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Saturday, January 30, 2010


I woke up feeling sick this morning. Not so sick that I was puking or anything, but just not feeling right. I somehow managed to get the kids to school, and while I was dropping them off, I chatted with Andrea for a while.

She knew that I was supposed to go grocery shopping today, and I was trying to convince myself that I should just go later, and go home and take a nap. She talked some sense back into me, and reminded me that it was payday, and that the commissary would just get more and more busy the longer I waited. Crap. She was right.

I went back home, and took a shower, and got ready for the day. I did fell better after a shower. I put on cute clothes, fixed my hair, put on make up and perfume and jewelry. I looked cute - ROFL! It was 9:30 or 10am before I left the house. It was gonna be busy at the commissary. I first stopped by the license/registration place on post. Luckily, I found the same guy who took care of us when we first moved on post. I was in and out in 10 minutes. $152 poorer, but at least it was fast and painless, right? 2 vehicles and one trailer. Sigh.

I got all the food on my list, minus the yogurt. They were out of ALL yogurts, for some reason. I don't know if their freezer/fridge went out of what. The whole section was bare. Odd. I even found some Jet Dry window spray for $0.39 a bottle, some dishwasher tablets for $4.00 for 90, and some Spray and wash, a GIANT refill bottle plus regular size bottle for $3.50. GREAT deal.

The line was pretty long, but moved pretty fast. Which is good. At least they get extra checkers on pay day. Unlike Walmart, that still only has 2 or 3 open. I like that about the commissary. They take into account the busy times, and plan accordingly.

I got home, got the food unloaded, got the groceries put away, and went down to take a nap. I was feeling SO sleep. I laid carefully so it wouldn't mess up my hair or make up, and ended up sleeping for 30 minutes. I woke up to the sound ofCaptain America and Jacob in the kitchen. So much for my nap.

Captain America was home from 12:30 to 1:30pm, and after his lunch break, I went back to my room to play on my computer, or something. Not sure what I did. At 2pm, my Visiting Teachers showed up. I TOTALLY forgot that they were coming. The house was messy. I hate that.

At least it wasn't trashed. There were blankets in the living room, the couch pillows were all over, it needed swept, there were dishes laying around, but it wasn't TOO bad. Oh well. This is the real me, I guess. They didn't seem to mind :)

At 3pm, Andrea and I went to the school to pick up the kids. She needed to talk with a teacher, so I stayed with all the kids at the playground until she was done. It took a lot longer than she expected, and we were all ready to go by the time she came out :)

The school counselor had told us all that there wasn't busing available. Sigh. SO, we're gonna have to drive off post to drop off the kids, and who knows what we're gonna do for pick up. It's a MAD house out front. No parking, either. Plus, we also read in the paper that next month, Jeb Stuart gate (the one we go out to pick up the kids) is going to be close at 3:30pm. Yeah, there's not time to get the kids and be back home before that. We're gonna have to drive all the way around, outside of post, to a different gate, to get back inside. I KNOW that's more than 2 miles. You know, because of the "if you don't live farther away than 2 miles, we won't bus your kids" policy. What a mess.

I got home from school, and started on dinner. And got the kids to do their chores. I made vegetable and sausage soup. It smelled pretty good. The kids were fighting pretty bad, so I imposed a "no electronics" rule on the big kids. That shut them up real quick.

At 5pm, Andrea and I went to JoAnns fabrics, just to look around. I think she needed to get out of the house. I can totally understand that. I told the kids that if the house was clean, and if they were all happy and nice when I got home, that the band could be lifted.

I started to feel pretty sick while we were walking around. Chilled, and weak tummy, and generally nasty. I'd taken a migraine pill before I'd left, because my neck was feeling tight, and I just KNEW there was one coming.

I made it home just in time. I really felt bad. The kids seemed to be all fine, and I lifted the "no electronics" ban, got some hot cocoa, some hot herbal tea, my "Daybreak" mini series, and retreated to my room. Jake and Jim came in frequently to check on me, and it felt good to relax.

