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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

50 Days Gone Sale - 50% off

Hi all! It's me again :) I was just on my blog, and realized that my Sweetheart, Captain America, has been gone from me for 50 days today! OMGosh! That's such a long time. So, instead of a sad day, we're gonna have a SALE!!! That ought to make us happy, right?

So, for the next 24 hours, you can use the following coupon code to get 50% off any order from my store!!! What a deal!!! Check it out!

Coupon Code: missingMYsweetie

My Store HERE


Anonymous said...

Hi Bethy love your stuff! Is there anyway you could fix the link for the Siblings quote from 2/14/08. I really really love it and have the perfect picture. The brothers and sisters quote same date still work but no link for the Siblings is found. Thanks much.

Dj said...

I'd love to help manage your blog. If you haven't found anyone, let me know.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the coupon! I'd put a few of your new things on my wish list the other week, just hoping you'd have a sale soon!
I can't imagine trying to raise my family without my hubby around to help, even for a little while. I really appreciate the sacrifice you are all making on behalf of our beloved country.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! If I have $$ left in my weekly budget I'll head on over to shop. I love your stuff!!

Anonymous said...

I tried to use the coupon code and it would only take 25% off... I kept waiting to see if it got fixed but it never did... I missed the sale :-(