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Friday, September 5, 2008

Choose Hope

Hi All!!! I'm so excited about this CT thing! I was actually a little worried that I wouldn't get any takers, but you girls amaze me! There's some really GREAT scrappers out there!!! I'm liking your stuff :) And really, girls, being on my CT wouldn't be that hard. Most places ask that you use, what, like 75% of their kits on the Layouts? Well, you just need to use my WordArt on a layout. So, theoretically, you could use someone elses kit that you CT for, and my WordArt too, and get 2 CT layouts done in one (aren't I tricky!).

As we were watching McCain give his speech last night, we were talking about how Sarah Palin was from Alaska, and knows how to hunt and clean fish and stuff (I lived in Alaska from age 3-8, so we're always interested in all things Alaska at our house). After the speech, they dropped the confetti and the balloons, and my 2 older boys thought it was awesome. Tom wanted to know if they were gonna drop fish because she was from Alaska - LMBO!!! Jake said that would be nasty, and Tom said they should drop KFC. My kids are very much into politics, as you
can tell! LOL!

So I made some really AWESOME layouts for my sweetie yesterday. Becky V over at Scraporchard is giving away her Brag Book thing, (available until Sept. 7th) and I snagged it! It was SO fun to work with. I made them up, and printed them out at the 1-hour photo place, and sent them to my DH at Basic Training today. I sure hope he likes them :) Here's 5 of the 12 that I made. I just added the Pics and the WordArt to Becky's COOL layouts.

And, two more pictures - LOL! This is turning into a long post! OK, all of you in warm climates. Analize this picture. What's out of place? The Hoodie! Why would someone be wearing a Hoodie when the sky is that blue, at the park, on the 4th of September? Isn't it supposed to be GORGEOUS weather? Well, it may look nice, but don't be fooled! The wind was blowing so hard at the park where my son, Jacob (11) has football practice, it was trying to blow away my purse! Cold, nasty wind! You'd think I was on the coast or something - LOL! I SO need to buy a winter jacket - I'm FREEZING!!! And it's still summer - LMBO!

See the big kid on the right end (behind the fence) next to the girl? That's my (just turned) 11 year old! He's such a BIG kid! Go sweetie!

OK, now I'm done - LOL!

So, Crystal from Digiscrapalicious (my buddy) contacted me a few days ago, needed some good promo for her new kit, Blessed Event. It's WONDERFUL! I made 2 WordArts using her kit. The first one, Choose Hope, is my favorite! Don't you just love it!

Choose - Al Sandra
Hope - An Unfortunate Event DeWarped

And, this one I gave to Crystal. I'm not sure when she's giving it away, since I sent it to her at about 10:30 PST (and she's on EST - so it was REALLY late!) But, here's he blog link. I'll try and let you know when it's available :)

God's - ChocolateBoxDecorative
Gift - Charade JF


Crystal said...

Beautiful as usual, you make me look good ;) I'll have my portion up in the next few hours.

April said...

Such a beautiful mini album! I love those albums that aren't the average shape, just adds a little something extra! I'm more than sure he'll love it!

Stunning wordart girl! You rock!

Crystal Howser said...

What Beautiful new wordart, you do such a great job with your stuff, I just love it! Great Brag Book pages also, I am sure your sweetie will love them.

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 06 Sep [LA 01:20am, NY 03:20am, UK 08:20am, OZ 06:20pm] ).

Unknown said...

That is a gorgeous brag book! You remind me of Ashley Judd, you could do that look-a-like thing! Just beautiful and thanks for the amazing word art!