Captain America came home at 8:30pm, and put the kids to bed. It's not 9:30pm, I'm done designing, done blogging, and I'm gonna go lay down. Maybe with a LONG nights rest, I'll feel better. Pray for me :)

I know it's supposed to be a "rewind" saying today, but I'm not feeling too great right now. I just wanted to do something easy and get it done. I'm feeling kinda nauseous. Not good. Not good at all. Maybe if I just lay down and go to sleep, it'll be better.....

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Live Right

Fresh Fruit Friday again! And I've got some good stuff for ya this week, let me tell you - hehehe! 'First off, I've got this Valentines Bundle. All products from last year. I know you'll like it - LOL! AND, it's only $5.00. SO, if you missed out on my Valentines WordArts last year, you know what to do!

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And I played a little game on Facebook this week in my Fan of Elegant WordArt by Bethany page. I offered free products in return for layouts. SO, lets see how good you guys did :) hehehe.

First off, I made this WordArt pack, but didn't play a game with it, so there's ZERO layouts for it - LOL!

This one had some REALLY pretty layouts for it - thanks girls!

Layout by Trina

Layout by Charmaine

Layout by Jen

See, wasn't that great! And remember, my products are on sale 20% off the first week (not the bundles). So hustle before the sale is over :)

Today was another crazy busy day. I woke up at 7am, but was SO tired I didn't wanna get out of bed. I gave myself 10 more minutes, then got up. But I was dragging. And I'd even gotten 8 hours again last night. Strangest thing.

I made the kids egg sandwiches, and drove them to school. I got Jake going with school, and got Jimmy dressed. At 9am, Andrea and I went to Target to look for some supplies for our den meeting that night, and she needed a mailer to send back a game. They didn't really have a lot at Target that we needed, so we came back home. She had a meeting at the school at 10:30, and she dropped me off at home at 10:15pm.

I worked on getting my computer stuff from my old laptop to m EHD for about 30 minutes, then Jake and Jim and I headed out to the store. Jake has lost 10 lbs, and needed new smaller pants. He was SO pleased with himself, as he should be ;)

First, we went to Fallas. Because they have WONDERFUL sales and great prices. He found a pair of jeans for $5, one for $7, and one for $9.99. We walked all around that store looking, before we realized that there was NO trying on room. What's up with that? I can't buy new smaller pants for my child without trying them on him. Sigh.

SO, we put the pants back, and went to Goodwill. They had only one pair of pants Jakes size. BUT, I let him try them on, and they fit perfectly. He was SO happy with them. But I think that $6.00 for someone elses old jeans is WAY too expensive. I wish that Thrift Stores would charge less. Oh well.

We came home, got lunch, and hung out for a bit. I worked some more on getting my computer in order, and got most of it transferred over. Finally, it was done, and I deleted all my files from my laptop. Dang, that was hard. I know it's backed up, but dang..... I really hope nothing happens to my EHD. Maybe I need an EHD for my EHD - LOL!

Captain America came home at around 1pm or 1:30pm, and said that he needed to get the trailer to go back to work and save some wood that they were throwing away. Tearing down a few cabinets or something. He was REALLY excited about it - hehehe. I kinda helped unload the trailer so he could pull it out of the garage, then lost interest and went back to my laptops - sorry honey.

At 3pm, I went to pick up the kids. In Captain Americas car. Because he had my truck. I got Eme and Tom and Joe, and brought them back home. Andrea followed me home, and we took pics of Joe and Ben in their Tiger Cub uniforms. We're having our Blue and Gold Banquet (Birthday of Scouting Celebration) in February, and we were making Placemats at scouts that evening. And were asked to bring things to decorate the placemats. So, we took some photos.

They were SO cute, and after I got done with Photoshop, they looked pretty good. I designed a WordArt or two for our pack, and got some badges and logos and such for printing. I sent it all to Walgreens, and Andrea and I went at around 4:30 to pick it up.

First, we went to Walmart to get the supplies for the placemats. The den leader gave us a list of stuff that we needed, and we got a few things. She got the craft sticks, and I got the waxed paper. I got some contact paper, but I'm keeping that one at home. It was kinda expensive.

I got a few things for Captain America that he needed, and we both bought a take and bake Pizza for the kids for dinner. Because we were running late.

