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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Special Godmother.....and MORE!!!

First off, I wanted to let you all know that yesterday, I FINALLY sat down and went through my Christmas Card emails, and emailed you all back. My final count was 43 Christmas cards! Thanks so much, you guys :) I feel loved !!! So, if you sent me a Christmas Card, and didn't get an email from me, something went horribly wrong - LMBO! Just shoot me an email, and let me now :)

We had our pinewood derby last night at Cub Scouts! Woohoo! Gotta love the Pinewood Derby. Too bad we got our cars Tuesday night - hehehehe. I just had Jake and Tom color the wood with markers, then I put clear contact paper over it (yeah, because there was some in the closet, and I didn't have time to paint them), pop in the wheels, add pennies until it weighed 5 oz, and voulla, Pinewood Derby car - ha!

They didn't win, but they didn't come in last either. And we put the least effort into our cars, so that isn't too bad. And yes, mom, I took pics on my cell phone (forgot the camera AGAIN!), and sent them to Captain America. He'll eventually email them to me, and I'll be able to put them on here. Eventually. You know, he's so busy back there in Ohio, waiting for our Army money to come in so he can rent the Truck - LMBO!

Tom colored his yellow, and called it a humvee. Ok, works for me. Jacob didn't really want to make one, since he's out of Cub Scouts and into Boy Scouts, but they were invited to participate, and he was given a car. I talked him into doing it by telling him he could decorate it to look like the RV on the movie RV. You know that one, with Robin Williams, where they go on vacation in the big RV. Well, they call it the "Rolling Turd". He colored it black, and wrote "The Rolling Turd" down each side and on the top. Yep, it was THAT cool - ha! What a great impression my kids made on all the new church people - LMBO!

Speaking of church people, I met a few of the girls at church, and they seem REALLY nice. One of them found out that our fridge wasn't here yet (yep, it's in storage in Ohio), and said that she'd bring us dinner tonight. What a sweetie. And another girl is gonna bring us dinner on Friday - SO sweet :) I had fun chatting with them, and was invited to the library today for storytime. Apparently, a lot of them meet there on Thursdays for storytime, and let the kids play. Woohoo! I'm all about that. But, that means another outing - mapquest, I might be giving google maps a chance - hehehe.

So, I'm a BAD promoter of my own stuff! Here's my new stuff from LAST WEEK - geesh! I'll never make any money this way -hehehehe.

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AND, here's a sneak peek at what's coming out on Friday. Woohoo!!!

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OK, so I got this request from Gina, for some WordArt for Godparents. Well, I designed this, and liked it SO much, that, well, you now me, I go a little overboard :) I made this one:

and these below too:

I put them all into a zip file, and you can download them from my box.net account by clicking HERE :) And as always, if you like my work, leave some love in the comments :) Thanks!

Special - Perpetua Titling MT
Godmother - Luxury Royale JF


abhall76 said...

Probably a good thing that he is still waiting on the money instead of traveling this week. The weather here in Ohio stinks this week and tons are without electricity because of the ice. Wishing you well in the new house!

Sabrina said...

Glad things are going well for you in TX. Hope Google Maps help...if you are like me, I have MapQuest, Google Map, and about 5 different zoomed in pictures. lol Thankfully my new phone has GPS on it...but I still print out some maps, just in case.

Love the Word Art, as usual! I love all your stuff!

Pat in Houston said...

Wish I could help with directions, but been awhile, and with any big city there are areas you hardly ever go, and I hardly went to the north side. Now the east side is another story. Hope Brent does ok on the trip!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Wordart

sdwrdt said...

thank you for all your sharing! I really don't know how you find the time! You are constantly busy.

Cris said...

I'm glad that you're meeting nice people at your new place and that the children are happy. Thanks for the wor dart. Cris

Linda White said...

Thanks so much for all the wordart you share. Glad you are settling in your new area.

Kim said...

I have some questions for you about your beautiful word art, could you shoot me an email sometime? I live in Mississippi and am a stay-at-home Mormon mom. Why does that sound so boring? My life is far from boring! Hope to hear from you soon-

xashee's corner said...

safe travels!!!! Your new wordarts look FANTASTIC!! Thank you soooo much for sharing!! i LOVE your work! :D Hope you have a TERIFFIC day!

Unknown said...

wow! Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

You are AWESOME! You did all of these for us! You are so sweet. THANKS

I prefer google maps too. I hope you have better luck that way!

Anonymous said...

sounds like you are all settling in! Thanks for the word art!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Thanks so much for the wordart.

Lil said...

Thank you for going overboard ...lol. Very nice~!

Unknown said...

thank you so much for all the wordart. I love them. Sounds like you all had fun with the derby. I remember when my son did one.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 29 Jan [LA 07:23pm, NY 10:23pm] - 30 Jan [UK 03:23am, OZ 02:23pm] ).

Pattycakes said...

Thank you! Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing! Warm huggs from Corrine in WA.

Heathermsc said...

Thanks for the great word art!!
I really like your work!
Take care & God Bless!

Gina said...

You absolutely ROCK!! thanks so very much for filling my request and I'm so excited. Sorry I missed this for a few days, my Dad had health issues on the weekend and we've been monitoring that and tomorrow he goes back for more test and on his 80th birthday! But thank YOU!! absolutely love them!

Sarah Barton said...

I tried to download this but it wouldn't work:-? I think I like it as well as you did. What a nice way to honor people. Thanks for your help.

Mookie said...

When I need a special wordart I always know where to go. Yours is thoughtful, beautiful and just a blessing to use.
Thank you so much hon for sharing your talent with us.
God bless.