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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Date Night

Wow, whirwind day! I was up at 7:00am, getting kids dressed and ready for school. Off to the bus at 7:30am, then I went back in to go to sleep again. Yeah, totally didn't happen. I did lay in bed until 8am. No one could walk, so I skipped. hehehe.

I got Jake going on school, did some business work on the computer, cleaned a little, this, that, and the other thing... Hilary texted at one point, and said that I'd left my wallet in her Truck last night, so not to leave post. Cause I couldn't get back on without it . Good point!

hehehe. She was working today, but was gonna be there by herself, so said to come up, get the wallet, and stay and chat for a bit. So I did. We had a nice chat, I got my wallet, and even a Sonic Drink she'd picked up for me on the way to post this morning. What a sweetheart! Thanks, girl :)

I went back home, fed my kids lunch, cleaned up some messes, and hung with Captain America when he came home at 1pm. A bit later than usual, but at least he was home :) I printed off my shopping list, and figured out what I needed from the commissary.

At 1:30pm, Hilary was off work, and came to get me. We went to the commissary, and I got the weekly shopping done. Seems like I'm ALWAYS grocery shopping - hehehe. We swung by Wal-Mart, and I got my and Jake's contacts. They'd been in for a while, I just hadn't gotten back to that particular WalMart to pick them up. I also had a few household item to purchase that I couldn't get at the commissary. Same with Hilary ;)

She dropped me back off on post, and I had the kids help me unload the groceries. And put them away. And cook the frozen pizzas for dinner. I know it's not the homemade ones that I've been promising them, but it WAS pizza. That's gotta count for something.

Laurie had invited Eme to come over to her house after school, so it was just the boys and me. It's nice for Eme to get to play with girls every once in a while - hehehe.

It was cold and windy and sprinkly today. Ewwwwh. Next week is supposed to be in the 80's every day, with Wednesday being 89. I'm SO ready for it. I had on socks, flip flops (I'm from the Pacific Northwest, so I'm entitled to wear that.....) jeans, and a hoodie. I was freezing all day :)

Anyway, kids did their chores, played, and I scrapped a bit. Kind of. I made a new Avatar for Facebook (you know that's what the little picture of yourself is called, right? Avatar - it's not just a cartoon of a kid with an arrow on his forehead or a movie about blue native American aliens). Do you like it? I used pieces from Scrapbookgraphics new project, Creative Fusion. It's a WONDERFUL "kit". Check out the Creative Fusion category HERE.

I spent about 45 minutes making it, and chatting with Hilary online at the same time. And my mom. And texting Captain America. And Faceboking. Yeah, I totally could have been faster if I wasn't multitasking SO much - hehehe.

Captain America got home at around 5:30pm, and we had dinner. Then he and I drove over to the Carl's Jr parking lot, just off post, and he sold his Guitar Amp. He's decided that he never plays it anymore, because he doesn't have time. He has an accoustic that he's keeping, but he's getting rid of all of the electric stuff. Some dude paid him $175 for the amp. If he sells all the stuff he's trying to sell, he should have about $900 to fix his truck with. He's pretty excited :)

Anyway, we came home, got the kids ready for bed, teeth brushed, jammies, and Captain America and I headed out for a date. Jake and the kids watched a movie together in the living room, and we went to see a movie with Hilary and Paul. It was pretty fun. It's nice to have another couple to double with. Not something we do often, but we should! hehehe.

We saw the new Steve Correl/Tina Feay movie, Date Night. Gonna warn ya, it's pretty naughty. But some of the parts were SO funny. Mom, don't see it. You wouldn't like it at all. Dad, you'd die laughing :) If you got the jokes - hehehe.

We were home by 10pm, and got ready for our busy Saturday. I don't know if I can even remember all of the stuff going on on Saturday. Let me see if I can write it all down... (not everyone is doing all of these activities)

8:15am - drop tents off at Old Ft Bliss
8:30am - leave Ft Bliss for Tom's football game
9:00am - Tom's football game
10:00am - Church Relief Society Enrichment meeting @ church
11:30am - Get ready for Old Ft Bliss Civil War reenactment/living history, in costume
12-2pm - @ Old Ft Bliss
6pm - Tom has a sleepover at Veronica's Michaels house for his b-day party

At some point in the day, there's a blog readers sister whos hubby is getting stationed at Ft Bliss who's coming for the week to try and buy a house who wanted a tour of Ft Bliss, so we're gonna try and fit that in.