We went to WAlgreens, and got the photos, then headed home. On our way, we drove by the road where the kids' school is. It's a really wide one lane each direction road. Well, this chickie decided that Andrea is going too slow (which she wasn't), and tries to pass her on the right. OMGosh, Andrea wasn't going to have anything to do with that, so starts yelling "You will NOT pass me", and slams on the gas pedal. We start racing the woman, all the while she's yelling "You will NOT pass me". We race to the stop sign, slam on the brakes, and the woman behind us gets back in line. Dang, Andrea - hehehe. Road rage much - ROFL! So, it was our theme saying for the night. "You will NOT pass me!". Scream it some time you're feeling especially moody. I think it'll help :)

We get home, and we've decided that we need a girls night out. So I start texting everyone I know, asking them to come with us. We're gonna go to Texas Roadhouse on the West side after everyone is home for the night, and asleep-ish.

I was a little distracted texting, so I was a bit late for Scouts, but Joe and I did go. We didn't work on our placemats, but we turned in the stuff for it. The boys had a good time at the den meeting, though. Andrea and I texted our friends, and had a good ole time also :)

Back home, and I got the kids ready for bed, the house a bit organized, and then it was time to go. I started picking up my friends. I was the driver, even though my truck is older than dirt, and COLD. Plus, it was almost snowing, so it was really cold - hehehe. Thanks, Laurie, for letting me use your extra gloves :)

I picked up my neighbor Lee first, then Laurie, then Andrea, and off we headed. It's a 15-20 minute drive over to the West side. Jessie met us there, and we had SO much fun. We were laughing and joking and eating and having a grand ole time. No alcohol, but we were the loudest bunch in the place - hehehe. 5 moms, out for the night. Yeah, that's dangerous :)

We headed home a good 15 minutes after the place had already closed, and it was snowing. Lightly, but it was snow. Merry Christmas again, I guess :) Jimmy keeps asking me when 2nd Christmas is. Maybe he knew something I didn't all along - LOL!

We dropped Jessie off first, then headed back on post. Next, we dropped off Laurie, then went to Andreas house to drop her off. We must have sat in the car an chatted for almost 40 minutes outside of Andreas house. Girl chat is SO good :) Next, Leigh and I headed home. We share a driveway, so it's really easy :)

Here it is, 1:25pm, and I'm ready for bed. I'm tired, and need some sleep. I wonder if there's time for a nap tomorrow? Hmmmm.....

This WordArt request is from my Facebook fan, Hannah. The other day, I posted saying that I needed a saying/quote, and she was kind enough to supply me with one :) Thanks, hon!

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Precious LIttle One

So, it was an off day for me today. Nothing terribly bad happened, I just felt a bit off for most of it. But I'm better now. Which is good :)

I woke up after 8 hours of sleep, and felt like I'd had 4. Seriously. I'm not quite sure what that was all about. I helped kids get ready, and drove them on up to school. We were even on time :)

I came back home, and designed for a bit, and then Jimmy and I folded laundry. Well, I folded, he watched a movie with me. A scary movie. He really didn't stick around for long, because he thought it was too scary. 1408. It was kinda scary towards the end. Jake took a break and watched part of it with me too.

I got about 6 loads of laundry folded, but not put away. Most of it was Jim/Joe's laundry. I think they just pull out clean clothes and put it in the dirty pile. Or that's how it feels, at least. Dang, those two go through a TON of clothes.

We had lunch, Captain America came home, and we all hung out for a while. I had a friend, Darcy, send me a link to this website that sees how well you know the US map. We spent almost all of lunch on it - ROFL! Captain America wouldn't stop until he got 100%. If you wanna play, the link is HERE. It was all about dragging and dropping the states into a blank map. I knew the general area they went, but sometimes was off by 100-200 miles. Oops. Yeah, you don't want me as your navigator - hehehe.

I got a few WordArt packs designed, but not much. I was just feeling blah. Not happy and bubbly and excited like I normally am. Sometimes I get bummed. I guess we all do, right? Even if nothing is going bad. Know what I mean? Anyway, I dragged myself out of my bedroom, and headed up to school to get the kids at 3pm.

I took Jimmy with me, so that he could play at the playground with the kids while Tom was in extra PE. Yeah, he was kinda rowdy. Maybe that's why I usually leave him at home - hehehe. I think he had fun, though.

