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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Crash Into Me

Hey, my girls! How goes it? Good week? Ready for the weekend? Oh yeah, I TOTALLY am. And I'm totally sleeping in tomorrow. I hope my kids realize that... Three different kids woke me up early this morning to tell me that SOMEONE (read: Jake) ate all the ice cream last night. I forgot to lock the fridge/freezer. A mistake that I won't be making today.

I was SO tired when I got up. I got Jim all ready for Sports Camp, and Amanda came and picked him up and dropped him off at 8:45am ish. And then Captain America was on Skype, and I chatted with him until around 10:30am. It was very nice to talk with him 2 days in a row! Oh yeah! Miss you, hon :(

Jake was still asleep, so the rest of the kids and I got on our swim clothes, and headed up to pick up the little boys. Amanda had the bug guy coming to spray, so she had to be home until he got there. I picked up Austin and Jim, and they were having a closing pizza party! And they had extra, so Tom and Joe and Eme got to eat too. Sweet! No need to drive to free lunch, right? hehe.

The kids ate, and we loaded up, and headed to the pool. It was not full yet! Sweet :) I showed my ID card to get in, and they wanted Tom's too. Whaaat? Sigh. Apparently it was a new rule that came down for the CG... I guess I'll need to find them and put them in my wallet, right?

The pool filled up SUPER fast today. I don't like it when it gets THIS full. Amanda and Kari and I swam during the 15 minutes of grown up swim, and got out when they blew the whistle. Too many kids are scary. LOL!

We were at the pool from 11:30ish to 3:00 ish. And I think I got a little burned. Not too bad. I put on sunblock, but because I have a new suit, there's some previously unexposed skin that got a little pink. Not too bad, as of yet. hehe.

We headed home, and Jake was awake and sitting with Boxer. He decided against the youth center, and honestly, I was happy. I didn't wanna drive out there. The kids watched some TV/computers, and Jim and I laid down for a nap. Oh yeah, it felt SO good.

I woke up at 6:30pm, and had a crock pot of chicken and potatoes for the kids to eat. And I started cleaning. And didn't stop until around 9:30pm. I mopped the kitchen floor and cleaned a little in there, then moved all the furniture in the living room, and mopped it real good. And rearranged the furniture so that there's no longer easy access from the kitchen to the living room. Too much food being snuck in, and too much RUNNING around from the dining room to the living room in circles. That drives me nuts. hehe.

I washed the floorboards, and a little bit of the walls. I need to go buy about 20 Magic Erasers for that job, though... Check out my clean room!

Too bad this room didn't clean itself. Maybe I'll work on that one tomorrow morning...
It's now 10:15pm, and the little kids are in their room quietly watching a movie. Jake and Tom and Eme are on the laptops and watching something on Netflix. And I'm re-watching an episode of 24 (for the 3rd time) and blogging and designing.

We have pool time planned for tomorrow, and a trip to the library. Fun times!

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Sharon, I must say, this is one of my FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE layouts of yours!!!! LOVE the look of it :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

The One I Love

New stuff!!! Woohoo!!! Click HERE to go to my store to pick up the NEW stuff! I know you wanna! All layouts by Sharon :)

So Amanda had a doctors appointment at 8am, and I was the babysitter. And happy to be so. But sleepy. I was the sleepy babysitter. LOL. My alarm was set to go off at 7:25am, and she was set to be here at 7:30am. Oh yeah. I'm SO good.

I moved out to the couch with my pillow and "Elmo", and Joe was already awake and watching TV. Amanda dropped of Austin, and I kinda waved from my blanket. Sorry, girl! I was sleepy still. hehe. And i went back to sleep. And the boys were SO good and quiet. They had breakfast and watched some TV, and my alarm went off at 8:35am. I got dressed, got Jimmy dressed and fed, and he and I and Austin headed up to Sports camp.

I dropped the boys off, and headed back home. And chatted with Captain America on Skype for about 2 hours. It was so nice to chat! The kids popped in and out to say hi to dad, and to tell him about their warrior show they were watching. Eme and Joe and Tom were all awake. Jake was still sleeping.

Amanda brought Jim back home at 11am, Captain America headed off to bed, and the kids and I loaded up and headed to the CDC for free lunch. Austin and Jimmy were squabbling, so we decided that an afternoon apart would do them good. hehe.

