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Sunday, June 28, 2009

without power for the night

hey girls. im blogging from my husbands phone. while I can get online with mine, I can't post things. how rude. anyhoo, don't worry, when I wake up in the morning, i'll get you your freebee. never fear. loss of power may have won the battle, but never the war.

the lights went out at about 7pm, and after lighting every candle in the whole house (about 30), we all played a fun game of uno. only one kid ended up in tears. not too bad. hehehe. try it the next time you lose power. its a new harty tradition.

so, until tomorrow, have a good night, and think happy thoughts that our power will return.


Sharon Kay said...

Hopefully your power has been restored! Do you know why it's happening?

We had our water shut off out front this morning...without warning! Had my son look outside and there was a guy digging around in the water opening ... I yelled out there "HEY! Do you shut off our water?" He said yeah...did you need it? Told him he made it by less than 5 minutes of shutting it off with our shower running! Boy he would have had one mad momma after him! How rude! He could have at least rang the bell to tell us! So had to wait to wash my face. He said the water meter had gone bad and was replacing it.

Rose said...

You're so funny to be worried about us and "our" freebie. It's a miracle with a small troop like yours that you even find time to blog, let alone every day, plus designing and freebies?? C'mon. We can handle a day lapse here and there, just don't let it happen again!! haha