I got home, and worked on Cub Scouts stuff for a while. Tonight was the Pack Meeting, and I had a few things to print off. I had the kids do their chores, and eventually made them Tuna Sandwiches for dinner. Yeah, it was a sandwich night - LOL! I'm sure you all have those too :)

I was starting to get a headache, so I decided that I would leave Jake at home with the little ones, and let him skip Scouts, and take Tom with me and go to the Pack Meeting. That way, I wouldn't have to crowd control. And Eme and Jake could help Joe with his homework and they'd get to bed on time.

Well, I was giving Jake directions right before we left the house, and he started whining about how he didn't want to watch the kids because he wanted to play on the Wii. That was the straw that broke the camels back. I lost it. GET IN THE TRUCK, EVERYONE! I yelled. Yup. Yelled. All control was gone. He tired to say that he'd do it, but I wouldn't hear it. I made everyone load up, and off we went.

It was SILENT all the way to Scouts. I was still fuming when we got there. Mostly because my head hurt so bad. I'd taken a pill, but it takes a good hour to kick in, and it hadn't yet. We did our gathering activity (paper airplanes), and people slowly started to trickle in. About 1/2 way through the meeting, my head felt better. Andrea and I stood around chatting with people until our older kids got done with their meetings, and I was feeling happy and normal again :) I wonder what that was all about - hehehe.

My kids seemed much happier on the way home, when I was happier. I hate it when I'm the mean mom. She's not a very nice lady :)

Captain America was home when we got home at 8:45pm, and put the kids to bed for me. He helped Joe with his book, and I noticed that MY NEW LAPTOP was here! Captain America had found it when he got home from work. It must have came between 7 and 8pm.

I spent the next few hours opening it and installing all my programs and such on it. It's still not completely ready, but it's up and somewhat running. I have photoshop, and all my fonts. That'll get me pretty far :) I'll spend some time tomorrow transferring files from the old laptop to the new one.

I think I'm gonna like this one. It feels sturdy. I liked that about my old one. This new one, the keyboard is further up on the part where you put your hands than on my old one. And the number pad on the side, the 0 is in a different place than I'm used to. I'm gonna have to get used to that. And the volume and mute are in a different place. And I need to adjust the sensitivity on the touch pad. And the selector buttons are a bit stiff. But really, if those are my only complaints, that's not too bad. Those are just "comfort" stuff, and I can get used to those all.

It seems to run fast, and once I figure out how to remove the bloatware, it should be good to go :) You know how to do that, Fan? hehehehe.

It's almost 11pm, and I'm gonna tie this up real fast, and try and watch something online. You know, because it's a new computer, and I wanna see how it'll do. Test drive it, if you will :) LOL!

I was working on a few WordArt packs for the beginning of February, and thought I'd go ahead and make you one too. But baby themed, instead of Love themed, like I was working on :)

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

You Are My LIfe

*yawn*. Um, yeah, that was the theme of my day today - hehehe. I was up at 7am, making food for the kids. What did I cook? Oh yeah, rice crispys with chopped bananas. Does that even count as cooking? LOL!

Joe had unfinished homework, so we sat down and worked on it before school. I got everyone ready, and had them to school relatively on time. Mostly on time. They weren't late. We'll just leave it at that :)

I came back home, and tried to go back to sleep. I really did. But I was constantly interrupted. By kids, and husband, and phone calls and texts and "oh yeah, I forgot to do this" and "oh yeah, I forgot to do that", and geez! I did lay quitely for about 20 minutes. But I don't think that that counts as a nap.

So, I finally admitted defeat, and hopped in the shower. And got all cute. Cause it's good to feel cute - hehehe.

At 10:15, I picked up Laurie and Rowan, and Jimmy and I and them headed to the post Library for Story Time. Apparently, the regular story time lady wasn't there, because this new lady was kinda dry. Poor thing was trying hard. But she wasn't entertaining any of the kids, I don't think. I'll give it another shot next week and see if it's any better. Our friend Jessi was there with her little girl Emma (Jimmy's age almost exactly) and baby, and our friend Adelina and her son were there, and my neighbor Mindy and her little girl and hubby were there too. Who knew that so many people I know go to story time? hehehe.

