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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Let's Get Crafty

Morning, world! How did you sleep last night? Me? I was SO tired when I woke up. I think my new bed time is gonna be 9:30pm. ROFL! I went to bed at around 11pm last night, and it was SO hard to wake up. hehe. But, I did. I read my scriptures, said my prayers, got kids ready for school and out the door by 7:30am.

Then I started cleaning. And I didn't stop until 8:30am. Yeah, I guess that's only an hour. ROFL! It felt like 5. hehe. I cleaned the living room, dining room, kitchen, and a little in the bathroom. My friends were coming over to make a craft, and I couldn't have the house completely trashed. It wasn't super clean, but it wasn't super disgusting either. hehe.

Veronica came over at around 8:30am, and then Leslie. I left the 2 of them chatting, and I went and got dressed. Because even though I didn't have time for a shower, I STILL wanted to put on some better clothes, and a nice bandana and some contacts. ROFL! I felt a little better after that :)

We started making the wreaths at 9am. Leslie just came to chat, so I showed Veronica how to do it. Laurie came around 9:30am, and Rowan and Jimmy played. Oh yeah, here's what we made :)

Veronica working on hers
And then Andrea came, via Skype! hehe. Remember, her family moved to Ft Jackson in South Carolina! Here she is, on my big laptop. hehe.
Veronica and Laurie working on their wreaths
Leslie chatting with Andrea
Veronica and Leslie left at around the same time (one had a nail appointment, and one had school), and then it was just Laurie and I. Jake took Jimmy to the bus, and we finished up. I finished Veronicas wreath for her while she was a school. Cause I'm just that nice. ROFL!

Laurie left at around 11:15am, and Captain America was home at 11:30am. I was feeling the beginnings of a headache, so I took a pill. Stupid migraines. I've been getting them a lot more frequently. And I don't wanna believe that it's "diet" products. So I'm taking that option off of the table. It's the only thing, food wise, I still have left that I enjoy. ROFL!

Anyway, Captain America and I went to Carlos and Mickeys for lunch. Cause I just LOVE that place. We were seated right away, got Diet Dr Peppers, and ordered our yummy sombrero salads. Mine beef, and Captain America's chicken. And got our salads within 8 minutes of sitting down. Sa-weet! They were SUPER fast today.

And everything was spicy. My lips were BURNING by the time I was done eating. hehe. Here's a few pics that Captain America took with his phone :)

If you EVER got out to Mexican food with me, you can have my Guac. Because I don't eat that nasty green stuff. See, Captain America has a double helping on his salad, because I removed the offensive stuff from my salad and placed it on his. hehe

We were done eating and on our way home in about 30 minutes. Yeah, it was THAT fast :) Captain America still had time to hang at home.

He went back to work at around 12:45pm, and I turned on the movie Arachnophobia. Remember that one? From 1990? And promptly fell asleep on the couch. hehe. I dozed in and out of the movie, and woke up at 2pm and got a snack and watched the end of the movie with Jake.

I got Jimmy from the bus stop at 2:30pm, and we watched another movie. I think my drugs were making me sleepy. At least my head didn't hurt.

Check out my "happy" toe. Isn't it funny - ha!

And here's Jimmy and I watching a movie on the couch :)
And then the big kids got home from school, and I went to take a shower. Because I had a date tonight, and I wasn't going out again in my bandana with no shower. ROFL! I needed to get pretty :)

And I went through about 10 different outfits before I settled on jeans and a maroon/red shirt.
So now it's 6pm. I'm trying to decide if I need to cook real dinner for the kids, or if Pretzels and left over donuts constitute dinner.... hmmmm. Captain America should be on his way home shortly :)

Woohoo! I don't know where we're going on our date, but as long as it includes my cute hubby and a stop to get a soda, it's a PERFECT night for me :)

Oh yeah, and while I'm thinking about it, I need to analyze a choice :) Hmmm, lets see if I can think of an event....

I'm working on my blog, and I hear Jimmy SCREAMING madly upstairs, and growling at his siblings.

