!

So on the way home, my brother called and was talking to my mom, and she was telling him that she'd just got done with the movies. I guess he asked which one she went to see, and she said G-Force. You know, the Hamster spy movie. She said we went because the kids wanted to see it.

Well, I had to set her straight -ROFL! SHE's the one who wanted to see it - LOL! The big kids all wanted to see GI Joe - LOL! Too funny :) It was different. Not one I think I'd buy. But Jimmy thoroughly enjoyed it - hehehe.

We stopped at Little Cesears and bought 2 $5.00 pizzas for the kids for dinner. It was 6:30pm by then. As I was talking to Captain America on the phone, I heard the backseat break out in a lovely falsetto version of "In the Jungle", with my dad leading it - TOO funny! Next, they started talking about making a restraurant called "The Hungry Hippo", and serving Hippopotamus Bottomous. I thought Jacob was gonna wet himself he laughed so hard. hehehe.

We got the kids all fed and situated and settled in for the night, and the grown ups headed out for dinner. My dad wanted to go to a Steak house in Texas. We knew that our budget wasn't gonna be big enough for a REAL steak house, so we settled for "The Cattle Baron", near the airport. It was pretty good.

Captain America and I, waiting for 30 minutes outside to be seated

My mom and Dad

The food was pretty good. Captain America and my dad both got steaks, and my mom and I both got the salad bar. FABULOUS salad bar. It had salads and veggies and fruits and a few desserts. It was PERFECT! Mmmmm. I'm still full. hehehe.

We came home, put the big kids to bed, and my mom and I headed out to Wal-Mart. We needed to get some thick ribbons for Eme's dress. It had to be after 10pm when we left the house for Wal-Mart. It was shaping up for a long night.

While there, we found ribbon, and thread for the dress, white socks for her to wear, foot powder for Captain America, stuff to make Cupcakes for refreshments, and dollar sodas at the McDonalds inside WalMart. I know, I know, I hate Walmart. But it was open 24 hours. And had (mostly) what I needed. Sigh.

We headed home, and started through the gate, when we were "randomly" picked for a car inspection. I was beginning to think that we'd never get checked. Frequently, I was, what appeared to be, next in line to get flagged aside, but they'd let me go, and pick the tiny car behind me. I wouldn't wanna check my truck. It's a monster - LOL! My faith in the system is restored - hehehe. It's supposed to be a random selection for the gate checks.

Anyway, I gave them my ID, my mom's id, and we had to open all the doors, the trunk doors, and pop the hood. I tried, but couldn't get the hood popped. The guard had to help me - LOL! I tried to think what I'd do if I broke down and couldn't get it open, but decided that I'd ask the nearest man to help, so didn't feel bad after that.

When they let us back in, one of the guards came up laughing to us. He said "Now, I'm just joking" a few times, then said "You may wanna be more careful where you stow your firearms". Making sure that we knew that he was joking. I didn't know what he was talking about. Did Joe leave his light saber in the truck? The guard said, just look in the backseat when you get in. I did, and found Joe's toy pistol laying on the seat. NICE! Good thing we got good humored guards. ROFL! I wonder what they thought when they found it under the seat - LOL!

When we got home, my mom printed off Eme's baptism programs, and I sewed the new dress my mom bought to the skirt that I bought the other day. It really looked good when it was done. I hemmed the bottom, and ironed it.

Then, I designed for Saturday, and we downloaded all the pictures, and I blogged. Wow, it's almost 2am. I think I need to go to bed. Saturday we have to make cupcakes, make a quick trip to the Dollar Tree, Halloween party at 10am, lunch at home at noon, baptism at 2pm, and the Stake Presidency (church) wants to meet with Captain America and I at 5pm (they wanted it before Sunday......), then dinner at Chili's directly after that. Do you think we could squeeze a little bit more fun in there????? I don't think so!

Here's the 2nd part of the "Glenn-ism", his "Words To Live By" thingy. hehehe. Hope you like it!

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Question with Boldness

Hey all! Here it is, 11:05pm on Thursday night, and my eyes are kinda droopy - LOL! It was a LONG but good day :) Well, it was 11:05 pm. My mom decided that it would be nice to add some pictures for Grandma Ida and Aunt Sue to see, so now it's 11:53pm. Where does the time go???