After story time, Jim and I went to Lauries house for play time and lunch. Laurie and I had a grilled chicken salad (YUMMY!), and Rowan and Jimmy had a grilled cheese sandwich. Jimmy LOVED it ;) Laurie and I had fun chatting and eating :)

After a while, Laurie's hubby called from Iraq, so Jimmy and I headed home. I had designing to do anyway, so off we went :) Jake was done with school, and he and Jimmy did their own thing for a while. I meant to design, but ended up watching Monday nights episode of Chuck on NBC.com. It was good :) I just LOVE Chuck :)

About that time, it was time to go and get the kids from school. I got there a few minutes early, and hung out with Andrea in her suburban. We went to get the Kindergartners and 1st graders, then hung out at the playground until Tom and Sam got done with extra PE.

We got home at 4pm, and I chatted with my neighbor for at least 30 minutes. Her hubby is in Iraq, and is coming home for a different position in the next few days. She was pretty excited :) Well, mixed feelings, actually. Anyone who's a military wife, I'm sure you understand. You get into a routine, you get into an independent mindset. Plus the extra money. That's good too. And it all goes away. And they're here, and they have to work long, crazy hours, and it's like they're gone. But they are home. And they are safe. So your head goes back and forth and back and forth. Such is the dilemma of the military wife :)

Anyway, I chatted with her for a bit, then came inside and made cookies with the kids. OK, so the cookies really were because I wanted them. I'm sucking at my diet. I did really good for about 5 days, then crapped out on it. Sigh. I need to refocus. I need to get back on it. I need to lose the 20-25 lbs that I gained over the holidays. I need to stay away from the cookies. And peanut butter sandwiches. And cereal. And whatever else happens to cross my path in the evenings. Sigh. Anyone wanna start the diet with me again? I need some motivation.

I designed my 5th WordArt pack, and got a Valentines WordArt bundle together (8 older wordart packs for $5), and started to load it in my store, and had to go to a Primary Presidency meeting. Sigh. Not what I needed to do on a Tuesday night. I had till 9 or 10pm to get my store loaded.

The kids were fighting and yelling and being rude to each other, so I REALLY didn't want to leave. I guess, though, I'd get blessings for going to a church meeting, so I left. I got there at 7pm. And was home by 8pm. Jake had put Jim and Joe to bed because they were being naughty. Eme and Tom and Jake were occupied doing their own things.

Joe came out at 8:30, and said that he needed to read me his story for school. So he did, and I got Eme set up with a book on cd (on the mp3 player), and the book, and sent her to bed. She liked the story, I think.

I finished loading my store, with about 10 minutes to spare, and played some games/give a ways with my Facebook Fans. It was pretty fun :) 8 people got my new WordArt bundle, before it even hit the stores :) See, it pays to be my fan - hehehe.

Captain America got home at 10pm (not 6 pm like he'd said), and I finished up my blogging/designing. I think I'm gonna lay in bed and listen to a few chapters of book on tape. Seems like a nice, relaxing thing to do. But first, I'm gonna go get some water. Because water is good for you. I need to drink more. Maybe if I drank more, I'd eat less. You think?

Week 81 already. Where does the time go??? This request is from Sevansfan. Click HERE to go to Scraporchard to download the zip file, and remember, two things. First, you must be logged into the GALLERY in order to get the download. Second, it's only good for about a week. Third (I know, I said 2), leave some love if you like my work :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Hello 11pm. Where did you come from? It's late Monday night, and here I sit, blogging - hehehe. I was actually on the computer quite a bit today, but I guess it wasn't blogging - hehehe.

I was up at 7am this morning. I woke up 15 minutes before my alarm, and just laid there in my nice, warm bed relaxing. It was really quite nice. I got up with the alarm, and went to make pancakes for the kids.

No one was awake, so I went up and woke up Tom and Eme. Tom was a little flustered. He'd set his alarm for 6am, but didn't set it right, because it didn't go off. He hustled to get ready, though.

I cooked pancakes, and Eme and Tom trickled down. I had food all dished out before I went to wake up Joe. I snuck in the room, and extracted him carefully. He and Jimmy sleep in the same bed (2 twins pushed together, so it's a HUGE space), so it's sometimes hard to tell which is him - LOL!

