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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cutest Little Baby Face

The little kids and I went to the library yesterday for story time. WOW, it was fun. About 5 other moms with young kids from church were there too. It was a TON of fun. We should do this everyone Tuesday - LOL! I also had 2 more parent/teacher conferences. Emeline is doing SPECTACULAR! And even Jacob is doing great. Well, he needs to be more organized. THAT's an understatement. But she said that he's a very nice, polite, and engaging child. I'm SO glad that's the way he is at school. I see glimpses of that at home, but we get a lot of the fighting, angry, willfull child at home. Thanks goodness someone else sees what a GREAT kid I know Jacob is :)

My hubby has been out in the field for the past few days, doing training exercises (um, not camping - hehehe). He's been sending picture messages of him and his buddies. Wow, men in uniforms with sunglasses and big guns. What's not to love - LMBO! I've always loved a man in uniform, and now I have one all to myself (well, if he ever gets done with trainings!!!).

The kids and I watched "Flicka" last night. What a nice movie. It was a great time :) Watch it if ya get the chance. What little kid doesn't like a movie about horses :)

Switching gears :) I know I'm not crazy (yeah, I know what you're thinking - shame on you!), but I can't seem to find who requested this one. I KNOW that I saw it in my inbox. Oh well. Whoever you are, I hope you like it :)

Well, looking back over my files, I've already done this one. LOL! And it wasn't even that long ago - it was NOVEMBER - hehehe. I'm getting too old for this - hehehe. But, this looks different from the other one, so here we go. I think I might even like this one better :)

Click HERE to go to scraporchard to download the zip file, and remember, you need to be logged into the gallery in order to get the WordArt :) Thanks! And as always, leave some love if you like my work.


Unknown said...

I keep trying to get this one, but every time the scraporchard page opens up it closes saying that the url was not found on this server. I love this one and would love to have it.


Pat Klassen said...

I really love your work..and have purchased some. I have a quotes site at http://www.quotes-and-poems.com and wordart is such a great compliment to inspirational quotes.
thanks for sharing!