Meaning 1, someone is being mean to Jimmy. Feeling, annoyance with other kids. Action 1, call all the kids together and talk about what's going on. Action 2, remove Jimmy from the situation. Action 3, send Jimmy to his room.

Meaning 2, Jimmy is tired from getting up early today. Feeling, sympathy. Action 1, read Jimmy and book and put him to bed. Action 2, remove Jimmy from the situation and give him a hug. Action 3, remove other kids from the situation and talk to Jimmy.

OK, event analyzed, now I need to go do something about Jimmy screaming. hehehe.

And I'm back. It's now 10:31pm, and I just designed you all a freebie :) Captain America and I went out on our date night around 7pm, and left the kids watching Spiderwick Chronicles. You ever see that one? I like that one :)

Anyway, he and I drove over to the Fallas on Montwood and looked around. He'd never been to that one. Whaaaaat? That was the first Fallas I went to. I think he's been there, he just doesn't remember it. hehe. Wait, it wasn't the first Fallas. The first one I went to was on Dyer.... But I found that one soon after. Anyway...

We looked around for a while, and we found a pair of shorts, a shirt, and some new jeans for Emeline. And I found a few shirts and some unmentionables :) And we just had a good time walking around and looking.

We stopped at Howdy's (yeah, this one did NOT have Diet Dr Pepper - waaaaah!) then headed home. Kids were just going to bed from their movie, and Captain America and I watched an episode of "Lie to Me". I just LOVE that show. You guys watch that one? It's on FOX. I'm behind in the episodes, but am slowly catching up :)

Anyway, I'm excited for General Conference tomorrow. It's on at 10am and 2pm our time. MST. Here's the link, if you wanna watch too :) It'll be our first time watching conference on our BIG tv :) Better than everyone huddled around a little computer screen. hehe. Cause we're too cheap to buy Dish and watch the BYU channel. ROFL!

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Friday, October 1, 2010


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So my crappy day yesterday carried over to a crappy morning this morning. Sigh. At least I can report that my END of the day was good. hehe. If you put my morning from yesterday and my evening from today, the we're all good! Right? hehe.

I woke up at the same time Captain America got ready for PT, and typed up a long email with my feelings, then blogged. At 5:20am, because my head had hurt too bad last night. And I find that typing up my feelings are my most effective means of expressing them.

I was done with my email and my blogging by 6:35am, which is the time that I normally wake up anyway. I read my scriptures and said my prayers and got a little ready, then came out and got the kids ready at 7:00am. And to the bus by 7:30am.

Captain America came home around that time, and we continued our fight from the night before. Sigh. I hate fighting. It takes SO much out of me. We missed our meeting with Toms teacher at 8:15am. Oops. I'll have to write her a note and send it to school with Tom tomorrow saying we had a "family issue", and see if we can reschedule for next week. Sigh.

Captain America went to work around 9am, and after I regained some composure, I designed. Because Thursday night is my deadline, and designing is a good release for me. I already had 2 WordArt packs complete, and I got the remaining 3 done. Yeah me :)

I had a one on one therapy appointment at noon with my doctor, but REALLY didn't want to go. And I knew that I should. But I didn't want to. Because I hate crying in front of people, and I KNEW that they'd be tears. I threw on some clothes, put on a bandana, put on my contacts, and off I went. Yeah, I looked like crap, but I didn't care. I felt like crap too, so it was all good :)

I'd gotten Jimmy to the bus before I left, and at 11:30am I headed to the West Side. And I even got there with 5 minutes to spare. I sat in the waiting room, and read my emails. And some blog comments, which were very nice and supportive.

Finally, the doctor came out. And was very excited to see me, because he didn't think that I was gonna show up either. hehe. Yeah, even HE knew how bad of a mood I was in yesterday... LOL :)

Anyway, I went back, and we talked for about an hour and a half. Yeah, mostly he talked and I cried. Stupid crying. But I did feel a tad bit better when I left. A tad. And then it got better from there. Thank goodness! I couldn't handle another bad day.

