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Saturday, December 18, 2010

SBG 25 Day Blog Train : Santa Brings Goodies!

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OK, and on to my day. Because, I know you'd be SO sad if you didn't hear how I was doing. hehe :) OK, so maybe just in my head you would be sad - hehe :)

ANYWHO, it really was a great day! Migraine free, I'm pleased to report! I woke up at 7-ish am, got ready, got the kids all ready, and walked all 4 of them to the bus. It was one of those weird days when PreK got at the same time, and all the grades get out at 12:15. So I had the morning with only Jake! Sweet :)

I came back home after the bus left, and changed into my swim suit. Then put my warm clothes back on. See, I think it's time for a shower day, don't you think? hehe

I asked Jake if he wanted to go swim laps with Kari and I, and he really didn't want to. So I told him that he could walk for 30 minutes around the neighborhood. I need to get that kid exercising more! IF we end up with the Christmas Present for Jake that we're thinking of, he'll DEFINITELY get some exercise. Christmas presents of this type require regular walking.....

Anyway, I headed off to the pool (1 block away - hehe), met Kari there, and we did laps. She started on one end, and I started on the other, and we passed in the middle each lap. So we spent no time visiting, because we were on opposite sides of the pool. And every time she started a lap, I had to too, so I wouldn't get "lapped". hehe. It really worked quite well, motivation wise.

We ended up doing 24 lengths in 50 minutes. Not too bad! It's an olympic sized pool, so I don't know how long we actually swam. It felt really good, though. I count as I do my strokes. It took between 55-65 strokes (each side counts as one) to get from one end of the pool to the other. And then I'd turn and come back, and briefly rest And it was SO relaxing. Like yoga. Where you just concentrate on your breathing. But instead, I was concentrating on my counting. I really really liked it. In fact, I think I may go tomorrow morning, too :)

My legs were less wobbly than normal when I got out (ha!), and we headed for the locker rooms. Here's me, in the truck, on the way home. I"m hot, huh?

And at home. Yeah, I definitely needed a shower! I told Jake to finish up what he was working on for school, and once I was ready, he could come to Walmart with me.

And I felt SO much nicer once I showered. hehe. Jake and I hopped in the truck, and headed to the Transmountain Walmart. And we were planning on hitting the Lowe's across the street when we were done.

Here's us in the truck.

So we head of post, and start onto Hwy 54, and on the on-ramp, my truck cuts out. Twice. I started to panic. Then realized that I was OUT OF GAS! Whaaaat? Crap! So Jake and I took the first exit, and pulled into the first gas station we could find. 7 11. And filled up. Well, almost filled up. The pump stopped at $75, so we got that much, and headed for Walmart. A bit behind schedule...

Jake forgot the house phone at home, but I told him to meet me in the Hangers section. I bought some apples ($0.52 a lb for Gala!) and some bananas and some bread and milk, and a few other things we were out of.

And then I went for the hangers, and wouldn't you know it, they were out. Sigh. I hate it when Walmart is unstocked.... I needed laundry baskets for that closet project Captain America and I are working on, so I grabbed 6.

And couldn't find Jake. Grrrr. I looked in the hanger section. No Jake. I looked in the toys. No Jake. I looked in the electronics. No Jake. I looked in the pet section. No Jake. So finally, I paid. And waited. And waited. And waited. I asked the cashier to page him, but I don't think she knew how to. Cause she acted like she did it, but I sure didn't hear an announcement over the loud speaker...

So finally, I decided to take my stuff to the truck, and come back in and page him again (different cashier, of course). And as I headed for the door, Jake found me. Thank goodness! We had to get back to pick up the kids! So we made a new rule, no splitting up UNLESS we both have phones...

We got home JUST as the bus was getting there. I picked up Joe and Eme and Jim and Tom, and we all headed home. The kids had eaten lunch at school, but not Jake and I. So we grabbed Lunch real quick, and Eme and Joe and I headed out to a DIFFERENT walmart. One that was actually stocked. ha!

Here's Eme and Joe in the truck
And me, belting out "Leroy, the Redneck Reindeer"
We went to Lowes first, and bought 3- 8 foot lengths of 1-3/8' wooden rods. For clothes rods. For the storage closet that is Jims room. Cause we're putting the 3 little ones in the downstairs bedroom, and ALL of their clothes in that closet. Should work ok :)

Anyway, we got clothes rods, and the parts to hook them to the wall. Hopefully I got the right stuff. Then we headed next door to Walmart.