And Post Wide Yard Sale is in the morning. And I have sharing time/singing time on Sunday to prepare(a total of 45 minutes worth of content, once for the 3-7 year olds, once for the 8-11 yr olds). And make up a calendar for Cub Scouts. And type up the Pack Meeting Agenda and program. I'm getting tired just thinking about all the stuff I need to do. I feel like there's something else I'm forgetting too.

Oh yeah, Captain America is meeting with a guy about another part of his guitar. A pedal, maybe? I don't remember what piece, or when, but that's on the schedule too :) Crazy times :)

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Wild Thing

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Layout by Anja

My oh my oh my! It was a crazy, fun exciting day today. hehehe. I got pictures, so be prepared - hehehe. Got up at 7, got kids on the bus at 7:30, relaxed until 8am, then started to get ready. I showered, and got pretty, and got Jake going with school, and ready for my party.

I went with Laurie to the commissary to get a few last minute things for the party, then went with Hilary to the Dollar Tree to get decorations and a few prizes. We came back to my house, cooked a Pineapple Upside down cake, and my Taco Bake, and headed for Laurie's house. I left Jake guarding the oven (set for 35 minutes). We'd pick up the food, and the boys, and head back to Lauries after that.

So, went to Lauries, hung up a Party banner, an Over the Hill banner, some Hawaiian stuff, and Congrats Grad stuff. Did I forget to mention that it was a Tacky Party? hehehe. We rearranged the living room to accodomate 10-20 women, moved the couch in front of the stairs to keep little bodies downstairs, and went back to pick up Jake, Jim, and the food.

And the party was good! We really had a lot of fun. Here's some of the random, crazy, TACKY pictures that we took.

First off, if you're easily offended by coconut bras OVER clothes, yeah, skip this part. Or sticking out your tongue. We've got some of that going on too.

Me, sporting Laurie's gift from the gift exchange. Hawaiian shell bra from the Dollar Tree - hehehe

Hilary in her straw hat, coconut bra, and grass skirt. Her gift from the exchange. Ha!

Laurie, Hilary, and I in our TACKY purple matching shirts that say "My Training is Delicious". TOO funny. It's a Nike exercise shirt...

Hilary and I and Julie (remember her from when we went to New Moon midnight release at Walmart? Hilary's buddy from FRG)

Hilary and Laurie modeling their shells for the camera - ha!

I didn't even know my face could do that - LOL!

Dang, should have had a nice face on, then that would have been a sweet pic of Hilary and I - hehehe

It was funny, because if people showed up with NON TACKY clothes on, Laurie would run to her closet and find things to make their outfits tacky. Here's Julie wearing a skirt from Laurie as a top - ha!

Ha! Me and my crazy tongue! I warned you - ha!

Karen and Karin and Wanda. It was Wanda's b-day, so we had cake and sang to her :) And dressed her up. We dressed all of them up. These 3 showed up looking normal. We quickly fixed that situation - ha!

And here's the group shot! Aren't we a tacky bunch!

It really was a fun party. We ate and played a few games, and had the gift exchange, and it people started to leave around 1ish. By 2pm, it was just Laurie and Hilary and I. We helped her sweep up, put the furniture back in order, did the dishes, put away the food, and tidy up a bit. I know how much of a mess the house can be after having so many people and their kids over. Hopefully it wasn't too bad, Laurie! Thanks, hon, for hosting!

I was back home by 3pm. The kids had had a BLAST. Jake got back to school (only one class left), and Jimmy played Wii for a while. I got some apples and sodas together, and drove them up to Captain Americas work. He'd forgotten his afternoon snack when he came home for lunch. But I had to hustle back to get the kids from the bus.

I picked up Joe and Eme and Veronica kids, and headed back to the house. I cleaned up for a while, since I'd left the house a mess when I hurried off to the party. It didn't take too long to make it look presentable.