Amanda and I caught up with each other at the stop light on the way to the CDC. Whaaaat? Doesn't everyone sing into water bottles???
Check out my NEW wallet? I like it. It's big enough to hold the cards and such. And it's supposed to be a super tough case. We shall see... My kids are mighty tough themselves...
Kids had burritos and cantelope and milk for lunch, then we headed home. But i asked them if they wanted to swing by the NEW commissary first. And they did. They wanted to give it a look see. And the little boys wanted to ride in the cart. Um, yeah, they don't fit in there anymore... They think they're still little...
I think they were pretty impressed with the commissary. Tom thought it looked like a Super Walmart. hehe. We grabbed just a couple of things, paid at the self check out, and headed back home.
And by then, it was time to take Jake to the youth center for Robotics. He has that from 1-3. I dropped the kids off, put away the cold stuff, and Jake was already awake and ready to go. He and I loaded up, and headed to the youth center.

I dropped him off, and headed back home. We had some snacks, the kids played nicely with each other, Joe went to Leo's house for a while, and I laid down for a nap. And totally slept for 2 hours. It was SO great.

My phone was on vibrate, so I missed all kinds of texts and such. Sorry, guys. hehe. I needed my beauty rest, right? LOL. I woke up, and hopped in the shower. GNO and all....

I got all clean and shaved, got dressed, put on make up, but didn't have time to fix my hair. Amanda was coming over with Austin, and picking up pizzas for the kids. And I had to go and grab Jake from the youth center. So I headed out.

I got Jake, and headed back home. He was to eat dinner, then play on the laptop in my room. And not bug the other kids. I think he could handle that :)

Amanda got to the house about the same time as me, and we fed all the kids, and left them with directions for the evening, then she and I headed out.

We parked next to this at Carinos. Did someone steal a tree???
It was a fun evening. Terra and I and Kari and Amanda and Laura. GREAT group of girls!

Why did I have 2 straws??? Did the waitress thing I was gonna share???
Here's my food. I've only been to Carino's twice, and both times I ordered the same salad. I thought I'd try branching out a bit. This was SO yummy!!!

Here's Terra's. Apparently, she's not a fan of roasted red peppers OR mushroom. ROFL!

We ate and chatted and chatted and ate, then headed over to the comedy club. It's in the same parking lot as Carinos, so we just walked.

It was free Military night, so we didn't even have to pay! YES! And it wasn't even too busy. Last time we went on a Friday or Saturday, and it was PACKED. This was a much more manageable crowd.

Us all sitting around playing on our phones. hehe.

The show started, and we had 3 comedians. They were all pretty funny. There was a TON of bad language (not my favorite), but for the most part, they were HILARIOUS! I laughed SO hard. I especially liked the last dude who talked about wanting to physically hurt his 15 year old teen son (I could SO relate), and how his 8 year old got away with SO much stuff because he was "cute". Again, I can relate. hehe.

After the show, we headed out, and headed home. Amanda dropped me off, and picked up her sleeping son. Aren't they cute???

After kids were in bed, Kari and I went on a 4 mile walk around the loop, and came back home. It felt REALLY good to get out and exercise! Yeah me! And thanks, Kari, for not giving up on me! I still wanna do it! I really do :)

I sat down to load my store and blog at around 11:30pm. Yeah, super late. And here it is, 12:57am. I'm gonna be sleepy in the morning. At least Amanda volunteered to take the boys to class. So I dont have to wake up until 8:35am. hehe. Wonder if I should try and watch an episode of 24 real fast, or just go to bed???? Hmmm, life is FULL of hard choices, you know...

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Awe, Sharon, I just LOVE it when you scrap with my pictures! Thanks , my dear!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Pocket Full of Sunshine

Oh dear, I was SO sleepy this morning! I SO needed more sleep. 1 or 130am is WAY too late for me... Anyway, I reset my alarm for 8:30am, and slept some more. Then got up, and hurriedly got myself and Jim ready for sports camp. I think he was as tired as I was. hehe.

I stopped by to pick up Austin, then delivered both to camp. And got them all signed in and situated, and headed out. They were playing with hoola hoops when I left.

I got back home, and was totally gonna lay back down and go to sleep. But I gave in, and did some chores. I did more laundry, and maintained the pool. It needed a TON of chemicals, so I put them all in. And scooped out the biggest of the bugs. There were a few bees, a dragon fly, and this MONSTROSITY of a bug!!! It was pretty scary looking!

Amanda was at home waiting for the repair guy. Remember how I told you that her doorbell "blew up"? Well, they were coming back to fix it. And he told me the FUNNIEST story this morning. So, when the nasty smell started in her house yesterday, and she started getting a headache from it, we were asking Austin if he knew what to do if he found Mom "dead", or non responsive in the house. You know, Army families have to think of such things. We don't always have our other half around...

Anyway, we told him to call 911, but he couldn't figure out how to turn it on (new phone). So we said, Well, you could go to the neighbor girls house (who he plays outside with) and get her mom to help. And that was the end of the conversation.

