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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Who Wants a Sale?????

So basically, it's almost 50% off your purchase! WOW!!!

And, I have a few NEW products in my Secret Store (ok, so it's not really SECRET, but the products aren't officially released until Friday, so you can snag them NOW, and on SALE!!!)

secret store here
$2.00 for the first week!

secret store here
$2.00 for the first week!

secret store here
$2.00 for the first week.

Ok, so stay with me here. If you went to my store, and put these 3 new WordArt packs in your cart, then added 2 more WordArt packs (at $2.50 each), you'd have a total of $11.00 - Then, you'd get $4.06 off, so you'd only pay $6.94 (or $1.38 a pack - or $0.34 a WordArt - hey, maybe I need to re-think this sale - lol)

I'm just saying - wanna save a little bit of money on my really cool WordArt packs, now would be the time :) LOL!!!

And yeah, this is ORCHARD-WIDE, so feel free to browse the other stores (after mine, of course - LOL!!)


Anonymous said...

Hi, Love that toddler attitude pack...I had $2 left from winning a challenge and had to snag it.
Can't wait to use it.

Jud565 said...

Okay, okay....I'm sold. (lol) Thanks!