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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Love Comes Along

Wow! Has it really been that long??? Doesn't seem like it - time flies when you're having fun (and moving across country, and living my crazy life - hehehe) This is a FABULOUS sale! And it includes EVERYTHING in the store (except e-zines and grab bags!) Not just my store, but ALL of Scraporchard. Click HERE to head on over :)

Woohoo!!! I have a TON of pictures for you guys, today!!! Aren't you excited??? We sure did have fun on our Civil War trip. It was long, but good. But I'll tell you this much. It'll be a long time before I get back into that truck for a HUGE road trip - hehehe. These pictures aren't in any kind of order, just randomly thrown up there - but they are there. And that's the important part, right???

Here's Tom and I

Tom and Eme

Eme and Tom playing checkers

The Harty Kids




Jacob and Tom (Don't you like our water bottle - hehehe )

Eme and I

Sweet Emeline

Joe, Eme, and Tom playing checkers

Captain America over the fire

Tom and Jim watching the battle


Tom watching Ryen and Captain America packing their pistols.

Joe with the binoculars


Jim with flowers and a cracker (hehehe)

Jacob stoking the fire

The whole Harty gang


After the battle, the kids went to the medical demonstration. The guy gave the kids "fake wounds", and here are the kids pretending to clean them out. It's not coming off so easy. Give it a week, and they'll be "healed". Ha! These are the bowls that we washed dishes in. We boil water in big galvenized buckets, then pour it into 3 separate metal bowls. One with soapy water, one with bleach water, and one with rinse water. The kids were GREAT help with dishes this reenactment.

While waiting for the battle to start, and while I was cooking food, Jimmy kept trying to play with a dog in camp. The dogs job was to guard one of the guys tent. Jacob kept telling Jimmy to leave the dog alone, but Jim was persistant. Well, the dog took his guard dog duties serious, and nipped at Jimmy. He caught him on the eye. It didn't really bleed, but it scared him pretty bad. I'll tell you this much, he's not gonna mess with dogs anymore :) Some lessons are harder to learn than others....

Captain America and Jimmy taking a nap in our tent

Tom with the binoculars
Also, we've been having financial issues for the past....um.... well, for a long time. Our house in Chicago isn't selling, after being on the market since 2007. We lived on credit cards for WAY too long in Chicago. Anyway, the financial outlook looks pretty bleak. We really hate to do this, but we're filing bankruptcy this month. I really hate it, but some times people just need a "mulligan". Know what I mean? We're in so deep, we can't dig our way out.

Anyway, part of the bankruptcy says that we can get out of our lease on our rental house. And an ON POST house opened up!!! I'm SO excited. We wanted to live on post from the beginning, but it was all full. The Army movers are coming on Thursday, April 9th and Friday, April 10th. We're signing papers for the new army house on the 10th, and moving in that day. Our stuff gets moved in on Monday, the 13th. So, we'll be in an empty house for a while, but I can handle that.

The good thing about it, is that the army just takes our BAH, and that's it. Right now, they pay us $928 a month, and we're supposed to pay for rent and all utilities. Well, rent in and of itself is $1050. Then garbage, and water, and electricity, and gas. That's another 300-500 a month. Now that we're moving on post, it'll just be the $928. And that includes ALL utilities. Holy cow! That should really help things out. Savings of about 400-600 a month. Definitely worth the move :)

AND, there's a park RIGHT around the corner. The kids are gonna LOVE it.

You know, both Captain America and I were loathe to declare Bankruptcy, feeling that it was like saying "OK, we fail". But I can see some good coming out of it. I'm finally starting to see an end to our financial troubles. We'll have enough money to pay our bills. We won't have this GIANT debt hanging over our heads.

Unfortunately, Captain America left today for Ft. Benning for 6 weeks of training. Sigh. SO, I'll be orchestrating this move COMPLETELY on my own. Sigh. We're now up to move 16. Crazy, eh? I thought we'd be in this house the whole time we'd be in El Paso. Oh well. Things change. So, I'm gonna be SUPER busy again. ONE of these days, my life will settle down. Like when I'm dead - LMBO!!! But then again, with my luck, it's probably just be more busy on the other side - hehehehe!!

Oh yeah, and we had our Wills signed today. We'd never had one, because we didn't have extra money to draw up such things. WELL, the Army will do it for us for free. Awesome! So, now we have wills. And a living will. Very important :)

You know, I've been feeling very self consience about the bankruptcy lately, and not wanting to tell anyone. But, after telling you all, it's like a burden lifted. You all are so therapetuic - hehehe. Who needs a shrink - LMBO!!! Blogging is much cheaper - ha!

This WordArt request is from Samantha. I thought it was WONDERFUL, so I decided to offer it as a WordArt Wednesday - aren't you all excited!!!

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Lauri said...

Bethany! Best of luck to you !! I know from personal experience what a tough decision you had to make, but you are right...sometimes you have to just say....I need to start over. and all will be fine! Also..looks like you had a blast during the Civil War!

Lois B said...

My dear Bethany, with all the things that have been going on in your lives, you have made a wise decision. You have done wonders with your children under the circumstances and I applaud you. Some things you just can't control, and starting over fresh will lift that huge burden off your shoulders.

God be with you as you begin again. A new career, a new home and through it all your family is together.

My prayers are with you all, I know you will do well and the light at the end of the tunnel will shine for all of you.

Anonymous said...

