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Saturday, November 1, 2008

I Must Have Loved You Before Series - Closer to One Another

Hi all! So, how was your Halloween? We had a FABULOUS time! What could be better than dress up clothes and candy? I just LOVE Halloween :) I invited our friends, the Evans, to come with us to trick or treat. We went to Bay Street (the waterfront section of town) to trick or treat the businesses (some areas trick or treat in the mall, this is our version of it). We got a TON of candy, and the kids really had a good time there. We also swung by Papa Murphys (take and back pizza), and the kids got free mini pizzas.

Back to the house, cook the pizzas, then off to my Aunts neighborhood for door to door trick or treating. There weren't a lot of people home, but we got to trick or treat for a little while. The kids TOTALLY enjoyed themselves. I think my youngest, Jimmy, at more than he collected. And, I even got some chocolate. Wow, was it sugary! But it was SO tasty. I definitely got my fill of chocolate! I won't be tempted to go back and "sample" the kids' candy. I have to remember that that kind of thinking is what got me fat in the first place :) I like being skinnier, and I'm gonna make sure I stay that way this time :) hehehe.

And, for all of you out there who think that I'm all "on top of it all", and we're such a "happy, perfect family" (ha!), here's a story to let you know that we're still just human :) Jacob (the 11 year old), came home from school and had washed off all of his Halloween face paint costume. I asked him if he wanted me to put it back on (he was frankenstein), and he said no, that he wanted to be Darth Maul (35 minute paint job, at least). I said no, that we needed to get going. He threw a huge fit, and didn't want to be anything else. He was being disrespectful, and too rough with the little kids. I loaded all the kids up in the truck to leave for trick or treating, and he was being mouthy in the truck, and too rough with someone, so I made him get out of the truck, told him to go to his tent (room), and stay there until we got back from the first round of trick or treating. I know, I'm such a mean mom. Oh, he was mad.

He missed out on the pizzas (he had to have a ham sandwhich) and all the Bay Street trick or treating, but I gave him the chance to join us for the neighborhood trick or treating. He decided at the last minute to come with us. I'm SO glad that he finally got it all figured out. He decided to be a zombie, and we quickly painted up his face. He really had fun trick or treating, and was SUCH a big helper to his little brother, Jimmy. He stayed behind with Jimmy, and helped him go up to the doors and get his candy. What a nice big brother, he can be :)

So there you go. My family is FAR from perfect :) But we are cute! Here's a few pics from our evening :)

Halloween is too much fun to just wear one costume! I decided to go as a Hippie this time. My 7 year old, Eme, was so confused. She didn't have a clue what a hippie was - too cute!

Here's the gang, before we left. Tom, as Van Helsing, Joe as Frankenstein JR, Eme as a cheerleader, and Jimmy as a dinasour. He was SO enthralled with his own tail - hehehe.

Here's the kids, posing in front of Mos restaurant, in Florence Oregon.
And in front of ICM restaurant, on the big anchor. They were fascinated with that thing :)

I just LOVE this picture of Emeline - he's adorable!

Tom, as Van Helsing (the vampier hunter)

Here's Jimmy - we found this costume at a thrift shop. He knew at once that it was the costume for him!

And, I just had to show you this SUPER funny pumpkin from my Aunt's house. Too cute!!!

OK, enough Halloween fun :) I have a special treat for you all! I got this AWESOME new CD from my girls weekend a few weeks back, and found this FABULOUS new song that I just LOVE! It's from "The Nashville Tribute Band" and called "I Must Have Loved You Before". I decided to make WordArt from it, and am passing it on to you. My plan is to make a little "brag book" out of it, with pics of my hubby and me. It's a "love" song. But I haven't scrapped it up yet. I'll show ya when I get that done. In all my spare time - LMBO!!!

Anyway, I'm giving away one piece a day, until it's all done - I think there's about 8 pieces. Haven't counted yet :) BUT, I did make a little "video", using the WordArt. Click below to watch the movie. The beginning is blank, so don't panic. When the guy starts singing, the words will come up :)

So, click on the image below to go to my 4shared account to download the PNG file, and leave some love if you like my work.


Joy said...

WOW... you are so talented... I love this. Thank you for the WA... Joy

Penny S said...

Love it. Thanks so much!!

Anonymous said...

Bethany, you have done it again - this time only better! This song is amazing. The way you broke it up can be used for babies/children as well as spouses.

Thank you so much!

Angela said...

Thanks a bunch! It is beautiful. I did notice a few typos though...

(1) On the wordart with the sandy beach, I believe the song said "falling at" rather than "following".

(2) On the wordart about the moon, it should be "where" instead of "were".

(Sorry.) Thanks for sharing though! And I love your idea to make an album out of it!

Anonymous said...

What a fun Halloween. . . despite the little tantrum. . ."there's opposition in all things"!

I'm so in love with this song. . .as I sit here blubbering. Thank you so much for sharing that. I hope you don't mind me posting it to my personal blog. . . noeluvspiko.vox.com
I'll be sure to leave you a shout out there ;)

Anonymous said...

WOW BETHANY! This is so creative! I love that song too. Can't wait to see the BB.

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

This song is great!! And the wordart, fantastic. I too noticed the typos, same ones posted by angela. Thank you for sharing this with us. Your family's costumes were great. I so remember being called a 'mean Mom' but now that my kids are grown and have gave me several beautiful grandchildren, they have each came back at different times to say "Thanks for being the mean Mom because you really taught me something!"

Solomon Kids said...

I love this! This was my wedding song! I love what you have done with it! It means alot to me! Thank you so much!.... Whittney

gr8mom52 said...

I've always wondered how the mind of a creative person works...where does all the creativity come from?
In your case it's even more confussing to me. To be able to take a song and break it down so that each lyric has a new meaning, mind boggling.. Congratulations you are an artist.

Jessica said...

Oh my goodness, what a FABULOUS idea! I've never thought of turning a song into word art and making a brag book out of it. LOVE IT! This one is so beautiful, too. Thank you, thank you!!! I'm also LDS and I've really enjoyed all your religious themed word art, and everything else, too. I just found your site today and I've spent hours on it looking at things and downloading tons of new word art. Now to get busy using it! =) Thank you so much!