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Friday, May 4, 2012

Winking Freebie

New stuff in the store! Oh yeah, get excited!!! LOTS of good stuff for you!!! Click HERE to go to my store!

Also, I have a new bundle!!! A school one, for all of your school photos from the year! Oh yeah :)
AND a sale??? Oh yeah, NOW you are talking!!! So, with the 50% off, it takes the WordArt Packs down to about $1.25 a pack. Now, you can't beat that, right? Right? Just PLEASE don't use the coupon on the bundles. I wanna make a little bit of money, you know. The bundles are already drastically slashed. Besides, I asked nicely. And if you do, I will see your name come through on the order, and think bad thoughts about you. And you wouldn't want that, right?? Am I right???

So, woke up with a migraine today. Boo. So I got the kids to school, somehow, took some meds, ate 1/2 a BPJ minus the J, and went back to bed. And woke up at 10am feeling slightly better. More like drugged. ha! At least the head wasn't pounding. Such it is when you run out of your preventative medicine, right?

Anyway, I had to cancel hiking, and I postponed the Mary Kay facial that I had planned. I gathered up my laptop and headed to Kim's house in my jammies. She was packing boxes, since the movers come tomorrow. Boo. Another friend leaving... Such it is. She's going to Hood, where my sister Madi is, at least!

Anyway, she packed boxes, and I designed. I got 3 WordArt packs designed, and then she got a call from the school about her kinder, and had to go up there. So I headed home. I worked some more at home on designing and Miche and stuff. CPT was at the range today, so he didn't come home for lunch. I watched episodes of "How I Met Your Mother" and worked on my projects.

After I was done designing, the FedEx delivered my Miche order!!! And the new releases are DIVINE!!! I think the Green Demi, Judith, may be my favorite so far. I love bold colors :) The electric coral color is BEAUTIFUL too! And Jaz and Jasmine are SO stinking cute!

And the new Hope shells are great! I like their crossword like designs. I instantly duplicated it on Photoshop so I could make a t-shirt for my sales meeting next week in Las Cruces. Oh yeah, I'm TOTALLY winning the "Dress like your shell" contest... hehe :) It took SO long to do, but I think it looked good! I ordered a t-shirt with green ribbing to put the design on, and it's due in tomorrow. As soon as it come and I get it made up, I'll take a picture of me wearing it and show y'all!

Soon, it was almost time to go and get the little kids from the bus. I hopped in the shower, and threw on something green. Because I just HAD to use Judith! hehe. I chatted with Kari and Julia at the bus stop for a few minutes, then headed home. CPT was home from the range by then, and was SUPER tired. He'd had to leave the house at 4am. So he took a nap. The kids worked on chores (or didn't, but didn't get privileges until they were done with them - and rooms) and I loaded the store. And worked on blogging.

Tom helped make sloppy joes for dinner, and then at 5:30, Joe and CPT left for hockey practice. Joe had a baseball game tonight, but ice time is more precious, says CPT. Joe wasn't happy, but I really think he ended up having fun with his dad :) I think he forgot all about the game. It's the last time that Hockey practice and baseball games conflict, too. Thank goodness! hehe :)

Jake worked on cleaning his room, and doing his chores, and he finally got done. Eme had already gotten done, and went to play in the neighborhood. Jake wanted to go and play at Justin's house, but we couldn't get ahold of him. He wanted to watch TV, but because Tom and Jim were not finished with their chores/rooms, I didn't want the TV on. So I let Jake watch Netflix on my iPad.

Then Tom was being a dork and made Jake mad about something. I don't even remember what it was, but Jake was minding his business, watching TV, and Tom negatively interacted with him. And it made Jake mad, and he threatened to beat up Tom, and called him bad words. So, of course, I had to take away the iPad... Sigh. Then Jake was upset, because he had worked ALL afternoon (45 minutes) to earn the privilege. His life was so hard... hehe.

I told him that he'd lost the privilege of using the iPad, but that he should go and spend some time with the dog. Because it calms him down. And that's what his therapist says to do when he is upset. At first, he didn't want to. But then he realized that it was a good idea, and he went to sit with Boxer (as if it were his own idea). And it worked! He calmed down quite a bit. And, I had already sent Tom to his room for being disruptive to Jake, so that stimuli was gone.

After about 10 minutes of calming down, he asked if he could have another chance with the iPad. I said that if he continued to remain calm for 15 more minutes, that he could have another chance. And he did. Even with Jim being "annoying". The increase in meds and the fear of returning to the hospital helped, I think.

Anyway, CPT, after hockey practice, wanted to take his truck to the shop for the weekend. In New Mexico. So he called after practice, and Jake and I left the house in the Saturn to meet him there.

