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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tying the Knot

So, did you all observe Veterans Day? The kids and I went to a parade. It lasted about 3 minutes, but it was great. I always get emotion when I think about our country, our flag, our veterans, our soldiers. It was even worse this year. Good thing the rain was DRENCHING us so much, you couldn't see me tearing up. LOL! Check out these pictures. The rain was BRINGING it. We got soaked. But it was wonderful.

Their sign says, "We love our soldier and daddy", then in red, it says "Daddy Deprived for UR freedom".

They're soaked, and we were only out for about 10 minutes total :)

Here's Jimmy and I - I have water just RUNNING down my face :)

Poor little things. Their sign is SOAKED, and so are they.

Hopefully your day was a lot drier than mine - LOL! What else.... oh yeah! I have all of my WordArt for next week designed already. How cool is that! I'm actually a week ahead of myself. Woohoo! You're gonna LOVE these new WordArts! They're pretty cool :)

And, it's WordArt Wednesday again! This WordArt was a request from Cherri. It's really close to what she wanted - LOL! Hopefully it works for her. She's making Wedding Invitations for her Daughter, and wanted this saying (actually, we're tying the know), and is gonna tie a pretty ribbon around it. Nice, eh? Good luck to your daughter!!!

Click HERE to go to the Orchard to download this weeks WordArt Wednesday. Remember, you need to be signed into the gallery in order to download the zip file :)


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Dinphy said...

Well, you're a real bunch of 'troopers' to go out in that kind of weather!

Want to let you know I've got an 'Kreative blog' award for you on my blog! ;)

Crissie said...

I love your Wednesday WordArt for Scrap Orchard. I just downloaded it but there was no place for me to make my comment to you...I was logged in and everything! So I'm popping by your blog to give you a great big THANKS for sharing your time and talent!!

Rose said...

I love your word art, and every time I visit your site I find more quotes to download, I have been here for hours! I have a request... my sister has 4 children and I have two, and altogether they are quite a handful. I saw a saying on line somewhere that read "God made us cousins because he knew our mothers couldn't handle us as siblings" I know I could use it on many scrap pages, think you can do anything with it? Anyways, thanks for the beautiful work!

Karla said...

Bethany, please tell your children I said thank you. Military wives (I was one; dh is now retired) occasionally get thanked, but I never heard the children recognized for their sacrifices. They need to know how important that is. And thank you and Brent. I hope he got a good new assignment.

a said...

Hey, anyone speak/read Spanish? and want to let Vanessa Goncalves (first post) know that she can use ONE of my WordArts for her challenge, if she links the people here to get it. But, since I don't speak/read spanish, I can't really help her :)