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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Children

Hey girls! Thanks so much to everyone who posted comments on my outfits! Awe, you all love me - hehehe. I went through, and commented on the post, then sent everyone above me a 50% off coupon, just for leaving a comment! Then, I picked about 5 of you, and sent you coupons for $5.00 off. Thanks so much for playing! It was fun to read all of your comments :) My favorite shirt was #1, and Captain America's favorite was #4. Actually, he told me that the only reason it was is favorite was because he liked the pose I was doing. Total man for ya - hehehe. At least he's honest - ROFL!

OK, next.... My CT girl, Jen (Graham like the Cracker), wanted me to tell you all about "Scrapping Survivor" over at Ginger Scraps. If you hurry, you can still sign up!!! There's gonna be a ton of prizes (I know a BIG gift certificate to my store is up for grabs!), and it really looks like a ton of fun. And those girls over there are SUPER sweet. I Speed Scrap there often :) Anyway, here's the flyer!

So, are you all still enjoying summer??? It's prettty fun down here in El Paso. I started off the day at 8:00am, coming out to eat breakfast, when I realized that Captain America was on the phone with Verizon. Remember how we declared bankruptcy last month? Well, it kinda messed up our Verizon account. We didn't lose our phones or anything, but they did switch our account number. And didn't tell us (or at least, I didn't notice). So, I'd been sending the payment to the wrong account. Well, after about 30 minutes, I got it all straightened out. What a pain in the butt.

I realized that I wasn't gonna have time to shower, so I threw on some clothes, pulled my hair back, got the kids ready, and headed down the street to Adelas house at around 9am. We were going to the West side to see the $ movie today! Jake, Tom, and I rode with Katy, and Eme, Joe and Jim rode with Adela. I'm so glad that my friends will haul me around! What great friends! Better than being stuck at home!

We saw "Kung Fu Panda". I'd never seen it before. My kids LOVE it, cause my Dad owns it, and they watched it all the time when we lived there. Somehow, I managed to never see it. I know I've heard parts of it before. Anyway, I liked it. I just LOVE Jack Black. He's so funny!

The kids sat very nicely throughout the entire movie. I'm so glad that Jim is finally old enough to go to the movies and not be too big of an interruption to others :) Yeah for milestones - LOL!

We got home at around noon, and I realized that I had a migraine developing. We'd sat too close to the screen for me. I get migraines if I go to the movies, and don't sit far enough away from the screen. I thought I might, but hoped for the best. Well, it didn't pan out.

I got the kids food, drank a BIG glass of water, took my pill, and headed for bed. I slept for about an hour, and the headache was mostly gone. Amazing stuff, drugs are :) I felt a little bit out of it for the rest of the day, but definitely able to function.

We cleaned for a little while, cooked dinner, cleaned some more, and waited for Captain America to get home. He was home at around 6pm. The All-Star game was on, so we watched a few minutes of it. Well, by that, I mean that the living room TV and our bedroom TV was turned to FOX to watch it, but I was mainly ignoring it all.

Captain America and I went shopping at around 7:00pm. Wednesday is usually my shopping day, but because of the lack of vehicle, we went in the evening together Like a little date night. Kind of - LOL! We speed shopped, and got done in 45 minutes. And, I was $21 under budget! Woohoo!! And that included the strawberries and jalapenos that Captain America threw in the cart. hehehe. I'm a HUGE list shopper, and if it's not on the list, it doesn't go in the cart. I made him add them to the list - LOL!

We got home around 8-something, and had the kids help us carry in/put away the groceries. The All-Star game was still on, so I hopped on the computer, and played on Facebook for a while. I'd added a TON of friends when I was playing Mafia Wars, and found that they just cluttered up my "updates" page. So, I spent the evening deleting people. ROFL! I went from almost 450 friends to only 349. Cutting the fat - LOL! So, if I cut you on accident, just add me again, and I'll add you to my Scrapbooking list. I was only trying to get rid of Mafia Wars people. Not you. Honestly. Don't cry. I'm still your friend! hehehe.

This Wordart request is from Rose. I thought is was SO true, and SO funny, that I had to do it. And yes, you can scrap a picture of a single child with this wordart, and it goes. Children, as in all childen all over the world. Not children as in 2. Mothers in general. So see, it works. hehehe.

Click HERe to go to Scraporchard to download the zip file, and leave some love if you like my work. Thanks!


Joy said...

This is definitely one of my favorite word arts of all time! Thanks! I agree with the phrase 100%. Now, off to take a photo of my floors... jk.

Anonymous said...

Randolph and I went by Wal-Mart right before the game started, and we noticed two stealth bombers flying low over Wal-Mart which is weird considering they are stationed at Fort Leonard Wood. We wondered why until we got back home and started watching the All-Star Game again. Seemed pretty obvious that they were circling over Edwardsville to fly over Busch at the end of the anthem, and sure enough. Pretty cool though. Too bad the National League couldn't pull out the win.

a said...

That's so cool that you and Randolph saw them! I did see that part of the game - I'm a sucker for planes (as long as I don't have to ride in them!). How are things out in Edwardsville?? Miss you guys!

xashee's corner said...

Thank you so much for sharing your LOVELY wa!! Have a WONDERFUL day!! :)

SAHM said...

Because son's fav player was passed over *2x* for All-Star team, we didn't listen to the game. The player's nickname was from Kung Fu Panda; think SF's gonna be marketing Panda masks for his supporters soon. Still need to see the movie ... you just reminded me. :-) Thanks for the word art ... way too true!

Juli and Brett said...

I love it Bethany! Thank you! My husband actually went and added swiss cake rolls to the list one time when I wasn't looking. lol MEN!

Rose said...

I love it! So cute :) Thank You!

Kim Sandling said...

Hahaha! I have the perfect pictures for this WA! Thank you so much!

Plus, thank you for the gift certificate to your store! I am in heaven, and I can't seem to choose because I want them all!

TragedyScrapinAnne said...

Oh you been blogged read all about it here:::

Happy Scrapin' Kat

Anonymous said...

Things are going well here. Miss y'all too.

mhsands said...

Hee hee -- I must have a very happy child! Thanks.

benziengirl said...

Good to know I am a good mother!