He and the dude talked FOREVER, but it was ok. I'd let Jake bring the iPad, so he and Joe were playing angry birds. And I chatted Miche with Aunt Sue for a bit. She has a party on the 9th that she's getting ready for, and I have one on the 12th, and just booked one for the following week too! SO much fun!

And soon, we were all crammed into the little Saturn Ion and headed back to post. But first, as stop off at the Gas Station Wendys for a frosty. Oh yeah, that was my treat - LOL. And they had Diet Mt Dew, so of course, a 44 oz-er of that!

CPT and I chatted all the way home. He told me about something or another the first part (sorry, honey, I can't remember now what it was....), then it was my turn! I talked about Miche. ROFL! There is a super high up trainer that is coming to ABQ in June, and I wanna go to the meeting! ABQ weekend! Oh yeah. I think it's the same weekend that CPT and the 2 older boys will be at scout camp. So, I just have to find something to do with the little 3. I've got about 2 months to figure it out :)

Oh Amanda... Wanna meet up in ABQ???? hehe :)

Anyway, we got home, got kids to bed, and there ya go, that's my evening. It's now 11pm, and I'm just now getting back to finishing this up. I'm gonna watch an episode of "How I Met Your Mother" on my iPad, then go to sleep. And hope that the migraine that I woke up with today is gone :)

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sticking Out Tongue Freebie

Hey there! it's late. 10:30pm my time. Not a lot of energy for blogging. It was a good and productive day, though. Let me run you briefly through it.

Woke up, and eventually got the kids off to school. Jakes alarm went off for 45 minutes before he finally got out of bed. Yeah, frustrating for the rest of us in the house... We can all hear it! Why can't you!!!

Anyway, CPT came home, got ready, and left for work, and I got ready for my Visiting teaching visit. Charlotte and Maria come visit me, but since they have toddlers and I don't, we decided for me to go to their house. Works for me :)

I called the Ft Bliss appointment line, and got myself an appointment for Topomax. Next Tuesday. Cause I ran out yesterday. Oops. And asked about Jake. What should I do? Take him to the MD on post? Nope, because they would want him to see a child psychiatrist. And if his regular psychiatrist won't see him (CPT called yesterday), then PEAKS would be the best decision, right? Sigh. I'm still not liking this decision.

So as I got ready to leave the house, I noticed that CPT left his phone charging. Oops. He's gonna need that. So, I drove on up to his work, looked around FOREVER for parking, and eventually found where he was. He didn't even realize that he'd left it at home. But he was SO grateful that I'd brought it to him :) I was happy to do my good deed for the day, and that it had been for my sweetheart!

Then, I hopped in the truck and headed to the North East side to see the girls. I chatted with my mom the whole way, too. She was at work already, and we had fun chatting. I stayed till around 11 and chatted with the girls. They are a TON of fun.

Charlotte has kids with Special needs, so she knows what I'm going through. And I think one of Maria's is aspergers too. Not yet hit puberty, though. That's when it gets "fun"... Ha!

Anyway, on the way home, I had the thought to stop by the Child and Family Psychiatric clinic and see if the post doctor could see Jake on an emergency basis. They were closed. Crap. But they would be back in a 12:30.

So I looked up Jake's psychiatrist number again, and gave them a call. I wanted to hear no for myself. I told the receptionist that Jake was a patient of Dr G's, and that Jake needed an emergency Med's review. She asked if we could be there at 2:30 today. Whaaaat? I don't know what I said right, but I TOTALLY took the appointment. Thank you, Heavenly Father!!!!! Whoever was praying for us, it totally worked ;)

Anyway, CPT came home for lunch, and I told him the good news. No PEAKS mental hospital for Jake for the moment, we were getting our Meds review in the doctors office. After lunch, I did a few more things around the house, then headed up to the school to pick up Jake. And missed a call from his Spanish teacher at lunch, too. I was supposed to call him back at 4pm.

It took forever to get Jake out of class. They couldn't find him. He was supposed to be in Spanish. But wasn't there. No one could find him. Please don't tell me that you LOST my special needs kid... Come ON people!

Finally they found him. He was in tutoring. He's having a hard time in biology, a core class, so they pull him out of Spanish, an elective. OK. But I know that he's struggling in Spanish too. Doesn't make sense, but whatever. We had to go to the appointment.

So we drive on over to the appointment, and I ask him about Spanish, and why the dude would call me. Jake said that he just stopped trying in class. Because he didn't get Spanish, and didn't think that he even SHOULD be required to take it. Now the truth comes out. Aspies are like this. If they don't see the benefit of something, there is no convincing that I can do to sway the childs opinion. He's decided that Spanish is stupid. And not worth his time. So he is going to sleep in class. And not try. Sigh. He said he's doing the same thing in PE. SO not good.

We finally got in to see the doctor, and he said that it was our fault that Jake was having problems. (Said in a round about way). See, we should have been coming once a month to get check ups on the meds. Really? I didn't know that. How was I supposed to know this... Well, I know this now. I'll let that one slide.

