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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Super Bowl Party

Well, it started off being a good day. Really, it did :) I was tired when I woke up in the morning, because I was working on a project for Captain America last night, emailing him some large files. And they didn't send easy. So it threw off my tine schedule, and I was to bed late. And I was a little miffed, but I love him, so it's ok.

I got up, got the kids to school, and SO wanted to go back to bed, but I was going to the pool. And it was only 19 degrees outside. I think I must have been crazy - hehe :)

I got there, and didn't know it, but Kari had texted and said that she was gonna drive the kids to school, so she wouldn't be there the same time as me. So I started swimming. 8 full laps into it, Kari was there.Check out the eye hickies that my goggles left. Nice...

And it was SO hard today! The fact that the water felt cold didn't help - hehe. But, I did it. I swam 16 full laps, or 1 mile. And then I headed home. Captain America was supposed to call between 9:30 and 11am so we could chat.

I got home around 9am, and showered and got ready. Yeah, those goggles REALLY did a number on my poor eyes!

I got dressed, and ready for the day, and still no Captain America on Skype. I wondered where he was. He must have had to work later than he thought.... And while I was sad that he wasn't there, I knew that he would be there if he could, so I tried not to think too harshly of him.

And then I started on my pizzas, and didn't hear when he got on Skype at 10;30am. Darn! I finally noticed it at 11 something. And by then, it was time for me to go. So I chatted with him for a few minutes, and had to run. And I could tell that he was upset with me for having to go. And I was starting to get a little upset with him for getting upset with me.... sigh.

So we hung up, and I headed over to Lauries house. I brought the pizzas, and my cupcakes that I made yesterday. And as we were carrying them into Laurie's house (oh yeah, we'd taken Jim to the bus at some point in the morning - hehe), Jake accidentally dropped the cupcakes. They had a lid, but they looked like MUSH. Oh well. It upset me a little, but I recovered. They still smelled good. And the girls said that they tasted good. I probably shouldn't have been so grouchy at Jake when it happened. He didn't mean to drop it. Sorry, Jake...

We had lunch, and dessert, then worked on our crafts. It was a nice afternoon. Besides the fact that I was worried that Captain America was upset with me...

Kari turned 35

Pizza and salad for me!
Strawberry dumplins. These looked tasty, but I didn't have any...
Kari and Laurie and I and Terra and Maggie were there. And we really did have a good time. Terra taught the girls how to make homemade hair curly ribbons for the girls (wrap ribbon around a small dowl rod, secure with WOODEN clothes pins, bake for 15 minutes at 275), Kari worked on a work project, and I worked on the kids' Valentines. It was a productive afternoon, and we had fun socializing.

When I got home, after picking up Jimmy from the bus, I saw that Captain America had emailed me. And was upset. Sigh. I knew that was gonna happen. He was disappointed in me for not chatting with him instead of going to the party. And it really stressed me out that he was upset with me. And that he wasn't here for me to work it out in person with him...

So I read the email, and re-read it, and tried not to get my feelings too hurt. I know that he's had a rough week over there, and that things are getting busy. And that he's doing his best. And I just wish that he'd realized that I was doing my best too. And had given me a little bit more benefit of the doubt.

I forwarded the email to my therapist, and asked what I should do. I didn't wanna write back and be all grouchy, which I felt like doing. That wasn't gonna help anything. I needed some advice. And who better to ask then the therapist right? He wrote to both Captain America and I and gave us some things to keep in mind, about how we really do love each other, and that it was gonna be hard to keep ourselves feeling close to one another this far away. That we needed to give each other the benefit of the doubt, and make sure that we're doing things to keep ourselves feeling "up and happy" so that we have "up and happy" feelings to share with each other. And then try and take advantage of the times that we do have together.

When the kids got home at 3:30pm, I fed them leftover party food, and went to lay down for an hour or so. I wasn't feeling too good. I felt the beginnings of a stress headache coming on, and all I wanted to do was eat. And that's NOT what I really needed. So I had my snack, and took a nap. And woke up around 4:30 or 5pm.

And had left over pizza from lunch for dinner (2 of them are my serving) and some more salad. And an apple.

And then had the kids start on their chores. And I went in the little kids room, and found that it was TRASHED again. Sigh. What's up with the messy kids!
So we cleaned for about an hour, and it was presentable. And I even vacuumed. Now, if they'd just keep it that way.
Those stains are nasty, huh? I need to rent one of those rug doctor things... And then I made sure that the big kids had gotten the rest of the house cleaned, and we sat down to watch a movie. Mr Bean something or another. I'm blogging, so I'm not really paying attention. I think he must have gone to France, because I don't understand anything they're saying. And I don't think poor Mr Bean understands anything either - hehe.

