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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy :)

Morning, girls! Welcome to Saturday :) Hope your Good Friday was, well, good! Mine was pretty good. I got to sleep in, which is always nice.

Captain America called at 8:30am, and Eme had come to snuggle with me about 15 minutes before. I got to chat with him for about 30 minutes, before he had to run off to dinner and then bed. He had something going on at 2 am or some crazy time like that..

I eventually got up, got breakfast, and spent some time with the kids. Jim and Joe had had fun playing with the Easter village thing. hehe. Jim was SO excited for me to see it...

And Tom was just happy to play his computer... And yeah, I think he slept in these clothes last night...
At 10:30, I got ready for the day. Eme and I were gonna go watch a movie, Soul Surfer, with Terra and her 12 year old, Eryn. Should be a fun time!

Here we are, outside our house, waiting for Terra and Eryn to come and get us :)

We made it in time for the 11:15 showing. And I actually bought us some popcorn! It was unlimited refill day. Score! hehe.

It really was a GREAT movie. Very inspirational, and JUST what I needed. That girl was so brave and strong :) Way to go, Bethany (lol, that's my name too!)

After the movie, we dropped by the Jewelry Box to browse (but didn't buy anything), and then Terra and Eryn dropped us back off at home. It was 1:30pm when we got there.

And I was feeling REALLY crummy. I think it had to do with the fact that I hadn't had my DDP for the day yet. I could feel a full blown migraine in progress. I took an Excederine Migraine, and some antihistamine (in case it was allergies), and laid down in my dark room with the door open so I could supervise.

And I put on my neck massager, because my neck was KILLING me. And after 3 or 4 rounds, it was feeling much better. Or the drugs kicked in. One or the other. I felt well enough to help the kids with their chores, and went back to lay down for a while. Most of the afternoon consisted of me sleeping or resting.

Eme got to go to her friends house for a bit, and Joe and Jim had fun playing Wii with each other. Tom played on his laptop, and Jake was still at the neighbors house. It was a pretty good and relaxing day.

At 8pm, I decided that it was time to go to Walmart. Crazy, I know. Walmart on a Friday night is ALWAYS crazy busy. Anyway, I told the little kids they could watch 2 more cartoon episodes of Phineas and Ferb, and then to bed. And off I headed to Walmart.

And yeah, I was there till 10pm. I was just aimless wandering around. But I enjoyed every minute of it. hehe. And once my cart was sufficiently full, I checked out :)
Here's what I bought ME for Easter. New bedding. Isn't it BEAUTIFUL! Plus, I can change out the color of the blue pillow cases to either orange or yellow or green or white, and have a new look! I was pretty excited :)

I got home, and Tom helped me carry everything inside. We cleaned up the living room a little bit, moved sleeping Joe from my bed to the couch (I'm not carrying the child upstairs...), and started on making my bed. Then stuffing Easter Eggs for tomorrows hunt. We needed 12 eggs PER Harty kid. That's a TON of eggs. hehe.

And then we stuffed Easter Baskets, and got those all ready, and it was time for a movie. He and I had a GRAND time watching a movie together. Thanks, Tom, for being SUCH A fun date!

And now it's 12:39pm. And my eyes are tired. And I wanna go to sleep. We have the egg hunt tomorrow at noon. And I'm gonna go over there early to stake out areas for the egg hunt. Little kids, medium kids, and big kids. hehe. I bought some type of twine and paint stirrer sticks to mark off the area. I just need a hammer to pound it into the ground. I hope my "MacGyver" skills work! hehe. Then, at 6-9pm, we have our Waiting Families bowling party. Woohoo for a fun Saturday :)

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Awe, I love this one, Sharon! That kit is BEAUTIFUL :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Forever Begins Today

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First off, I found another picture from yesterday. Jacob, after getting over being annoying at the baseball field, decided to pick flowers for me and make a bouquet. Isn't it sweet! Thanks, Jake!
So, I woke up in time to supervise getting the kids ready for school today, and out the door, and on the bus. And they forgot their cupcakes that I worked so hard on. Crap. Oh well. Not a big deal.

Jim was still asleep, so I slept in too. And I called and canceled his childcare appointment. I REALLY needed to get some housework done. And I was hoping that Captain America would be around in the morning. Because it was his Birthday. And I missed him. But, alas, he wasn't :(

Anyway, I did some laundry, and I re-organized my dining room, and I swept, and the house looked a tad bit better.