I got the hangers, and some more laundry baskets, and I think that was about it. I'd already extensively shopped before lunch - hehe. Not much left to buy :)

And we headed home. And unloaded the truck, and I put kids to work doing chores. And I started hanging up ALL of Joe and Eme's clothes. Holy crap, those kids have a TON of clothes. I put the clothes rods between the hutch and the dining room table, and started to hang them.

Before long, Captain America was home from work, and wanted to go to the Ed Center on post and talk to someone about Masters School. So I left the kids doing chores, and headed up there with him.

When he's deployed, he'll have more free time than he would at home, and they have GREAT study abroad programs for the military. What perfect timing for him to get a masters, huh? He wants to get it in Military History. Something RIGHT up his alley :)

We were there filling out paperwork and such until they closed, then headed home. We cooked Chicken nuggets for the kids, set them up with a movie, and Captain America and I went to dinner at El Taco Tote. It was a fun dinner :)

And then we headed home. And we found some packages on our door! This one was from Captain America's parents. Oranges! How cool is that! We all peeled and ate one, and they were DE-LICI-OUS! Thanks, you guys! We also go a SWEET booklet of songs from Captain Americas sister, Adrienne! Can't wait to look at it closer!

And we got another package with presents from my parents. These, unfortunately (for me, anyway), were wrapped, so I have NO idea what they are. Hmmm, I wonder how long before I go and peek.... hehe.

Captain America was sleepy from his long day at work, and laid on the couch for about an hour, resting. I finished working on Joe and Eme's room. OMHeavens, it was TRASHED. But after an hour of good, hard cleaning, it was CLEAN! And all the clothes were hung up. And I'd gone through Eme's clothes, and she'd helped me pick out the ones that didn't fit or she didn't like to donate.

Captain America came in, and Joe and Jim and Captain America and Jake and I laid around on the bottom bunk of the bunkbed, and goofed off for a while. There was a TON of farting going on, and eventually Captain America went and got his Gas Mask. It was the FUNNIEST thing ever. OK, so now you know how gross we all are :)

And then we got back to work. I cleared out Jimmy's room/closet, and consolidated it with Joe/Eme's room. And swept it out real good. And put Joe and Jim and Eme to bed, sent Jake and Tom upstairs to their rooms for quiet time before bed, Captain America started measuring and cutting the wood for the shelves, and I sat down to blog. It's now 9:52pm, and I'm gonna go hang with Captain America in the garage. It's relaxing to watch him work :)

So yeah, no freebie down here for you, since it's the blog train. hehe :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas / Holiday Break

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Hey there :) Yeah, it's gonna be brief today :) Or should that be :( My poor head. When I woke up this morning, I actually felt pretty good, head wise. Tired, yes. But not in pain. I got kids to school, then went back to sleep, and woke up at 8:45am. Oops. Kari was coming to get me at 9am!

Luckily, she was running a bit behind. I hurried and got ready, and she and I went for our hike exercise. We started on one trail, lost it somewhere in the middle, and ended up on the trail we hiked that first hiking day with Laurie. hehe. Oh well, it was a GREAT workout :)

Since we were already on the West side (practically), we headed to the Disney store. Kari's relative had sent Money for her kids for Christmas, and she was gonna get Josephine a few things from the Disney store. So we swung by there to grab the stuff she wanted, briefly popped into the Jewelry Box, then headed home.

Captain America had just got home when I got home, and we had lunch together. We watched the tail end of a movie with Jimmy (he didn't go to school today), and Captain America went back to work. And I napped the rest of the afternoon. Yeah, I wasn't feeling so good. And I must have been more sick than I thought. Maybe I have what the kids do? I don't know. All I know was that I was exhausted.

And when I woke up, my headache was kinda back. Maybe it was lack of caffeine (oops)? I don't know. I had a soda, and took it easy the rest of the day. The kids came home, and I found these photos on Facebook. Laurie has a kid in Joe's class, and must have went to the Christmas Party. So I have a few pictures :)

The other kids all said that their parties were pretty good :) They came home with a TON of goodies. And yeah, since my head was hurting SO much, I admit that i ate more than I should. I'm gonna have to watch that. I don't wanna gain back the weight that I lost.....

Anyway, the kids and I watched a movie together, Captain America took a nap after PT (he was tired too), and here it is, 7pm. I'm gonna finish up this post, and lay back down. Captain America and I wanted to go to the outlets tonight (he needed new running shoes), but I really dont feel up to it, and he wanted to go with me :) Maybe tomorrow night.

