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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Boys Need Parents

One of these days, I'm not gonna have a thing to report. It's gonna be, "I just stayed home and relaxed". Well, yesterday was not that day.

We woke up super early, and got the kids ready for school, and Tom for his doctors appointment. Luckily, Captain America came home by 6:30am, so I was able to leave Eme, Joe and Jake with him. Tom, Jim, and I were at the doctors office by 7:00 am. They weighed him, measured him, checked his ears and throat, blood pressured him, and told me that someone would be calling me in 5 days or so to set up a speech consult. Hmmmm, you'd have thought they would have asked the child to speak - LOL! Oh well. We were home by 7:35 am, pleanty of time to get everyone to school.

I dropped the kids off at 7:50am, and met my friend for our walk at 8:30am. After the walk, we went to our own homes, got ready for the day, and headed out again :) She's one of the FRG leaders (yeah, not sure what it stands for, but it's the wives organization inside of your soldiers organization), and they were selling food at lunch time. I was invited to go and hang out for a while. Sounded like more fun that sitting home and doing nothing - LOL!

We went and bought ice for the coolers, then headed to the army place. We saw all sorts of army vehicles. It was at the motorpool place. Aweomse! We even got to see inside of one of the vehicles. Pretty cool!

At about 12:30pm, we headed out again. Both little boys had fallen asleep in the car, but we needed to go shopping. We tried to carefully transfer the kids to a shopping cart/stroller, but they woke up within 5 minutes. Oh well. It was a valiant effort. Andrea and her hubby are gonna do Captain America and my diet with us for a few weeks. I'm excited to get back into it. I know I've said tht I'm gonna do better, but this time I'm serious - LOL! So far, I haven't cheated. Granted, it's only been 12 hours - LOL! Small steps, right?

Anyway, Andrea and I went shopping for supplies. Veggies, and fruit, and crackers, and meat. Basic staples - hehehe. The kids were mostly good (well, by mostly I mean Jimmy - Luke was good the whole time :)

I got home at the same time Captain America did, and had time to put away the groceries and have a little personal time with the old laptop - ROFL! Dinner, kids baths, stories, bedtime routine. I started reading Twilight again (yeah, like I have time to read that - hehe), and even to a hot, relaxing bath. What a day!

There's not nearly as much planned for today. I need to finish designing my WordArt packs for the week. Scouts is cancelled because of Day Camp on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Wednesday lunch is cancelled because of the school Awards ceremony. I do have that to go to, but it's at 8:30, so my walk is cancelled too. Looks like my schedule is clearning up - ha!

So, this weeks WordArt Wednesday is taken from an Email forward I received a while ago. I just made me laugh! Pictures of little kids getting into some sort of trouble. I thought it would be PERFECT for a lot of my photos. My kids are forever getting into situations like that :) hehehehe. Click HERE to go to Scraporchard to download the zip file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!

Layout by my CT girl, Jen
Layout by my CT girl, Charmaine


Sabrina said...

Love your work...

Oh and FRG stands for Family Readiness Group. You will learn all the lingo one day...I have been married to my soldier for almost 7 years and I am still learning...lol.

Dinphy said...

Great wordart, that'll go a long long way! LOL!
Thanks so much!

xashee's corner said...

Thank you so much for sharing! Have a SUPER day, Bethany! :)