THe kids are entertained, and really, that's what I'm going for, right?

So here it is, 8:01pm. I'm done blogging. I've got the freebie posted. I'm gonna put the little kids to bed, grab a diet soda and some herbal tea, and watch some TV. Maybe with the big boys. Maybe by myself. I don't know yet. We'll see how the evening plays out :)

Captain America is typically online around 9pm my time, so hopefully he'll chat with me. And we'll get this misunderstanding all worked out. Because I love my man, and I don't want him to have upset feelings with me :)

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4shared is dumb again...

Cool, Sharon! Liking this one!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Normal People

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Hey there, guys! Hope your day was good! Mine was. Busy, but good :) But then, that's the norm for my days, huh? hehe.

I stayed up too late again last night watching TV and blogging, and finally went to bed at 11:30pm. I'm gonna do better tonight :)

I piled all the laundry on the opposite side of the bed to where I sleep, and arranged it to be "Captain America". And snuggled with my laundry man all night long :) Miss you, sweetheart! Laundry man has NOTHING on the real thing...

I woke up at 7 something, and was SO sleepy. I got the kids to the bus, and Jake and Jim were still asleep. I woke up Jake, because Boxer missed him (hehe), and I went to bed for 20 minutes. And then got up, and ate breakfast, and straightened up the house, and got ready to go hiking. Rowan was coming to play with Jim and Jake, and I didn't want the house to be completely trashed.

And by 9:15am, we were out the door and headed to the mountains.

We did a hike that Kari and I had done early on, but Laurie hadn't been on it before. And it started off with TONS of rocks and was kinda hard, then flattened out, and we mistakenly thought it was gonna be easy from there. Yeah, not so much. Then it went up again, and we were all dying! But it was SUCH a good hike.

And me :)
Jake and Rowan and Boxer had walked Jim to the bus (making sure he didn't get in the water today), and were at home being good when we all got home a little after 11am. Laurie and Rowan hurried home to have home with her hubby, and Jake and I hopped in the Saturn and headed to the Dollar Tree to get supplies for Kari's B-day party.

Laurie and I found out that it's Kari's b-day on Saturday, and since we're having a luncheon tomorrow anyway, we decided to do a joint crafty luncheon/b-day party! I had seen Monster Truck decorations at the Dollar Tree, and thought they were SO cute. So, Kari, you're getting a monster truck party - ROFL! I'll keep it for a boy's party down the road...

And I found all the stuff I needed at the Dollar Tree, and they had my Sandwich Rounds that I like so much!!! You ever had them? Yeah, they're WONDERFUL! And only 100 calories for both halves together. I bought all 8-10 packages of them. I'll put them in the freezer. Usually they're between $2.50-$3.00 a pack. And these were only $1.00. Can't pass that up!

They also had bagel rounds. I figured the kids would like them, and would be more healthy than big bagels. AND, I bought some bread for Kari. I'd called to see how many she wanted. Nature's Own for a Dollar? yeah, SWEET deal :)

And then Jake and I headed to FAllas Parades on Montwood. Because I wanted to get a present for Kari. And yeah, it was my LUCKY DAY! They had a TON of clearance out front, and it was 70% off of the lowest ticketed price! YES! SCORE! I was SO excited.

I found SO much stuff. I got zipper hoodies for Eme, and for me, and for Kari's daughter Josephine. Because for 70% off of $0.90, you can't really pass that by...

I got this cart full of clothes for only $32. And that purse was only $2.30.

And then Jake and I headed back home. Because I was SO gonna wet my pants. hehe. I wanted to go to Big Lots, but needed to get Jim from the bus too. So we drove home. We've been listeneing to Glee for the past few days, and the kids have decided that the MC Hammer song, Hammer Time is their FAVORITE. So I had it blaring, and was busting a move, of course.

As we came through the gate, I turned it down a little, but the MP gate guard still heard it. He was laughing, and said "Is that MC Hammer?". Yeah, I said, the Glee version, and we were TOTALLY dancing to it! Jake pipped in, and said 'Not me". "Ok, not him, but I was TOTALLY dancing to it". He laughed again, and we went on our way. See, I bring joy to everyone I meet. ROFL!

I dropped off the bread and 4 sweatshrits for Josephine at Kari's house, and went home. And luckily didn't wet my pants. Especially with the amount of dancing going on...

Jake and I had lunch and watched a few minutes of a movie. Then it was time for me to get Jim from the bus, and time for Jake to do school. I picked Jimmy up from the bus stop, and he and I headed to the commissary to get frosting for Kari's cake. I wanted to make German Chocolate Cupcakes. My mom had sent me a link a few days ago, and they looked DIVINE. Sure, I'm not eating sweets, but it still LOOKED good :)

And we got stuck at a stoplight.... First, about 200 army men in full gear and battle armor walked past, then this PT group ran past. I think we were there for like 5 minutes...

