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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wild Horses

Hey, guys :) Well, I failed to turn my alarm on again. I'm messing up on that one. I woke up at 7:06am. Luckily Tom had woken up, and seen himself out to school. I thought I told him to wake me up. LOL :)

I hustled as fast as I could, and got the kids ready for school. We just barely made the bus. It was already there when we rounded the corner to the bus stop! RUN! hehe :) I dropped the kids off, and Maggie gave me a ride back home. It was 7:30, and she was gonna come and pick me up at 8:45am to meet Amanda on the West side for breakfast.

I came back inside, and laid down on the couch. Jake got ready, and headed out to school. And I must have fallen asleep. Because before I knew it, Boxer was going wild at the door. I jumped up, and threw on some different clothes. And grabbed my pills, and my purse and whatever else I needed. And ran out to get in the car with Maggie. Luckily, she stuck around and didn't leave me - hehe :)

We headed out to Crackle Barrel, and Kari and Julia were already there. I was excited to see Julia there!!! She has Lupas, and has been really really sick lately. I guess she had an ulcer that they missed, and it got septic, and she almost died. Poor, poor girl! She's my age!!! Anyway, she had surgery less than 2 weeks ago, and I was happy to see her up and around. We had to help her up and around, and in and out of the car, and with her coat and stuff, but still. She was there!

Amanda and Brian came soon, and we were all there for Breakfast. Love me some Crackle Barrel. Breakfast is wonderful, you know :) hehe.

Here's Kari

Julia and I making faces
Amanda and Maggie
We ate and chatted and had a good time. And it still didn't seem real. Still didn't seem like she was leaving.... Nothing thinking about it....

Soon it was time to head back to post. We picked up Hannah, Maggie's daughter , and then headed to the school. We met Kari and Amanda and Brian there, and joined the kids having lunch. It was a good time!

Here's Jim and I. Goofballs! hehe :)
Lunch seemed to go by fast today. Soon, the Kinders were heading out, and the 1st and 2nd graders were there. Here's Joe eating lunch with me.
Poor kid. He needs some chapstick or something. We tease him that he has a "molestashe" (because it looks like the mustache that a child molester would have...). OK, so maybe that's mean, and I shouldn't say that out loud. ROFL!

Thanks to Maggie for hooking me up with the soda!
Kari and Josephine
Emeline and I. Aren't we cute!

And Amanda hooked me up with a soda too! Oh yeah, I get by with a little help from my friends, you know! hehe :)
Hannah and I
Amanda and her hubby headed out to do a few last minute errands and pack the cars a little bit (still not sinking in...), so Kari and Maggie and I headed to Big Lots that's right by the school to look for something fun. I was looking for hot wheel track stuff for Jim.

Check out this candle wreath thingy. I thought it would make a cute hat. ROFL!
And it was about that time that Amanda called. She said that they were done. And ready to go. What? That didn't make sense... She said that if we wanted to say bye, that we needed to come back to post right now, and go to the Shoppette. So we left Big Lots, and headed there!

We hung for about 10 minutes, then they had to leave. We all said our goodbyes, or more like, "See you tomorrow"'s, and hugged, and then they drove off. And Maggie and I sat in her car, and we both stared bawling. Yeah, it was quite attractive...

Amanda texted us a picture of her being sad. I guess she cried most of the way to Albuquerque. Leaving friends isn't fun....
Poor Hannah in the backseat. She wasn't quite sure what to make of Mom and "Miss Bessy" falling apart. She wanted a tissue too, and kept blotting her dry eyes. And talking about how sad she was. hehe. So we pulled it together, and went to Dollar Tree to Sh
op for Stockings. It needed done, and I needed distracted.

I found what I needed, then we ran real fast to the Big Lots over there. I found the stuff that I wanted for both Jim and Joe, we paid, and hurried real fast back to post. And got the kids from the bus.

Kari had wanted to go and watch Justin's Rugby thing, and had asked if I'd watch her other kids. Definitely. They are always welcome at my house! So we all came back to my house, and we worked on chores for a little bit. After about 30 minutes, it wasn't too bad in here.

The kids did their thing, and I blogged from yesterday. I'd meant to get back to it earlier in the day... But it just kinda got away from me. Anyway, it was done, and it was time to get ready to go to basketball. Joe and Jim both had games.

