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Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Few Good Men

Hey there girls :) So, I woke up at around 5am this morning, and I could feel a headache. Not so good. I took some meds before seminary, and headed out. I figured that I'd just go to Walmart and grab some stuff for my party. Save a trip to the Dollar Tree later.

I dropped Jake off, then headed on out. I got the table cloth, some bowls, some celery and carrots for my chicken noodle soup, and a few other things, paid, and headed back to the church.

We headed back to post, and got the kids ready for school and off to the bus. And then I set in for cleaning the house. I was SO not digging it. But I turned on the music, and made the most of it. And my house looked so much better. I really hate cleaning. My friend Tracy from Chicago said it best. The benefits from cleaning SO don't match up with the with efforts expended to do it...

I got the bathroom cleaned, the Scentsy replaced, and the house swept and mopped. Well, parts of it. I got to chat with Captain America for a little bit while I put on make up. I sure miss that boy. Is it time for him to come home yet? Is the year over? Almost, right???

Anyway, it was almost time for my party, so I put on my UPS outfit, and went and made some chicken soup. And got all the food ready. How do you think it all looked???

Margot came as Moses. Her mask was FABULOUS! Her dad had bought it in 1974 apparently!

Kari was an Indian
Kim was Red from Fraggle Rock!
And I was a UPS driver!
Here's me an Emma
Me and Terra. She was a graduate - hehe. She really was, too!

And the group!
It was a small, but FUN group! Thanks, girls ,for coming to the party! We had fun eating and chatting and sharing stories. We hung till around 1:30. Then people went home, and I took a nap. I set my alarm for bus stop time, and then went and retrieved my kids from the bus :)

Here's the kids messing around over by the German Club after the bus stop. hehe.
We headed home after the bus, and the kids had SO much fun eating all the left overs. LOL. Tom went to the Youth Center on the bus, so it was just Joe and Jim and Eme and Jake at the house. We'd considered going to Old Ft Bliss for the Pumpkin Patch thing, but decided to skip it. The kids played and had fun at the house, and at 7:15pm, Joe and I headed up to his game. His game went from 7:30-8:30pm. Kari and I hung out and watched. He even scored a goal! Here's Joe as goalie!

After the game, we drove to the youth center and picked up Tom. We got him signed up for a few activities, then drove back home. I got the little kids in bed at 9:30pm, and let the older kids stayed up. Jim and Joe and I are going to church at 9 tomorrow for Super Saturday craft day. They're going to Babysitting, and I'm doing the activity. The older kids are staying home and can watch themselves and sleep in.

Should be a good time :) I'm hoping to get a nap. My tummy was still feeling a little sensitive today. Poor tummy!

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Hooah! Love it, Sharon :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

A Bug's Life

I've got everything for you guys this week! Fall and Sports and Halloween! I've got you covered! hehe :) Just looking out for ya, you know. ha! Click HERE to pop on over to the store and give it a look see :)

Layout by Sharon

Layout by Sharon

Layout by Sharon

Layout by Sharon
Layout by Trina!

So, I woke up at 5:25am again, and got Jake up and going to Seminary. And Jakes room REEKED of dog crap. The dog had pooped in there.... SO not cool. At least the floor is linoleum, right? We shut the door, put the dog in the kennel, and headed to Seminary. He was gonna have a fun mess to clean up when he got back from class...

Did I tell you I had an "Epiphany" the other day while driving to Seminary? Well, I was pondering why my sales had been so low all year long, and wondering what had changed. I wasn't doing anything differently business wise. What was I don't differently personally? And the spirit whispered to me that it was my spirituality that was different. I'd almost stopped reading my scriputres. My prayers were very lacking. Family prayers were VERY hit or miss. So we'd been having family prayers this week. The past few days I'd been praying. And today I was gonna listen to the book of mormon on my iPod on the way to Seminary.

Jake was NOT happy. Vocally so, but I didn't let it deter me. I plugged it in, and we listened to it for 10 minutes on the drive to seminary, and I listened to it for 10 more minutes after he went inside. Then I slept for the rest of the time. Yeah, I'm liking the new morning routine :)

We headed back home after seminary, and I got the kids ready as quickly as I could. They were grouchy from staying up late last night from scouts. Jake cleaned up the poop mess, and I took the kids to the bus stop. It was just Crystal and I at the bus stop this morning. I don't know where all the other mom's were! hehe.