I grabbed him, his backpack, and his shoes, and took him out to the couch. I noticed that his pointer finger was BLACK. Um, Joe? What's the deal? His lips were black-ish too. He finally told me that he and Jimmy had gotten into the individual serving waterbottle flavoring packets. Purple, none the less. That would explain the black staining. Sigh. Boys. What can I say?

I got him dressed, and fed him, and fed the rest of the kids, and just as we were walking out the door, Jimmy woke up. I sent him to the table for his pancakes, and left him with Jake while I took the other kids to school. And Captain America. He'd just walked in the door too.

This is the last week for dropping the kids off behind the school. Staring in Feb, it's gonna be closed. I'm hoping to hear about busing this week. Hoping.....

I got back home, and Andrea and I had made plans at school dropping off the kids to go grocery shopping. Not for me, but for her. I'd just gone on Friday. BUT, Captain America had asked that I get him some canned soup, so I could do that. And get some cash. To fill my envelopes from the end of the month. I just LOVE my envelopes :) hehehe.

I got my breakfast when I came back home, and got my computer, and spent some time looking for quotes. I found quite a few that I liked. I knew that I had to stop at 8:50am in order to get ready to go with Andrea at 9am. So I worked for a bit, and stopped and got ready. Well, as ready as you can get in 10 minutes - hehehe. Tomorrow is DEFINITELY a shower day ;)

She texted at 9:10, saying that she was running really late. I didn't mind. I just needed to be back home at noon for my Visiting Teachers to come and visit me. I decided to design some. I got a WordArt pack designed before she called to say that we was ready. A WordArt masks pack even. I liked it :)

Andrea and I and Luke and Jim set off to the commissary. I got my cash, and soup, and some body spray for Captain America, and some extra salsa, and some shampoo. Not too many things. Andrea got her groceries, and we were off. We decided that we didn't have enough time to get to the Dollar Tree and back home by noon, so we headed home. On the way, Chelsie, my Visiting Teacher, called, and said that because of sick kids, they wouldn't be coming until Thursday. Sweet! That just opened up the Dollar Tree option - hehehe.

On the way there, Ryan called Andrea. So Jimmy and I walked around Dollar Tree, and got a few things, and just mostly browsed. Andrea got what she needed, still talking with Ryan, and we met back at her Suburban. She finished talking with Ryan, and then we headed back home. I got home about 10 minutes after Captain America go home for lunch. So I got to hang with Captain America for a while. Which was nice.

After he left back to work, I designed few more WordArt packs. AND, I found a fun new thing to do with my new WordArt packs on my Facebook Fan page. I posted a preview of the New Pack, and told the girls that the first 3 people to leave me an email would get the pack free, if they'd make a layout with it and send it back before Thursday. It was SO much fun to see how fast people could leave a comment. AND, I've already got a few of the layouts back. SO pretty! You girls are AMAZING!

SO, if you wanna be my Facebook Fan, click HERE. And be on the lookout. I may make this a tradition!

Anyway, I went at 3pm to pick the kids up from school, and waited at the playground for Tom to get done with Extra PE. Joe and Eme and Ben and Luke and Andrea and I had fun hanging and chatting. Then we collected the older boys, and we headed for home.

I asked the kids if they wanted to go to the indoor pool, and of course it was a yes. They hurried and got ready, and we were out the door and to the pool by 4:15pm. They had a TON of fun playing. Jimmy and Joe are getting pretty daring. Jimmy doesn't mind going under (still in a life jacket), and Joe is just getting where he'll almost get his face wet - hehehe. Jake and Eme and Tom are great swimmers, for never having had lessons. Self taught.

I brought my laptop, and sat on the bleachers and designed. I got 3 WordArt packs designed while I watched the kids play. All the while listening to Muse. Their first albumn, Showbiz. I like it ;)

Joe was done first. He was looking a bit cold, and was starving. We forgot to grab a snack on the way out the door, so he was starving - hehehe. We loaded up, and headed home. People dried off, changed clothes, and started on their chores.

I cooked spaghetti and salad for dinner, and told them to finish up their chores. Joe and everyone was fighting. Then he and Jimmy were fist fighting, so finally, I just sent them both to bed. At 6:30pm. I think that between staying up late on the weekend, and playing hard at the pool, that they were just tired. They needed more sleep. So off to bed they went. But they're WEREN'T happy about it, let me tell you. But it sure made the rest of the kids shape up real quick. hehehe.