I woke up at 6:30 am, and started cleaning my room. Yeah, because it's SO important that my room is clean when my parents come - LOL! Like they're gonna be in there - hehehe. I don't know. I just wanted it clean, I guess. Maybe I was avoiding the rest of the house. Yeah, I think that was it - hehehe.

At 7am, I went out to get the kids ready for school, and out the door. Jake started doing school early so he could be done by 11am. The kids left at 7:30, and I started cleaning Joe and Jim's room. That's where my parents were staying. I sprayed down the mattresses, and put on fresh sheets. I cleaned the room, and hung up some curtains (yeah, TOTAL blankets tacked to the window before - hehehe), and washed down some walls.

I cleaned the bathroom (NASTY!), and did the dishes, and cleaned the counter tops, and swept the floor, and rearranged a little bit, and hid some piles of stuff, and trimmed the bushes in the front yard, and cleaned out the truck, and I don't remember what else. A lot.

Jake was done with school at 1oam, so he was able to help me out a little bit. Jimmy? Not so much. One of these days, he'll be helpful too. But not this day. And probably not tomorrow either. Poor Jimmy.

At 11:25am, we headed off to the airport. We got there 7 minutes after their flight was scheduled to land, but it was 10 minutes late, so actually, we were 3 minutes early. You like that? Works for me! Apparently, there were 15 planes on the runway, waiting to take off in Phoenix before my parents. Dang! That's a lot of planes.

It was SO good to see them! Jimmy ran right up and hugged Grandma Lyn, but looked a little skeptical at Papa Steve. A few months ago, Jimmy was talking to my mom on the phone, and told her that he had an owie on his toe. She said that Papa would cut it off with his knife (just joking, of course). Well, he's been concerned that my dad was gonna chop of his toes. Nice. It only took him a few minutes to warm back up to my dad, though. He realized that there would be no chopping of the toes. LOL!

So, after we got the luggage, we headed off to Olive Garden. Mmmmm, I just LOVE their unlimited Soup and Salad. Tasty! My friend Laurie and her son Rowan came too! It was a good time. A little busy with an almost 3 year old and a just turned 4 year old, but good. Lunch with friends and family can't be beat!

Next, it was back home to drop off the luggage,
then back out again for a quick tour of Ft. Bliss. Mom snapped pictures left and right - hehehe. I think we spent the longest at the gas station. It took 20 minutes to fill up my gas tank. What's up with that???? Worlds slowest gas pump, I think. Dang!

Next, on to the PX,

yeah, SO embarrassing - my mom was snapping pictures at all the soldiers who were walking by - hehehe. This pictures for you, Aunt Sue!!!

Hehehe, there was a card board cut out of an MP back by the bathrooms, and my mom thought it would be funny to take our pictures with him. Is it just me, or do I have a big head - ROFL!

It looks like he's goosing my mom - ROFL!

then Sonic for happy hour 1/2 price drinks. We picked up some for the kids when they got home, too. Mmmm, drinks!

After the kids got home from school, we went on a driving tour of El Paso. We went out the Jeb Stuart gate, then got on I-10 heading West.

We took Transmountian over the mountains,

and got on 54, then back in the Cassiday gate.

We made a big loop! It was pretty fun to see the whole town.

Next, it was on to the Pack Meeting for Joe. Here's Joe and I before the Pack Meeting. We brought cookies from WalMart for treats. And put them in the Halloween Buckets. Yeah, I know. We're SO fancy.

Joe and My mom :)

Andrea and her family were there too. They'd just got back in town from Tombstone. They'd gone there on vacation for a few days. It was good to see her. Funny how a few days can seem like SO long. Missed ya, girl!

Joe earned his Bobcat badge, and got some beads for his Tiger award thingy. Good job, Joseph! I'm SO proud of you!

After the Pack Meeting, we headed to the Burger King on Montana. There's a big playland there. It was a good time. But the AC was cranked so high, I thought I was gonna freeze - LOL!

Back home again, hang out for a while, and put the kids to bed. My mom and I worked on the baptism program, and then she "helped" me design and blog, and off to bed we go.

Friday should be a good day. We wanna go to the On Post Thrift Store for their $0.10 sale, we wanna work on a poster project at Staples, we need to work on Eme's baptism dress, lunch at Taco Cabana at noon, maybe a movie at 5pm (G-Force - anyone see it?), and print out Eme's baptism program. Dang, that's a full day already. We might try and squeeze a little bit of sight seeing in there too.