Captain America came home at 4:30pm, and we made dinner and ate together. It doesn't happen very often, since he usually takes dinner to work, and eats at the battery. So it was nice. He and Tom got ready, and headed to Football at 5:40pm. I got ready for my meeting, too.

There was a Stake Primary training meetings at 7pm at the Stake center, across town. I'm not in the presidency anymore, but both counselors couldn't come. The President (Karin), and the Secretary (Laurie) were going, and asked me to go and sit in for the other counselors (Andrea and Hilary). So I said yes.

So I left Jake with directions to put the little boys to bed at 7:30 (only an hour away), and then read, and left for my meeting. Karin and Laurie came to pick me up. It's about a 25 minute drive, so we had fun chatting in the car.

It was a nice training meeting. We learned a lot. Hilary had another meeting on the same side of town for FRG (Army), and got done early. So she dropped in for the last 1/3 of the meeting. I decided to ride home with her, since there were 3 in Karins car, and no one in Hilarys. Even out the numbers, a bit. I think I may have hurt Karin and Laurie's feelings by "ditching" them, but I really wasn't ditching them. Sorry, girls, if you thought I was being mean. I wasn't trying to... LOVE YA!

Hilary and I stopped by Sonic on the way home, because it was RIGHT there, and got a Diet Dr Pepper, Large, and headed home. Over transmountain, because she shouldn't drive on 1-10. Not can't, but shouldn't. She gets too mad at the other drivers - hehehe. A man's gotta know his limitations, right? ROFL! Love ya, too, girl! Dang, if I don't stop talking, everyone is gonna be mad at me - hehehe.

I'm sure you can figure out why I designed this WordArt - LOL! This is as wild as it gets :) ROFL! Click on the links below to go to my account to download the PNG files, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!


Thursday, April 22, 2010


Hi everyone :) Hope your Wednesday was good! My kids, yesterday, figured out that they could ride the bus to school, and get breakfast before school started. Yeah, how long has the bus been coming to get them? Quite a while now. hehehe. Why it just dawned on them YESTERDAY that they could ride the bus AND get breakfast at school is beyond me - hehehe. I guess I didn't figure it out either. I just thought that they bus got their too late for that.

We still qualify for free lunch. Until Captain America makes 1st LT this summer. SO, if we can get free breakfast/lunch, I'm gonna take advantage of that until it goes away. ANYWAY, the point of this was that the kids got ready and off to the bus, NO breakfast, because they were gonna eat at school. So that freed up 5 minutes in the morning. SWEET!

Got them out the door, fed Jim and Jake, and myself, and I got ready for my walk. I walked with Laurie this morning. Andrea's little boy is sick, and Veronica has something else going on, can't remember now what it was. Laurie is super good to walk with, because she pushes me, exercise wise. I always get a FABULOUS workout when I walk with Laurie. I lOVE it :)

Got home, got ready, Jake was done with classes SUPER early, got the kids all situated. I went to Best Buy and Sams Club with Laurie and Hilary and Paul. Paul was funny, because he got one of those motorized carts for himself. He had knee surgery a few weeks ago, and is on crutches. He was FAST in the cart - hehehe.

I ended up getting Muffins for Captain America's b-day cake. He's not a fan of cake, so I figured this would be perfect. I got the Chocolate ones and the Blueberry ones. Sweet!

We got home, fed the kids lunch, and Laurie stayed to hang for about an hour. We took chairs into the backyard, and sat in the sun. I think my next big purchase will be backyard patio furniture. It would be SO nice to sit back there and chat on nice chairs....

Laurie went back home, I relaxed for an hour or so, and we just hung at home. Jimmy and I walked to the bus stop at 3:30 to get the kids, and went to the park. All the kids played there for a while, then Tom and Jake went home. Eme went to Bellas house, and it was just Joe and Jim at the park. They were having fun with the kids.

Kari and Lauire and Kayley and Hilary and I hung for quite a while. Karin came a while later, and stayed for a bit. We all had fun hanging at the park :) It was a GORGEOUS day. In the 80's. Perfect!