He upped Jake's dose by 50MG, and said to come back in a week. He said to give him some vitamin b12 or something like that a few times a day, that it should do wonders for his mood. And he suggested a few other new meds. One for when he is a bit older. Jake just looks old now - ha!

We were home a little after the time that the kids got off the bus. Jim went to the park with Maggie, Eme went to Piano lessons, and Tom and Joe were home. We had a quick sandwich dinner, then headed off to the baseball scrimmage at 5:15. Jake and Jim and Joe and I. Eme and Tom stayed home.

Apparently, Tom had a choir concert tonight at 5:30pm. He knew that I was at baseball with the little kids, so he called his dad. And CPT hurried home to take him. Pfew! I can't be everwhere at once - ha! But still, had Tom told me, Kari could have totally taken Joe to scrimmage, and I could have taken Tom to the concert...

Oh yeah, a little earlier, I called and talked to the Spanish teacher. And he said that Jake had mentally checked out of the class, and wanted to know what was going on. I said how he was Aspergers, and how he had mentally decided that the class was stupid and not worth his time. Not that I felt that it was, but that is how Jake sees it. The teacher, or someone, just needs to try and find a way to change Jake's opinion. Jake is a very factual thinker...

I know that it's the law in Texas that you take 2 years of foreign language to graduate. So he'll have to take 2 years of something. And Jakes school ONLY has Spanish this year. So he's stuck. I told the teacher that I didn't know what to do, and wasn't really sure what he wanted me to do about it.

The fact that the administration deemed it appropriate to Jake to be pulled out of Spanish to be tutored for Biology just plays into Jake's theory that Spanish is not important. Why would the do that? Sigh. Good job, administration.... That school is on my nerves today anyway for losing my child.

We talked for about 20 minutes, and I'm not sure if we really got anything resolved. What could we, really. Jake is a big kid, and I don't have control over him at school. I can encourage him. I can tell him my expectations. I can medicate him. But ultimately, he is in charge of himself.

So, back to the scrimmage. Jake and Jim did their own thing, and the moms chatted with the boys played. It was an enjoyable evening. At 6:30, I dropped Jake off at the church. The BYU FolK Dancers were playing at the Abraham Chavez theater downtown, and our Youth got to go and see them. CPT was dropping Tom off at the door after his concert. And Eme didn't get ready in time, and missed coming with me, so she missed achievent days. She was sad.

I took Joe and Leo to Scouts at 7, and Kari took Jim with her. We worked on looking at books and seeing what achievements we needed for rank. A few of the boys are REALLY close. I pulled out a small table to work at outside, and I let the boys play tag. Worked out good. Then, the last 20 minutes, we talked about courage and choices. They had a lot of fun with that one too. A lot of talk about kicking the bad guys in the balls... Sigh. Boys. I kept having to say "We don't say ball sack at Cub Scouts..."

Finally, the meeting tied up. I asked the bishop when he thought that the older kids would be back. After 9pm, he said. So I decided to take Joe and Leo and go home. I'd come back for Jake and Tom.

CPT and Eme were watching Harry Potter when we finally got home. We watched for a few minutes, then sent Eme and Joe and Jim to bed. CPT and I chatted about our days, and about plans for the next few months. Then, at 9:30pm, I got the call from Tom that they needed picked up at the church. So off I went.

They had had a great time, but were arguing about who had to sit where and when and how and why on the way home. Sigh. Come on, Jake and Tom! We got home, and I got them off to bed. CPT finished getting ready for his "range" tomorrow, and I started blogging. It's now 11pm. And I'm really sleepy. The girls and I are supposed to go hiking in the morning. Hopefully I'll feel good. Strep is going around, and I'm feeling kinda icky right now. Let's just hope that it's just cause I'm sleepy...

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happy Face Freebie

Well, better day in some reguards. We had a plan, anyway. And Jake knew that he was in big trouble. So he was somewhat better. I forgot to make sure that he was awake (how I became his replacement alarm clock is beyond me), and he cussed me out. That wasn't so good.

I ordered my Miche new releases for May today! SO exciting! I used last months Miche paycheck to pay for it, too! Oh yeah, GREAT feeling :) Hope they get here fast, because I'm SUPER excited to see how BEAUTIFUL they will be!!!

But anyway, Joe stayed home till around 10 am sick. After getting meds, he felt MUCH better. So I sent him to school. It's amazing. When kids are NOT allowed to watch TV or play games, they wanna go to school. LOL. Because just being home and doing nothing is boring. So he asked me to take him to school. Ha!

Then I hustled back home, showered, and CPT came to pick me up for our therapy appointment at 11am. And it was a good one. We were both happy with each other. United in our dissatisfaction with Jake, maybe? I don't know. Sometimes that's what it takes, right? And I think that CPT has just adjusted a lot more to being home. Things are going well (knock on wood (big time)) for now with us.

