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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tons of Fun!

Better day, thank goodness! Started off early with a tummy ache, unfortunately. Cici's Pizza will do that to ya... Jake left for school at 7am, and Tom, Eme, and Joe left at 7:30am. And I had Jim to daycare by 8 am. Kari picked me up at the CDC parking lot, and we headed over the mountain.

And had a mild hike today, but still, after the 2 mile power walk last night, and the pilates, I was dying... Poor Kari went slow for me, but still. Pfew! It was hard. But I did it. I tried to get a picture of some little critter, but it was too fast. hehe. I did catch my shadow- ROFL!

And we headed back over the mountain. And Kari realized that she was almost out of gas. So we stopped at the Transmountain Circle K, and I ran in for a DDP. BooYa!
She dropped me off at the CDC, and I headed in to get Jim. They were JUST sitting down to eat lunch (we were too late for the bus) and Jim was the table helper. So I pulled up a chair, too, and he had lunch. It was fun to sit at the little table with the kids :)

Milk, Tater Tots, Pears, and Sloppy Joes

I drove Jim to school, and dropped him off at the front. And he was really sad, for some reason. As I was driving off, he ran back to the car. Whaaat? That's a first... So I parked the car in the turn around, and got him in the building and to an aid to take him to class. Poor kid.

I hustled back home, let the dog out of the kennel, and changed clothes. Didn't have time for a shower, though. Crap! I hurridly applied a fresh layer of make up, pulled my hair kinda back, threw on a dress, and was ready to go.

Terra had her girls in daycare, but daycare called and said that Krista had a temp of 99, and needed picked up. So she went back to get them, and I met Terra at her house. And we went to Olive Garden together. 99 is SO not stay home worthy. hehe.

Here's me with my pretty hat.

And Terra's hat

I must say, walking into that Olive Garden, people are SO not used to seeing hats. I had ooohs and aaaahs and little kids pointing and it was SO much fun. hehe. I just stood up tall and proud and smiled at everyone. Funny, huh?

Amanda and her Grandma were there first to save us a spot. They had paper hats from newspapers. Nope, not gonna cut it. I'd brought a HUGE bag of hats and flowers to attach to it. So I hooked them up. Laurie and Rowan came too, then Maggie. Terra and Maggie both had hats that they'd made, but the other girls borrowed hats from me.

Here's Laurie with the big hat
Amanda (she traded this one in for a big pink and white one 1/2 way through)

Maybe poor Krista really was sick after all. She slept with her head on the table most of the meal, then woke up and wanted to snuggle. Mom had her most of the time time, but I got her at the end. She was SO snuggly. LOVED it!
My hat was SO big, people kept bumping it as they walked by. ha!
It was the first time I'd gone to Olive Garden with the girls and NOT gotten Soup and Salad. I ordered the Apricot Chicken with steamed broccoli, asparagus and tomatoes. SO good! And I asked for my salad with no dressing. I ate the WHOLE bowl. Love me some salad :)

We were there for a few hours, then headed home. It was SUCH a great lunch. I really enjoyed myself and my friends :)

I got home in time to blog. Blogger was FINALLY working, and I had 30 minutes before Jim got off the bus. So I got my pictures on there, and added some journaling, and called it good. I hope that Blogger doesn't have anymore issues. That wasn't so fun.

I watched an episode of In Plain Sight after Jim got home, then we watched some Phineas and Ferb. Jake came home at 3:15pm, and walked the dog. Tom and Eme and Joe came home at 3:30pm, and I made some snacks for the kids. Jake headed to the pool at 4pm for something to do (he was grounded from friends and electronics for today only), and Eme went to her friends house to play.

At 5:15pm, I dropped Jim off at Kari's house. She was taking Josephine to a game at the SAME field that Jim was playing. I think they played each other, come to think of it. Joe had a game at exactly the same time. So I dropped off Jim, and Tom and Joe and I headed out to Joe's game.

I took a movie of him batting, but ended up erasing it on accident. Crap. It was cute, too! Anyway, at 6:15pm, I drove Tom to his game (practice at 6:30, game at 7), and headed back to Joe's game. I watched the last 5 minutes, and it was over. Joe and I loaded up, and headed back to post. We picked up Jim from Kari's house (they'd JUST gotten home), and headed back home.

We ditched the car, and took the truck. And brought Jake back to the game with us. He was bored, and needed a distraction. And we grabbed some folding chairs. I was done sitting on the grass. hehe.

