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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Aged To Perfection

You know, I really never thought that I'd be here. That I'd be one who lived in one of these pretty houses shown below. Who lived in a subdivision like this. I didn't grow up in a place like this. I didn't live in a place like this the first 12 years of my marriage. I still find it unbelieveable that I'm here now. It's so cool - LOL!

Here are a few pics from our family night at the park on Monday. Here's Eme.

Joe. What can I say. He's as weird as him mom. LOL!

Tom and his buddies played Lightsaber Battles all evening.

Sam (kid from down the street - my friend Andrea's kid) and Tom

Again, I can't believe I actually live in one of these house - ROFL!

heheehe, here's me :)

Jimmy on the swing. He had to wait for 30 minutes until the middle schoolers/high schoolers got off the swings. sigh.

OK, I've got a few pics of my living room/dining room, with the updated curtains. See, isn't this better :)

And the living room.
My house is clean! Can you believe it? Oh yeah, you don't really know me in real life....hmmm. Well, those of you who know me in real life.... MY HOUSE IS CLEAN!! I even mopped. I KNOW!! I should totally take a picture, because it's not gonna last long - hehehe. I guess this is why we have people over. For an excuse to clean. ROFL!

A few of my friends are coming over for lunch today. OH YEAH! And I made the most amazing yummy snacks. It sounds simple, but I tried one before bed last night, and OMGosh! Amazing. Take a banana, peel, and cut in thirds. Insert a skewer. Cover with melted chocolate. Roll in finely chopped walnuts. Wrap in plastic wrap, and put in freezer. SO good! Tastes like an ice cream bar. And I don't even like banana flavor. Mmmmmmm.

I went to the park yesterday with the "Park Playgroup" ladies from church. It was fun. It was over closer to our old house. I had fun chatting with the girls, and Jimmy got a chance to play with some kids. LOL. I know I can't be that much fun to hang out with, day in, day out. Or maybe I am - hehehe. Anyway, he seemed to enjoy himself. At the beginning, anyway. Towards the time we were ready to leave, he was just going off by himself, and scrowling at everyone. I don't know what that's all about - weird kid - ha!

Ok, just wanted to share this FABULOUS and fun new kit that some of us designers got together and made for Shauna (Pineapple Plantation Designs - co-owner Scraporchard) for her 40th B-day today. hehehe. Anyway, it's free over at DSA, and I thought you all would enjoy it (or at least get a kick out of it). My WordArts are the "Older than Dirt" and "Over the Hill" ones. Could you tell? LOL! Click HERE to go grab it, but be sure to come back here when you're done - ha!

Ha! I just stopped blogging after the "Shauna" kit - ROFL! Luckily, Pam, on of my blog helpers, emailed me and let me know about my "senior" moment - LOL! So, here's my WordArt for WordArt Wednesday. In honor of Shauna's b-day, I decided to make the WordArt "senior" themed too :) hehehe. Click HERE to go to Scraporchard to download the zip file, and leave some love if you like my work :) (Font names included in zip file)


Deanna said...

That little Joe of yours has the most beautiful eyes!!! And I ♥ your window treatments. They look great. Can't wait to get to my normal computer and snag those beautiful kits and word arts of yours. You are so talented and your work is beautiful. :)

Leilani Rose said...

Congratulations on getting your beautiful home in the place you least expected! I love the new window treatments, you did a wonderful job!

The kit you all made for Shuana is so cool, I absolutely love your word! The will come in handy in layouts I will make for dad. I always like to give him a hard time about looking 10 years older than my mother rather than 3 years younger.

Thank you for sharing your awesome talent!

Kim Sandling said...

I'm so glad someone else cleans when people come over. I *try* to keep my house clean, but with kids and life in general, it doesn't happen unless I have people over! LOL!

Love the word art! Thanks!

Joelle said...

Your house is looking really good. I am glad you love your new home and new neighboorhood.

Rose said...

I love the kit! Thanks for the link up :)
I also love that you post pics of yourself quite often, I hate pictures and rarely take any of myself

connie said...

Awesome-I thought I was the only one who had to have people over to get the house clean!! Your house looks great. Thanks for the WA!