But we eventually made it to the commissary, and grabbed a little basket, and grabbed the few things that we needed. I already had the cake mix, so I just needed the coconut and nut frosting. SO yummy. And I grabbed a few other things, and found some chicken breasts for $0.70 a lb! Great price! Fresh ones, too. AND it had a $1.50 off coupon. So that was even cheaper! Today was my day for deals!

And I headed home. And the kids had just got there, and I had them do their chores, and I made the cupcakes and let them cool. And diced up some green peppers, and onions, and celery, and 2/3 of the chicken (a 5 1/2 lb package), and added a Tomato, Basil, and Garlic marinade sauce to it, and put it in the fridge to sit until tomorrow. Then, I'm gonna saute it up, and put it on the sandwich rounds with cheese, and make pizzas! Good ideas, huh?

So that went into the fridge, and then I started assembling the cupcakes. Joe was watching me from the counter as he worked on his homework, and the other kids were still doing their chores.

First, I picked off the overlap from the cupcakes. And the kids ate those pieces. And then took off the liner. Do you spray Cooking Spray inside your liners? I do, every time. And they come off SO easily...

Then, I took a sharp knife, and sliced the cupcake into 3 layers. And spread the coconut/nut frosting on and layered it. So there were 3 cake layers and 2 frosting layers.

Then, I took the left over fudgey frosting from the other day, and put a dollop on top of the cupcakes. And put the rest of the coconut/nut frosting in a baggie, cut the end, and squeezed it on top of the chocolate frosting. I thought they looked pretty tasty :)

And I have another dozen left to do. But I think I'm gonna just cut the cupcakes top off, put on some frosting, and put the top back on. And give those to the kids. hehe. These fancy ones are for the adults, that's for sure :)

And then, we grilled up the rest of the chicken, and ate it with salad. And it was time to go to Hockey. Joe got ready before we left, and Jim grabbed his gear, and we'd get him ready there.

And we drove to the Hoceky Rink, busting a move to MC Hammer the WHOLE way there. I think we listened to it about 3 times... I hurried and put Jim's gear on him, and we headed inside. And I got their skates and sticks from the shop, and off to the ice they went.

And Kari and I chatted and laughed at the kids and their funniness on the ice, and had a grand time :) I'm SO glad that I have a buddy to hang with while the boys play.

And the house zipped by, and we were changing them back into their regular clothes, and heading back home. People at home (and the little boys) were hungry (apparently chicken and salad isn't enough?), so everyone had a sandwich, and it was time for bed.

Jake and Tom and I watched an episode of Chuck together, and I started in on my blog. And now I have to go and load my store, and then I'm done for the night. I realized that this is pretty much the first time that I've sat down today. SO tired. I'm gonna sleep well tonight, that's for sure :)

Oh yeah, I took a few pics this evening of my new things. Aren't they cool!

This Jacket was under $4.50
Sweater coat
4 light hoodies/jackets
Cool green purse
I'm SO excited to wear something new tomorrow - hehe. Kari and I are gonna go to the pool after the kids go to school, and then I'm going to Lauries after I get Jim to the bus, to decorate with all of my Monster Truck stuff - hehe. I'm such a dork, huh? But you still love me :)

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4shared - not happening tonight...And it was doing SO well lately...

Hehe, great photos, Sharon! And I love the newsprint!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Yeah, I kinda got sucked into the book. I'll admit it. I LOVE to read. But I don't let myself. Because I get a little obsessed with the story. And don't wanna stop. And neglect things. Like my house. And the laundry. And the dishes. And the kids. And sleep. hehe. So, I only occasionally let myself read.

Anyway, I was up until 11pm last night watching TV, THEN started reading. And was up until almost 1am reading. Sigh. SO not good. hehe. Well, good, but not good that I had to get up to get kids ready for school.

Yeah, I was kinda a zombie. But they made it to the bus all right. So that's good. And I was gonna go back to bed, but the book kept calling my name. So of course, I had to read....

And around 10am, I decided that I should probably get ready for Yoga... And get Jimmy ready for school. I'd already wasted away all my grocery shopping time - hehe. Oh well, it was SUCH A great story!

Although, I don't know why I was reading a sappy romance story while my hubby was gone. It just made me miss him all the more.... Still, it was a fun read.