Well, apparently, Austin came into Amanda's room at 6:30am, and whispered to her, and she didn't wake up. So he went next door to the neighbors house, and rang the doorbell, and said that there was something wrong with his mommy, she wouldn't wake up! ROFL!

So Liz came over, and woke up Amanda to see if all was right. Poor girls! Austin was trying, right? At least he'd listened. Amanda made sure to tell him that he needed to try a LOT harder to wake up Mom before alerting the neighbors. hehe.

Anyway, she was busy at home, my kids were awake (Joe was at Leo's house) except for Jake, and everyone was happy, so I headed out to Big Lots by myself. I needed dish soap. Tom was forced to use hand soap to wash the dishes, and I don't know how good that is. hehe. So I went and grabbed some.

And called my mom, and chatted with her for my shopping trip. She's coming next Saturday, and I'm SO excited. I bought new towels for the kids, and a few other things. And I headed back home. And did another load of laundry.

I bought some hair removal wax, and played with it for a little while. But it's painful, did you know? Yeah, I may not be using that again! I should have just got a new razor.... And soon it was time to go and pick up the little boys.

I grabbed Austin and Jim, dropped Austin off at his house, and headed back home. And did another load of laundry.

My kids were watching Deadliest Warrior. Did I tell you about that show? OMHeavens, they haven't stopped talking about it...

It reminds me of Myth Busters. They pick two groups of peoples/fighters, and see which would win. Pirates vs. Knights. IRA vs. Colombian Cartel. Ninjas vs. Something else... You get the idea. They compare their weapons, and fighting styles, and junk, and then see which wins overall. Yeah, there's blood (fake) and guns and knives and nastiness, and my boys absolutely LOVE it! Whatever, as long as they're happy, right?

We skipped Free Lunch, and the kids had microwave Mac N Cheese and Pizza Bites for lunch. They seemed super excited about it :)

I did another load of laundry, and at 12:45pm, I got Jake in the truck (he'd woken up on his own today and was MUCH happier!) and headed to the youth center. I snapped a quick picture of Jake before he went inside.

I stopped at the Milam SAS and the Milam CDC on the way home, and set up childcare for the kids for next week. Wed, Thurs, and Fri, from 12-5. So that I can clean the house in peace. And have it looking good when my parents get here. hehe.

I came back home, and we hung at the house for the afternoon. Jim swam in the pool, and I skimmed it for a while. It was pretty "buggy" when I started, and looked pretty good by the time I was done.

I watched an episode of 24 Season 6, and designed for a bit. I think I got 2 WordArt packs done. And some administrative work done too. Nice, huh?

At 3:30pm, Amanda and I decided to "kidnap" Terra for a brief outing to Walmart. hehe. I wanted a new swim suit (my others are getting a bit thread bare from all of the cholrine). And Amanda needed something or another. Anyway, we left the big kids in charge, and headed out.

I found some melons. hehe.

Yes, I'm wearing my swim suit. It's hot, and we were going swimming when I got back home....

We had fun goofy around and grabbed a few needed/wanted items, and headed out. Here's my cart. Amanda and I shared. hehe.

I got these clearance flowers for myself! Amanda got some flowers for the poor neighbor girl who got woke up early this morning. LOL!
I couldn't resist on the way out...
We put on loud tunes, and sang the entire way back to post. It was a fun little outing. We dropped Terra off at her house, got Amanda's pool stuff, and headed to my house. We all got our stuff ready for the pool, fed the kids real fast (giant sandwich from walmart), and off we went!

We got there RIGHT at pool break... So the kids ate the new chips that I'd brought, then were ready to get in the pool. Here's a few pics that I took.

See my new suit???

They really all were happy. Most were saying cheese. They just looked pained... Amanda and I found our friend, Aleana. She lives in the houses RIGHT across from the pool. We told her that we swim here a lot, and said we'd text her next time we come! Woohoo for friends at the pool :)

We headed home at 7pm when the pool closed, and headed home. Jake called as we were leaving, and said that the Youth Center was closing early, and needed picked up. So we drove on over to Milam Youth Center, picked him up, and came home.

My kids changed, got a snack, and watched some more Deadliest Warrior. And I sat down with them and watched an episode too. They really liked that I was snuggling on the couch with them.

Jim and Joe went to bed, Eme was playing on her computer, and Jake and Tom watched another episode of their show. I headed over to Amanda's house to watch a movie. Then it'll be home, and to bed. I'm babysitting Austin in the morning while Amanda goes to the doctor. So I need to get up earlier. No 1am bedtime for me tonight. hehe.

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FUN layout, Sharon!!! Lovin' it!