So part of my "homework" is to analyze a situation from the day using the "choice cycle" thingy. Yeah, I can't remember the technical name for it, but here it goes.

First, you have an Event. Lets see.... I go to Walmart to buy candy corns, but Walmart is out of candy corns. OK, there's my event. Now, I assign a meaning to that event, which comes with a feeling. And you do that 3 times.

First meaning, Walmart sucks, which makes me feel irritated. And now I have to pick 3 actions to do. I can complain to the manager that there is NEVER what I need from Walmart. I can throw a fit in the middle of the isle (somedays, that WOULD be nice...). I can go to a different store all together to look for candy corns.

Second meaning, everyone else wants to make the SAME wreath that I want to make, which makes me feel anxious, because there may not be any candy corns left ANYWHERE. Three actions. I can leave that Walmart fast and drive to another Walmart to look for candy corns. I can go to a different store to look for candy corn. I can decide that I'm never gonna find candy corns, and give up.

Third meaning, I'm never gonna find candy corns, which makes me feel hopeless. Three actions. I can cancel my craft party because I'll never find candy corns. I can call a friend and ask for suggestions of where to find the candy corns. I can pray to find more candy corns.

Anyway, you see the pattern, right? I'm supposed to be doing this every day until we meet again as a couple. It's to open your mind to more possibilities of choices. Not just the same bad reactions over and over again. See how many possibilities I had from that ONE event.

Anyway, I got my homework from the doctor, the things that I'm supposed to be working on for the week, and off I went. I drove down Mesa, and headed to Walmart. And low and behold, they were out of candy corns. And what did I do? Well, first I went to Hobby Lobby. Because it was right down the road. And looked for wreaths. And yeah, they had no white styrofoam wreaths. Whaaaaaat? I knew that I'd bought them there before. Sigh. I was starting to get a bit anxious.

But I told myself to calm down, and I drove back across town, and went to the dollar tree, and looked for wreaths. My mom had suggested that. And they had little green crafting wreaths. You know the ones that you put flower in? The ones that fall apart if you grab them too hard? Yeah, that one. hehe.

I bought 8 of them. And a few other things from the dollar tree. Then headed to a different Walmart that was on the way home. And, thank goodness, THEY had candy corns. The orange and yellow and white ones. Not the Indian Corns that had brown in them. I didn't want those. And I got some ribbons. And some more glue sticks. Now I was all set.

So I drove home, and Jake and Jimmy and I built a Candy Corn wreath for an example for tomorrow. Wanna see it?

I think that they turned out SUPER cute. And it only cost about $4 to make. Not too bad, huh? Jake helped me continue gluing the candies on when I had to go and pick up Tom and Eme and Veronicas girl, Bella, from AQ. We're taking turns getting the kids. I'm on Tuesday and Thursdays.

And we finished off the wreath, and started on dinner. My headache was back (yeah, crying is NOT good for migraines), so I took a pill, and started to feel better. And better emotionally, too. I really was excited to see Captain America when he got home from work. Really excited. I was ready to NOT be upset anymore, and put it all behind me :)

I fed the kids dinner, got myself some food, and loaded my store real fast. I'd already designed everything, so it was pretty quick to load it up. Captain America and I hung out on the back porch for a while, and it was super nice and relaxing.

We put the kids to bed at 8pm, and he and I headed out to the mall. He needed more vitamins from Vitamin world. And I needed a few more supplies for my wreaths. I'd run out of ribbon and black spray paint.

We got the vitamins at the mall, then headed to Walmart. We had about 6 things on the list, and managed to get them all. Then headed back home. Kids were all asleep, and I sat down to blog and design a freebie. And the old laptop was going SOOOO slow that I eventually had to turn it off, and get on my 46 inch laptop. Sigh. I wanted to blog/design from bed, but here I sit in the living room. Oh well. I'm almost done now.