Amanda and Austin were flying to Denver today to see her Dad. He's in the hospital, and the were going for the weekend for a visit. So I guess I know where she was. She gets a pass. hehe. But everyone else should have been there! LOL :)

Anyway, I went back, and started to get ready for our appointment. Jake had a follow up with the nutritionist. Luckily at the On Post TMC, not the one clear across at Biggs. We headed out at 8am, and got there on time. We got right in to talk with the lady, and I don't think she'd ever dealt with Aspergers kids before. She wasn't used to his odd speech patterns, and kept looking at him oddly. She wasn't really prepared for his odd answers, and looked at him strangely when he wanted to hold my hand. I think she needs to take a class in special needs kids. How rude...

Anyway, Jake had lost 3 lbs, and according to her records, grew 3 inches. They had him as 5'6". Yeah, I knew he was 5'9"... hehe. I made them remeasure him and put it correctly in there. He's now 217. So losing 3 lbs is a good start, right? Better than gaining for the month :)

When the appointment was over, we went and did 1/2 of his labs. We were supposed to have come earlier in the month, but I forgot, what with all the drugs and such I was taking earlier. That Topomax really did a number on me. Anyway, Jake was supposed to be fasting, and wasn't, so they only did the non-fasting blood work. We'll come back some other time, fasting, for the other blood work. Some time when he can still make the bus. Oh yeah, that's a GREAT idea! I don't think he realizes that he can actually make the bus! hehe :) I'm so mean...

Anyway, we got the blood drawn, got a note from the dietician, and headed off to Austin. I dropped him off at the front doors, had him give the notes to the attendance office, and I headed home. I changed into hiking clothes, transferred my stuff from my original hiking backpack to my cool Camelback water pouch Captain America had got for me, and in the process found my parks pass! Yes! THAT's where it had gone!

I headed over to Kari's house to pick here up, and we headed to the mountains to hike. We went on a 40 minute hike, and I know it wasn't much of a work out for her. But I was sweating. And it was a good beginner hike for me. Cause I let myself get out of shape. And I was dying. I'm trying to get back in shape. I really am... Sorry, Kari. I'll do better.

We headed back home, and I stayed a few minutes over at Kari's so that we could get our calendars all in sync. There's SO many activities going on this month, and we needed to make sure that we didn't miss anything. Kids activities, grown up activities, fun activities, boring stuff, important stuff. All sorts of things. hehe :) We got it all scheduled in, and I headed back home.

I was SO tired, that I just went straight to my bed, and I laid down. And woke up around 2pm. I guess I was tired, huh???

I nibbled on a little bit on turkey meat and a few cheese crackers, but it felt funny to chew. I wanted to go look for a present for my Halloween party tomorrow, so I hopped in the car, and off I went. I headed to Big Lots.

But there was hardly any Halloween stuff left! So I headed to Family Dollar, hoping they'd have more. Nope. Not so much. I got some fake Lysol, and some disenfectant wipes, but no Halloween stuff. I did buy a little tiny carton of Oreo Ice cream, though ,and a package of disposable spoons for the way home. Just for me. Because it was soft, and cold, and I could eat it. And it wouldn't hurt my poor tooth and I was starving. Or my tummy thought so, anyhow...

Next door was little Casears, and I thought I could play that off as Halloween-ish for a gift. hehe. So I got a gift certificate. LOL! There ya go! If you're coming to my party, don't read this party! Wait, I should have said that before, right?

And I got back in the car, and headed back to post. I busted out my ice cream and my spoons only to realize that I'd bought a package of 48 forks. Nice one... Who cares, I busted out my ice cream and my fork, and dug in. It was frozen, and I still ate it. ROFL!

I got home, put my stuff away, and in not time flat it was time for the bus. I chatted with Crystal was we waited for the bus. Kari and I took our kids to the Ice Rink after school to go skating. We couldn't talk anyone else at the bus stop into coming with us, though. It's completely free to military kids on Thursdays from 4-5 in the fall and winter. I'm all about free, you know.

Anyway, we loaded up, and headed out. Just as we were leaving the gate, we saw Tom walking from Ross. Pretty fast, actually. He was trying to make it before they locked the gate. Yeah, he wasn't gonna make it, I don't think. He needed to be running. hehe. He was SO excited to see us, though. I picked him up, and he came ice skating with us!

We drove down to the ice rink, and the kids got to skate for about 50 minutes. Last year, the Hockey team taught the lessons. This year, it's the figure skaters. Yeah, the little boys didn't think it was AS much fun, but we told them it was the figure skaters who were paying for their free skate rental and ice time. So they went along with it. Kind of. hehe.