We went home, did chores, did homework, and Captain America got home at 6pm. He changed, and we had his Birthday Party.

So I didn't have candles, so I put wooden matches in the birthday cake. Yeah, silly, but it's the idea that counts - ha!

My sweetheart on his birthday :)

Jim and Captain America

Captain America and Eme

Tom and Captain America

Jacob and Captain America

Joe and Captain America

Captain America and I. Yeah, I totally should have put on makeup today - hehe

Captain America got a metric ratchet set from me :)

A drawn picture from Eme

A drawn Car from Tom

A Cowboy hat from the family

And this book from my mom. OMGosh, he was SO excited about it. Seriously. He said that it was on the top 10 list of things that he wanted to own in his lifetime. Wow! SO, mom, you did GOOD! He really liked it :) hehehe.

Here's a pic of him out by his flags. See, not bad for turning 38 today, eh? Still looks young to me!

After the bday party, Jake and Eme and I headed to church for our meetings. I had a Cub Scout Committee Planning meeting, Jake had Young Mens/Young Womens joint activity, and Eme had Achievement Day girls meeting. Busy, busy, busy. Captain America stayed home with the little kids, which suited him just fine :) He ended up talking to his family on the phone, which is very good :)

My meeting went well. We planned the Pack meeting, and got the detail lined out. We're doing it at the park next week. We stayed for a while afterwords and chatted with Andrea, Ryan, and Brother Hunt, who's an army doctor.

Andrea's little boy, Luke, might has MRSA (a type of Staff infection). Poor kid has the WORST luck, health wise. He's been on inhalers since September. He can't breathe in El Paso. The steriods are now starting to affect his immune system.

What started out as a little scrap turned into a pus-y, gooey mess. He's got fevers of 104.something, sleeps for 20 hours a day. Sigh. He's broke out in little pus pimples over his body.

The MRSA test results should be back in tomorrow. If you're a praying type, please pray for Luke. We're hoping that he gets better fast, and that he doesn't have to be hospitalized.

Anyway, we were talking about Luke and MRSA with Brother Hunt, and getting his opinion. We left the church at about 8:30pm, and swung by Sonic on the way home. I got a Diet Dr Pepper, Jake got a strawberry real fruit slushie, and Eme got a Blue Coconut Slushie. Everyone once in a while, it fun to take the kids for a drink :)

Tomorrow is our "Tacky Party" at Laurie's house. Remember the Valentine's Day party, and the St. Patricks day party? Well, tomorrow is Tacky Party. I'm looking forward to it! I'll let you know how it goes - hehehe :)

So, in honor of Captain America b-day party today, and Laurie's party tomorrow, here's a Party WordArt for everyone :) Woohoo for party's!

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Birthday

So I wanted to show you these pictures that the kids brought home from school today. Aren't they cute? I just LOVE my kiddos :)

Emeline Melissa

Joseph Guild

Thomas Lee

Hey all :) How was your day? Good, I hope! Typical day here. Got up, got kids ready, out the door and too the bus, went on a walk with Veronica, back home, shower and got ready for whatever the day held.

Jake did a good job on school today. He got all of his work done early. Way to go, Jake! Captain Americacame home at lunch time, and we hung for a while. Veronica's little girl had an accident at school, and because Veronica was way across town at school, I went up and picked her up and brought her home with me. She was here for about 15 minutes before her mom was able to come and get her. I gave her some of Joe's shorts, and she and Jimmy played for a few minutes. Poor little thing. I had to go and help Joe with his accident a few months ago. Kindergarten can be a rough year - hehehe.

I got a few WordArt packs designed, and I watched a few episodes of "Fringe" on FOX.com. LOVE that show. I really can't wait for "Lie to Me" to come back on. It's my favoritest, I think :)

Kids came home from the bus at 3:30pm, and we went to the park afterwords. Kari and Laurie and Veronica were there too. Check out this goofy pic that Laurie and I took. Hehehee. You like our long, blond, mustaches?

Left the park at 4:30pm, and went home. We were out and driving to activities 15 minutes later. Yeah, it was sandwich night - hehehe. We had Jacob to Babysitter class by 5pm. He'd missed the 1st aid part last month when he took the class, so this was the make up class.

