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Saturday, April 16, 2011


Well, today did NOT go as planned.... Not at all... But I made do. I always do, you know :) Eme and Joe both woke up in the middle of the night to say that their tummies hurt. Crap. So I let them sleep on the couch. That's standard in our house. If you're feeling crappy, you can sleep on the couch so you are closer to grown ups and a bathroom. That's just what we do - hehe.

So when school time rolled around, only Jake and Tom left. Eme and Joe were "too sick for school". And really, my kids like school. So when they say that they're too sick to go, I let them stay home. Because, up till now, no one has abused it. We'll see how long that lasts...

Anyway, I let the kids turn on Phineas and Ferb, and I went back to sleep. And woke up around 9am. That's a perk about sick kids. They just lay on the couch and watch TV. Gotta like that :)

And we spent the morning doing nothing. Watching Cartoons. The kids ate crackers. And just kinda sat there. Very relaxing. Relaxing is good. I even got a WordArt pack designed.

And soon, it was time for Jim to get on the bus. He was feeling ok. So he was going to school. Since the bus stop is so close to the house, I let Eme and Joe watch cartoons, and took Jim to the bus stop. And since Terra is my neighbor, I dropped by to see how her and the twins were doing. She looked like she needed to get out of the house. I felt the same way. hehe.

Her hubby deployed yesterday. Poor thing. She's got twin two year olds, and a 12 year old girl. Eryn is a GREAT girl, and such a helper to her mama!

Anyway, we decided that my kids needed to eat still, right? And McDonalds had food. And NOT feeding them would be neglect, so, in order to NOT neglect my kids, they needed to go to McDonalds. hehe. We had it all worked out...

So I headed home, got the kids ready (Joe had had some tylenol, and was feeling a lot better. Eme was still kinda sick feeling, and grabbed a book to sit and read there). And Terra picked us up, and we headed off post.

We got to McDonalds RIGHT during the schools lunch rush. I guess there's a school near, because ALL the students were there. Or it seemed like it. Ha!

Last time I ordered my "McFrugal", it was quite nasty. So I decided to order the chicken sandwich and try that one as a salad. Much better. I'm gonna try that next time, too. Or just remember to bring my cheese sandwich and eat the side salad. That's better, really...

And it's SO much cheaper to just take yourself, and 2 sick kids to McDonalds. hehe. They both got Happy Meals and Sprite. And ate it all...
Terra's twins. Cuties, huh?
I totally broke my fork... Good thing I got 2 salads, and 2 forks...

And since kids were sick, no playing in the playland. I draw the line there. ROFL! So we loaded back up in the van, and ran errands. Terra has a DVD player in her van, so the kids were more than entertained. First stop, post office. I mailed Captain America's B-day package, and she had 2 packages to mail.

Next stop, Circle K. Terra needed a water. Too much caffeine at McDonalds. Yeah, um, me too? Nah! hehe :)

We'd forgot a receipt at Terra's house, so we popped back onto post, and picked it up. And I had to pee by then - hehe. And we headed back out again. Next stop, Verizon wireless. We waited in the car again, and she ran in. And was actually really fast, for Verizon - hehe. She was suspending Ryan's phone. No point paying for a phone when he's not even in country, right?

Next stop, Joanns Fabric. Terra had picked up some handles for a purse for me, but one of them was broke. So we stopped by to grab a different one.

Next, we swung by Dollar tree to look for Bread. And the line was SUPER long. Dang! I went in this time, and she waited in the car with the kids.
Terra dropped us off at my house, and I had about 15 minutes before Jim got off the bus. Joe and Eme settled in on the couches, Boxer was let out of the kennel, and I put the new handles on my purse. And Joe wanted to wear it as a hat, of course...

I got Jim from the bus, and came back home. And we got a snack, and I designed for a bit longer, and soon Tom was home from school. Jake had gone to the Teen Center after school with Zach, and Zach's parents were picking them up. Anyway, Tom hurried and packed for his campout, and at 4pm, we loaded up in the Suburban, and headed across town to the leaders house.

And the little boys fell asleep, of course...
Tom was pretty pumped about the campout!
We headed back home, and the boys woke up as soon as we pulled in the driveway. I ran inside, grabbed a few things, and we headed to the park for dinner. Terra was making English Muffin pizzas, and I was bring Carrots. I know, I was going all out...

Jim absolutely LOVED the mandarine oranges and blueberries that Terra brought.

Amanda and Austin came and hung out with us too. Jim had fun running ALL over the place. Joe and Eme stayed pretty close to the table with us. And didn't really eat a lot. Poor kids. At around 6pm, we headed back home. And watched some more TV. And I designed. I think I managed to get 3-4 packs designed today. Pretty productive.

Jake came home from the Teen center, and said that Zach had invited him to spend the night. Yeah for friends for Jake! So I let him go. Only 3 kids for me tonight.

I took a hot bath and read my book for a bit, then put the kids to bed. And watched an episode of Being Human (USA), and started blogging. Oops, I'd forgotten to. I meant to do it earlier. It's now 10:41pm. And I wanna watch a movie. But it's kinda late. Maybe I'll read. My book is pretty good too.