One more thing. Check out these shelves/drawers/closet thingys that I found on a site on Facebook that my sister likes. Cool, huh? I wanna see if Captain America can make them for me.
Here's a cool layout by my Freebie Preview Maker, Sharon. Yeah, I know, she's AMAZING!

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Orchestra / Band / Choir Concert

It seems like every time I turn around, I'm complaining about having a migraine.... Maybe I should just embrace the pain and stop complaining. hehe :) Just kidding :)

I was feeling SO sick last night, and didn't wanna get up in the morning. Joe was sick still, and not going to school, so I didn't need to get up and get him ready, and Eme and Tom are able to get themselves ready, so all I had to do was make sure they were good, and tell them when to leave, and I totally went back to bed.

Joe was dozing on the couch, watching a movie with Jim, and Jake was doing school when I finally woke up. It was a lazy morning, all in all. One that I needed. But it didn't last long - ha!

I decided that in the hour I had before yoga, that I'd make some cookies. I was gonna make 2 or 3 different kinds of cookies for Teacher Presents for Christmas, and needed to make cupcakes for Tom's class. So I figured that getting one kind of cookies out of the way was a good plan.

I wanted to make peanut butter cup mini cookies. I had the mini muffin liners. I had the stuff for the cookies. And I had the peanut butter cups. Or so I thought. When I pulled the bag out of the cupboard, there were 6. Yeah, that was SO not how many I needed. ha! Someone had been in my cupboards, raiding it, I think...

So I grabbed Jimmy, and he and I headed to the store. We had JUST enough time to pick up some more peanut butter cups, and get back home in time for his bus. We went to Big Lots, because it was close, but they didn't have peanut butter cups. They did have some cupcake caries that I wanted. But there were like 10 people in line for the 1 register that was open, and I really didn't have time to wait.

So we put our stuff back, and headed to Family Dollar. They had the candies I wanted AND the same cupcake carrier! Score it! We didn't have to wait in line at all, paid, and headed home.

I got Jim ready for the bus, made sure Joe and Jake were doing well, and headed to the bus. Kar picked me up at the bus stop, and she and I headed to Yoga. It was good today. Twists. I liked it :)

And we headed home right after yoga, and Captain America met me there. We had lunch at home real fast, and he and I drove over to the West side for our couples counseling session. It was a pretty good one. I did get my feelings a little hurt when we talked about activities we did together. He felt that he was trying hard to enjoy the things that I liked, and that I wasn't trying hard enough to try and enjoy the things that he liked. I just thought that he kinda liked the stuff that I liked too. I guess I need to make more of an effort with his stuff, right? Sports stores aren't terrible, and I could probably handle guitar center a bit more. The auto store is still hard to stomach, though. hehe :)

Anyway, I was a little upset, and didn't really feel like chatting on the way home. I wasn't mad at him, per se, but I was a little upset. We stopped for a soda, and headed home. He had to change and run to PT, and I started baking. And almost instantly felt better. I can clear my mind while I bake, and think. It really relaxing for me :)

I started by making the peanut butter cookie mix. And I had Jim help me put the muffin liners in the mini muffin pans. And then I put in the cookie dough, and Jim helped me unwrap the chocolates, and press them into the cookies. They really turned out GOOD! Maybe a new favorite cookie of mine - hehe :) Here's the recipe.

And after the cookies, I made the cupcakes for Tom's class. Butter pecan cupcakes. I only filled them about 1/2 full, since last time they were WAY too full when they cooked. And I got 36 cupcakes out of 1 box of cake mix. Not too shabby :)

They were all done cooking when Tom and Eme got home from school. I let them cool, and made some Banana bread. And put it in mini loaf pans (1/2 the batter) and cooked the first batch (I only have 4 mini loaf pans).

After the cup cakes were cooled, I cut the tops off of them to make them all even. Yeah, they STILL cooked up too big - hehe. Oh well. The kids had fun eating the tops :)

I started on the 2nd batch of banana bread, and made the frosting for the cupcakes. I had store bought frosting for the tops of the cupcakes, but I wanted homemade frosting for the decorative stuff.