And I headed for a shower. Because it had been FOREVER since I'd had one. So it was a nice LONG shower :) And by the time I was done, I had to rush the make up and the hair. LOL. It was mostly straightened. hehe. I threw on a compfy dress with mini sweater, and some sandals, got Jim ready for the bus, and headed out.

Kari met me at the bus stop, we saw Jim onto the bus, and headed over to the Centennial club. And met Terra and Laurie in the parking lot. And all went in together.

I brought my own cup - hehe :) (It's just water)
Cute centerpiece cookie things :)
Terr and I, and Laurie jumping in on the photo op. LOL!
Laurie and Kari
My salad. ha!

We looked at all of the vendors tables, and chatted with people we knew, and socialized. It was a pretty fun time. And soon, we all took our seats, and started on our salads, and got the meeting started.

It was the annual approving of the bilaws, or something like that, and it was taking FOREVER. hehe. OK, so if I was actually a member, it may have held more interest for me. Or not. Look at Terra's face. And she's a member... ROFL!
This is what I do when I'm bored...
And Terra started to get a headache, and none of us had Tylenol or Motrin in our purses. I had Imitrex. Kari had gum. Laurie had a tampon. Yeah, not gonna help with the headache... ROFL!

Laurie rubbed her hand, and Terra said that it was actually making her headache feel a bit better!
Here's Alena (far right), and her two German Friends

And then came the food! Here's the Pasta Primevera

And the Chicken Crepes. That's what I got. We called them creeps.
I thought the meal was pretty tasty. And then, we watched a video of a prominent woman in politics these days. And yeah, Terra and I weren't her biggest fans (my mom's not either)... So we only kinda paid attention...
And then it was over, and dessert was served! Some kind of sorbets!

And then the raffles! I don't do raffles. I don't buy tickets, and I don't participate. BUT, we were all given one freebie on the way in the door. So I went ahead and threw it into one of the product buckets. And guess what??? I won! Ha! One ticket! People were spending $10 on buttloads of tickets. Yeah me!

I won this local honey, and a home embroider dish towel. Cool, huh?Terra won a dinner with one of Alenas German friends (who's a FABULOUS cook), which she REALLY wanted to go to, but her mom's gonna be in town that day, and can't go. Bummer! She also won some army burp rags and hair bows. They were kinda neat.

Kari won a framed print of something or another with her one freebie ticket. Boo-yah, Kari! We rock. hehe. And the cookie centerpieces? Those went to the girl with the nearest birthday. Which was Laurie! So all of my peeps ended up with a prize to take home. Fun!

Terra started to feel sick right before it was time to go. I'd been skype typing to Captain America for a few minutes, and told him that we were getting ready to go home, and that I'd skype him when I got home.

Kari came over and rubbed Terra's neck for a few minutes, hoping that it would help with the headache. Terra was feeling faint, and sweaty, and like she was gonna pass out. Poor girl.

I decided to drive Terra home, and let Kari go by herself. I drove Terra's van over to the Daycare place, and we picked up the twins. With the AC blasting, she felt a lot better. The twins had JUST work up from a nap, and were still a little groggy. We swung by for a DDP on the way home, we switched drivers, and she dropped me off at home.

I got a call from the school at the OCSA luncheon, and I listened to the message. It was Jacob's Math TAKS teacher (that's a class that prepares you for the Texas state assessment test). He'd taken the Math TAKS back at the beginning of the month. I'm wondering what the purse of that class is now....

Anyway, the teacher wanted to let me know that Jacob had refused to do a worksheet that she'd assigned him, and that he spent the whole hour doodling on the paper. And when she told him to concentrate, he wouldn't. And said that the class was pointless. And she said that she was gonna call me, and he said he didn't care, and that I wouldn't care either.

So, I called her back. And she told me her story, and I stopped her, and asked if she was aware that he was autistic. Nope, she didn't know that. And her whole attitude about it changed. Sigh. You know, that's WHY I put him back in public school. So that people would be aware of his problem, and be able to help him with it. I'm guessing that not all of the teachers got the "memo". I'm gonna have to send an note on Monday, I guess, and let them know. Sigh. Hopefully his IEP will come through soon.