After the appointment, we went to lunch at Applebees. Super yum! I got the Philly Cheese Steak burger thing. Good, but not as good as it usually is. The bread was dry - ha! But I still liked it :)

CPT dropped me off at home when he was done, and I had time to work on closing my Mother In Law's Miche party. She had several orders come in last minute, and I was working on getting them entered. She went from a $200 party to a $400 party! Sweet!

I went to pick up Jake at 2, and got home around 2:35pm. It took FOREVER to get him out of school. We got back home, and I got another call about Carol's party. And it went up to $600! Yes! CPT got home, and we headed out to Jake's appointment. The therapist moved her office across town, so we were a bit late. But we did get there.

We filled her in on Jake's behavior, and some of our plans. She said that she was NOT crazy about residential treatment facilities. That they didn't work, in her opinion. She said that we should, 1st, get Jake a meds review. 2nd, get him a FULL psych evaluation. And 3rd, see how things went from there. We were cool with that.

She talked with him for a little while, and while she was talking to him, we called around to the doctor. Um, yeah, we couldn't get in. What? So not cool. Dr. Perez didn't have openings (the Dr she referred us to). And Dr Gazarav couldn't get us in for a month. I can't wait a month. Not at current rate...

So, we decided that if we put him in PEAKS (where he was last Thanksgiving time), the doctor would HAVE to see him and evaluate his meds. I hate that we would HAVE to do that for a meds evaluation, but sometimes you HAVE to do what you have to do, right? Sigh.

The psychologist that works in the therapists office has Jake on the list for testing, so step 2 is scheduled. We didn't have time today for PEAKS. Maybe tomorrow. He wasn't happy about it. He called the other doctor some choice names for not letting him in to be seen. Yeah, THAT'S why the other doctor didn't wanna see him. LOL.

But really, it wasn't too unpleasant of a trip home. We got home, and watched some Dukes of Hazard as a family. Tom had held down the fort with the other kids. I worked on closing out Carol's party all the way, and she ended up getting $60 worth of free credit, 2 1/2 price shells, and 25% off her other stuff. I threw some stuff in there for her for Mother's day, and she ended up with 5 shells and a purse organizer! Oh yeah! GREAT party for her!

CPT and Tom and Hunter had baseball practice at 6:30pm, and Eme started Volleyball. Her first practice was at 6:30pm at the youth plex on main post. She was pretty excited. CPT dropped her off on his way to practice, and I was gonna go and pick her up.

I ended up with Joe and Leo and Alex for about 30 minutes at one point in the evening, and Leigh caught them playing in my Suburban. So they got to clean out my trunk. After that, I had them come inside and watch Dukes. Until Kari texted that they should come home.

We had dinner, and then did some chores. Jake was on his BEST behavior. He was PLEADING with us to let him wait out the month at home for the appointment instead of going to PEAKS. So he was doing chores and being helpful and being happy so we would change our minds.

We went to pick up Eme, and I got the schedule for her games, and then CPT got home. And it took FOREVER to get these kids to bed. It think it was 9pm before they were in bed tonight. Not sure what the deal was. ha! People just kept coming in asking questions and getting drinks and junk. "Oh yeah, you need to sign this paper". "Oh yeah, I forgot to eat dinner" "Oh yeah,...." "GO TO BED!!!" ha!

I facebooked with Amanda and Maddie and Aunt Sue and chatted with my mom and blogged and visited with CPT and multitasked a bit too much for the rest of the evening. I just wanna finish this up, watch an episode of "How I Met Your MOther", and go to sleep... Tomorrow is a new day :)

Oh yeah, and I've been having dizzy spells. Any ideas on that one? I ran out of topomax. Could it be from that? And I may have forgotten to take my antidepressant for a few days. I'm a mess - LOL!

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sad Face Freebie

So. I took the weekend off like I said that I was gonna start to do. And here it is, Monday night. And Monday was a good day in general. But then i took Jake to practice with me, and after the 2nd practice we had a melt down, and I was just DONE. I got cussed out, and Joe got cussed out, and I was just mentally done.

I spent the 3rd practice in the car crying. Good thing it was dark. I don't want to have a special needs kid anymore. I don't want to check his pockets for things like matches and lighters and pocket knives. And I don't wanna make sure that he takes his meds, because if he doesn't, he will beat me or the other kids up. I'm tired of it all.

And as I sit here and write this, I'm sobbing again. I'm tired of it all. We are looking into residential treatment facilities for Jake. Something has to give. It can't go on like this. Someone is going to get hurt. We have an appointment with the therapist tomorrow. Hopefully we can get the application process started. Pray for us... I don't know what else to do at this point...

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