We loaded up after the hour and came home. I'd started some chicken and potatoes in the crock pot earlier in the day, so we had that for dinner. Then I got Eme and Jim ready for Soccer, and off we went. IT was a super crazy busy evening. I made Joe stay home and do homework and clean his room. Jake and Tom were doing chores when I left.

I dropped Eme off at her game, then drove over to Jim's. We were a tad bit late. I chatted with Kari for the game, and Jim's team scored 2 goals, or so I heard. After the game, we loaded back up, and headed home, swinging by the other field to pick up Eme. She was hanging with some friends, waiting for us.

We got home, and it took another solid hour to get everyone in bed. My head started to hurt on the way to Soccer. I think what it was was that I hadn't had enough caffeine for the day. I'm used to more. I usually have an Excedrine migraine. Or more soda. And I hadn't. No sonic run. No pills. I only had one soda. So I took another one to the game. And it's not enough.

So it's almost 10pm. And i've loaded my store. I've blogged. I'm sleepy. I need to go to bed. But my head hurts. Should I take an excedrine migraine? Can I sleep with caffeine coursing through my veins? Should I take a sleeping pill and an excedrine migraine? hehe. Do they counteract each other? LOL! I'm so pathetic. hehe.

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LOVE the browns and the greens, Sharon! Great layout, my dear! Lovin' it!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Sounds of Music

OK, so I blogged yesterday, and now I'm blogging today. And I'm sleepy. And I'm hungry. But my tooth is tender. And I don't wanna eat. I've had 2 Slim Fasts and a can of soup. And an herbal tea and a part of a soda. Not much, I know... But the thought of chewing hurts.

And the thought of food reminds me of chocolate berry chili vomit....

Oh yeah, and I totally forgot to tell you about Tom yesterday. So he never shows up after school. Turns out, he went to Ross Fit, the after school PE thing, from 3-4. And his coach lets him leave a few minutes early to get in the gate. But they locked the Jeb Stuart gate by our house at 4pm or a few minutes early. And he couldn't get in. So he had to walk CLEAR around to the Robert E Lee Gate, like 4-5 miles away... And it took an exta hour... So he didn't get home till 5pm... So yeah, that's where Tom was. And I was so sick, I didn't even notice really. I'm SO sorry, Tom. Bad mom moment...

Anyway, I awoke VERY rested and not nauseated at all. So I decided that it must have been a reaction from the root canal. Right? Cause you can't get the flu for 5 hours? I don't know what it was. I have very mild diarreah, and I puked like 3-4 times. I don't know what it was. But it was gone. And I was glad.

I skipped Seminary, got up at 6:45am, and got the kids ready for school. Tom left at 7am, and we had family prayer right before he left. I walked the other kids to the bus at 7:15am, and chatted with the girls. It was SO cold outside! Check it out!
I don't know what I'm gonna do if I ever move somewhere that has a real winter. Freeze, probably...

Anyway, Kari was gonna give me my weekly massage to get rid of all my knots (since my Topomax makes my Prozac not work as well and my stress comes out in my shoulders and neck), but her hubby was still home for another hour, so I decided to go home and clean and organize my house for a bit.

I got it looking pretty good, showered, and decided to test out this Pin that I'd found on Pinterest a while back. About getting your dingy cookie sheets cleaned. Looks pretty good, right? With just Baking Soda and peroxide??? Too good to be true? I was gonna give it a whirl!
So here was my baking sheet...
I mixed my baking soda and peroxide, and rubbed it around on my baking sheet for a while....

And it looked like this when I was finished...Oh yeah... Not so much.

Who needs sparkly baking sheets anyway, right? So around 9am, I headed over to Kari's house for my massage, and she got my knots all worked out. And I felt SO much better! I headed home, and ended up sitting in my car in my garage for about 20 minutes texting people. hehe. Singing to my iPhone all the while. I'm such a dork, I know.

Finally, I went inside, got ready, and headed to Amanda's house. I brought my computer, and started blogging. We both just sat there working on our computer stuff, watching silly court TV shows. Kari came to pick me up at 11:30am, and we headed to Yoga.

And we found out that our favorite yoga instructor, Megan, was quitting! We were so sad :( She was so relaxing and yoga-ish... Now we were gonna have to go to yoga with John. Eh... He's not my favorite. But he's better than no yoga at all, I guess...