I let Boxer out of his kennel, and Skype called Captain America. But it was SO late his time, he was grouchy. Poor guy. He was upset that I'd missed his birthday. And I understand how it must have sucked to spent your birthday without your family. I really do.

BUT, I'd been having a HORRIBLE week, and I didn't need to feel bad about anything else... I really didn't. I was JUST starting to feel better. And happy and confident with myself again. And now this. And while part of me knew that he was just upset because he was tired, part of me was really upset about it too. And feeling like he didn't understand what I was going through. And that he just wanted to me wait at home and sit by the phone and do nothing, on the off chance that he'd be home. And I knew that I'd go crazy over this deployment sitting at home.

The conversation went from bad to worse, and finally, we just got off of Skype. Not good. Not good at all. And it kinda ruined the rest of the day. I got Jim from the bus, and eventually Joe and Tom and Eme and Jake got home from school. They did chores, and had free time.

We had pizza left over from last night, so that was dinner. And cupcakes. A buttload of cupcakes, since everyone forgot to take them to school. And yeah, I had WAY too much pizza and cake. WAY too much.

And I tried to do things to get me out of my funk. I took a hot, relaxing bath. I read for a little while. I watched a show with the kids. I designed for a bit. I played a game on my phone and computer. I played Words with Friends for a bit. And it kinda worked. Kinda.

It's now 9:18pm, and I'm sitting on the couch with Jimmy, watching GI Joe the movie. Joe is on the other couch with Boxer. Eme and Tom are in the other room playing on their laptops. Jake spent the night at Zach's house (neighbor).

I got my store all loaded, and I've blogged, and I think I'm ready to put this away. And I need to email back Captain America, and try and set things right again. I can handle a lot of things, but bad feelings between him and I are one thing that will NOT work during this deployment. I need him to help me get though this.

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Lovely, Sharon!!! Really nice :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Birthday Greetigs

First off, I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweetheart! I hope your package gets there soon, and that you have a GREAT Day. I'm sorry that we can't be together for this birthday, but know that my heart is ALWAYS with you! I love you, sweetheart!!!

OK, since I was a "loser" yesterday, and was too depressed to upload photos (hehe), I'm putting some of yesterdays photos on today :)

And, before I start, I'm feeling MUCH better tonight :) MUCH better. My happy go lucky-ness seems to be back. Thank goodness! I didn't wanna see depressed me again. She's NO fun at all. hehe.

Anyway, here's a picture of Joe before he decided that he LOVES baseball...

And me with my card and my DDP from Krystal. See, I told you it was a rough day. Look how bad I look - ROFL!
Joe at practice, doing stretching activities. He LOVED his coach!
The kids' plants. Yeah, I'm gonna ALWAYS buy them 1/2 grown before I bring them home. Maybe I can actually get them to produce fruit that way - ha!

Jim is OH SO excited about his Pea Plant!
So, fast forward to Wednesday morning. I woke up to Jake freaking out that there were no bowls in the house that were clean. Sigh. Tom is in charge of dirty dishes, so all of the tirade was directed at Tom. And Jake just couldn't let it go. Nothing too horrible, but it was SO annoying.

So I gathered up all the kids, brought them in my room, turned on PBS, locked my door, and went back to sleep. I'd told Jake to finish getting ready, and leave the house at 7am. And he did. He knocked on my door to say bye, then headed to school. And I kicked out the other kids, who finished getting ready, and left for the bus at 7:30am. I hated to do it, but it worked...

And I totally went back to sleep. Jim put in the RV movie (which I find hilarious!), and I texted back and forth with Andrea for a bit, while trying to sleep. hehe. Finally, because her phone had died the day before and because she was texting on a numerical keypad ( I KNOW!!!), she just called. I'd have totally done it too. Numerical keypads SUCK for texting...

We chatted for a bit, and she lifted my spirits for a bit. I was still feeling crappy. Depressed. Like hiding from everyone. She told me that I needed to get out of the house, and go play with friends.

And yeah, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. But I did decided to leave the house. So I got Jim ready, and threw on some clothes, and he and I headed out on a shopping trip. First stop, Goodwill. Jim needed cleats for T-Ball. And I'm not paying full price for a kids pair of cleats.