Anyway, Jake took Jim to the bus, and I headed to Yoga with Kari. And yeah, the room was FREEZING. We started out with some Sun Salutation to try and get the blood pumping, instead of the typical relaxing start. And focused on arms today. And yeah, I'm SO gonna be sore tomorrow. hehe. My upper body strength is lacking. But it was a good workout today :)

As we drove home, I saw that I'd missed 4 calls from the school. Great. Who was sick now... I called them back, twice, before I got the story right. Apparently, Jim had come to school ALL WET. Hmmm... The nurse had given him new pants to wear, but they were a little big.

I called Jake, and he said that Jim had jumped in a puddle at the bus stop. Lovely. You know, I really should send the kids each with a not, explaining that my husband has just deployed for the first time, and that I'm a single mother with 5 children. And I'm doing my best to keep it all together. hehe :) HOpefully they're not rolling their eyes at my poor parenting skills...

Anyway, I had lunch, and read my book. Jake and I finished the last few minutes of a Fringe episode that we'd started the other day, and I read some more. Jake got finished with school, and I kept reading. SUCH a good book :)

But I tore myself away, and made myself print out the shopping list, and get ready to go. After Jim got home from the bus, I headed to the commissary. I tried to call my mom to chat with her, but she wasn't answering. So, I just shopped by myself :) And got all the things I needed.

And then headed to the dollar tree to look for bread and dog bones. And I didn't find the dog bones I wanted, so I got a different kind, and will have to go to a different Dollar Tree soon to find the treats. Boxer knows that EVERY time he goes in his kennel for the night, or when we leave, that he gets a treat. And I don't wanna run out. He's SO good about going inside when we say Kennel and point to it.

Anyway, grabbed a few thins from the Dollar Tree, and headed home. I thought about stopping at Sonic, but decided that since I was planning on going to Carls Jr with the kids tonight, I didn't need another 44 oz. hehe.

I got home, and had the kids all help me carry in the groceries. AQ was canceled for the week because it got cold again, so Tom and Eme and Joe were home. I put away groceries, and started on dinner (turkey hamburgers), and had the kids do their chores. And I cooked my dinner, and finished off the book! Thank goodness! Now I could move on with my life - hehe :) No more books for a while :)

The kids ate dinner, and played for a while, and soon it was time to go to Scouts. Eme didn't have Achievement Days, so she was coming with Jim and Joe and me to Carls Jr Playland.

We dropped the boys off at church, and continued on. I discovered that their 44 oz cups were only $0.99, so I got one for me, and one for the kids. Because I REALLY don't like sharing with them. And a large fries to share.

I pulled out my laptop, and designed 2 WordArt packs. And totally could have designed more had I not been so distracted by Facebook - ROFL! Ever since I realized that Carls Jr has free Wi-Fi, my productivity level there has decreased. Go figure...
But they do have all the DDP and Diet Coke (just for you Charlotte!) you can drink! For only $0.99! I'm SO wanting you to come next week, girl!
I made Joe finish his homework before he could go and play...
And after about an hour, the big kids texted me saying they were done. So we loaded back up, and headed to the church. And picked up the big kids, and headed home. And we sang Glee songs on my phone (hooked into the trucks stereo) the WHOLE way home. And I decided that I have a hard time singing, dancing AND driving at the same time. Because see how into it I get?

Can I get a ticket for using my phone as a microphone? I wouldn't be talking on it? Just singing into it. And, I realized that if you sing into an empty soda can, that it vibrates kinda neat, and feels like a microphone. Well, kinda. You can feel your voice vibrating, anyway.... Try it. You'll like it :)

Yeah, I don't just sing songs in the car. I BELT them out. My voice hurts after sometimes even... And I like to dance. Like the M C Hammer song that was on the Glee album. That one was SUPER fun to dance to - hehe.

We got home, and I put all the kids to bed. Jake and Tom had been fighting and arguing before scouts WAY too much, so no watching Chuck for them. I got online, and started blogging and Facebooking. And I Skype chatted with Captain America for a few minutes, but he had to hurry off to work. Busy boy, he is :)

Oh yeah, have any of you bought from www.1saleaday.com? My friend Terra sent me a link to a 1/2 price Nook, and I got one, but the reviews on the site were horrible. I'm hoping that I get my Nook, and that it works.... Please, someone dispel my fears...

And as for the diet, I'm doing good! On day 2 of no cheats. Although, I must admit, I'm feeling VERY munchy tonight. No, I'm not gonna cave. I'm just gnawing away at this gum. And I'm gonna go get some diet hot chocolate after I'm done with my blog, and watch Glee. Yeah, I was down 3 1/2 lbs this morning. Can you tell just HOW much junk I'd been eating. hehe. SO need to reign that one in :)

I loved this saying from the second I saw it. HOW FUNNY IS THAT?? And how true, too, huh???

Thanks, Sharon, for the layout!!!

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