Anyway, I'm super tired. It's 10:33pm, and since I got up at 5:20am, I'm beat. I KNOW that tomorrow is gonna be a great day :) Because I'm gonna choose for it to be so. I have 5-6 of my girls coming over to my house at 9am to work on wreaths in the morning. I bought donuts at Walmart last night for the craft party! Should be a good time :)

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Love You / I'm Sorry

So ever have a day that started out great, and went terribly wrong at some point? Yeah, that was my yesterday....

But it did start off good. I woke up at 6:35am like normal, scriptures, prayers, got somewhat ready, kids at 7:00am, breakfast, ready for school, backpacks, homework, prayer, and out the door at 7:30am.

I re-worked the shopping list, and the menu, and got it all ready to go for the week. New dinners for a few nights, and school lunches for the kids.

I printed out my lists, and checked off what I had and what I still needed. I was ready to go by around 9am. I left Jake in charge of Jimmy, and headed out.

I found all the stuff I needed, and checked out. And saw this SUPER cute wreath in a magazine at the check out line. Andrea and I had made a lima bean one last year. Remember the photo? Or was that in the spring? I can't remember. The white one, with the teal ribbon.

Anyway, I decided that I wanted to make it, and asked a few friends to come over on Friday morning and "play". I planned on going to Hobby Lobby and buying the supplies, then my friends can pay me back. Sounded like a fun plan :) And it's good to do crafty things every once in a while :)

So I came home, and Jake and I put away all the groceries. I got Jimmy to the bus at 10:50 am, and finally at 11:15am, I decided that I needed to get ready to go. Captain America was gonna be home at 11:30am, and we were gonna drive to the West side, have lunch, do our couples counseling at 1pm, then he had his one on one counseling at 2pm. I was gonna go to Hobby Lobby during that hour.

Anyway, here's my picture at 11:15am. See, I needed to do something, and FAST!

So I put on my contacts, re-fixed my hair, put on some makeup, and nicer clothes. Here's me at 11:30am. I'm fast, huh? hehe.
Captain America got home soon after, and he and I headed out. We went to El Taco Tote on the West side, off of Mesa. It was a little more busy than the last time we ate lunch there, but it was still quick. I just LOVE the food :)

After lunch, we drove back to Dr Slades office, and were a few minutes late. But I think he was running behind too, so it was all good. We did our couples meeting, and went over. Captain America only got 30 minutes for his session. So I decided not to go to Hobby Lobby, and just wait in the lobby for Captain America. Cause by the time I got to Hobby Lobby, I'd have to turn around and come back. I'd go on Thursday. It'd be ok.

The doctor had mentioned something to me about my "connections" I make with other people. How they're not deep. How my transient lifestyle plays into that, but that he's not sure why I don't connect deeper with anyone. And it really got me thinking today, and got me down.

A few things that we talked about bothered me. And the day kinda went down from there. And I didn't react well to those feelings, and I know I hurt Captain America's feelings. And I'm sorry. And I don't know how to fix it. And I hope he can forgive me.

So I'm including a Black copy of this WordArt, a Black/Red copy of this WordArt, and the PSD file with 2 layers, linked, for easy recoloring :) Enjoy!

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Passing the Test

Howdy, howdy, howdy... No, I haven't been watching Toy Story. hehe. But that IS a good movie, I think :) Did you ever see the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, the animated movie? It's one of my FAVORITE Disney movies. hehe. Zurg is HYSTERICAL... Anyway...

So I woke up this morning SUPER tired. I don't know why, but I sure was. I read my scriptures, did my morning routine, said my prayer, and went out to get the kids ready. We had breakfast, got kids dressed, backpacks packed, and kids out the door at 7:30am. Jake started school, Jimmy played, and I went back to sleep. Cause I was SO sleepy.

And I woke up at 9am. And felt a LOT better. Captain America had come back home at some point, and was getting ready to go back to work. He had a HUGE test today, and was a bit stressed about it. They were gonna study for it more this morning.