My mom's freaking out about all the bugs in my house. I live in the desert. We have crickets. And other unmentionable bugs. You get use to them. They sing you to sleep at night. She thinks that's ok, as long as they do it from a distance. hehehe. She said as long as it's just on my dad, it's ok. ROFL!

OK, I don't know if you can use this one or not, but my Mom made me do it - hehehe. It's Glenn Beck's new favorite saying. At least part of it. The whole thing is "Question with Boldness, Hold to the Truth, and Speak Without Fear". It's a Thomas Jefferson quote. Pretty nice, don't you think. What are you gonna use it for? Hmmmm, don't know. LOL! Maybe political layouts? Education layouts? I don't know. You tell me. Anyone got a good idea?

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Family

Wow, you guys. I'm really feeling tired :) Not that I even did that much on Wednesday. Maybe I did, and I just didn't realize it - hehehe.

I got up at 7am, got the kids ready for school, and out the door. I printed out the shopping list, and went through and found out what I needed to buy.

AS soon as the kids were out the door (well,, I did check my email and such first), I was off to the commissary. Jimmy was watching a movie, and Jake was working on school. I got all the weeks groceries bought, and came back home.

Captain America had just gotten off work. Poor guy had been awake for almost 30 hours. He was dead on his feet. I got him all tucked in his bed, and gave orders to not disturb him. After I got all the groceries put away, Jimmy and I headed out to the thrift store.

I needed to get some fabric or a dress for Eme for her baptism. First, we went to the Post Thrift Store. They had some quarter tee shirts for Tom, and a quarter movie for Jim, but not a dress for Eme. I decided to try another Thrift Store. I knew there was one on Dyer street, just not where. I looked it up on my phone on the way. Who knew that it was right next to the Little Ceasers that I used to go to when we lived on that end of town.

I found a formal dresses skirt that I ended up buying. It was white, and long, and felt pretty. I could work with that. I also bought a fake red leather long jacket for myself and a gray hooded zip up shirt thing.

We stopped at Little Ceasers on the way home for a $5.00 pizza, and headed back. Note to self. Don't try to enter post between 12:30 and 1:00 pm. OMGosh! I think every soldier in El Paso was trying to get back on post too. The line to get in was SO backed up. It took a good 15 minutes to get through the gate. Sheesh!

When I got home, I went to work on Cub Scouts. My job in the pack is Committee Chair. I'm in charge of the meeting where we plan the pack meeting. SO, I went through the "program helps", and pulled out the pieces that I thought would be good for our pack meething. The theme is Jungle Safari, and there were a TON of cute ideas. I got it all typed up, and printed out, and ready to go.

Next, I started on the dress for Eme. Luckily, Eme was home soon after that, and it turned out pretty good. I was able to cut the extra length off the bottom, use the existing waist, and use the excess for the top. My mother-in-law crocheted a top for Eme, and I'm using it as a jacket. I think it'll look pretty good when it's all finished. It's about 90% ready to go. Just a little bit more work.

I made Spaghetti for dinner, and headed off to Scouts. Eme, since she's now 8, could go to Activity Days (for girls 8-12 in our church), so she got to come, as well as Jake, since he's in Young Mens (12-18 yr old boys at church). Tom didn't get to come, since it was just a planning meeting for Cub Scouts. I left him and Joe and Jim home with Captain America.

We got our meeting done pretty quick. It was just me and the Cubmaster. No one else showed up. Oh well. It would have been nice to have a few other parents/leaders, though.

We were back in the truck and headed home by 8:30pm. I put the kids to bed, and sat down on the couch. OK, now that I blogged it, I can see why I am tired. I didn't sit still too long today. And my house didn't get cleaned either. Well, chores got done, so it's relatively clean. Picked up. And it smells good, since I bought new scented oils things. I'll clean up from 7:00am to 11:00 am tomorrow. Right? That's enough time. I'm tired now, and don't wanna clean. I wanna go take a nice, hot bath, drink some herbal tea, and read my book. That's what sounds good.

I am excited for my parents to come. We're going straight to Olive Garden for lunch when they get off the airplane, then take a tour of El Paso/Ft. Bliss by car, then get the kids from school, then dinner, then the other Cub Scout Pack meeting.