And my fan had died, and needed replaced. The last one I got for $4 at Goodwill. Surely they'll have another, right? Nope. All out of fans. Crap.

But, they had the cleats. So I got some for Jim, and I also got a tie for the boys for Sunday (but just one - they'll have to share - LOL), and a pair of shoes for me for $0.99. They were kinda cute even :) And Jim found some Matchbox playsets for his $5 chore money. He was pretty excited.

And Jim and I headed to Walmart. But passed Pets Barn first, and swung in there to grab the free dog food for April. Because we'd missed February and March's. Crap. Oh well.

And then we continued on to Walmart. I had a few things to get. Some yogurt, Jim wanted oranges, some cereal, some dishwasher soap, some dish soap, and we ended up in the electronics isle. I got a new cable for the TV since ours was making red colors, and a new EHD, and a portable EHD for Captain America with a case, and some batteries, and a new car for Jim for his track/set, and a few other things.

And we paid, and headed out. And drove back to post. But still had about 20 minutes before the bus/school. So we went to Big Lots. And I found a few things there too. Mostly, Peeps. For teacher Easter presents. I was gonna make cupcakes. And use them for the snack for Achievement days too :)

And I found a new fan at Big Lots. Because I'd TOTALLY forgot to look at Walmart. It was a fancy tower one with a remote control even. Not bad for $40...

I dropped Jim off directly at school, and headed back home. I had about an hour before I needed to pick Jake up from school to get him to his appointment. I got the TV/computer hooked up, and the new cords, and the EHD, and thought about showering, but yeah, that didn't happen. Oh well.

I was still feeling pretty antisocial. And I knew it wasn't good for me. I needed people. I needed to laugh and play and feel better. But I just wanted to hide.

Then Amanda and Terra texted, and said that they wanted to go to Olive Garden. Crap! I wanted to go too! Even being in an antisocial mood, I couldn't bear the thought of my peeps playing without me - ROFL!

They wanted to go at noon, and I told them that Jake's appointment was at 12:30. So I couldn't go. Boo! They said that we should go AFTER the appointment. But then I wouldn't have time to eat and pick up Jim. Crap. Terra suggested asking someone to pick him up from the bus. Does that make me a bad friend? To ask Maggie to pick up Jim and babysit him, so I could go to Olive Garden? hehe. I asked if she could get him from the bus, and she agreed. I didn't say why - LOL!

I drove to Jake's school, and picked him up, and we came to the autism doctors office about 15 minutes early. And he was ahead of schedule, so he saw us early! Wonderful! He asked for a recap of our WHOLE story again (he does that every time), and he said that it would probably be beneficial for us to have some group/family therapy, WITH Jake. Sounds good to me. So he turned our "case" over to the other Dr Meyers in the office. He's a family therapist, and can help us. Thank goodness!

Jake and I are gonna meet with him next Thursday. He seemed like a pretty good guy. And we were out of there in under an hour. I felt a LOT more positive after that meeting. He said that he wouldn't recommend any negative punishment for Jake because of Monday. Sigh. As a parent, those negative punishments are for our own sense of "setting things right". Know what I mean?

So, after talking to Jake, and making sure that he knew that what he did was wrong, and that it scared us, and making sure that he felt sorry, and understood the situation, that his privileges could be restored. I was gonna let him play with friends tomorrow. Or the Teen center. The little laptop is still gone. He doesn't get that one back...

So we head back to the car, and I grab an extra piece of paper to write a note for Jim's bus drive, saying that it's OK that he goes with Maggie and little Jacob. And yeah, I totally dropped the pencil between the crack in the seats. So I reach down to grab for it, and my ring gets caught. Crap! I can't get the ring off. I can't get the ring unstuck. I"m TOTALLY stuck. Jake thought it was funny, and grabbed my camera. OK, so it was humorous... hehe :)

With enough prying and prodding, I managed to get my ring unstuck, and was able to drive Jake back to school. But first, we stopped at the bus stop, wedged the note into the mailbox holder wooden part, stopped by my house so I could pee (ha!), and took Jake to school.