And I decided that Jake just has no social restraints. He thinks something is funny, and says it. You don't say "Epic Fail!!!" to the poor 10 year old who just struck out. Because it's mean. But he doesn't understand that. He thinks it's funny. And honestly doesn't understand why I don't think it's funny. EVERYONE he knows, except me, apparently, thinks it's funny. I asked him how many mom's he hangs out with. None, he says. Yeah, it's because he hangs out with 8th grade boys. That's why EVERYONE thinks its funny.... But his little brain doesn't register it.

And he kept asking why Tom sucked so bad. I kept shushing him, and he kept saying 'Why, it's true?" Sigh. Maybe bringing him to the game isn't such a great idea. He was driving me nuts. But, I knew hat he wasn't trying to drive me nuts, so it wasn't too bad. I only had to send him to the truck once (he walked there, turned around and came back. Because, apparently, I'd just told him to go to the truck, not to stay here... smarty pants!) I told him that I really wanted for him to stay and hang out with me, but that I wanted him to be positive and stop being rude. Luckily there was only 5 minutes left in the game.

Tom's team won, I think (there's no score board and they don't make a big deal of the score), they got a snack, and we headed home. And the kids made a HUGE fort in the living room, and had a sleep over. Me? I locked myself in my room and had a peaceful evening to myself. I was happy, though, that the kids wanted to all have a sleep over together. SO sweet :)

It's now 10pm, and I'm gonna tie this up, go get some Herbal Tea, and watch a few episodes of Flash Forward. And sleep in tomorrow. I told the kids that electronics wasn't open until after 9am. And to NOT wake me up before then. hehe.

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Beautiful, Sharon! Love these darks and lights together!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Mine's Bigger Than Yours

Silly Blogger! It wasn't working last night. So I couldn't blog. So I couldn't do any work. Hmpf! I did get my store loaded, though. Click HERE to go to my store to see my new releases :)

LinkI'll come back and blog later. But for now, you can just TRY and guess what I did all day long from my pictures. ROFL!

OK, I'm back. Yeah, this is why I don't like blogging the next day. Hmpf. I forget what I did. hehe.

So I got up in the morning, got the kids to the bus, got Jim up, and took him to child care. Then swung by the house, got ready, picked up Kari, and Amanda, and we 3 headed to Pilates. Never did it before, but it sounded good. hehe. The teacher was a German lady, and yeah, I had the HARDEST time understanding her.

But I enjoyed the class. I'm feeling the burn now. hehe. Here's some pictures from the class. I totally thought these looked like steering wheels.

We headed back home, I dropped off the girls at their houses, grabbed Jim from childcare, got him to the bus, and got to go and play with Terra. We needed supplies for our hats for lunch on Friday :)

We drove to the East Side, and had lunch at The Corner Bakery. OMHeavens, it was delicious!

I had 1/2 a club Panini and a Cesear Salad. Yeah, probably should have gone with something more healthy. Come to find out, it was gonna be a blow out food day anyway, so I guess it was fine...

Terra got the cheesecake, and it tasted like Refrigerator, so she sent it back, and got this brownie instead. I had a little nibble, and it was yummy :)

Next stop, Hobby Lobby. OMHeavens, they have some GREAT stuff there. I found some FABULOUS stuff for my hat! I was pretty excited.

I thought this looked like a crown. hehe.
Here's the twins
Next stop, Walmart. Jake needed new underclothes. Dang, underclothes are expensive, you know. hehe. I was pretty excited when I saw this, though. I'll wait for a year or so until it comes down to $20.

So I made my way to the mens underclothes section, and here's what I found......But not really what i was looking for for my 5'8", 205 lb 13 year old.... hehe.

He got new boxer briefs, new socks, and new white undershirts.
And I got hair color and apples. Because my gray is HORRIBLE... hehe.

Terra had a free coupon for Chik Fil A for a salad, so we picked one up for her for dinner, and she got me a DDP. Thanks, my dear!
She dropped me off at my house, and I started working on my hat. I wanted to use this white one. But I didn't really like it when it all got together.
So I tried the black one instead. MUCH better!

But yeah, the gray has GOT to go. I was supposed to do it Thursday night, but it didn't happen...
I got Jim from the bus (wearing my hat to show the girls - ha!), and headed back home. I made Homemade carmel corn for the kids. It was SUPER yummy.

I popped up 2 batches of air pop corn in the popper, and put it in a paper bag. I melted 1 stick of margarine (1/2 cup), 1 cup of brown sugar, 1/4 cup of caro syrup, 1 tsp of vanilla, and 1/4 tsp of salt. When it was all combined and melted, I added 1/2 tsp of baking soda, and it got big and puffy.

