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Thursday, July 12, 2012

June 2012 Complete Alphabet ZIP

Hey you guys :) I just wanted to pop on here before I go to bed tonight. I'm planning on coming back tomorrow AM and posting the rest of the alphabet. Yeah, I know. I kinda disappeared.

Good news, though. This past week has been SO nice and peaceful! Jake went to San Marcos residential treatment center in San Marcos, Texas (between Austin and San Antonio) last Monday, and I've had a WONDERFUL break. The kids are finally getting unspooked, and we are just relaxing and settling into a great groove.

We had our first meeting with the therapist here, and Jake and the therapist there. Yeah, he's been in 2 fights and had to get a new roommate because he refuses to get along... So he's doing the same things for them that he's doing for me. At least he's consistent, right? Maybe they can help him...

Jake's therapist here recommended a book, "Before It's Too Late", by Stanton Samenow. For Conduct Disorder in teens/children. So far so good. She said that there is a specific way that you have to approach them. Way different with other disorders. I'm on chapter 4, I think. Still getting background information. How their brains work. So far, I've learned that they believe that things are strictly their way, that they can shut off the "good fear" that influences us to make good choices, the disregard injury to others, the have unrealistic expectations and pretensions, they take the easy way, lying is a way of life, they refuse to be held accountable, and they are an island unto themselves. Nice... That's what I've been dealing with. Soon the book should be giving me some ideas on what to do to help. I hope, anyway. So far, just background knowledge.

We have 2 different times a day that family can call Jake. Cpt America and I have both called, and Cpt's parents have called. Aunt Sue, and Grandma Ida, and my mom and dad have both called too. So he's getting family interaction. I know that people have been writing letters, and sending things. So he's not deserted there. I just hope that he listens to the things that they tell him. Or that he dislikes it enough that he will change his attitude. Time will tell. The insurance will pay for up to 5 months is all. I don't know what we will do when he gets back.

Tom had a Boy Scout Court of Honor last night, and was advanced to a 2nd Class scout! Great job, Tom! He was presented with a bunch of merit badges and such too. It was a great meeting. He really enjoyed his week at BSA camp.

We've been going to the pool, and free lunch all this week and last week. Today, we went to the real movies, and saw Kung Fu Panda 1. For $2, we got a popcorn and a drink and admission! It was a special summer thing. There were a TON of kids there, but it was a good time. I took Julia's kids with mine because she was helping her dad out with an Eye Appointment. We went to free lunch after, then to the pool. Yeah, I was BEAT afterwords. I tread water in the deep end for 55 minutes!!! ha!

I worked on some designing since I have been slacking, then decided to hop on here and blog for a bit. I know that you all worry about me when I disappear :) That one thing that I wanna do better with. Blogging helps me to clear my head. To focus my thoughts. To make sense of the craziness that goes on in my life. I've really missed it. Sure, some days it's really nice to NOT have to worry about it, but I do miss it in general.

CPT and Tom and Eme and Joe are reenacting this weekend. That leaves Jim and I home. Ha! That sounds like Gemini! hehe :) I'm not sure what I'll/we'll do. I've been so tired lately. I need an energy burst. I think I may go to bed now. Or get into bed and read for a while. Yeah, that may be a good thing :) hehe.

Oh, forget it. I'll just post the wordart alphabet now. Then I'll go to bed. ha! So here's the zip file with A-Z in it :) There ya go :)