After yoga, we headed back to Amanda's house. Kari dropped me off, and she headed back home to change. She agreed to come on a Walmart run with us! It was gonna be fun - hehe :)

One of Amanda and my favorite thing to do is take pictures of people while we are out and about. Like this dude. Really? A clown? At Walmart? hehe.
Or this lady? Ha!
Are you supposed to have Dogs in Walmart? Cause I'm pretty sure this is NOT a service animal...
We grabbed the things we needed, and I got my stuff for Cub Scouts, and we paid, and we headed out. And yeah, speaking of all the funny people we see, I'm totally one of them. Who do you know that carry's around a pair of Vampire teeth in their purse. LOL!
We decided to make a quick Sonic run before headed home. And I was being goofy again, of course. Reciept on forehead, hugging the drinks, teeth in mouth, and waving at the cars. Poor Kari in the backseat... Sorry, hon... Sometimes I forget how to be normal...

We dropped Kari off at her house, and I got out to help with groceries. But she was able to get all her bags on her own, so I totally didn't need to. I set my drink on the middle arm section because all the drink holders were full, and when we got back in, it got knocked into my seat!

And then the lid popped open, and it spilled EVERYWHERE! Oh crap!!! At least Amanda has leather seats! We were freaking out trying to get it out. It was a 44 oz-er, too! We hurried over to my house to shop vac it, but a towel was sufficient. Good thing things dry fast in the dessert of El Paso! I'm SO sorry, Amanda!

We got the mess cleaned up, and my grocery stuff put away, and headed to the bus stop and to get my car. We collected our kids, chatted for a bit with the moms, then headed home.

I got stuff all ready and prepared for Cub Scouts, decided what all I needed to do, and got myself ready. See, I really should put on make up all the time, huh???
And here's the ghostie craft that we were gonna make for the gathering activity :)
I totally would have taken more photos, but I discovered that my phone was dying. Crap. Oh well. At 5:15, we all loaded up in the truck and headed to Soccer. Jake and Tom went to the Youth Center, and Joe and Eme had Soccer practice. Jim played in the mud. Messy boy. Good thing I don't really care about messy. hehe.

A little before Soccer got over, Kari headed home and picked up Justin, her 15 year old. He was gonna come to Scouts with us and help me teach the boys about the Flag. How to fold it, how to display it, how to respect it. Sounded good to me. Crowd control. hehe.

So me and the 7 kids headed out to Church. We did our little gathering activity, where we made the Ghost. And ate apples with caramel dip. Well, they did. That just looked painful to me.

Then we did the opening ceremony. Then we worked on the flag stuff. Then the Texas Flag stuff. Then talked about bowling rules. Next den meeting we're going bowling. Then we headed outside.

Outside we did the standing long jump and the 10 second sprint. And played a little bit of soccer. Then came back inside and cleaned up and had closing prayer. I think the boys had a ton of fun!

We loaded up and headed back home. It was close to 9pm before I had my kids near bed. It's now 10:15pm and I'm exhausted. Wednesday nights are rough in the Harty household. Very tough. I need to get a better routine down, I think. hehe.

In the morning, Jake has a nutritionist appointment at 8:20am. And then Kari and I are going Hiking. Should be a good time!

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GREAT layout, Sharon! Love the skulls! Great take on the Sound of Music!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Music Man

Hey guys - sorry to leave you hangin' this morning - hehe. I was puking my guts out last night - SO not cool... Even thinking about pulling the computer out made me wanna puke. NOT good. Not good at all.

I woke up at normal time for Seminary, got ready, and took a picture of Jake's room. Someone was asking me about how much space he had. Well, here ya go. He's got a little dresser or two in there. Not much space, but a little bit....
We headed to Seminary, I napped, then we headed home. I got the kids ready for school, Tom headed to the bus, and we finished getting ready. Then headed to the bus stop. Jake came up to see us, and then he and I walked back home. We found his goofy little tennis ball on the ground, and put it in the crack in someones backyard wall, and thought it was funny - hehe.

Jake left for school, and I decided to get ready for our "clean out the car" day. Cause see, it looks like someone got naked and had a Burger King meal in the backseat... Freaking kids... Maggie and Amanda and Kari and I were gonna vacuum and steam clean our cars. My vehicle is larger than everyone elses, and nastier, so I figured I'd start first. hehe. And get everything set up. I got the MP3 player set up, and the Shop Vac set up, and the Steam Cleaner set up. And then the trunk set all cleaned out.

And then the dentist called. The had a cancellation, and could bump me up to 10:15am. Good, because now I could go to the library with my peeps after school. Bad, because now I couldn't clean my truck...