I put 2 cans of apple pie filling into a bowl, and cut up all the apples into tiny chunks (with scissors, yeah, VERY messy). Then frosted the tops of the cupcakes with the store bought frosting. Then spooned the apple pie filling on top of the cupcakes. Then used the homemade frosting to decorate it, making it look like mini pies. SO cute :)

And I was able to fit 32 of them into the 2 cupcake holders that I bought. And I put them in the fridge for the night. There were enough extras for all the kids and Captain America to have one. Yummy!

And then I popped one of the homemade pizzas into the oven. I had 1 leftover pizza from Monday's party, and tonight was the PERFECT time to use it. I baked it up, and then made Chocolate Crinkle cookie dough while it was cooking.

At one point, I dropped the platter that was holding my powdered sugar, and made a HUGE mess on the floor. Luckily (I guess), Jimmy was there to help me clean it up - ha! Who needs a dog!

And then I cooked up 6 dozen crinkle cookies, and we were done! I put all the cookies into the holiday containers I'd bought, and put the banana bread in the decorative bags that I bought. There are 4 kids in public school, and they each have 2 teachers. So that's 8 teacher gifts. And they were gonna look SO cute when finished :)

BUT, it was time for Wednesday night activities. Captain America was home by then, and the kids changed clothes and got ready, and we all headed out. I took all 5 kids in my truck, and Captain America followed behind in his truck. It needed a few things fixed, so he was gonna drop it off at the mechanic. And I was gonna drive him back home.

Anyway, we went to the church, dropped off the kids (Jake and Eme - apparently there was no 11 yr old scouts, so not Tom), and we followed Captain America over to the mechanic place.

After dropping off the truck, we headed to the store. I wanted to get some swim goggles and ear plugs, and knew that Captain America enjoyed sports stores, so I was making an effort to try and do things that he liked too. So we went to a little strip mall that had Big 5 (sports), Big 8 (food), and Family Dollar. We needed to buy store bought snacks for 3 of the kids' classes. Only Tom could have homemade snacks. Hmpf!

Anyway, Jim was hacking and coughing, and when we pulled into the parking lot, he said he needed to puke. He managed to hold it long enough to get out of the truck, and totally puked all over the ground. Nasty! At least it wasn't in my truck.

So we went to Family Dollar, got some snacks for the kids' classes, and some cough drops, and some cough medicine. And paid, and got Jim hooked up with some drugs - hehe :) And then went to Big 5 for the swim goggles. And the boys had fun looking around at all the sports stuff.

Check out this HUGE chair we found - hehe.

Jim started to feel icky again, so I took him to the truck while Captain America and Tom paid. I gave Joe some cough medicine too, and buckled everyone in the truck. And soon we were off to Howdys for a refill. Captain America ran inside, and I stayed in the truck and tried on my new goggles. I'm hot, huh?

Then back to the church to pick up Eme and Jake, then home. Jim was TOTALLY asleep by the time we got home. Poor little thing.

I packaged up all the teacher presents so it looked pretty, and attached the ornaments to the food. Pretty, huh?

Captain America put the little kids to bed, and the older kids cleaned up the VERY messy house. And here it is, almost 10pm, and I'm just no getting done blogging. My head is KILLING me, and I haven't yet decided whether it's a stress headache or if my neck is sore from swimming. Either way, I already took migraine meds once today, and it's back. Hmpf! I don't like that at all...

I'm gonna tie this up, because I seriously thing I'm gonna puke. I think I"ll go take some meds, and go to bed. Sounds like a good plan! I need to be well enough to go hiking tomorrow with my girls!

And yeah, I still don't have the concert pics from Captain America's phone. BUT, I made a wordart to go with it - hehe :) I hope you enjoy!

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4shared - once again, not working....

Fabulous layout by my Daily Preview Maker, Sharon! Glad your feeling a tad bit better, hon!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Baby Shower

Oh, My, Busiest day ever! girls :) hehe :) Yeah, I don't think I could have possibly crammed one more thing into my day. Yeah, that's probably why I'm battling a migraine right about now - hehe. There's something to be said about "slowing down" the pace of life a bit, you know...

Anyway, my alarm went off at 6:40am, and I read my scriptures, and re-set my alarm for 7:15am. Bad, I know. Especially since I had things to do this morning, and the kids needed to be on the bus at 7:30am. I think I was sleepy because I took a benadryl last night. I was SO itchy on my back, for some reason. Anyway, I eventually crawled out of bed, got the kids ready enough, and on to the bus. That 6 hour energy drink I took may have helped out a bit.....

And then I started making cupcakes. I TOTALLY should have started at 7am, but they didn't go into the oven until about 7:40am. That was gonna throw off my time line a bit.