Jimmy and I left a little after 10am, and went and got gas for the truck, then came back home. We hung out here until the bus at 11am, then Jake and I went to Dollar tree and Walmart. I needed bread from the Dollar Tree. And found a bunch of other essential "Crap" too. hehehe.

At Walmart, I returned a pack of ink cartridges for my printer. They were broken. And got a new one. No hassles, so that was good. And I bought a new EHD, because mine is broken. Apparently, I MAY be able to retrieve some of the info off of it, but I don't know how. Sigh. At least my designing junk is still on my laptop with the broken screen, so I didn't lose any of that stuff.

I got some "personal hygiene" items (I hate it when they're out of what I really like) and a few other essential things, paid at the electronics counter, and Jake and I headed back home. We had lunch, and I designed for about an hour before Jimmy got off of the bus. I now have 2 WordArt packs done for the week. Good for me, huh! I'm excited about getting ahead of my work. Thursdays turn into a SUPER huge day when I have to design for 3-4 hours at a time. It's a lot better to break it up during the week :) Captain America thinks so too :)

We got Jimmy from the bus at 2:30pm, and got everyone a quick snack. We hung up some Halloween decorations that we'd bought at the Dollar Tree, and Jimmy posed in front of it. Cool, huh? Thanks, Jake, for helping me hang them up and taking photos of Jimmy! You're the best :)

So now I'm waiting for Joe to get home off of the bus, and then need to pick up Tom and Eme from Afterschool PE. Oh yeah, and recipies! I can give you guys the Taco Bake one off of the top of my head :)

1 pack of corn OR flour tortilla, cut into 1 inch cubes
1 can tomato soup
1/2 cup milk
2 cups shredded cheese
1 lb ground beef
1 onion
1-2 cups salsa

Brown ground beef and diced onions. In large bowl, combine tortillas, soup, milk, cheese, beef, onions, and salsa. Put into casserole dish, and bake at 350 until heated throughout, cheese is melted, and brown on top. Serve with sour cream.

OK, I'm back from picking up Tom and Eme from AQ (Afterschool PE. What a dumb name - I wonder what it stands for - ha!). And I just have to say, that boys are nasty. All the farting and burping is gross. hehe. Not that I don't fart or burp - ROFL! I just don't get as much pleasure out of it as they do. Or expect OTHER people to get pleasure/enjoyment from it - hehe. You moms of boys will know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. And you moms of girls only will just think that we're nasty :)

I got a card in the mail today from Holland! How cool is that :) One of my blog readers had sent me a "I'm thinking of you" card. It was SOOOO sweet :) My 10 year old thought it was especially awesome :) Thanks, Suzan!

And when I first got out of the hospital, I got a card from another blog follower. You guys rock! Thanks so much for all of your support and care and kind words. It really means a lot to me!

Oh yeah, and Captain America stopped by the house to get dinner to take back to work, and said that he PASSED his test! I was so proud of him! He seemed very relieved :) Glad that it was over, and that he didn't have to restudy and take it again. Pfew!

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4shared - can't get it to link up. Sigh.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Family Night

So I woke up at 6:20am, read my scriptures, said my prayers, and got ready enough for the day. hehe. I decided I didn't wanna shower, and that my hair would pass for one more day. Ha!

I got the kids ready for school, and headed out to my doctors appointment. I had to be to the TMC by 0730 am. And I waited forever, it seemed. I checked some emails and played on facebook for a while.

They finally called me back, and I told the nurse I was there for a medical follow up from my hospitalization for depression. And to refill my Imitrex prescription.

I chatted with the doctor for a few minutes, and all was good. He'd refilled both prescriptions for me, and I headed out to wait at the pharmacy. While I was waiting, Aimee texted me and said that he was having sharp pains and cramps, and wanted to know if I'd take her kids so she could go to the ER. She'd recently miscarried and was pregnant again. Poor girl! Of course I'd take her kids.