And I headed out to Olive Garden. The girls had ordered drinks when I got there, but nothing else. Sweet! I wasn't that late :)

Amanda had Austin (4) there, and Terra had the twins. They were a bit grouchy until the breadsticks were brought out. But then, I was a big grouchy until they brought out my food too! I'm with ya, girls!

Her mom said this was a fake sad. It's just precious! (she's my twin...)
And hanging with the girls helped a lot! We chatted ,and ate soup and salad and breadsticks, and had a grand time. Thanks, you guys! I'm SO glad that you changed the time so that I could go! I SO needed it. Really, I did :)

I headed back to post after lunch, and went straight to Maggie's house. And ended up staying for about 20 minutes and recounting the drama that went down on Monday. OK, so is it "bearing false witness" to let Maggie believe that she got Jim from the bus so that I could take Jake to his therapy appointment? I never actually said that... hehe. But I know that's what she assumed - ROFL! Sorry, hon. I'm considering Olive Garden as therapy... hehe.

We headed back home, and got there as Joe, Eme, and Tom were getting off of the bus. I had the kids do chores, and I started making some cupcakes. Strawberry and White. A swirl type of thing. I made 48 cupcakes. Should be enough - ha!

And Amanda came over when I was ready to frost them. I'm made a frosting out of 1/2 cup butter, 1 pack cream cheese, 1 can sweetened condensed milk, and 1 package of kiwi strawberry jello. Sounds odd, but try it. Beat it for a long time, and OMGosh, it's pretty tasty :) Made for some good frosting :)

Here's how they turned out (I had some left over pink tinted coconut from a while back)

Amanda helped me package them up, and then we gathered up all the kids, and headed out to the baseball park. Tom had practice at 5:30pm. And Amanda and Austin were gonna play at the park there with us.

I'd called the T-Ball place earlier in the day, and explained how I couldn't make a 6:30 Wednesday night practice with my 5 year old. I had church responsibilities. So they said that after someone else dropped out, that we could get transferred to a different team. Nice. So, it's a waiting game now, apparently... Jimmy didn't seem bent out of shape about it...

So Amanda and I sat and watched the kids play at the park for an hour, and Tom did practice. It worked out pretty good.

Check out my new cup that I got. LOVE it. Amanda has a bigger one that has Starbucks on it. Mine is el cheapo from Big Lots, but I love it :)

After practice, at 6:30pm, I decided to just head on over to the church. It's super close to the baseball park, and it didn't make sense to go back home.

Austin was SO sad that the boys were gonna have to go, so Amanda invited Jim and Joe over. Seriously??? I was SO excited. That meant that I got to go to Achievement days little kid-less. Sa-weet!

So she took Jim and Joe and Austin, and headed back to post. Tom and Jake and Eme and I headed towards the church. But made a quick detour to Little Cesears for some pizza. Yeah, that's good stuff - hehe. We sat outside the church and had a little picnic. It was pretty nice :)

I chatted with people as they showed up at church, found my buddies to say hi to, and started our meeting. About 10 minutes late or so. But it worked out. We had a lesson about Easter, and the last few days in the mortal life of Christ. And had the girls read some scriptures, and it was a VERY nice lesson. And well received :)

We were done within an hour, and headed back to post, swinging by Amandas house to pick up Joe and Jim. They'd had a TON of fun playing with Austin. We're gonna have to get the 3 of them together more often. Joe and Austin actually played the best together - hehe. I think because they're both so quiet, they get along. That's why I have the fan, you know. For the noise. Not for the air. ha!

Jake took the dog for a little tiny walk around the block, and Tom worked on some homework. Joe and Eme went right to bed like they were told, and Jim kept sneaking into my room, to snuggle and tell me stories. He's so sweet :)

He finally went to bed, and Jake and Tom and I worked on stuffing plastic Easter eggs for Joe and Jim for tomorrow. Joe needed treats for his class, and Jim needed eggs for an Egg hunt. Luckily, I have TONS of eggs in the Easter Box in the garage, and a bag of Jelly Beans from last week. Sweet! I love it when things work out :)

So here it is, 10:33pm. And I'm gonna tie this up, check my emails, then watch some Glee. I think the new episode came out Tuesday, right?

And thanks SO much for all of the well wishes and the advice and the positive thoughts and prayers. It helped SO much today! Thanks ,you guys :)

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Looks like a FABULOUS birthday party, Sharon!!!