The little kids and I went to the football park for an hour, waiting for Tom's football to start. They had fun playing. At quarter till, we left Tom, and headed back home. I dropped my library books off on the way (yeah, WAY over due), and continued home :)

Joe, Jim, and Eme played in the sprinker in the backyard for a while. It turned out to be a nice warm-ish day. It was FREEZING (well, 57 degrees) when we walked in the morning. SO cold. hehehe. It was 79 when the kids played in the sprinkler. They had fun :) They only played for 15 minutes, but they had fun.

At 7:45pm we headed back to Jake's class, and picked him up. He was so excited about his certificate. He's now Babysitter Training Certified. Woohoo!

Back home again, kids to bed, blogging, Tom and Captain America came home from football, more kids to bed, designing, chatting online with my friends. Here it is, 9:48pm, and I'm done :) WOOHOO! I wonder what I'll do. I could finish watching the movie from last night. I could hang with Captain America for a while. I could design for a while. I could watch another episode of "Fringe". Hilary is taking her daughter to the ER for side pains. I could go there and hang with them. Lots of choices. Wonder what I'll do. I guess you'll have to wait for tomorrow's blog post to see- hehehe.

SOOO, because it's my sweetheart, my best friend, my husbands birthday, I decided to make a Happy Birthday WordArt for him! Happy birthday, honey! I love you :)

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dreams Come True

Howdy Hey :) How was everyone's Monday?? I was sleepy when I woke up, which seems odd, since I went to bed early for me - hehehe. I did the morning routine, then went walking with Andrea. It was a nice little walk.

The repair guy came and fixed the smoke detector. A few days ago, it randomly went off, and wouldn't stop beeping. It was making ALL the others beep, and we had to break it to get it to stop. So the guy came today to fix it.

Laurie dropped Rowan off for a few hours to play while she went to a meeting, so Jimmy had a friend for the morning :) She also left some Breakfast Burritos, left over from her FRG fundraiser earlier that morning. Jake and Jim LOVED them :)

After lunch, I designed for a while, and did some busy work on the computer. I picked up the kids from the bus, and went to the park. Dang, it was cold. OK, I know all of you from colder climates are gonna be calling me a wimp, but it was 65, windy, and I was freezing - hehehe. The sun had gone behind the clouds, and I wanted my 85 degree weather back. Waaah, I know - hehehe. I didn't like it, anyway :)

After hanging at the park with Veronica, Hilary, Kari, and Kayley, we loaded up, and headed home. Then headed to the pool. Kari and Hilary and Veronica and I hung out on the bench while the kids played. We had a good time :)

We got home at around 7pm, had some breakfast burritos for dinner, got homework and chores done, then sent the kids to bed. I blogged and folded laundry and watched "Australia". I don't know how I'd managed to miss that one. Seems to be a pretty good story, so far. I'm only about 40 minutes into it. I had to push pause quite a few times, so it's taking longer than normal to watch a movie - hehehe.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

* Giggles *

First off, wanna show you guys something SOOO cool that we at Scrapbookgraphics have been working on! Creative Fusion. Give it a look see :)

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Creative Fusion looks pretty cool, doesn't it!

Wow, did you see that my blog made over 2 million hits? Holy crap! You guys ROCK! hehehe.

SOOOO, I wanna preface this with, I'm hormonal. Seriously. Any day now. A few days "before", I get very "blue" feeling. I've recognized that that's just how I am. Usually I'm a happy and upbeat person, but not those 1 or 2 days of the month. Sigh.

Church was good. We were there on time, sacrament meeting was good, I said the closing prayer, Primary went well. And Captain America was home 20 minutes after we were! Amazing - hehehe.

We had lunch together, changed out of our Sunday clothes (ok, we did that before lunch), and some of the kids and I watched a movie in my room. Jimmy and I fell asleep, and woke up a few hours later. Captain America and the boys were playing Hockey on the computer. Eme was drawing.

It was a nice and relaxing afternoon at home. But here I sit, at 8:18pm, and I'm feeling a big "blue". No reason in particular, other than hormones. Life is going good. Love my hubby, love my kids, having a BLAST with my friends, love my job. Really, no complaints. Everyone is entitled to a "I suck" day, right? hehehe.