I came home after getting my prescription, and she dropped off the kids and headed to the ER. Captain America was still home because it was before 9am, but he left shortly after that. And the poor baby (13 months old) didn't know who I was, and cried for about 10 minutes. But then we were buddies, and she was good. Here's a few pictures of the kids playing.

Jacob especially liked that baby :) He's SUPER good with babies too. Jimmy had fun playing with the kids, and we got him to the bus at 11am. I fed the kids lunch at noon, and Captain America came home shortly after that for lunch. He said that he and his platoon were studying today, and I asked if I could make them treats. He said they'd like that.

So I made these chocolate cupcakes with chocolate chunks and chocolate frosting. They sure looked tasty :) And I made a Taco Bake casserole to split between my family and Aimee's, so she didn't have to cook tonight. Poor girl.

She came back at 1:30ish, and picked up her kids. She had a UTI, which was causing the problems. Thank goodness that was all that it was! I was worried about her. I sent her on her way with the kids and the casserole, and I frosted the cupcakes, and Jake and I took them up to Captain Americas battery.

Those soldiers looked pretty excited about cupcakes. ha! I think I made their day. But then, chocolate makes EVERYONE happy, right?

I came back home, and I got a phone call from Tom's teacher asking if I'd signed something about Spelling. Yeah, I didn't remember doing that. She said that Tom has forged my signature, and she seemed pretty upset. I explained how I'd just gotten out of the hospital, and didn't really know what was going on, but that I'd talk to him. Yeah, she didn't seem very sympathetic. Sigh. I set up a conference time with her this Thursday morning. I'm not looking forward to that. It gives me anxiety just thinking about it.

We got Jimmy from the bus at 2:30pm, and I designed a WordArt pack before the other kids got home. It's now 3:30pm, and I'm getting ready to get Joe from the bus, then Tom and Eme from school. I think I need to take some deep breaths, because I feel so stressed out. I know that the depression meds can do that. I guess I just haven't had any situation that I felt I couldn't handle since getting out of the hospital. Tell me it's gonna be ok, ok? hehe.

OK, so part 2 of blogging. hehe. It's now 8:20pm, and I'm settling in for the night. I went and got Joe from the bus, dropped him off at the house, and drove to the school to pick up the big kids from after school PE. I chatted with my mom until they got out, and came back home.

Here's me feeling anxious after school. hehe

We watched the Scooby Doo movie with the kids after school, then turned off the TV and worked on dinner. Here's what the kids had. Modified Taco Bake. Sometime between last Tuesday and today SOMEONE (um, er JIM) ate all of the tortillas.... Who could it be.... Anyway, I had to use tortilla chips instead. The kids seemed to like it, though. Looked and smelled good to me.

And here was my dinner. Yellow squash and zucchini and tomatoes and garlic and pork. With a basil/garlic/tomato marinade. Yeah, it should have looked and smelled and tasted good to me. But I wasn't hungry. I had to choke it down. I wasn't hungry, but forced myself to eat. See, I'm being good.

Everyone worked on homework after school. Joe and Eme and Tom. Tom came clean about what happened at school. He didn't want to tell us that he'd gotten a bad grade because he was afraid of getting in trouble. We talked with him, and helped him understand that he just needed to tell us, and that we'd help him do better in school. That forging a signature was not a good choice, and that we wanted to help him do better. I think the talking to worked a lot. He seemed humbled and not wanting a repeat performance of disappointing mom and dad by getting a call from the teacher.

After Captain America got home, we had Family Home Evening, and talked about recognizing the Spirit (Holy Ghost). We read a few scriptures, a few quotes, and shared experiences of when the spirit has told us things. Mostly stories of warnings. Either heeded or not heeded. It was a nice family home evening. We had family prayer, and sent the kids off to bed.

And here we are. I'm blogging, and Captain Americas playing me guitar songs. I'm gonna design a quick freebie, and we're gonna spend the rest of the evening together :) Night, all :)

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Sing Me A Song

Hola, chickies! Greetings from Ft Bliss, Texas. hehe. How was your weekend? Your Sunday?