I'm not sure what's on the plan for Friday. Maybe a pumpkin patch. Saturday is (maybe) the garage sale, a Halloween Party, the baptism, then dinner at Chilis. Sunday is church, and my parents leave. Dang, we've got a full schedule!

So since my parents are coming into town, I wanted to give away a family WordArt. I saw this saying, and thought it was PERFECT! What do ya think???

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chaos, Panic, Disorder - My job here is done.

Well, good news! I'm not sick. hehehe. I just must have been tired yesterday. I woke up feeling just fine. I got the kids off to school, and babysat my friend Laurie's little boy, Rowan. He and Jimmy look like twins, only one year apart. Rowan is just turning 3, and Jimmy just turned 4. Too funny. They really play nicely together, so it's not bad to babysit at all.

I got some designing done this morning too. I'd gotten an email from someone with a TON of nice quotes/sayings, so I picked out my favorites, and got 3 WordArt packs out of it. Sweet!

After babysitting, and after lunch, Jake, Jim and I went over to Laurie's house to hang. Laurie was helping another friend of ours, Jenica, make a quilt. Apparently they'd been working on it for months, and had gotten to the "sew it together" stage. I didn't actually sew, but I was in charge of making sure that the pattern was followed. Good job for me - LOL! It went pretty fast with 3 of us working on it.

Right before it was time to go home, Jenicas hubby brought us Sonic happy hour drinks! I was in HOG heaven. Mmmmmm, Route 44 Diet Dr Pepper. Yes!

At home, I discovered that Jake had not been working on his homework. I'd sent him home after an hour and a half to finish up his last 2 classes. Instead, he'd watched a movie? What the heck is that all about??? Needless to say, he didn't have a very good rest of the evening.

The kids did their chores, we made dinner, ate, and then the other kids played. Jake went back to school. He had science and math to work on. He was super grouchy and yelling the whole time. He got a little talking to, and I'm pretty sure he realized that it's better to do your work during the daytime than to wait and do it in the evening. Hopefully...

Captain America had staff duty in the evening, so I didn't get to see him much. Just 15 minutes as he was gathering his stuff and heading out the door. Every once in a while, the guys have Staff Duty. It's manning the desk, or something like that. It's an overnight kinda thing. They come back home at 9am, and get the rest of the day off to sleep. I texted him to see how it was going, and he said he was guarding top secret stuff. Wow! Sounds like a spy type deal - hehehe. My husband, the spy. Not so much - LOL!

I spent the rest of the evening doing nothing. Literally. I played WAY too many boring, pointless games on facebook. There's only so much Happy Aquarium, Bejeweled, and Blocks games that you can take in one night. Here it is, 10:30pm, and I'm bored. I think I may go and clean for a while. Yeah, you know you're bored when CLEANING sounds entertaining - hehehe. Come back home, sweetheart! I miss you :)

This weeks WordArt Wednesday cracks me up! It's SO true to my children. Jimmy in particular. He's like a little tornado going through my house. How does someone so little make SUCH messes? Sigh. Well, I thought that you could use this for pictures of your little (or not so little) mess makes. Children, husbands (hehehe), friends, pets. You name it, it'll work!

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cereal and Milk

Well, another one bites the dust! First, Eme was sick on Thursday. Then, Jake came down with it on Saturday. Jimmy was the flu's victim on Monday. Poor Jimmy. He had a fever of 102.2, and just laid around puny and pathetic all day long. Poor baby. After his Ipbrofrin kicked in, he felt a little bit better, until it wore off, and he was "re-dosed". I did get plenty of snuggle time today, though.

I got to walk with Andrea this morning for exercise. Jake watched Jimmy, and Andrea's husband, Ryan, was home, so he watched Luke. It was nice to just walk with grown ups.

I designed for a while during the day, and watched movies with Jimmy, and helped Jake with school, and napped for a while. Really, a very relaxing day at home. I'm not feeling 100%, so I'm wondering if I'll be the next victim of the flu. I tried to take it easy. I didn't even cook dinner. Yeah, sandwich night, again. Sigh. I don't know if I'm sick or not. I'm just kinda tired. Keep your fingers crossed that I'll stay healthy. I'm babysitting in the morning, I can't afford to be sick...