They finished their chores, then went about their various activities. Jake played on PC some, Eme and Tom played Wii some, then moved to the PC for while. I made them turn it all off at 8pm for quiet reading time in their rooms.

I watched an episode of chuck on nbc.com, then an episode of The Bachelor on abc.com. Then the real episode of the bachelor came on TV, and I watched part of it. Again, I get distracted real easy. I had my personal facebook page open, my Elegant WordArt by Bethany fanpage open, the Bachelor's 2nd half episode from last week on the computer playing with my headphones in one ear, and the real show on ABc on the tv. Yeah, I didn't do any of it really well, but I did a bit of all of it- LOL!

Captain America got home at around 9pm, we spent a bit of time together, my sister called, and we answered some army questions for her, and then I got to work on my work. And now it's 11:50pm. See, I'm slow, and I get distracted easily. hehehe. I know that I started this post at 11pm. And I know it doesn't take me that long to type it all up. Cause I type relatively fast. Distractable. That's me - hehehe.

So I designed this one last week for a WordArt pack, and never got around to making 4 others - LOL! SO, because I didn't feel like designing at 11pm tonight, I decided to let you all have it :) Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Luv U 4ever

I think I need one more day during my weekend. hehehe. I'm not ready for it to end :( LOL!

Sunday dawned at 7:15am for me. Captain America was long gone to church already, so I got up, got the kids up, cooked pancakes, showered, got ready, dressed kids, organized all our Sunday stuff, and headed off to church. I like to get there 10-15 minutes early, so I can get the row I like - LOL! Do you have a specific row/chairs that you like to sit when you go to church? We like to sit right behind the boys who pass the sacrament. Jake's one of them. That way, when they go back to sit with their families, Jake can just stay where he is, and he's right next to us. So really, we take up 3 little rows. One for Jake, one for Tom, Eme, and Joe, and one for Jim and I and all my primary stuff. ROFL! Works for me.

Church was good. We had a relatively new family speak. Hillary is pretty cool. I like her :) The kids were mostly well behaved, so that was good too.

Andrea and her family were all sick today, so I was in scramble mode getting Sunbeam teachers (the 3 turning 4 year olds for the year). We split the class into 2 groups, and the new teacher wasn't there either, so I had to get 2 sunbeam subs. Sigh. And the 5 year old teacher wasn't there. Not a great start to the day - hehehe. BUT, we managed to get some volunteers to help us out, so it all worked out.

I was just on "crowd control" again, so it wasn't too rough of a Sunday. We were home by 12:45pm, and I got lunch for the kids, got them situated with a movie, and drove down to Andreas house to check on her. She looked pretty bad. I played with the Baby while she chatted with Ryan on the phone, then I chatted with her for a while. I made her eat some crackers, and cooked her some soup, then made her take some meds for her headache.

Captain America came about an hour later, and gave her a blessing. I washed some dishes for her, and by the time we left, she was looking a tad bit better. We told her to lay down for a nap, and went home. FEEL BETTER, friend! You're of no use to me sick - ROFL! (just kidding, i still love ya, Andrea!)

It was mostly a lazy day at home on Sunday. I made soup for dinner, did a load of dishes, we had Family Home Evening with all the kids, put everyone to bed, and I watched a few episodes of Chuck. Maybe not in that order, but it all got done - hehehe.

So I felt like making a WordArt mask tonight. So I did. hehehe. Hope you like it! Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!


And these ADORABLE little girls are my nieces (my sister Madi's kids)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Holy Ghost

Is Saturday over already? I think I needed a few more hours to get done everything that I wanted to get done - hehehe.

I woke up at 7:30am, but promptly fell back sleep. I finally got up around 9:30 or 10am. It's simply Divine having kids that leave you alone to sleep in in the morning. Granted, it took MANY years to get to that point, but worth it, none the less :)

I got up and made sure that everyone ate, then took a shower. It felt WONDERFUL, since it had been, um, well, er, I can't actually remember how many days. WAY too many :) I shaved and washed and lotion-ed and am feeling MUCH more like a girl.

