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Saturday, September 6, 2008


So Jacob missed the bus on the way home from school yesterday. I had to wait till the other kids got off the bus, then we all went back up to get Jake from the Middle School (good thing Florence is only 5 mintues from one side to the other - LOL!) But, it was actually a GREAT thing that Jacob missed the bus, because I'd forgotten that he need to go to the Boys and Girls Club to pick up his football pads.

Yep, Jacob got his Football shoulder pads! Goodness! Now he's got the helmet, the shoulder pads, and the football pants with built in pads. The jerseys are coming on Tuesday. Woohoo! He's gonna look pretty good when he's all set! First game next Saturday. Anyone wanna come and hang out with us :)

As we were picking up the pads, I asked the Boys and Girls Club guy about Cheerleading (which we had signed Emeline (1st grade) up for. Oh, he says, didn't someone call you? They're practicing right now at the Elementary school. Nice. No, they hadn't called. So, I hurried over to the school, and left Eme at cheerleading. So see how missing the bus was a good thing! Hehehe.

We're heading down to Coos Bay today to go shopping (yippeeee!). Apparently, K-Mart is having a big sale, and I'm all about sales - ha! Plus, my mom wants to get her hair cut, I need some groceries at Wal-Mart (yeah, it's really cramping my style to have Wal-Mart an hour away, instead of 5 mintues!), and a trip to Ross. Do you all have Ross? It's FABULOUS!!! And, we get to go to lunch at Puerto Vallarta (a mexican restraunt), which should be fun. Doesn't it sound like a WONDERFUL morning?

This WordArt request is from Laura. She wanted to have this scripture, since it's the LDS 2009 Mutual theme. What a great scripture! I hope you like what I did with it. I LOVE how it turned out :) Click on the image below to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work.


Example, charity, spirit, faith, purity - Stephanie Marie JF

Friday, September 5, 2008

Choose Hope

Hi All!!! I'm so excited about this CT thing! I was actually a little worried that I wouldn't get any takers, but you girls amaze me! There's some really GREAT scrappers out there!!! I'm liking your stuff :) And really, girls, being on my CT wouldn't be that hard. Most places ask that you use, what, like 75% of their kits on the Layouts? Well, you just need to use my WordArt on a layout. So, theoretically, you could use someone elses kit that you CT for, and my WordArt too, and get 2 CT layouts done in one (aren't I tricky!).

As we were watching McCain give his speech last night, we were talking about how Sarah Palin was from Alaska, and knows how to hunt and clean fish and stuff (I lived in Alaska from age 3-8, so we're always interested in all things Alaska at our house). After the speech, they dropped the confetti and the balloons, and my 2 older boys thought it was awesome. Tom wanted to know if they were gonna drop fish because she was from Alaska - LMBO!!! Jake said that would be nasty, and Tom said they should drop KFC. My kids are very much into politics, as you
can tell! LOL!

So I made some really AWESOME layouts for my sweetie yesterday. Becky V over at Scraporchard is giving away her Brag Book thing, (available until Sept. 7th) and I snagged it! It was SO fun to work with. I made them up, and printed them out at the 1-hour photo place, and sent them to my DH at Basic Training today. I sure hope he likes them :) Here's 5 of the 12 that I made. I just added the Pics and the WordArt to Becky's COOL layouts.

And, two more pictures - LOL! This is turning into a long post! OK, all of you in warm climates. Analize this picture. What's out of place? The Hoodie! Why would someone be wearing a Hoodie when the sky is that blue, at the park, on the 4th of September? Isn't it supposed to be GORGEOUS weather? Well, it may look nice, but don't be fooled! The wind was blowing so hard at the park where my son, Jacob (11) has football practice, it was trying to blow away my purse! Cold, nasty wind! You'd think I was on the coast or something - LOL! I SO need to buy a winter jacket - I'm FREEZING!!! And it's still summer - LMBO!

See the big kid on the right end (behind the fence) next to the girl? That's my (just turned) 11 year old! He's such a BIG kid! Go sweetie!

OK, now I'm done - LOL!

So, Crystal from Digiscrapalicious (my buddy) contacted me a few days ago, needed some good promo for her new kit, Blessed Event. It's WONDERFUL! I made 2 WordArts using her kit. The first one, Choose Hope, is my favorite! Don't you just love it!