Anyway, I took a strawberry cake mix, and prepared it according to the directions on the box. Then, I took 1-8 oz package of Cream cheese, 1/2 cup sugar, 1 egg, and 1 tsp vanilla, and blended it all together. And a bit of the extra batter, too. So it was slightly pink.

And yeah, I totally filled the cup cake papers WAY too full. Next time, I'm just gonna do it 1/2 way. Cause when you dollop in a scoop of the cream cheesey mixture, it overflows. Not to self, right?

I baked them, and yeah, the exploded. Luckily, it didn't look too bad. I was SURE that they'd taste good, reguardless of how they looked. I left them on a cooling rack to cool, changed into my swim suit, left Jake doing school and Jim watching a movie, and headed out to the pool.

Here's me on the way, thinking WHAT am I doing at 8:20am, driving to the pool, in the middle of winter. Sure, it's an El Paso winter (hehe), but it's still winter, and I was chilly.

Kari and I swam for about 45-50 minutes, and yeah, I was still off schedule. BUT, I did get my 20 1/2 laps in! And it felt SO good. But I know that i'm gonna be SUPER sore and tight tomorrow. I really need to stretch some...

Here's me, all finished with my laps, and ready to head home and hop in the shower real fast. This was at 9:25 ish.

I got home as quick as I could, and showered and got ready. I had 15 minutes, but took about 25. AND I didn't even really fix my hair, hence the hat. I love my huge hat. hehe :) It fits my ginormous head :)

I finished up getting ready, grabbed my purse, made sure the boys were still good (and gave them strict instructions about getting dressed for the baby shower and shoes and backpacks ready and such), and headed out the door. It was 10am.

And I went to the commissary, and picked up some diapers and wipes for a shower gift, and some strawberries and some strawberry frosting, and headed to the check out. And I was done and back home by 10:25am. Yeah, not as speedy as I'd hoped, but not too bad...

I blended a package of cream cheese with about 3/4 cup of powdered sugar, and a little bit of milk until smooth, then added a container of strawberry frosting. Looked pretty yummy.

I frosted the cup cakes, and sliced up a strawberry and topped it (Jake helped), then we were ready to go. Jake and Jim got in the truck, I grabbed the food, and off we went.

We got to Terra's house, dropped off the food, and realized that I'd forgotten the drink thingy. Crap! I grabbed the kids, dropped Jake and Jim off at the bus stop (since it was not 10:50am), and headed back home. I grabbed our drink thingy, picked up Jake from the bus stop, and he and I headed back to the baby shower.

Here's the cupcakes that I made. Yeah, Captain America said that they were the BEST cupcakes that he'd ever eaten. I'm just saying....
There were quite a few people at Heather's shower. I know her from the old ward we were in. She's a fun girl, from South Carolina (i think - somewhere down south...). She has 2 little girls, and is prego with baby girl #3. Her's Heather :)

Becky and I
Here's me showing Terra how fun it is to pose for pictures - hehe :)
Laurie and I BOTH had hats on today! ha! It was hat day, I guess!

Terra and I
Opening presents

These slipper shoes were FREAKIN' adorable!!!
This is one of Terra's twins. Yeah, I don't know which one. But apparently she's the shy one. And she LOVED me :) hehe. I held her for about the last 45 minutes of the party, and she snuggled with me, and it was SO cute! And no, I don't want another baby.... ha!

Here's a game we played. Yeah, I totally just drew lines to connect the names to the meanings randomly. And I got 1 out of both sets right - hehe :)

Karin and I. She's 22 weeks prego with a little girl. Awe...
At 2pm, I got a text from Maggie saying that the school had called her as an emergency contact for me, saying that Joe had a fever and a cough and needed to come home. Whaaat? Why didn't they call me?

So I headed home from the party, and went to pick up Joe from school. I checked my voicemails, and yup, there was the message. Strange thing, though, because there was NO record on my call log that they'd called. Isn't that strange???

Anyway, I picked up Joe (fever of 100.2) and we headed home. I gave him some more cough syrup and some tylenol, and set him up on the couch. Jake picked up Jim from the bus stop, and I laid down for about 30 minutes. I was feeling pretty sleepy. I think the energy drink was wearing off...