Well, I must say, it WAS super nice not to have to wake up early and get moving. Relaxing, lazy Sunday mornings are the BEST when you have children that know how to either 1) sleep in or 2) leave you alone so you can sleep in. hehe. We went for YEARS at the mercy of small children waking us up. FINALLY! We can sleep in :) I'm just saying... something for y'all with small children to look forward to...

Anyway, at 9:35am, we started getting ready for church. Showers and brunch and Sunday clothes and such. Me? Yeah, I was struggling with body image issues. Right before my period, I have a hard time. Nothing I tired on looked good. My new black skirt was missing a button, my cream skirt I tried on was too baggy, my regular black skirt I wear had a seam ripped in the back.

I decided on a bluish teal outfit, but then ended up switching it out for a green/orange outfit. Sigh. I hate days like that. I think I was nervous about the new ward, which only made my anxiety even worse. Sigh. But I said "screw it", left on whatever I had on, and headed out to church.

We got there at 11:20am, and church started at 11:30. Well, we THOUGHT it started at 11:30. We were told it started at 11:30. Yeah, it starts at 12:30. So we were an hour and 10 minutes early. Sigh. We drove over to Captain America's buddy Joe's house (who moved to Ft Sill but kept his house here) to check on it, then went to the park. The kids took their notebooks and colored, and the little ones swang for a while. It didn't make sense to drive all the way back home (10 minutes each way) to just turn around and come back....

Captain America and I sat at a picnic table and chatted for the hour, then we all loaded back up and headed to church. We claimed a new row, and Jake even got to help pass the Sacrament. We recognized quite a few families from the last time we were in the ward, and they remembered us. That was nice :)

We had Fast and Testimony meeting (oops, we forgot it was Fast Sunday...), and took kids to Primary after Sacrament. My friend Paige is still in primary, and we gave our personal info to the new Primary President. She seemed pretty nice. We dropped Jake off at the 12/13 year old class (it was HUGE), then Captain America and I went to Gospel Doctrine. Brother Fox was the Cubmaster when we were originally in the ward, and now he's the Gospel Doctrine teacher. Very nice guy.

I left Captain America in the chapel for Priesthood, and went to Relief Society. One of the girls I knew from last time, Lynette, introduced me to a new girl in the ward, Summer. She knew Laurie and Andrea from when they all lived at Ft Sill! Small world, eh? She seemed pretty nice. We chatted for a while before Relief Society started.

Cobie is in the Relief Society presidency, and we chatted for a while too. She's pretty cool. And I saw Krista (who's in Young Womens), too. The ward has really, really grown since we were there. There were probably 30 women in Relief Society. There's less than 1/2 that many in our old ward...

Anyway, Lynette was teaching the lesson, and taught a really good lesson entitled "Watching with all Perserverence" by David A Bednar. She did a really good job and encouraged a lot of discussion :)

After church, we rounded everyone up and waited FOREVER for Jacobs class to be done. They got out 15 minutes late. hehe. We headed home, changed clothes, and got everyone a snack. I wasn't feeling too well.

See, I'm shy. Yeah, I know, I don't seem shy. And that's all just a front. hehe. I use SO much energy appearing NOT to be shy, I ended up with migraines in new situations. And yeah, I was trying hard not to be shy today. Add that to less caffeine than normal AND a head cold, and I was set up for a doosey of a headache...

Anyway, I took my meds, and laid down until around 5:30pm. Captain America and I cooked dinner for ourselves and for the kids, and hung out and chatted until around 7:30pm. We put the kids to bed, and here I am, at almost 8pm, blogging. I need to make a quick freebie, then post it, then I'll be done for the night :)

As I sit here, I'm enjoying listening to Captain America play guitar songs for the kids as they drift off to sleep. I love that he does that :)

Tomorrow morning at 7:30am, I have a doctors appointment for a follow up on my depression medication at the TMC (Troop Medical Clinic/ Army doctor). Plus, I need more migraine meds. I've only got one pill left. Yeah, that's not good. hehe.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Scriptures Are True - 2011 Primary Theme

Welcome, welcome, Sabbath morning... You know that song? hehe. Anyway, hope you guys are having a good weekend :)

I woke up with my head cold no better. Sigh. I took some meds, and thankfully I slept in, so at least I wasn't sleepy. At 9:30am, we drove to Laurie's house and picked up her 2 youngest kids and brought them back to our house.