We left the house at 6pm, and I was gonna stop by the Commissary and grab snacks for the game. But then realized that I still couldn't find my ID. Crap. So we stopped by Family Dollar instead. It was still on the way to Logan. We got cheese crackers and fruit snacks and candy canes. That should be good :)

I dropped Joe off at Logan, then headed to Main SAS for Jim. And went in with the snacks. Since all the hoopla last time, I decided to stay with Jim. I needed to go and pick up Jake, but couldn't leave Jim. Grrrr. Stupid rule. With all the other people in that gym that I knew, and I couldn't leave him.... But whatever.

I chatted with Kari and we watched Jim and Josephine play. They were cute. Kari said that Brian was gonna stay with Leo, and that he'd pick up Joe too. Thank goodness! It's good to have friends :)

After the game, Jim and I headed over to the Youth center to get Jake. And we listened to a song on the way that Maggie had shown us today. By Bowling for Soup. About leaving Texas. The chorus made me think of Amanda!!!!!! Click HERE to listen... "Come back to Texas... it's just not the same since you went away..."

We came back home, and the kids had free time, and I wrapped some presents. Each of the kids had a present from me (and Captain America too), and Jake had an extra one from Amanda. Just something that she didn't wanna move with, and because they had bonded. hehe.

Joe is spending the night at Leo's house, and Eme and Tom are playing on Computers. Jim and I are watching X-Files while I blog, and Jake is playing on the Game cube. I'm gonna try and be in bed after this episode is done. I'm SO sleepy.

We have 2 basketball games tomorrow, a piano recital, and a church Christmas party. Busy day, you know!

Miss you, Amanda... You'd think I'd get used to telling my friends goodbye by now... I think it's easier when your spouse is here. But with my hubby gone, and then my friends leaving too? Yeah, let me tell you, this really sucks... *sniff*

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GREAT one, Sharon! Loving the horse pictures! My daughter, Emeline, would absolutely love it!!! She's SO into horses :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Horsing Around, the Blog

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So it was a crazy busy day. Super crazy and busy. hehe. I decided that since I'm not gonna be wearing my ugly Christmas Sweater anymore, it was best used as a sleep shirt. And yeah, I woke up with this name tag on my face. ROFL! Classy, huh?
I got the kids on the bus, and showered and got ready for the day. I know, right? I showered! hehe. I was ready to go by 9am, so I decided to go to Big Lots and see what they had. I'm still trying to earn my 20% off reward to get my dishes! I still want that set. It's the prettiest set I've seen, so far....

I was supposed to meet the girls at the beauty school right at 10am, but decided to meet Amanda at her house at 10am for her final housing clearing inspection instead. Gotta be there for my friend, right???

Check out the dead pizza road kill I found. hehe.
The woman doing the clearing process was VERY prompt, and it only took about 5 minutes. And then we were done, and on the road, and headed to the beauty school. Kari was attending a Formal Ball tonight, and was getting her hair done, a pedi and a mani. And the rest of us were just along for some fun. Here's Kari, getting her hair fixed. It got REALLY big and bad before it got under control. hehe. She was pretty worried!
Veronica getting a deep conditioning and repair treatment. I want one!
I got a pedicure. My toes were pretty nasty. It felt SO good!!!

Maggie got her eyebrows waxed. So did Amanda.
Veronica getting her pedicure
Rebecca's pedicure, and Amanda watching. Maggie is way down on the other end getting a manicure.
Silly Rebecca!
Oh dear!!!
It felt SOOO good!!! Totally worth the $20 I paid for it :)
Rebecca's toes when she was done :)

I picked a glittery redish-gold color for my polish.

We were there a total of about 3 hours. It took a long time, but Kari look AMAZING when she was done. Check out her fabulous hair!!!

After the beauty school, everyone headed out to their various activities. I was meeting my Visiting Teachers from church at the Mall for an Ice Cream date. Sounded good to me. hehe. Love me some Marble Slab ice cream!!!
White chocolate Raspberry. It has caramel and almonds and raspberries in it. Super good :)
Misti and Rebecca, my Visiting Teachers!

Rebecca's little guy.
We sat on a bench and ate our ice cream, and chatted for a bit, then went downstairs and let Rebeccas kid play on the machines.... Or maybe it was for me?