Kari came over, and cleaned her car, and I left for the dentist around 9am. When I went inside to get changed, I found Boxer on the couch with an old contain of pink frosting, licking his lips... nice one Boxer. Before I could get a picture, he'd hopped down off the couch.

I left Kari cleaning, and headed out to the dentist. I only got a little lost, but made it there right on time. I filled out some forms, and they took me back. And the bad news was that my tooth with the hole was gonna need a root canal. Poor tooth.

The good news was that someone with a lot of work that day had canceled, so they had time for the root canal that day! Well, if that's good news. Good that it was getting done, I guess. hehe. I was having fun, at least. See, I look like I'm having fun. You know me, I have fun at EVERYTHING I do :) ha!I chatted with the dr and with the ladies and all that I could throughout the procedure. And afterwords. It took about 2 hours. I headed home afterwords. Here's me trying my best to smile. Giving it my BEST smile. hehe.
When I got home, I texted Amanda, and she and I headed out for our Errands. She needed to go to Ashley furniture. We waited and waited and waited forever more to get to pick out her new stools. That place is SO dumb. Finally, we were told that she had $59 a piece for 2 new stools. She found 2 in a similar price range. She ended up paying $40 over for 2 tall chairs. Not horrible, I guess. It took forever. Here's the view while we were waiting..
After Ashley, we headed to Wendys. Somewhere with something soft to eat. Chili and Frostys. Sounded good to me! hehe :) I got a big soda, a chili, and a Berry frosty. DiVine! I was SO excited!

But my mouth was SO freakin' numb, I couldn't make it work. hehehe :)

My chili was pretty spicy, and I was having a hard time chewing, but I managed. Some of the pieces looked kinda pink, but I figured it was beef, and it couldn't hurt me, right? Right??? I guess if I got sick, I'd know, right???
Amanda dropped me off at my house at 2:45, and I vacuumed out my truck. It looked SO much better when I was done. I don't know how long I can keep it up, but I sure do like it relatively clean better than a trash heap.

And about 3:15, I started to feel SUPER nauseated. I'm not sure why, but it was SUPER bad! And i noticed that I'd cut my finger, too. Crap.

I washed my hands real good, and started in on the rice crispy treats.
I had a ginormous bag of Fruity Marshmallows, and I made Rice Crispy Treats out of them. They would have been super tasty, but Maggie came over JUST as they were needing to be stirred constantly, asking if I wanted a ride to the bus stop. And I left them unattended for a few seconds too long, and they burned. Oops. Yeah, I'm totally blaming it on Maggie. hehe. Sorry, my dear. LOL.
So, I sucked up the feeling of puking, gathered up my rice crispy treats, grabbed my laptop and my soda, and headed to the bus stop. I got my kids, and we all headed to the library. And I realized that I didn't know where Tom was. He should have been home by now.

I wondered if he'd stayed after school for Ross Fit. Or if he'd gotten a bus pass and went to the Youth Center? I call the youth center, but they hadn't seen him. But then, maybe the bus wasn't there yet. They said they'd call if they heard from him.

So the longer the movie went on at the library, the worse I felt. A few times, I had to put my head down on the table. I broke out in a sweat a few times.

And I was trying to decide if the chili was making me sick. Or if it was the dairy from the frosty. It seems that dairy has been making me feel a bit sick a lot lately. Or is maybe I'd finally gotten that stomach bug that was going around. Or, if maybe it was a reaction to the root canal? The numbness was finally wearing off. I didn't know.

But at around 5pm, I had to practically dash to the bathroom. I barely made it. Some woman was in there, and I almost didn't make it. She came out, and I barely made it in the toilet! It was nasty. Chocolate slim fast from breakfast mixed with Berry Frosty and Chili. Lovely, huh??? Definitely not as good coming back up...

I went back with my peeps, and felt a tad bit better, and only puked one more time while at the library. Then headed home after the movie. And yeah, that's all I did the rest of the day. I went to bed as soon as I got home. The kids were on their own.

Kari came and got Joe and Jim for Soccer. Leo and Joe did their homework while Josephine and Jim practiced. My big kids did their own thing. I slept. And tried my best not to barf. I didn't even blog. Or watch tv. Or move. Or anything. I just rested. And tried not to think. And my teeth hurt. It was not good.

So there you have it. Jake was good to help me out. He put the little kids to bed. I did wake up at 10:30pm and turn out the lights in the house. That's about all I did last night.

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Awesome layout, Sharon! Check out that guitar AND harmonica! That's awesome! hehe :)