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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Educated Mind

OK mom, here's the pics from the Awards Assembly. They suck. I couldn't just post them, so I scrapped (well, if you wanna call it scrapping - it sucks too - LMBO!) them. Gym's aren't the best for cameras, but you know that - hehehe. So, here it is.

Ha! And I even used my WordArt for today in it - hehehe. Aren't I sneaky - LOL!

Well, I had a kid come down with some sickness or another yesterday evening. Remember my BEAUTIFUL new comfortor set? Yep, he did. He PUKED all over it. It soaked through it, my sheets, and to the BRAND new mattress. Sigh. Young Joseph, whatever will we do with you?? Don't you realize that today is my ONLY day for doing laundry??? The movers will be here tomorrow to take away my Washer/dryer. No more puking. Or at least make it to the toliet (Really, he's good about making it to the toliet - except for that one time with the comforter).

But, before the puking started, Jimmy and I got a lot of running around done yesterday. We went on post, and did a little shopping. We were out of cereal, and yogurt, and apples, and diet soda (yeah, it's a necessity - LOL!). After a quick stop at the commisary, I drove by our new house (of course!), and then went searching for the school. It was just down the road, out the Post Gate, and around the corner. Apparently the MP's (Military Police) open a gate in the back fence of the post to let the kids on/off post at school time. That's SO handy. And not too far away.

Anyway, we found the school, and got the registration packet. The elementary school wasn't gonna give me the packet until I brought in the shot records, but I just looked at the lady like she was on crack, and said, "I have 3 of these packets to fill out. Can't you just give it to me now, and I'll bring it back in later". She gave me the 3 packets. I don't know what she thought I was gonna do with them. Weird.

Anyway, Jimmy and I came back home, and then remembered that I was supposed to UPS a package to Captain America. Dang. So, we ate lunch, and headed back out. UPS store, then on to Wal-Mart. Remember, you all were supposed to remind me to go to Wally World and do some Easter Bunny shopping. Good thing I remembered on my own, because no one else reminded me - ROFL!!!

I bought a $3.50 plastic storage box, and distracted Jimmy in the candy isle and threw in chocolate bunnies, peeps, and some jelly bean type things. Then quickly put the lid back on it. The check out lady was very accomidating too. She kept the stuff in the box as she scanned it. Now THATS helpful - Thanks for going the extra mile for me - :) Now, I just have to make sure the movers don't pack the Easter stuff. That would be bad - hehehe.

Oh yeah, the Easter Bunny comes on Friday night/Sat morning at our house. Anyone else have thta tradition, too??? We try and keep Sunday free for remembering the REAL reason of Easter, that of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and do all of the Bunny part on Saturday. PLUS, my kids aren't begging to see what the bunny left on Sunday morning while I'm trying to get them ready for church. It's worked out really well in our family. I don't even know which house we'll be at on Saturday morning, but I hope that box comes with us. Keep your fingers crossed for us! hehehe.

My mom/sister/dad/brother in law just got Unlimited Texting on their Verizon plan (which we have too), and I'm SO excited about it. I know, I'm lame. But I just LOVE to text on my new phone with the keyboard thing. I think it's my anti-social (and anti-phone) phobia coming out. I can email/text/write till the cows come home, but you get me talking on a phone, and my blood pressure goes through the roof. ha! I'm so weird.

As I'm pre-publishing this last night, little Joe Joe is sleeping in my room, and he's run to the toliet at least 6 times in the last hour. He's SO SO SO skinny, I'm afraid for him to puke this much. Poor little guy is gonna waste away to nothing. Why oh why coudln't I have gotten his genetics. I sure hope he feels better tomorrow. I hate it when kids are sick and hurting :( And I definitely don't need to catch it, especially since the movers will be here tomorrow.

This WordArt request comes from Heather. I really thought it was a great quote, and could be used in "School" or education layouts. So, just click on the image below to go to Scraporchard's gallery to pick up the zip file. Remember, you need to be logged into the gallery in order to get the download :)


Pat in Houston said...

Hey great wordart, TY!
Just found out that my son-in-law, Andreas from Germany has to go to Kosovo for 6 months. So you and Kelly will be in the same boat for awhile. Only saving grace is they will more than likely get to come back to the states after that! Yippee! AND... she will visit while he is gone. Double Yippee!

Lynette said...

I actually really love how you scrapped the awards. When you have lemons - make lemonade! And this lemondade truly makes the most of those shots! Sorry about the sickness and moving. Feel better!

I love your work. Thanks for sharing!

You are invited to visit my freebie blog at

Unknown said...

I too have a phone with a flip out keyboard but I don't like it as much as I thought I would. To use the punctuation I have to hold down a shift type key, and the keys are SO small, so I end up texting like it is a normal phone :)

SAHM said...

Your packet for school experience reminded me of my jury summons yesterday. I home school a 8 year old, wrote that on the form, and was told had to appear anyway. So, drag kid to the summons room and was lectured by the clerk about "not bringing a child." I said "I home school. I care for him during the day, but the judge has to dismiss me; that's what the letter says." Long story short, 45 mins later, she reluctantly tells me "the judge has excused you, but NEXT time find someone to leave your child with." I told her "I'm not trying to argue, but he's mine 'til his father comes home after work. What am I to do?" Her great answer - "get excused." I told her "I tried, but it was denied. It says so here on the letter." Seriously, had to laugh.

xashee's corner said...

WONDERFUL layout and photos! :) sorry i didn't remind ya to go to walmart, i was going to say something today! hehe
sure hope the little one feels better today too! :) Thank you so much for sharing your COOL wa! Have a FANTASTIC day!!

Christina said...

You have a great talent! Thank you so much for sharing these. You put a lot of work into this, I can tell!

Maddie said...

We do Easter bunny stuff Saturday morning too, we don't have time for anything Sunday mornings even if I wanted to do it then! With church at 9 I have to be up at like 6 to get us there on time! Funny side note..I was talking to Joe about when we should do the Easter bunny for Ella, I told him how we did Saturday morning growing up and he's like, oh you got Easter baskets too? Like his family was the only ones that did that, ha what a weirdo!

Randi said...

I love your layout! Very cute!

That is so weird that the lady at the school didn't want to give you the registration packets without the shot records. Huh.

I hope that your little one is feeling better today!

Ashley Gonzalez said...

I LOVE this quote!

courtneyj said...

I actually think it turned out well. It is too hard to get great pics in gyms. Congrats on the kids making the honor roll.

Heather said...

Yeah! I knew you would do wonderful things with the quote! I love it! Thank you!

Jen Graham said...

I love your Easter bunny idea. We are so going to do that from now on!

Lady Laura said...

You did a really nice job on the scrapbook page. I cannot take a good picture in my grandson's school gym for the life of me. It's terribly disappointing because you always want to preserve the memory--but my pics are always horrible!