Rebecca's baby. I got a smile out of him!
After my visiting teaching appointment, I went to Game Stop to do some Christmas Shopping. I decided that since the older kids got Laptops, my boys could get some used DSi's. That works, right? They aren't so bad, used. They had one, and then an old beater one. I got them both, just in case no other Game Stop in town had a newer one.

I paid, and headed back to post. And swung by the On Post Game Stop. They had a lot more choices there. I traded the old one in for a newer used one, so the boy's games match. And got 2 different covers so we can tell them apart. And some on sale games. I really think they'll like it. Sweet. That's done.

Then I hustled back to the bus stop. And got my kids. Kim had asked me if I would go to visit Scotty with her at the hospital. He had asked for me!!! What a sweetheart! hehe. So, I said that if Tim watched me kids and got Tom from Basketball, that I'd be able to go.

We did our after school stuff, and I changed clothes real fast. I found a box of winter clothes in the garage, and found a white thermal shirt that looked warm :)

Jake went to the Youth Center after school, and Jim and Joe went to Kim's house. Eme went with Rebecca to Basketball. And Kim and I dropped Tom off at the Youth Center on the way to see Scotty.

Traffic was horrible, and by the time we stopped to get Scotty some snacks and got to the place, we only had about 30 minutes to visit. He was happy to see us, though. Scotty was doing VERY well. He LOVES the hospital. Thriving, in fact. I think the group home setting would be perfect for him. Kim asked him about it, and he actually said that he'd prefer it. He has an odd disconnect that comes with Autism. He's not attached like you and I are.

Kim and family are moving to Germany sometime next year, and Scotty can't come with them because of his special need. There isn't the resources over there for him. So it's either they don't go, Scotty lives with a relative, or he goes to a group home. He was thinking that the group home sounded great. Scotty is so sweet :)

After the visit, Kim and I headed out, and stopped by Hobby Lobby on the way home. Joe SO wanted his Cub Scout ornament. It took a while, but I finally found it. I grabbed one, and we looked at a few other things. Like this lovely crown. ha!
And this hat! LOL

Check out this Yoda Tree Topper! How cool is that!
That's a big wreath!
I ended up getting this Christmas Box because it was Cardinal Themed! It's for you, Captain America!!!
This goes with it, too!

And I just LOVED this ornament!

Cardinals, again!
We came home, and swung by the Youth Center at Biggs to get Jake. He was sitting outside waiting for us. I told him that I'd be a little late picking him up if he went, but he was ok with that.

And we headed back to Kim's house. We got Jim and Joe, and headed home. I dropped all the kids off, and got them situated for Bed. Kim and I and Maggie and Amanda were gonna make one last Horrah trip to Walmart before Amanda's move (gasp!).

I took the kids inside, and showed Joe his ornament. And he, of course, noticed what was wrong RIGHT away....
Yup, it lost pointer finger, and is flipping everyone off. Not very Scoutly of him, now is it.... Joe thought it was AWESOME, and insisted on hanging it up on the tree right away. Sigh. I think I need a new ornament. hehe.

My kids headed to bed, and the girls and I headed out. Walmart is fun with friends, you know! We picked up Maggie, then got Amanda from the Hotel. Then went to the Transmountain Walmart. And found a ton of interesting things. Like this pudding. Um, yeah, color changing pudding? I think not~
I don't like eggnog... Sorry, kid. None this year! hehe :)

"Stop thinking about Amanda leaving!"
Kim trying out the little persons chair. Ha!
Poinsettias for my house! LOVE Poinsettias :)
Got these for the kids' stockings. The were only $6, and came with the toothbrush and the tooth paste! Cool, huh???
And I thought that I needed this one. LOL! But I didn't get it... I thought that might be too much - ROFL!
We were there for hours and hours, it seemed. It was 2 1/2 at least, I think. It was a long time. Eventually, we paid, and headed home. And I still had to load my store and blog! I was exhausted! And my computer wasn't playing nicely. Freakin' thing... Luckily, it seems to be doing better now. I keep doing the virus check, and it keeps getting little things. Hopefully it'll catch it all soon.

Anyway, I did my best. I got the store loaded and the wordart hosted. That was about all I could do. And I went to bed. At 1:30am, I fell into bed EXHAUSTED. Yeah, that's one way to sleep well at night, right? Totally and completely exhaust yourself....