OK, so this might be proof positive that I'm getting sick and that it's altered my thinking. But I thought that this was a cute WordArt. Maybe it's just me that feeds my kids cereal and milk ALL the time. For breakfast, for dinner. Whenever. Cereal and milk is the BEST food ever. Ok, maybe that's going a little bit too far, but you get the idea. Really, I can't be the only one. Can I? Oh please tell me that you do this too! Lie to me if you must - hehehe.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Be Scared

I had a great Sunday yesterday. We were a few minutes late to church, but still made it to Sacrament meeting. It's really not cool that they shut down one of the gates getting off of post. It adds another 10 minutes to the trip to church. There's my window! The little boys got haircuts, which took more time than normal too. Excuses, excuses, I know. I just need to get up earlier and get ready faster. Next week I promise I'll do better!

We had a "high counselor" guy talk to us at church. FABULOUS talk. I actually got to sit and listen to the whole thing, and the kids were well behaved and everything. Amazing, I know. Primary went well, not big problems. Well, except for the fact that the 6 yr old teacher and the 4 year old teachers didn't show up. That's not cool. BUT, we managed to find some substitutes.

Emeline had her interview to be baptized, and is all ready to go! We're doing the baptism on Saturday the 24th at 2pm. There was a little bit of a scheduling conflict. Well, actually, it was all me. I made the cute invite, but failed to inform anyone in leadership. Oops. There was another meeting at 10am on Saturday, so we bumped our meeting later. Not a problem. Works out fine. That way, we can do garage sale Saturday am, then Halloween party 10am, then baptism 2pm. Yeah, I like to run a full schedule - ROLF!

After church, I worked with the kids on their halloween costumes. I SO wish I would have taken pictures of the kids wearing them! They were ADORABLE! I sewed a dragon outfit for Jimmy. It turned out surprisingly good! It was a little tunic type shirt with long sleeves (elastic in the wrists), a hood, and 3 dino spikes on the back. SO cute. I'm gonna make pants to go with it also.

Then, Tom got his knight costume. Remember the directions from yesterday? I sewed the pant legs to the black tee-shirt, then kept the waits. I took the left over "dragon" fabric from Jim's costume, and cut a tunic type thing for Tom, and sewed the Pants waist to it as a hood type thing. Sounds funny, but looked GREAT! He added a wide belt, leggins, and army boots. Yeah, the army boots were kinda funny, but better than tennis shoes. You know, close up, the costume looked pretty good. But from far away, it looked a little "fruity". Know what I mean? hehehe. Like Robin Hood from Shrek - don't you dare tell him I said that - LOL! I'll get a picture posted tomorrow.

Next, it was Joe's turn. Obiwan Kenobi. He had a brown/gray robe type thing. Looked like a monks dress type thing with a hood. Joe wore his Civil War white shirt, then I took a long skinny rectangle of fabric, split it 3/4 of the way length-wise, and put one side of each "tail" around his neck/shoulders. Then I criss crossed it over his torso, and tucked the whole thing into his civil war white jammie pants. Next, I split the "monks robe" to make a "coat", and trimmed the sleeves and bottom. I used some of the extra fabric to make a belt. OMGosh - he looked FABULOUS! Again, what's up with me and not taking pictures????

After the costumes were sewn, we went to the park. In costume. They wouldn't take them off. It was TOO funny. I could hear kids saying "Here comes Obiwan Kenobi" and "Look at that knight". Silly kids. I had fun chatting with the girls for a while, and the kids got out of the house. Well, more like, I got the kids out of the house.

Since we had a big lunch, we just ate what we could find for dinner. Sandwiches and cereal and such. I helped Jim and Joe clean their room, and put them to bed. I even stayed in there and "snuggled" with them until they each fell asleep. It's been a while since I did that. They're such sweet little boys.

I chatted with my mom for a while, too. Ha! This WordArt wasn't supposed to be like this. ROFL! I was chatting with my mom on the phone as I was designing, and wasn't really paying attention to what I was writing, and messed it up! It was supposed to say "Forget the ghost, beware of me!". And it came out "Be Scared". hehehe. BUT, I liked it, so I left it. I thought it would be good for a layout of a very messy room, or messy kid, or dangerous situation. You get the idea. Maybe I'll try the "Beware of me" idea again some other time - hehehe.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rising Generation

Wow, for not really going anywhere big on Saturday, it was sure a busy day. My plan was to sleep in, but I woke up at 7am like clockwork. Sigh. I got up, and tried to decide what I wanted to do for the day. I got kids fed, and myself fed, and puttered around for a while.