Choose - Al Sandra
Hope - An Unfortunate Event DeWarped

And, this one I gave to Crystal. I'm not sure when she's giving it away, since I sent it to her at about 10:30 PST (and she's on EST - so it was REALLY late!) But, here's he blog link. I'll try and let you know when it's available :)

God's - ChocolateBoxDecorative
Gift - Charade JF

Thursday, September 4, 2008

CT Call!!!

Well, the time has come! I'm looking for a few talented Scrappers to join me on my first ever CT (Creative Team). I'm SO excited to get one!! hehehe. For those of you new to the Digiscrap world, a CT is a GREAT bunch of girls (or guys, I guess!) of use a Designers products to make layouts, then post them in different galleries as publicity to the Designer. The CT gets the Designers products for free, and the Designers gets lots of promotion. It's a Win/Win for both parties! Sound like something you want to do?

Simply email me at bnbharty@gmail.com with the following things :

*A layout using the above NEW WordArt.
*A link to your most recent layouts/gallery
*A short bio about yourself
*A list of CT's you're currently on (if any)

DEADLINE: Sept 11th, 2008

I'm SO excited, you guys! I KNOW that we're gonna have fun!!! And, you'll LOVE it at Scraporchard. The girls over there are WONDERFUL!!! So, what are you waiting for? I KNOW you want to be on my CT (LMBO!!!)

Hand in Hand

Here's the WordArt for today! I was gonna do a request, but after a long day of designing, I decided to go with something easy. Sorry, girls! :) Click on the image below to go to my 4shared account to downoad the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!

Hand, in, hand - Designers

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

3 New WordArt Packs - ON SALE NOW!!!

I had a poor sick baby yesterday! Poor Jimmy. He sat on the couch almost all day, unless you count the time he spent puking in the toilet. I hate it when they are so sick (although, they are much easier to keep up with - LOL!). Anyway, after Joe went off to PM Kindergarten, I had 4 hours to design. Jimmy slept/sat on the couch, and I made these 3 new WordArt kits! What do you think?

I decided to put them on sale, but only for you guys! For THURSDAY (and now) only, they are on sale for 20% off (that's only $2.00 instead of $2.50). I know you need more baby WordArt! hehehehe.

Learning Everywhere

I thought I'd share some 1st day of school pictures with you all! The kids all had a wonderful time on their first day of school. They were happy, and excited, and ready to go back tomorrow. Everything a parent wants to hear! Good job, kids!!!

Here's the whole gang on the first day of school. Joe had a Kindergarten Orientation meeting at noon, but still wanted to get dressed up and walk to the bus stop with the others. Jimmy is getting sick, but wanted to come too. My kids are sure getting big! (hehehe, you'd think they got along from this picture - LOL!)

Isn't Eme cute? Grandma Lyn bought her this ADORABLE outfit for the first day of school. Such a cutie!

Ha! Look how funny I am in this picture! The "What Not To Wear" crew's gonna fine me for SURE!!! Hair not fixed, glasses on, capri sweat pants (hehehe), wool socks, and sandals. Yep, I've got style. My man doesn't have anything to worry about while he's away - LMBO!!!

After school, Jacob had his Tackle Football practice. All the kids came, and had fun playing at the park. My brothers daughter, Taylor, met us there to play. She and Eme have a lot of fun playing together. She's a kindergartner too, just like Joe!

Although this pic is a bit blurry, I thought it was super cute of Jimmy and I. Like I said, he's not feeling well today, and just wanted to snuggle the whole time. That's always a sign that he's not feeling well. That, and the fact that he didn't eat. He had food several times, but he just held onto it. A 2 year old that holds a sucker and doesn't eat or lick it is definitely sick - LOL! Poor little guy. I sure hope he's feeling better tomorrow.
And, finally, a pic of Jacob playing football. He's gonna be on the line. He's a tough, big kid, and loves what he's doing. Great going, Jacob! He's the 4th one from the left, wearing the dark blue shirt.

Here's my WordArt Wednesday WordArt! I thought it was pretty cool. I hope you can all use it, especially since school is getting back in the swing of things!

Click HERE to go to Scraporchard to download the zip file from the gallery. Remember, you need to be logged into the gallery to download the file. Thanks!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Great Women

Today is the 1st DAY OF SCHOOL!!! Ahhh! I now have 4 in school (does that make me really old - LOL!). Jacob is a 6th grader, and starting Middle School, Tom is a big 3rd grader, Eme is starting 1st grade, and my little Joe is going to PM Kindergarten! Only Jimmy will be home with me during the day. We're doing a little home Preschool with Joe and Jim 2 days a week with some friends at church, so all of the kids have school this year. I'm looking forward to it.