Laurie and her husband were in the US Virgin islands on vacation, and her mom was watching her kids. She needed to take the older 2 to a Karate thing, and didn't wanna take all 4. So we watched the little 2. Laurie and Spencer were supposed to be home last night, but because of a storm, their flights were delayed and such.

Anyway, the kids had a lot of fun playing at our house. Rowan is a year younger than Jimmy, and Kaytia is in Joe's class this year at school. The kids all played nicely together.

Me? I was wiped out because of this cold. I just mostly layed around in bed. Seriously. I felt like crap. I did manage to get these photos, though.

Captain America set up the Hot Wheel Derby track, and let the kids race. They all had a blast :)

Captain America got 1st, Katyia got 2nd, and Rowan got 3rd

I was SO grateful for a husband who plays well with children! He kept those kids entertained all the way to lunch time. I helped get the hot dogs and chips and celery and peanut butter on plates, and retreated back to my room. When laying down, I really didn't feel that bad.

Captain America woke me up close to 2pm and said that he needed me to help him pick up his truck from the shop. We didn't know when/how we were supposed to give Laurie's kids back. We didn't have her moms phone number. So I texted Laurie, and she said they were home, and to drop off the kids.

So Captain America and I headed to drop off Lauries kids, then proceeded to drive out to pick up his truck. We paid the dude, and chit chatted about the truck for a bit, then headed home. I, of course, missed the on-ramp to the interstate, and ended up driving a side rode for a while, but found my way eventually. hehe. Even thought I left before Captain America, he beat me home because of the little "detour" I took. Ha!

I debated going to the Relief Society broadcast tonight. See, my head cold was kicking my butt. I didn't feel good. But I really wanted to hear the message. And chat with some friends. What to do, what to do. I had one group of girls say they were meeting at the church at 3:30pm, and that I could go with them. The stake was having a service project at 4pm. Then, another group was leaving at 4:45pm, in time to make the 5:15pm dinner. And another group was leaving at 5:20pm, to make the 6pm broadcast.

I settled on the 5:20pm group and the broadcast. That gave me time to shower and get ready and still be rested, and not be gone too long. Laurie came and picked me up at 5:20pm, and we drove over to Tiffany's house. Tiffany drove over to the stake center. It was a nice chat during our drive.

The conference was wonderful. I especially loved President Monsons talk about "Not Judging". Really, we don't know what people are going through, or what all the circumstances are, or why people do what they do. We shouldn't pass judgment on them. I hope they have it up online tomorrow so I can listen to it again with Captain America :)

Captain America drove out to the Stake center and picked me up after the conference, and we went out to dinner. It was very fun. We went to Applebees, and I got my Shrimp and Spinach salad. Very tasty! Then, we drove over to the East Side and went to a $2 movie. Charlie StCloud. And I really liked the movie, too. Good thing I brought my jacket, because the theater was freezing.

I liked the movie a lot. It talked of moving on, and not living in the past, and starting over. Great movie :)

We got home around 11pm, and poor Jacob was freaking out because he thought he'd got bitten by a spider. I really think he just stepped on something. I had him put some ice on it, and sent him back to bed.

It's now 12:15am, and I need to go to sleep. I'm SO glad that I designed earlier in the day. Cause I don't think I'd be of much use, design wise, right now. LOL! Let's hope I feel better in the morning. And good thing our new ward doesn't start until 11:30am. Woohoo!

This is the 2011 LDS Primary Theme, in case anyone wanted to get a jump start on next year :) I'd gotten a few requests for it, so here it is :)

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