JAke was home from school by then, and I had him hold the paper bag, and shake it as I poured in the caramel sauce. We shook it really good, and put it in the microwave (in the bag) for 1 minute. Then shook it again. Then in the microwave for another minute. Then shook it. Then laid it on the cookie sheet to cool. Tasty, huh?
We bagged the caramel corn up in brown lunch sacks, and got ready for the ice rink. The 3 neighbor boys wanted to come too, so I arranged for Amanda to take one of my so that we all fit in the truck. Me and 7 kids. 8 total. Crazy, huh? hehe.

We drove to the rink, and the kids got to skate for an hour. Amanda and Terra and Amanda's grandma and I hung out for the hour, then all headed home.

Jake wanted to play at the neighbors house, so I told him that AFTER his chores, he could go. He and Zach had made plans to walk to the Shoppette for sodas, too. Should have been a fun evening for them. Should have...

So we get home, and I start on dinner. And Jake decided to finish off ALL the soda from the community bottle in the fridge. And apparently Joe got mad at that, and threw the empty bottle (plastic) at Jake's butt. And he got SO mad. He chased Joe around the house saying that he was gonna beat him up.

OK, so Joe shouldn't have thrown a plastic bottle at Jake's butt. I get that. BUT, chasing a 60 lb child around the house threatening to pummel him is SO not an appropriate response. SO not. But Jake didn't get that. And he just continued to escalate.

He went ON and ON about how I NEVER do anything when the kids be mean to him, so that's WHY he has to take matters into his own hands. I finally locked all the kids inside my room so that they could escape from his rantings. And I tried to cook dinner.

But he kept turning off the burners. And turning the others on. SO not safe. Hmpf. I tried to lock myself in the bedroom with the other kids, but Jake wouldn't let me in. Grrr. He just kept escalating and escalating. Apparently I NEVER do anything with him or the other kids. And I don't punish him the same as the other kids. He always gets in more trouble than them. What else did he say??

He kept saying, "You must hate me because you always try and take the fun out of everything, and make my life horrible". Sigh. I couldn't take it anymore, and left the house. He followed for a little bit, but he's not into exercise in the least, so he headed back home. I sat at the park for about 10 minutes, then came back home.

He was in his room, watching a movie. He'd found a cable to connect the DVD player to the TV. Crap. Thinking that I was being SO tricky, I went to the garage and turned off the braker to his room. And went back to cooking. Yeah, that SO backfired on me. He figured out what I did, and turned off the power to my bedroom, where the other kids were playing. They didn't wanna be locked in a dark room. Crap.

And, he figured out how to turn off the power to the kitchen. So I couldn't put the casserole in the oven. Double crap. But, on the plus side, while he was in the garage, I managed to go into his room and take the cable. So no more TV for him.

Eventually, I got so frustrated, that I loaded up all the kids (minus him), and headed away. We were going out for dinner! Cici's pizza is all you can eat, and cheap. Not good, I'll admit, but cheap. The other kids were excited!
Where else can you get MacNCheese pizza?
Joe ate like there was NO tomorrow. That child only eats every few days, I think. hehe. He even smuggled a piece of pizza out of the restaurant. LOL!
We got home, and Jake was sitting on the couch with a portable DVD player, watching a movie. WHAAAAT? I was pissed. I really was. I took ALL The extra electroncis in the house, and stashed it in the locking shed outside. TV's, CD's, CD players, everything. Now there's NO way for him to get access to ANYTHING. And I added another key to the chain around my neck. Great...

I sent the kids to bed, and headed to my room. And realized that I'd grown out of ALL my pants. I was SO mad. I started taking clothes out of my closet and putting them in a box. And I was SO angry. But 1/2 way through the closet, I realized that it wasn't a good solution.

So, I put on my exercise clothes, and headed out on a walk. And SUPER fast power walk. Because I was mad. I had tears streaming down my face, and was pumping my arms as fast as I could. But really, it made me feel a LOT better. I was more cooled off by the time I got home.

He was in his room, and I went in mine, and locked the door. I was still mad at him, and didn't wanna interact. I need to work on my loving feelings, I guess...

Anyway, I sat down to load my store, and get all those details taken care of. Then, at 10:30pm, started to blog. Crap. Blogger was down. I couldn't get on. Oh well, no blogging, I guess. I figured that I'd come back sometime on Friday and fix it...

I took a shower, and watched an episode of Flash Forward, then headed to bed. And slept well. That's good.

So, there's my missed day. hehe.

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Ha! Great one, Sharon :)