Andrea and I decided to go to the garage sale at my neighbors house at around 9am. They had some nice clothes. I got 4 tops and Jake bought a fish tank (with light and water pump). Yep, we're getting a fish. LOL! We're gonna have a pet - ROFL!

After the garage sale, I went down the block to Andreas. The kids were all occupied, and Captain Americawas still asleep. His goal of sleeping in was working MUCH better than mine. hehehe.

I helped Andrea go though her closet, organizing it by color, and getting rid of the things that she no longer wanted/liked/fit/etc. I was there for a few hours.

At noon, I hurried home, got Jake and Tom ready, and headed off to the neighbor kids Birthday party. We were the first friends to arrive. It was at the bowling alley on post, and the kids had SO much fun. Tom, in particular, likes bowling, we discovered :)

We were there until about 2:30pm. We came home, did chores for a little while, and finalized what everyone wanted to be for Halloween. Jake wants to be Darth Maul. Tom wants to be a Knight. Eme wants to be a cat. Joe wants to be a Jedi. Jim wants to be a dinosaur. But with wings. Or something like that. I wanna be a witch. I don't know what Captain America wants to be, but I figure he can figure that out on his own - LOL!

Then, we headed off to Goodwill. I'm not much for buying pre-made costumes. That can REALLY add up, since they start at $15-$20. A little out of my budget.

SO, we got a black graduation robe for Jake for Darth Maul. It's all face paint after that. Maybe he can get his hair cut short for it too. He has the light saber, so he's all set.

I bought Tom a black tee shirt and some slinkly pants. Here's what I'm gonna do with them.

Sew the legs on the black tshirt

Then cut out a "tunic" part out of some other fabric I have laying around, and sew the rest of the pants to the top of it. There's directions HERE. It's kinda snazzy, really.
Eme got a velvety black top and some stretchy black pants. All I need to do is sew some black ears and attach them to a headband, then make a tail with an elastic waist band. Shouldn't be too hard. Then, on the night of, she'll get some face paint and maybe black fingernail polish.

Joe got a long brown hooded tunic. PERFECT for Jedi. He has the lightsaber, and I can take some tan fabric and drape if over his shoulders, with a brown belt or sash, and he'll look very Jedi-ish.

Jim, I bought some green velvety sparkly fabric for. 4 yards for 4 bucks. I'm sure I can make something dino-ish out of it. Surely there's something on line that I can find. For free, that is - hehehe.

Next, it was on to Wal-Mart. I know, I know, I hate Wal-Mart. But they have cheap fish.... What can I say? Jake picked out his fish, and some gravel, and a net, and some food, then we went off to the toy isle. Eme had birthday money, but couldn't really find anything that she loved. She's at an awkward age. Too big for dolls or ponies or such. But too young for make-up or jewelry or stuff like that. Poor thing. She settled on a $5.00 bracelet making set. She'll have to spend the bulk of her money a different time.

Tom found a sword that went well with his costume for only $4.00. Great, since he had $4.50 to spend. I bought a fake witch nose with face paint, and black eyeline, and black nail polish. Then we headed home.

We showed Captain America all of our purchases, and made dinner. Hawaiian haystacks with fortune cookies. Mmmmm. Oh yeah, at Goodwill we found Lilo & Stitch and El Dorado on VHS for a buck each. After dinner, we all sat down and watched El Dorado.

Since Captain America was gonna be busy doing stuff on Saturday night, I decided to call the girls and see if anyone could play. Unfortunately, they all had plans and were already gone. Drat. So, here it is, 8pm on Saturday night, and I find myself with nothing to do. Maybe the girls will come home early. Or maybe Captain America I can convince Captain America to go and see a movie with me (although probably not, since he doesn't like to see movies), or maybe I'll make some hot herbal tea and take a bath and read some in my book. Hmmmm, I don't know what I'll do. Probably not design, though. Or answer emails, which I REALLY need to do. But I don't think I have the energy for that tonight - hehehe. My inbox is getting OUT OF CONTROL again. LOL! Sorry, you guys!

This WordArt idea comes from the October 2009 Visiting Teaching message. Yeah, I know that it's almost the end of the month. But, if you're slow like me, maybe you can use it. If not, it's a GREAT WordArt for pics of kids, or kids with older people, don't you think???

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