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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Customized WordArt

I've gotten quite a few requests in the past little bit for Customized WordArt. You know, those quotes that wouldn't be good all the blog readers. Or that had specific names in the Quote. Well, rather than just turn you away (because I so HATE to do that), I decided to give you another choice! This new "WordArt" is in my Scraporchard store. All you need to do is purchase this "WordArt" (really, it's just a Word Document that gives you further instructions on how to get me the quote) to get started. Within a day or so, you'll have your own, personalized, customized WordArt that you can't get anywhere else! (I'm so smart - lol!)

Click here to go to my Scraporchard store and get started! Aren't you so excited! COST: $2.50 each

1 comment:

Gry Offernes said...

What an awesome idea! I was just thinking on how to convince you in making a couple for me *LOL*. Now I rather stroll over to your store...