Tomorrow should be a fun, but busy day. I'm helping Terra retrieve Ryan's car from work, and bring it back home. Then we're going to a Military Family Appreciation something or another at the teen center in the afternoon, then dropping the kids off at Saturday childcare, and she and I are going to Deployed Spouses Scrapbooking group. Woohoo for grown up time! hehe.

Wish me luck for a fun Saturday! As much as I hate that Terra's man is gone, I'm liking having a friend with a deployed spouse. Power in numbers, right?

Before I got off of Facebook, I went to put a new profile picture on (I change it frequently, you know), and I wanted it to be a cute one of Captain America and I. So I changed it, and started looking at it, and it made my heart miss him SO much, that I had to change it back to just me. Hmpf. Miss you, babe! Wish you were here with me :(

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CUTE BBQ layout, Sharon! Those ants are awesome :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Proud Mom/Proud Dad

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Layout by Sharon

Layout by Sharon

Layout by Sharon

Layout by Sharon

Layout by SharonHere's what I woke up to this morning. Jake ran out of contact solution, so came in my room to use mine. And grabbed the wrong stuff. And squirted contact cleaner DIRECTLY into his eyes. Poor kid. Yeah, it burned BIG time. He ended up wearing his glasses to school because of it. Then had to run out to the bus. Hopefully it started feeling better when he got to school!

I got the other kids ready to school, and out the door and to the bus. And I threw on some workout clothes, and woke up Jim, and got him dressed and ready. And we headed out to the childcare place. We were hiking today.

See my poor watering eyes. Hopefully it would hold long enough for my hike. I needed sunglasses! It's WAY to bright in El Paso without them.

I dropped Jim off, then headed back to Kari's house. Laurie was already there, and we headed out. Kari had gotten this cool new business card holder thing for the outside of her car, and hadn't tested it on the highway... Only at slow speeds. Note to self. Don't go fast with a business card holder on the outside of your car. It totally blew off. We turned around and went back for it.

Well, they went back for it. I guarded the car... hehe :)

It was a great hike today! I bet my legs are sore tomorrow :)

Except for this part. Do you see what's in the background? Sunning itself on that rock?

No, I'm not crazy, and I didn't get this close. I zoomed with my phone...

By the time we got home, my eyes were killing me. Well, just one. And it didn't hurt, I guess. It was just sticking and the contact was trying to slip out. So the first thing I did when I got home was take it out and put on my contacts. Thanks goodness! Then I drove to the CDC to pick up Jim from childcare. And barely made it home to drop him off at the bus stop.

I told the bus driver that Ms Amanda may be picking him up, and the bus driver said that was ok. And I headed back home.

I had lunch, and watched a few episodes of Being Human, then hopped in the shower. And used my new make up! But I had to wear glasses, so it wasn't so great, but it's ok. And yeah, I'm not so used to dark lipstick. Can I pull it off?

And I was all ready to go and help Terra with the twins, and she texted and said that they were fine in the stroller, and one was sleeping, and she didnt' need the extra grown up. Hmpf! Now I was all showered and no where to go.... What to do?

I texted Amanda, and said that she didnt' need to pick up Jim, and she said that Austin would be SO disappointed. So I decided to take Jim and go play at Amandas house. I brought my laptop so I could load my store, too.

Jim and Austin had SO much fun playing. Check out this cute ladybug that Jim drew .
Amanda on her computer

We hung until school was out for the older kids, and then Jim and I headed to the store to get stuff for the ice cream party. All kids in my house who had clean rooms got ice cream. That's Eme and Tom and Joe and Jim. Jake didn't seem to care...

Anyway, here's Jim, directing my cart. He's SO funny!

I can never seem to get the self check out place to work for me...

We got home, and put out all the stuff for sundae's. Ice cream, waffle cones, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, pineapple, strawberries, chopped oreos (generic), nut toppings, Marichino Cherries, and whipped cream. SO many choices. hehe. And i let the kids assemble their own sundae.

And I even ate one!

And check out what Laurie brought me! New Victoria Secret lotion and body wash! All because I watched Rowan for her last week. Awe, what a sweetie!!! I totally didn't need anything, but I'm not gonna turn away Victoria Secret - hehe :)

Kids finished up ice cream, had dinner, did chores, did home work, and had free time. We skipped ice skating, and are having just a free night. Eme went to a friends house in the neighborhood to play and do homework. Tom had a friend over for a bit. Joe and Jim are playing in the front yard. Jake is playing games at the neighbors house. And me? I'm blogging on the couch, watching Phineas and Ferb. Yeah, I should totally turn on something else. But it's amusing... hehe :)

We were supposed to have a GNO tonight, but have post poned it. One of my friends' hubbys left today for deployment, and she's not up for playing just yet. I told her she could have the day off, but that she needs to play tomorrow - LOL! What a task master I am - hehe :)

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Good job on grades, Sharons daughter! (I should know it.... hehe). I bet you ARE a proud mom!