At 3:30pm, it was time to pick up kids from the bus, and head to the library. I left Jake and Joe at home (they were working on Joe's bike in the garage (yeah, the meds must have kicked in...)), took Jim, picked up Tom and Eme from the bus, and Kari's son Leo (Kari had a doctors appointment for Josephine, and I figured it would be MUCH more enjoyable for Leo to come to the library with us than go to the dr with his mom and sister) and asked Laurie if her 1st grader and 3rd grader wanted to come with us to the library too. So, I had left 2 of my kids at home, and still ended up with 6 kids at the library - ROFL!

Laurie headed to pick up her middle schooler and said that she'd meet us there at the library in about 30 minutes, and we headed on over. We watched a Discovery channel show on Mega Planes. It was pretty cool, actually. Those planes were HUGE!

The kids had goldfish crackers and pretzels and capri suns for snack, and I designed my daily freebies from today up to Sunday! Yes, I'm ahead - hehe :)

Laurie got there a few minutes before the show was over, and we chatted for a bit, then took kids home. Leo came back to our house. Tom started on his Britian project, and I cooked up some leftovers for the kids for dinner. With some garlic bread and carrots. And I had a cheese sandwich and cucumber. Since I'd eaten baby shower food for lunch. Not so good for the ole diet, you know....

BUT, I must say, that I am SO proud of myself for leaving my chocolate in my baking cupboard alone. About 3 times today, I had an almost overwhelming urge to go and eat it all. And that wouldn't have been good. I don't wanna start getting obsessive about eating again. I need to get back on my menu, and stick with it. There's safety in the rules of my diet, you know...

Anyway, Captain America came home at 5pm, and Kari came to pick up Leo shortly after that. Captain America showered and got ready (yeah, he's gotta do that twice a day now, since they moved PT to 3:30pm), and at 5:25pm, Eme and Tom and Captain America and I headed out to the Choir/Orchestra concert. First one of the year for Tom.

We dropped the kids off early at 5:30pm, and Captain America and I proceeded to Howdys to get a refill, then rushed back to the concert at 6pm. And got there JUST in time.

Here's me with my Howdys refill :) DDP, I love you...

I left my phone in the car charging, so I don't have any pics of the concert. Captain America has those. I'll grab them from his phone tomorrow, and put them on tomorrows blog. He even took some movies of the songs. It was pretty nice.

And the Orchestra and Choir was done in 15 minutes. Dang, that's fast! We took Eme and Tom, and left right before the US kids performance. Tom had his project to complete, and Captain America and I needed to do a little bit of Christmas shopping.

We dropped the kids off at home at 6:30pm, Captain America went in and got kids situated for bed and the evening, then he and I headed out to shop.

First stop, Walmart.
Check out these AWESOME Christmasy bandanas that I found. I love me some bandanas, you know...

Zebra AND Army snuggies? hehe
Is it really that hard to crack an egg?
We finished off our boy Christmas shopping list, and picked up a few things for Captain America's packing plans to deploy (those vacuum seal bags) and some more soda and a few food type items, and yeah, it was a lot of stuff for only having 4 things on our shopping list.... Geeze!

And then we headed to the Dollar Tree, but needed to stop for ANOTHER Howdy's refill. Yeah, this is #2 for the day. hehe. Really, Captain America is drinking most of my soda and his - hehe :)

I'm making those Pie Cupcakes for Tom's class on Thursday, and I knew that Apple Pie Filling was only a dollar at the dollar tree, AND I wanted some more bread. They had bagels AND english muffins there. sa-weet!

And, of course, since Fallas is RIGHT next door, we had to stop there. And then we headed over to Hobby Lobby. Eme has really taken an interest in Art, so we decided that Art supplies would be a PERFECT gift for her. AND, since my dear husband has his degree in Art, what better person to pick out an Art gift!

We were there until the sales associates had to round us up and kick us out of the store - ROFL! And I think, had they not, we'd STILL be there. Captain America is dangerous in an artsy store - ROFL!

We paid and headed home, trunk full of Holiday purchases. It's now 11:40pm, and I'm ready for bed. My head started hurting on the way home, and after a neck rub, and some pain meds, and icing it, it's feeling a tad bit better.

I'm thinking that I need to slow down a bit. Life is getting pretty hectic, and will only continue to do so, I think. Especially during this next month, before Captain America deploys. He heard a rumor that the date for deployment was moved up by about a week. Nice :( Well, I guess it's gotta come some time, I guess.

Here's a FABULOUS layout by Sharon. She's been SO sick lately. Girl, you really should be resting, not slaving away for me, you know..... :)

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