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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sunshine on My Shoulder

OK, you guys, did you know it's been 30 days!!! Captain America has been gone for a LONG TIME! I've been doing really well, for the most part, but got a bit sad on Monday. Missing my sweetheart!

It's Birthday Party time again - Yes, I know. You're getting tired of all the b-day pictures, but that's the price you pay for WordArt freebies - ha!

This time, it was the party for my oldest, Jacob. He's b-day is really on Sunday, but since my parent will be in Utah visiting my sister and her family, we did it early. Here's his Transformers donut cake - cute, eh?

Hehehe, look at his eyes, all sparkling! He was so excited about the tall, sparkley candles - ha!

B-day money is always good. We actually drove to the city to go to Wal-mart so that Joe (just turned 5) and Jake (turning 11) could spend their b-day dollars (even if it was a bit early for Jake).

And, here's what he got with his b-day dollars. An Air Soft Pistol. The little neighbor boys have them, and were letting my boys use them yesterday. They had such fun, they decided that they wanted some for their own. Tom had $5.00, so I loaned him the other $6 so he could get one too. Jacob's was a bit better than Tom's, but they both seemed to enjoy them. Check out Jacob's form. Nice. I think his Dad needs to teach him how to shoot - ha!

This one's a little bit better. Good job, Jacob! See the neat target thingy it came with. Not too bad for $14.98 (gun, a few plastic bullets, and target thingy)!

Ha! I remembered this week! Aren't you proud of me! I was beginning to think that I'd never remember - hehehe. I actually made this WordArt on Monday night, so I was more than prepared. Yeah for me!

This WordArt request is from Emily, and is so cute! I thought it would be perfect on all of your summer and sunny layouts! Click HERE to go to Scraporchard to download the folder, but remember, you have to be logged into the gallery to get it :)



The Warren Family said...

Thanks Bethany! I love it!

Kim said...

Thank you. I'm going to put this Word Art with my dad's picture. He really liked this song.


Sue from Oregon said...

oh this one makes me miss John Denver! love all your posts!