Bless you, Bethany! I read about your situation, and wanted you to know that it's ok! My husband and I are in the same boat - lived off of credit cards, too. We filed Reorganization 11 years ago, but didn't learn anything and are back in the same boat. But, we did Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University, and learned so much! Even though things are bad, we learned how to not keep doing the same old thing. So take this fresh opportunity to learn how to do things a different way. We have an appointment with a financial counselor who is going to help us get through this hopefully without filing bankruptcy, but if it can't be avoided, well, at least I know that I will never be in this position again! You have a wonderful family, and I'm so glad to hear that you aren't letting bankruptcy steal your joy! God's blessings on you all :)

Anonymous said...

My husband and I have recently begun talking about filing for bankruptcy as well - not something we are proud of! Thank you so much for sharing your story with us - it helps to know that we aren't the only ones that have messed up financially (on our own accord and other circumstances)!

With all that is going on your life, you still take the time to offer us a beautiful freebie every day! You are truly amazing!!!

xashee's corner said...

You did such a GREAT job with your costumes! i am soo sorry you have to move yet again but this should be it for awhile now i hope! :) Thank you so very much for ALL that you share! :) Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

The Ridgeways said...

My husband and I kept our finances separate due to some x-wife issues he had. Long story and not the point. The point is he claimed bankruptcy and I didn't. It has been five years. I SO regret that I did not join him on his bankruptcy. I had no real debt to eliminate so I didn't but I had huge credit flaws from being stupid and young. Currently he has this beautiful blank credit report, he got a credit card and charged one thing a month on it and always paid it off. 4 years after the bankruptcy, he was able to get a great interest rate on a vehicle, they left me off because I was a damage to the credit. Currently he has an excellent credit score and can use his credit for anything. Me, I am a mostly stay at home mom, so I have no new credit and everything I had is not good. I would have been better off to have done the bankruptcy and had a neutral score at least. I so don't blame you, judge you or anything else.

Shake it off, move forward and learn from your past mistakes, that is all anyone can ask. Some people will trash you and look down on you, blow it off. I look at it as they don't have a clue about how hard it can be and if they did they would certainly be more understanding!

I love your blog, as a mom it is so nice to know I am not alone in the day to day "fun." I love your word art and it makes it onto most of my pages and ALL of my projects!

Ashley Gonzalez said...

What an awesome trip you had with your kids! Something they'll remember and enjoy later in life as well.

That said, you have to do what is right, good and healthy for your family! If bankruptcy is going to provide it, then why not!?

Good luck with the move!

Randi said...

I am totally addicted to your blog! I love the word art, but I also love following your family's story.

I totally understand filing for bankruptcy. I'm sure it's not easy (and if things don't turn around for us, we may be looking at that too), but in the end I'll bet it will be just the catalyst you guys need to get back on your feet!

I sent you an e-mail with some questions -- my husband and I are also thinking about him joining the army, and we have a boatload of kids and aren't young either! LOL

Congrats on getting a house on post! What a relief that will be!

Melissa said...

Good luck in this new adventure! What a blessing to get a house on post...perfect timing!
Thank you for sharing your talent. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your word art!

anum hassan said...

Dear Bethany, the very best of luck to you and your sweet and lovely family.

Thanks for all the amazing freebies and word arts u did in your blog. Love it so much.

Take Care.

Its For Me said...

thank you for your wordart. LOve the civil war photos. It looks like you all had a blast. Some times you try and try and try and it just doesn't work. My son had to file bankruptcy and it broke my heart. we kept trying to help them out but finally they had no choice. Good luck to you and the family

Its For Me said...

oh I forgot to ask about the fonts? I don't see them in the zip.

Deanna said...

I LOVE your photos...what a neat experience for your kids! My family traveled on the trail from Nauvoo to Salt Lake City in 1996 to commemorate the Mormon Pioneers...so much fun to do period things!!! :) Your kids look adorable!

Best of luck to you and your family. We'll keep you in our prayers!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Dave Ramsey idea. I finally got my hubby to read Dave's Total Money Makeover, and we were able to pay ALL debt off (except house) in about 18 months. It feels good! So take the opportunity to have a clean slate and be good going forward! I also found a good solid FHE around budgets was great too!! Paper money, toys such as doll house, cars, phone, ect, then divy the money up to each item. It helped with the "can we's" and the eating out. My kids now have to be encouraged to get a happy meal if they DO go to McDonalds! They are happy with the $ menu!! LOVE IT! Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Thanks sooo much Bethany for doing this WA for me! I was so excited when I saw it at SO...I think you can probably tell by the message I left you there! hehe I will try & upload my layout & forward it to you.

I am sorry to hear about financial situation, but you're going to feel a huge weight lifted once you file. I have a close friend who had to do the same several years ago & it didn't take long before things straightened out & now you'd never know....she owns 2 houses (mortgaged of course). Keep your chin up (and your eyes!).

Thanks again....I LOVE THE WA!!!


Anonymous said...

I think it is so helpful to people that you are honest about your financial situation. There are many others in the same boat and there is such shame and secrecy surrounding it. I filed bankruptcy 9 years ago and I didn't tell anyone because I was so ashamed. But I learned my lesson and have not gotten into any debt since then. That's the important part - not that you mess up sometimes, but that you learn from your mistakes. Thank you for sharing so people don't feel so alone and I'm sure things will be looking up very soon! :)

KSinMT said...

Dear Bethany, I love reading your blog and feel so close to you. My Dad was career Army while I was growing up. luckily we didn't have to move very many times, he retired when I was 11. I am so sorry your house didn't sell but am glad you have an opportunity to start over. Blessings to you. Kathy