Joe has an "open house" type meeting today from 12-1 (not a full day of school), and my Grandma is watching Jimmy (since siblings are not welcome for this hour). Then, tomorrow is his first full day of school. The 6th graders are the only Middle schoolers starting school on Tuesday, so they can get used to the school without the 7th and 8th graders around. I think they get out early, but I can't remember. I guess I should check these things out - LOL!

We set out all of their backpacks and new school clothes last night, and they're gonna look SO cute today! I'm definitely posting pictures tomorrow! I have such cute kids (not that I'm biased or anything - hehehe).

Well, I'm all booked to go to Kentucky at the beginning of October! I made the reservations last night! I'm SO excited to see my hubby! Can't wait!!!! One month to go!!!

And, my parents got back from Utah yesterday, safe and sound. They had a great time with my sister and her family. She has some cute pics of her nursery they decorated for my niece, Ella, and the new baby (coming in Jan.). Check it out :)

This WordArt request comes from Cindy. What a great saying :) I thought it was very nice - hope you like it! Click on the image below to go to my 4shared account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work.

Great - Scriptorama Markdown JF
Women - Scriptina

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Wow, yesterday was a LONG day. I now know that I definitely made the right decision coming to Oregon to stay at my parents house. I had Fri night, all of Saturday, all of Sunday, and 1/2 of today by myself (since my parents went to visit my sister in Utah). I can't imagine being alone for the whole 6 months without my hubby. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for having me here! Come back soon!!!

Allrighty, you guys! I just couldn't pass up a holdiay without some holiday WordArt! I actually found a Labor Day quote to use, even - ha! It was a funny one, but hey, it's still a Labor Day qoute. I also included the Labor Day Weekend version. Take your pick :)

Click on the images below to go to my 4shared account to download the PNG files. And, leave some love if you like my work. Thanks! And yes, the links are now working - LOL! One of these days, I'm gonna figure this out - hehehehe!

Labor, Day - Kon Tiki Aloha JF
Weekend - Kon Tiki Enchanted JF

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Love Always

Just had to say, Happy Birthday Jacob! My baby is turning 11! Holy crap, that makes me old, doesn't it - ha! Happy B-Day Jacob! I love you!!!

Yesterday, we had a FABULOUS day at the Airport. hehehe. Our tiny little town (about 8000 people) has a very tiny little airport, and they were hosting an Aviation day for the public. They had a few Ambulance planes, the Coast Guard helicopter, and about 4 tiny planes. The little ones (4 seaters) were giving out free rides. Of course, my kids talked me into it.

As we waited in the line (slow moving, since only 3 can go at a time), the lady in charge was going down the line, looking for a single kid to go up. See, the 3 seats needed to be 2 adults and 1 child. Well, the average age of the person there was probably 70 (ha!), so I had the monopoly on kids - hehehe. They asked Jacob first, and since my kids have no fear, he went first.

When he got back, Tom got to go, and then Eme in the next plane. While they were still up there, I realized a flaw in my plan. While they got to jump to the front of the line, Joe, Jim, and I were getting closer to the front all the time, and I no longer had someone to send Joe up in the plane with. That left only me. Crud. I didn't want to go! I'm deathly afraid of heights (like dog afraid - hehehe). Remember my post about Serpent Mound, and not even wanting to climb the tower. Yeah, nice. Me in a tiny little plane. I about wet myself!

But, I made it. And, I didn't die. I was very happy when we finally landed - LOL! But, I managed to get some GREAT photos, and even a little movie of the trip. Take a look at my FAB pics :)

Yeah, see what I mean - tiny plane - how scary :)

Gotta love the Pacific Ocean. See how close my town is from it!!!

Hehehe, here I am, with my headset on and everything!

This lake is where the kids and I go swimming - it's FABULOUS!!!

See that water tower to the right side, near the bottom? We live VERY near there! Ha! Now you know where I live!!! Just call before you come over - LOL! And, if you want to watch the little 1 minute movie of our flight, click HERE.

And, on to WordArt. Again, I didn't do a request. I'll eventually get back to it, I promise. I thought you would all LOVE this WordArt, since the book is pretty sweet (but, I did have issues with the old mom sneaking into the boys house and getting him out of bed and holding him - LMBO! - that's a little creepy). Hope you like it!

Love - Impact
Always - Al Sandra