Hopefully I'll wake up tomorrow, happy and refreshed, and this will have passed :)

Here's to hopping that tomorrow has happier feelings that today :) Click on the link below to go to my account to download the pNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Heidi ho! Happy Saturday. Well, Happy Sunday. Whatever - hehehe. It's Saturday as I'm writing this... So Happy Saturday :)

We slept in, and it was SO nice. Captain America hopped out of bed at 8:38am, realizing that his alarm didn't go off, and that he needed to have Tom to the football game by 9am. Yeah, they were gonna be a bit late. Luckily, Tom was up and mostly ready. They headed out at 9:05am. The game didn't start till 10am, but coach wanted them there at 9am. So it wasn't too bad.

Me? What did I do? I got my shopping list together, and headed out to the commissary. I think it was almost 10am when I left. I was wearing army sweat pants, an oversized hoodie, a teal bandana, zebra striped flip flops, and no make up. Yeah, I was beautiful :) And Hilary came too! In her work out clothes. We're quite the pair - LOL!

I got all the food that I needed for the week, AND some household stuff. Like deodorant and room spray and spray cleaner and tooth paste and such. AND, I still came in almost $20 under budget. Sa-weet!

While shopping, Hilary said how Paul (her hubby) was going stir crazy being stuck in the house. He'd had major knee surgery last week, and hadn't really left the house much. I invited them to go out with Captain America and I for lunch! It would be a fun thing for us to do, I thought.

So, we went home, I put my groceries away (with the help of Joe, Jim, and Jake), and got ready for lunch. I showered, and got all ready. Captain America and Tom got home shortly after that. We decided on 2pm at Cheddars. Captain America had time to go run sprints, and take a shower. So he was happy.

Emeline was still at Veronicas house, so we left the boys at home with Jake, and headed to the restaurant. We pulled into the parking lot same time as Hilary and Paul. Good timing, right?

It was a pretty fun and enjoyable lunch. The guys talked, the girls talked, we ate, we laughed, they watched sports on the TV's. hehehe. Captain America ordered Salmon, with 2 veggie sides and a salad. Paul got chicken fingers, with a salad. Hilary and I both got creamy potato soup, a salad, and 1/2 a sandwich. It was pretty tasty. I'd come back to Cheddars.

After lunch, Captain America and I headed back home. We swung by a "Cowboy" store to check it out, called "Cowtown". We were there FOREVER, but Captain America was having fun. I was snapping photos with my cell phone, and texting my friends.

He tried on SO many pairs of boots. Really, they had a HUGE selection.

Yeah, who needs these? hehehe.

So after the boots, we went and looked at the hats for a long time. Captain America wanted to get a cowboy hat, but not an expensive one. He settled on this one. It's made of palm leaves, or something like that. Cant remember. It's not straw, though. He liked it :)

And I tried one on, but, um, yeah, I'm not a hat person...... AT ALL! hehehe

I'm gonna start my diet up again on Monday (I know, you don't believe me - hehehe), so we decided to go to Cold Stone. Cause I like it :) Captain America got a blueberry smoothie, and I got a "Signature Berry Cheesecake" ice cream. OMGosh, it was divine. We got a big one, and Captain America and I shared. I'm not big on blueberry, so I didn't want any of his shake. We sat outside in the sunshine and ate our snack. It was fun :)

We headed home, and hung with the kids. We made dinner (if you count pouring Captain Crunch into a bowl "making"), and all sat together at the table and ate. Then Captain America went to wash the car, and I went in the backyard with a few kids to pull the weeds. The back sprinkler is broken, so the ground is VERY wet. Perfect for pulling weeds, you know :) Joe and Jim and Eme and I had a lot of fun pulling weeds together.

Jake and Tom worked on their inside chores, and played with the neighbor kid for a while. At around 8pm, we sent the extra kids home, and had people get ready for bed. Baths and such. It's 8:38pm, and I'm blogging, and I can hear Captain America in the living room, reading night time stories to the kids. Life is good :)

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