So I put on my make up, fix my hair, and put on some cute clothes, because, why not. I got all fixed up, might as well. I got out to the kitchen, and the kids were like, Mom, is it Sunday? Are we going somewhere? Dang! Can I not even look nice without a reason - hehehe. I guess not.

Emeline had an Achievement Day activity at 1pm, and Laurie was gonna give her a ride. She was coming by at 12:30 to pick her up. And she needed a small picture of herself to do one of the projects at the meeting. Which meant I had to go to Walgreens to pick up a photo of Eme. Which meant that I had to send it to Walgreens. Which meant that I had to get a photo ready in Photoshop to go. I hustled to get it all done.

We left Jake in charge, made sure that Eme was all ready, and Captain America and Jim and I headed out in the Saturn to Walgreens. We made it back with 3 minutes to spare. I ran in and got my sunglasses and phone, Laurie picked up Eme, and Captain America, Jim, and I were off again. We were going out for the afternoon. Everyone else was more than fine with staying home and playing games. hehehe. Silly boys.

First, we went out to lunch. Because I wanted to, and the boys were more than happy to oblige. We went to the Applebees close to our house, and DANG it was busy. I guess there was a conference across the street, and about 100 people were in line. Forget that craziness!

We drove to a different Applebees, which took FOREVER, because there was a wreck (3 cars) up ahead. BUT, we made it there. We got Jimmy a grilled cheese, fries, and chocolate milk. They had a 2 for $20 special, so Captain America and I got that. He got the Lime Fiesta Chicken thingy, with chicken and rice. He liked it. I got the 7oz steak with veggies and a salad. MMMmmmmm, I just LOVE steak. AND, they cooked it rare for me. Did you know that some places won't cook a steak rare? Med. rare is all they can do. Applebees just moved one notch higher in my book. It was DIVINE!

After lunch, we headed to the East site, and went to Hobby Lobby. It took FOREVER. Captain America wanted to price out some oil paint supplies for work, and DANG. I like craft stores and all, but I was getting SO bored. We were there for over an hour, I think......

Next, it was on to Home Depot. Captain America had a few things to get, and I wanted to improve our computer area. WAY too many computers on not enough desks. I knew that some of the computeres were having issues, but I couldn't figure out which cord when to which computer and screen and ahhhhh, it was a big mess.

After debating wood and supplies and such, we decided to just buy 2 more little folding tables like we already had. 4 footers and skinny. We got the couple of things from Home Depot, and headed off to Walmart.

We found the tables, and they were a bit more than I remembered. $30 a piece. Sigh. BUT, I had some money set aside for such things, and was only shy $10. SO, we got 2. They were better than the other 2 we had, too. Black, not soft top, and a bit more sturdy. That's a good thing in a house full of boys!

We got a few toiletry items for Captain America, new Sunday Shirts for the little boys, and a few other things. Vitamins. I usually don't give my kids vitamins, but thought it would be a good thing to include in my budget. Vitamins are good :)

We went back to the car, and headed home. It was SOOOO windy today. Seriously. I thought I waas gonna blow away - hehehe. Jimmy fell asleep in the car on the way home. We stopped briefly at Big Lots to look for a Laptop cooling fan, but they didn't have any left. I didn't want to spend $25 at Walmart for one. The one I got at Big Lots was only $12, but then again, it's broken. Maybe I should have got the one for $25 at Walmart. I'll go look at Newegg and see what they have....

So, we get home, unload the car, put Jim in his bed (it was almost 6pm), make dinner for the kids, and rearrange the dining room. Now, we have one big long row of computers. Imagine this. 4 tables each 4 feet long, end to end the length of the dining room. Each table has it's own computer. Sigh. Yes, we're nerds. BIG nerds. Computer geeky family - hehehe. We look like a freakin' computer lab. Oh well. It kinda makes me laugh when I walk in that room now.

So it's 9pm, and Captain America and I are gonna watch a movie at home. All the movies at the dollar theater are ones we've already seen, or rated R (which we don't watch). I'll save the $4 for something else :)

This poem is from Kathy Simkins. Isn't it wonderful! I thought it would be PERFECT for baptism card or layout! Thanks so much for sharing the poem with us, and letting me "WordArt" it! Wonderful :)

Click on the link below to go to my account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!